YBN Cordae's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle

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XXL - 8 giorni fa
Did YBN Cordae kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?
Plexin - 13 ore fa
most likely memorized but I could be wrong.
Rocco. mp4
Rocco. mp4 - Giorno fa
@Forgetten Unknown your correct my brother
Very TallMidget
Very TallMidget - Giorno fa
Fuck yeah
ZS - Giorno fa
Esteban Olacio
Esteban Olacio - Giorno fa
When is the group freestyle
datnigga_ leo
datnigga_ leo - 41 minuto fa
Dis nigga and Roddy r the only good freestyles lmao
skylar lawrence
skylar lawrence - Ora fa
Bets so far
MajinAngel777 - Ora fa
Lisp noises
KeithGoCrazy - Ora fa
“Feeling caged in like Nicholas” 🤦‍♂️🔥 Nobody peeped?
Kid Unstoppable
Kid Unstoppable - Ora fa
Best one
Memeocrisy - Ora fa
Except for Megan and Rico
Jeeses99 - Ora fa
Thanks YouTube for recommending me the only freshman who isn't fucking garbage this year. Cordae is good af. Everyone else can go to hell.
Finz Daily With Matthew
cordae killed this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
iiCookiezz - 11 ore fa
why he sound like he talk with a lisp
Stuart Taracena
Stuart Taracena - 11 ore fa
Only rapper on the freshman cover
Q-Ball / Gods Among Men
The best freshman easily with those multisyllabic rhymes and wordplay
JT prod.
JT prod. - 12 ore fa
Beat xxl freestyle hands down
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson - 15 ore fa
Amaury Burkes
Amaury Burkes - 15 ore fa
Where the beat?
Bahiyah Shabazz
Bahiyah Shabazz - 19 ore fa
Tyler Lebby
Tyler Lebby - 21 ora fa
Dank memes 420 bing bong
He’s great but he’s trying to be lyrical even tho he is hella talented I hate it when you try to sound like a fucking Astro physicist It doesn’t work cordae
Extinct Paradise
Extinct Paradise - 22 ore fa
They finally let my boi on the list, he shoulda been on this last year.
kamyaidaX - 22 ore fa
Does this nigga think he j cole or sum
Unlawful Potato
Unlawful Potato - Giorno fa
This man spits *T H A T* fire
julian foster
julian foster - Giorno fa
He said no chain on some different shit
Ok ok. Stay humble!
H. Dregoes831
H. Dregoes831 - Giorno fa
Did you guys just pull random people off IG ... garbage
cryptic kfuel
cryptic kfuel - Giorno fa
Just realized lil mosey the only nigga who ain’t black in this freshman class
Oh Kush420
Oh Kush420 - Giorno fa
This years xxl list is probably the wackest one yet
Midwest Mello
Midwest Mello - Giorno fa
He left y’all wanting more while also letting you know he’s gonna have longevity whether it be mainstream or by internet underground.
Dillen Adams
Dillen Adams - Giorno fa
This shit sucks
AK74 - Giorno fa
Yeah that's cool and all but what the fuck was that sound at 0:05
AK74 - Giorno fa
He looks like he found a dollar at the end and was just waiting for the camera to fade out to snag it
AK74 - Giorno fa
Cordae looks like he found a dollar on the ground at the end
BruhMomentemum - Giorno fa
no one:
cordae: *hUh*
Austin Young
Austin Young - Giorno fa
Ohhhh oh oh ohohohohohohoh ohhhh
miguel Sanchez
miguel Sanchez - Giorno fa
He’s had better freestyles
Aydin Andre
Aydin Andre - Giorno fa
Bro where is the old xxl when they use to get everyone in the same room
Jillian Ralph
Jillian Ralph - Giorno fa
Dontai bouta do some goofy shit to this video 😂
chuckskinny1 - Giorno fa
Not bad for shiit. Dr Seuss raps.
princekari - Giorno fa
Talented asf
Keylow & Shani
Keylow & Shani - Giorno fa
That was quick lmao short and sweet I guess.. lyrical definitely. He had a lot to say in a split second lol.. we had fun making a reaction video to this!
Colin Drucker
Colin Drucker - Giorno fa
J. Cole is that you
rejectedhex - Giorno fa
chirpytitian 4238
chirpytitian 4238 - Giorno fa
I thiught it was gonna be like the the others when theres the other waiting for there turn to freestyle like in the 2016 one
Sauce Sold Separately
Sauce Sold Separately - Giorno fa
The staff had ponchos on when he started rapping
Gx2 Entertainment
Gx2 Entertainment - Giorno fa
Yt- Zice
Yt- Zice - Giorno fa
who’s ready for dontai to spaz
Mickey Nelom
Mickey Nelom - Giorno fa
He a Lil Joyner Lucas
Jondi Singh
Jondi Singh - Giorno fa
Nigga sound like a young mike tyson
VAPEMANIAM - Giorno fa
Trap Phone
Trap Phone - Giorno fa
Trash ass vato
fake name
fake name - Giorno fa
Only talented one. XXL Freshmens used to be good at freestyling and just rapping overall. Now it's about the clicks.
Xayne Lopez
Xayne Lopez - Giorno fa
Yeah cordae has the best so far
GREENT - Giorno fa
Fuck. makes me mad they made you wait till this year you should of made it last year no cap
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