"That's The Saddest Excuse For A Pizza I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life" | Kitchen Nightmares

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Octavio Yañez salas
Thats ranch
Logan Uszynski
Logan Uszynski - 5 ore fa
shoulda went to that steak n shake...
Jimmie Parker
Jimmie Parker - 10 ore fa
The owner says I wouldnt feed this food to my dog...lol wow what an owner she is lol
N.D.A Studios
N.D.A Studios - 23 ore fa
you could even hear it crying for help
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki - Giorno fa
That pizza looks like something I made out of play-dough in kindergarten.
KHAODツ - Giorno fa
People before Gordon Ramsay shows up:oh my god this food so good!
People after Gordon Ramsay shows up: look at all this fat it’s disgusting I’m gonna send this back
Kirbs - 2 giorni fa
i prefer right beef on my pizza #rightbeefgang
Megan Gagliardi
Megan Gagliardi - 2 giorni fa
Somebody was drunk when they made that pizza
Lucas Pereira
Lucas Pereira - 2 giorni fa
I deadass thought the sausage was mushrooms
flamingmonkays - 3 giorni fa
I feel like that guy who was like "it's too garlicky" was just playing it up for the cameras.
Mervie Ceballos
Mervie Ceballos - 3 giorni fa
When he said "some are frozen" he actually mean "EVERYTHING is frozen"
gottfer - 3 giorni fa
pro tip: If you can't cook... Don't open a restaurant you Fucking idiots!
Lpwtpt0 Lol
Lpwtpt0 Lol - 3 giorni fa
It's my special pizza, my special pizza
Didgeree Media
Didgeree Media - 3 giorni fa
I. Eating a store bought pizza as I watch this, and it's fantastic in comparison
Alex Lugrin
Alex Lugrin - 4 giorni fa
Now that's more like, really really sad cold grilled cheese
King Retro
King Retro - 4 giorni fa
Gordons brave for even eating the food when sent back, I wouldn't touch it
DalDe05 - 4 giorni fa
the fish looks like nockoff bob evans
Dujhauni Official
Dujhauni Official - 4 giorni fa
0:26 When you're playing Metal Gear Solid V and a soldier spots you sneaking around...
Matthew Halo17
Matthew Halo17 - 5 giorni fa
As an Italian I find this pizza offensive
*over exaggerated statement about what I will do if I see the maker of it*
Jordan Yehezkiel
Jordan Yehezkiel - 5 giorni fa
Upcoming DLC : Gordon Ramsay
vv^^P : Where's the lamb sauce?!
>>>>K : It's RAW!
^P : Hello, my name's Ninoooo!!!!!
Roasted Potato
Roasted Potato - 5 giorni fa
I never knew that Glue are edible....
LordGamingFtW - 5 giorni fa
These people are way too picky. Obviously it’s gonna be greasy it’s fast food
IM-A-BTS-ARMYBOMB - 5 giorni fa
I actually gagged when I saw that pizza 🤢🤢🤢 I almost thought I was gonna throw up
Sherri H
Sherri H - 6 giorni fa
Why is the owner complaining that the food is terrible? She’s the owner! Make improvements!
Russell Broxson
Russell Broxson - 6 giorni fa
It looks like white paint and crap
Hanzo - 6 giorni fa
The title quote is wrong
gummy galaxy
gummy galaxy - 6 giorni fa
thatjokerperson - 6 giorni fa
everyone: We'Re dOiNg bAd bEcAuSe wE DoN't hAvE CoStUmErS
Phoenix - 6 giorni fa
Who the fuck uses ranch as a pizza sauce? I mean I get dipping it in the ranch, but using it as the base sauce? What the fuck man?
7A - 6 giorni fa
i don't go into restaurants. not no more.
ghostdtx - 6 giorni fa
Hell naw this dude really using RANCH for PIZZA SAUCE?
ghostdtx - 2 giorni fa
@IMAX Nintendo Pizza King no. No it can not. By definition no.
IMAX Nintendo Pizza King
IMAX Nintendo Pizza King - 4 giorni fa
Ranch can be used as pizza sauce for Buffalo Chicken Pizza.
kim lea katrina
kim lea katrina - 6 giorni fa
Wait?Is that a todoroki pizza?....Get it because its red and white
Michael Murray
Michael Murray - 6 giorni fa
Is it just me or is the owner Elton John?
Kage999 - 6 giorni fa
Art Vanderlay
Art Vanderlay - 7 giorni fa
Get Nino there ASAP...he'll fix everything...LoL
Random Memes Weekly
Random Memes Weekly - 7 giorni fa
what i say when i see vegan pizza
Subix Barbarasson
Subix Barbarasson - 7 giorni fa
Waitress booty
XxToaster BathxX
XxToaster BathxX - 7 giorni fa
*im crying, like that is the worst pizza I’ve seen-*
Cody McCollum
Cody McCollum - 7 giorni fa
I love all the people pretending no one complains about food “they only do it for the tv reee” um no dude maybe you’re afraid of confrontation but I don’t give a fuck where I just dropped my money I’m gonna tell them if it’s shit. Wether I just spent $10 bucks at McDonald’s and got the wrong order or $40 bucks at a higher end restaurant I’m not gonna sit back and be like “my wife’s boyfriend doesn’t want me complaining.”
holycowrap - 7 giorni fa
0:14 Floodgates *ARE* open. Not is
B Richards
B Richards - 7 giorni fa
I don't even eat out anymore.
Zak Gonzalez
Zak Gonzalez - 7 giorni fa
Dude the only reason I feel like everyone was like "tHiS fOoD iS tOo FaT" or "ThIs FoOd Is tO GaRlIcY" is because Gordon was in the restaurant with them
Quantum Kid
Quantum Kid - 7 giorni fa
I mean I like any pizza, but that pizza is almost revolting to me. The other half looks like superglue.
Jessica D
Jessica D - 7 giorni fa
2:56 I'd like to know what happened in this restaurant to make the owner have to put that sign on the wall...
"Those attending are asked not to cuss, brawl, or throw chairs. All disagreements must be settled outside" 😳
Crushes you between my world destroying thighs.mp4
I mean I worked at a tiny pizza place that did exactly that and nobody cared, plus i worked at a golf course that cooked everything from frozen its passable most ppl dont care that much
Moe Davila
Moe Davila - 7 giorni fa
what ep. is this?? ep/season??
Young Jesus
Young Jesus - 7 giorni fa
lmao they all criticize when ramsey is there
jared Blood
jared Blood - 7 giorni fa
This is embarrassing, J Willy's was like right around the corner from where I lived before they closed down
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins - 8 giorni fa
I'm still gonna send it!
ye ol films
ye ol films - 8 giorni fa
"No wonder the devil's coming back"
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