Who Can MAKE The MOST MONEY in 24 Hours - Challenge

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5 239
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 3 mesi fa
Mason see nation1
Mason see nation1 - 8 giorni fa
FaZe Rug yes
miniphoenix studio's
miniphoenix studio's - 13 giorni fa
same I actully watched to the end and this video is so inspiring I LOVE YOU RUG
PRIVATE INFO - 15 giorni fa
When did you lose your virginity?
Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Jenkins - 4 ore fa
The craigslist guy gave the most money not Kevin
Safi Hashi
Safi Hashi - 4 ore fa
You are going to win by far and plz like to me thank you
Adrian Robledo
Adrian Robledo - 4 ore fa
Yo but she got money by following him and who he was with but at least they they made that much🤩👍🏻
Ana Taskovska
Ana Taskovska - 11 ore fa
I dont live in usa so i kodent com );
PrettyGirlysh - 13 ore fa
I hate this girl
Yulonda Wilson
Yulonda Wilson - 13 ore fa
I really thought he was going to run off with the shoes lol
Basheer Jundi
Basheer Jundi - 18 ore fa
I live in LA but I wish I was there
Mr.Swiss - 19 ore fa
Why do people unlike your vids like Bruh
Victoria Elizabeth
Victoria Elizabeth - 19 ore fa
The transition at 15:10 is flawless
Melissa Ammons
Melissa Ammons - 20 ore fa
I think Jessica will win
Not _Youngjustice
Not _Youngjustice - Giorno fa
'' my nipples are hard'' lmfao🤣🤣
Julies World
Julies World - 2 giorni fa
OMG im so shock of how much money you made for charity's an not only were you two so generous you are also being a big role model for fans young and old. Good Job Im just Subscribed
Nicole Santiago ROJAS
Nicole Santiago ROJAS - 2 giorni fa
I was cracking when faze rug said “are you gonna run with that”
rayyan safwath
rayyan safwath - 2 giorni fa
I think FaZe Rug
carli morgan
carli morgan - 2 giorni fa
you say that kevan had the biggest donation but the guy that bought the shoes
skrraa__ op
skrraa__ op - 2 giorni fa
I was in dis video !!!!!
Jed Perez
Jed Perez - 2 giorni fa
No the guy who bought the shoes was the most money
Namraxx - 2 giorni fa
Only reason why your getting money is because your FaZe Rug..
lil Hernández
lil Hernández - 3 giorni fa
You have a lot of Mexicans fans
Rksnx Jdxn
Rksnx Jdxn - 3 giorni fa
Security: u will have to head out
Rug: Ok
Also rug: hey guys wanna picture
Amanuel Fisaha
Amanuel Fisaha - 3 giorni fa
I thought this was gonna be a social experiment
Ninja Assassin
Ninja Assassin - 4 giorni fa
Ryan Chand
Ryan Chand - 4 giorni fa
That’s easy math 682 + 20 who doesn’t know that
xD ctrl
xD ctrl - 4 giorni fa
Btw ruggy I think nobody thinks ur poor if u hv an Gucci cap on xD
Festin Feta
Festin Feta - 5 giorni fa
If You Love Animals Dont You love People Those Money I Would spend On Homeless Please Help Homeless
Haneen Ali
Haneen Ali - 5 giorni fa
U are so so kind faze rug
wmmt JAQ
wmmt JAQ - 5 giorni fa
The guy in purple is literally the most hyped guy 😂😂
Mula Jr
Mula Jr - 5 giorni fa
Poor faze
Melody Cortés
Melody Cortés - 5 giorni fa
The guy that you did Rock Paper Scissors is so cute if you find him do videos with him
Edwin Marquez
Edwin Marquez - 6 giorni fa
Ayyyy he donated to boys and girls club BC I go their
Lilac Your Sunflower
Lilac Your Sunflower - 6 giorni fa
Luiz Fernandes
Luiz Fernandes - 6 giorni fa
awesome video
rex pecks
rex pecks - 6 giorni fa
She cheated for selling your posters
Zachariah Gomez
Zachariah Gomez - 6 giorni fa
I wish i could
Tripierez - 7 giorni fa
Wouldn’t noura selling the autographs be using family to make money
Vaforite - 7 giorni fa
Like if I’m cute
Darlene Chacon
Darlene Chacon - 7 giorni fa
nomanland61 - 8 giorni fa
omg im dying like for real, im about to cry becuz im loosing too much braincells
AliBoyHD123 - 8 giorni fa
EcuatorianoenNewYork TV
EcuatorianoenNewYork TV - 8 giorni fa
Great Video Family Bless
EcuatorianoenNewYork TV
EcuatorianoenNewYork TV - 8 giorni fa
I wish can make somo 500 dollars in one day for pay my bilss
Luciano Martinez
Luciano Martinez - 8 giorni fa
I dont love you.

Sorc Gt
Sorc Gt - 8 giorni fa
Anthony is in faze?
Shawn Reyes
Shawn Reyes - 8 giorni fa
Rug is gonna win
Kitito Mochy
Kitito Mochy - 8 giorni fa
Damn us fans got that dough tho man
Dianna Navarro
Dianna Navarro - 8 giorni fa
Faryal Fatima
Faryal Fatima - 8 giorni fa
Omg you said my name Faryal
hanna Dagga
hanna Dagga - 8 giorni fa
He is...... not the best
Robin Perez
Robin Perez - 9 giorni fa
The girl is so lazy
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