Who Can MAKE The MOST MONEY in 24 Hours - Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - Mese fa
XYZ_ XËÑØTËRĪÇ - 5 giorni fa
FaZe Rug she did not do anything for the money
Veronica Johnson
Veronica Johnson - 6 giorni fa
FaZe Rug u the best
Life with Brian & Bryan
Life with Brian & Bryan - 6 giorni fa
Im the guy that asked him to do the push ups. Lets work on our chest muscles haha
Antonio Camarda
Antonio Camarda - Ora fa
Yo someone hook me up with that guys Youtube channel holy shit😂
Eclipsesleep Moonlove
When I saw the thumbnail I was interested the I clicked it and I saw the intro and I thought faze rug got in trouble for pretending to be poor I don’t know how to put that in a different way and then a random guy got mad and made him do push-ups and I was like oh that’s a friend of his dumb of me
Imagination Productions
Why r all your cousins hot
Stacey Quinzi
Stacey Quinzi - 10 ore fa
your the best rug btw ftyrssssres
Adrian Rein
Adrian Rein - 15 ore fa
hemmmmm i dont have alot but have airpods 5:15 lol
Maarss _x
Maarss _x - 16 ore fa
JIYA DESAI - 20 ore fa
THAT'S NOT 24 HOURS !?!?!?!!
JIYA DESAI - 21 ora fa
I hate the first guy
Silly walks ASMR
Silly walks ASMR - 21 ora fa
I thought you were one of the merrel twins in the thumbnail 😂
Josh Harvey
Josh Harvey - 22 ore fa
By far the best video ive watched so far...keep up the great work homie.
sitara hadi
sitara hadi - 23 ore fa
are these people in canada rn???
davin yousef
davin yousef - Giorno fa
Omgggg i hope the other homelesses get that much money to 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
vanillaicedt rodriguez
Can you guys sub to my channel my bdays on Wednesday
vanillaicedt rodriguez
Anna has airpods
cealyah williams
cealyah williams - Giorno fa
i love this video i wish i could do the same matter fact i am going to do the same thing
Joshua Okwue
Joshua Okwue - Giorno fa
faze rug will win
Shelia Jackson
Shelia Jackson - Giorno fa
i think faze is going to win
Life with Brian & Bryan
Agreed! I was the guy in the purple shirt that donated $20 to him!
Estella Benitez
Estella Benitez - Giorno fa
If I was there I would give u all my money cause I don't really need it and I love your vids..(:
Plague_arsena l
Plague_arsena l - Giorno fa
Waz good Mohid
Plague_arsena l
Plague_arsena l - Giorno fa
Yo was good Mohid I
Harold Shepherd
Harold Shepherd - Giorno fa
Thumbnail: I need money( wears Gucci hat and nmd’s ( I think they are nmd))
Alex Juarez
Alex Juarez - Giorno fa
17:10 looked like a drug deal lmao😂
Life with Brian & Bryan
I was the guy in the purple shirt my guy that gave him $20! Follow the journey!!
Alva Nayeli
Alva Nayeli - Giorno fa
aand yaaa 😑😐
Life with Brian & Bryan
Hey Alva I was the guy in the beginning that gave Rug $20!!! Hope you follow my journey would be so awesome!!!
Striker - Giorno fa
Im dead they really couldn’t make lemonade wtf lol
RockyRoad73726 SQUAD
RockyRoad73726 SQUAD - Giorno fa
Thx rug...I go to San deigo boys and girls club...thx😊
Life with Brian & Bryan
I was the guy in the purple shirt that gave him the $20! I live in San Diego too!
Dimples - 2 giorni fa
Virginia Hartlove
Virginia Hartlove - 2 giorni fa
ur always with ur cousin....
Alexander Ososkalo
Alexander Ososkalo - 2 giorni fa
Sub to my YouTube channel (Dan B) pls small channel
Trent Kidd
Trent Kidd - 2 giorni fa
How many likes this comment gets=all money plus the money he made is how much he made
Trent Kidd
Trent Kidd - 2 giorni fa
FaZe RuG
Amanda Mcelroy
Amanda Mcelroy - 2 giorni fa
Riley Norris
Riley Norris - 2 giorni fa
Brian you should do what your cousin did on go fun me!
Life with Brian & Bryan
Riley I was the guy in the purple shirt! Hope you follow my journey!
Jay Cee
Jay Cee - 2 giorni fa
He is a lil annoying but love him
Bryan Nieto
Bryan Nieto - 2 giorni fa
American red cross assosiation
Nebula YT
Nebula YT - 2 giorni fa
you should've sighend those shoes
123 pop hits
123 pop hits - 2 giorni fa
I live in Scotland it would have been like a 10 hour flight
Bella Blossom
Bella Blossom - 2 giorni fa
I want to see more of mike
Like if u want mike back 👍🏻💕
Lil jet
Lil jet - 3 giorni fa
I'm ganna win
Life with Brian & Bryan
I believe you will, I was the guy that donated $20 in the beginning! haha
Ali Beydoun
Ali Beydoun - 3 giorni fa
Ma niggas dyen in Africa Instead you donate 700 Chicken leg to puppies
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia - 3 giorni fa
I’m so glade she did it for animals I love animals 😭😭😭👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Koni Martineau
Koni Martineau - 3 giorni fa
I love your videos so much I wish I could donate a thousand Grand to you
Life with Brian & Bryan
Thats a lot of donations holy moly
s an
s an - 3 giorni fa
jothe thelast
jothe thelast - 3 giorni fa
Maria Huntet
Maria Huntet - 3 giorni fa
My son is 7 and your biggest fan!
Life with Brian & Bryan
Maria I was the guy in the beginning!!! Hanging with RUG was awesome! Hope you follow my journey as well!!! we bring the ENERGY!
emma espowe
emma espowe - 3 giorni fa
the man on the phone sounded mega high.....
idk if thats juste me....
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez - 3 giorni fa
When he sang like I got goosebumps
D4rkLibra - 3 giorni fa
Me: $100 in 2months
Rug: $600 in 1day
Life with Brian & Bryan
Lol. I was the guy that gave him $20 in the beginning!
Hailey Jolivette
Hailey Jolivette - 3 giorni fa
hayden looks cute oop
Derrick Gloege
Derrick Gloege - 3 giorni fa
I go to boys and girls club
Life with Brian & Bryan
I do to Derrick!! I was the guy that gave him $20 in the beginning of the video! hope you follow the journey! i bring energy!
D.J. D.
D.J. D. - 3 giorni fa
Dang Anna got airpods😂
Charlie Heinrich
Charlie Heinrich - 3 giorni fa
scammed like $1,300 from viewers when you own 2 lambos and a mansion exc just for views
madwell 126
madwell 126 - 3 giorni fa
Charlie Heinrich he donated it to charity? Are u slow?
Olamide Olusanya
Olamide Olusanya - 3 giorni fa
Nice video, Subscribe to my channel.. It's growing slowly
NillyPlayzGacha !
NillyPlayzGacha ! - 3 giorni fa
To make profit u could do something like spend 10 on cupcake ingrediants make as many cupcakes as u can and sell them and u can earn more!
{Rose Ken}
{Rose Ken} - 3 giorni fa
Lol that voice tho.
Life with Brian & Bryan
I was the guy that gave him $20 in the beginning in the purple shirt! hope you follow my journey!
{Rose Ken}
{Rose Ken} - 3 giorni fa
LOLL DUUUDE he was like "because my fans love me" and I was like "omg the first time FazeRug ever complimented himself
John Nichols
John Nichols - 3 giorni fa
Great videos bro god bless you n all your views n subs 😜
Life with Brian & Bryan
Hey John I was the guy in the purple shirt from the beginning! If you like ENERGY would be awesome if you checked out my channel!
xXxHALODOGxXx - 4 giorni fa
I would give him 10 dollars, but I would have to drive the Urus around the parking lot for 10 minutes
Brian Miller
Brian Miller - 4 giorni fa
Hey I just wanted to ask if next time you do a charity event/challenge I wanted to ask if you could donate to a charity called JDRF and it basically helps find a cure for people with Type one diabetes, diabetes is something that I have been dealing with since I was 8 years old and not a lot of people know about Type One Diabetes and I just wanted to ask, you don’t have to but I hope someone reads this so they are more educated on this disease and so someone can donate at least a couple dollars, even 1 dollar would help but even 1 person being more educated on this disease would help a lot. I also love your vids so much.
Dulce Lopez-Mendoza
Dulce Lopez-Mendoza - 4 giorni fa
i hope u both win and good luvk u 2are so sweet and nice
Lulugamerpuppy - 4 giorni fa
Faze rug you are an amazing person, you won't see this bud I don't care bc ilysm
Life with Brian & Bryan
Hey Lulu I was the guy in the purple shirt from the beginning!!!
Molly RH
Molly RH - 4 giorni fa
Dbailey _boy
Dbailey _boy - 4 giorni fa
ur kindness is unbelievable
Life with Brian & Bryan
I was the guy in the purple shirt that donated $20 to him to start!!! This vid was so fun
WrathXFury Games
WrathXFury Games - 4 giorni fa
This video Is just Fantastic not only is it entertaining but how u donated to charity was so nice and by u to have the idea to do the video and by the fans to donate
Thank u
Alfie Sheard
Alfie Sheard - 4 giorni fa
Hey rug, my dream has always been to be a famous youtuber like you. You always inspire me when I watch your vids and I just wanted to let you know that I have subscribed to the channel, turned on the notification bell and liked this video. STAY STRONG BRO!!!
Life with Brian & Bryan
I was the guy in the begging with the purple shirt that gave him $20!!! hope you follow my journey Alfie! the climb!!!!
K Series
K Series - 4 giorni fa
You have the best cousins and I have the fatest cousins
Life with Brian & Bryan
lol you made me giggle can't lie. I was the guy that donated $20 to him!
ZABroGamers - 4 giorni fa
That first fan was GREAT
Life with Brian & Bryan
That was me brother!!! I was the guy in the purple shirt!! Hope you sub and follow my journey!!! Were just getting started!
Steli Catinean
Steli Catinean - 4 giorni fa
Age disney do anything
Steli Catinean
Steli Catinean - 4 giorni fa
So nora lost
Steli Catinean
Steli Catinean - 4 giorni fa
At the beginging he said what you have to do aomething for money
selinatotb1 - 4 giorni fa
Nora is a dick he sold signed autographs
Overdue bomber
Overdue bomber - 4 giorni fa
Um she donated to herself
Blanca Uscanga
Blanca Uscanga - 4 giorni fa
cool i love u faze rug
Phree Phoenix2009
Phree Phoenix2009 - 5 giorni fa
She donated to a animal shelter with my dog right next to me while watching this video
Stormy Wuff
Stormy Wuff - 5 giorni fa
This is literally my favorite video of yours hhhh
Life with Brian & Bryan
I was the guy that donated $20 to him in the beginning! It was awesome!
Marcelo Pizzichini
Marcelo Pizzichini - 5 giorni fa
Look at the awkward handshake at 651
Nate Davila
Nate Davila - 5 giorni fa
6:49 that high five and ??????
DIYQUEEN 115 - 5 giorni fa
I was not expecting that at all dang girl
Boss Baby
Boss Baby - 5 giorni fa
The cousin is so fucking stupid
Victoria Kimberly
Victoria Kimberly - 5 giorni fa
love you bro!🤙🏻❤️✨✨✨
Addy Harrison
Addy Harrison - 5 giorni fa
I love the first guy
Life with Brian & Bryan
Addy that was me!!! I was the guy in the purple shirt!! I hope you follow my journey!!! Would appreciate it!!!!!!!!!
Son JohnZ
Son JohnZ - 5 giorni fa
Nour’s side was pretty boring ngl
thegamelegend - 5 giorni fa
Karyna Lopez Meraz
Karyna Lopez Meraz - 5 giorni fa
The guy filming with Nor is cute
Moza Al-Maadeed
Moza Al-Maadeed - 5 giorni fa
please do a song using that voice
i know have a crush
Brent Nicol
Brent Nicol - 5 giorni fa
Dude, your cousin is beautiful! 😍
Lunar Kumo
Lunar Kumo - 5 giorni fa
Sarah. Poyo
Sarah. Poyo - 6 giorni fa
WhAT iS lOvE 😂💀
Life with Brian & Bryan
Oh yeah
lisa caldera
lisa caldera - 6 giorni fa
That was so nice of u❤💙❤😀❤💖
Cap'n Coconut
Cap'n Coconut - 6 giorni fa
Dude. If i could raise 1300 dollars a day, my family wouldnt have financial issues ;-; good job man
BANDWAGONSCRUB11 Yt - 6 giorni fa
11:45 why is the bottom dirty
DBNplays - 6 giorni fa
6:41 lmao he hit em with the Turkey hand shake
xDepr3ssing - 6 giorni fa
You should’ve did one with ur lambo like they have to pay 10 dollars to sit in driver seat
MVPGaming 101
MVPGaming 101 - 6 giorni fa
Faze rug
SxlvntAssassin YT
SxlvntAssassin YT - 6 giorni fa
Rug is not even doing his push ups right lmao
Life with Brian & Bryan
I know I had to coach him to my best ability! I was the guy in the purple shirt from the beginning! haha
Jaelene Martinez
Jaelene Martinez - 6 giorni fa
“I’ve never used these shoes “ *bottom is dirty* 😆. I still support you though ❤️
FDI Saber XXX - 6 giorni fa
Isabela_luckow - 6 giorni fa
Most entertaining video I have seen
Gacha Wiffles
Gacha Wiffles - 6 giorni fa
*The big human-size teddy bear in the back chilling in the chair* 20:27
Jasmine Sanchez
Jasmine Sanchez - 6 giorni fa
im new to your youtube chanole and i want to say is seeing video made me cry cause i like helping others a lot
Life with Brian & Bryan
Jasmine! welcome to youtube! I was the guy that donated $20 to him in the beginning! hope you follow the journey!
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