100 Years of Halloween Costumes | Glamour

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Glamour - 2 mesi fa
In the 1940s let’s just pretend we said "famous pin-up girls of the 40s ." (Believe it or not the 50s did in fact come after the 40s 😉sorry about that, too much coffee!)
forestdonkey - 15 giorni fa
Smagel UwU
Smagel UwU - 27 giorni fa
Could we get me costumes throughout the years?
N H - Mese fa
Kind of nuts that you would choose a lederhosen costume for the 40s...for what I hope are obvious reasons
Ray Hightower
Ray Hightower - Mese fa
I was going to say something about that.
Ivy Vaz
Ivy Vaz - Mese fa
I just wanna say that I'm the 9th K like. Give me a cookie
The Beauty Review
The Beauty Review - 8 ore fa
The music is so apt!
lais nardi
lais nardi - 9 ore fa
the mask of the first one looks like pretty little liars and death congratulates you
Noor Clean
Noor Clean - Giorno fa
Meanwhile in 2019 we have people dress up as tampon
Você já Sabe
Você já Sabe - Giorno fa
So tem eu br aqui?
ChesterFox - 3 giorni fa
2010's: Harley Quinn
2019: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker
they really cant be separate can they
at least it's not Jared Leto's Joker lol
Taif Alrasheedi
Taif Alrasheedi - 3 giorni fa
0:20 I didn’t know that the purge mask was famous back in 1910
IssyRo Tiger
IssyRo Tiger - 3 giorni fa
The reason why this video doesn’t have more views is because after seeing the first costume everyone clicked another video and turned the lights on 😆
Henrique - 5 giorni fa
When the 1920’s girl was walking into the screen she looked A LOT like björk
Alvin Teng
Alvin Teng - 6 giorni fa
can someone please give me background music lists
JuryDioxate05 prev. JuryGamer05
I've just realized that all of the models, idk is all female.
Jonathan Michael
Jonathan Michael - 6 giorni fa
Y’all see them trying not to get that copyright strike for the 80s 😂 (it’s thriller)
gacha world
gacha world - 7 giorni fa
The Muncie mouse one is dumb
Chesska Likes Shawarma
Chesska Likes Shawarma - 7 giorni fa
Try dressing up as electric bills,water bills and wifi bills etc.
It will be very scary
Ezgi Su Yurdalan
Ezgi Su Yurdalan - 8 giorni fa
The most beautiful in 1910
minatozaki kayla
minatozaki kayla - 8 giorni fa
2019: dressing up as k/da akali
RAGINI SINGH - 8 giorni fa
The Minney mouse coustume was so cute🤩🤩😍
fancy - 9 giorni fa
What is song?? (00:00 ~ 00:34) does anyone know?
Daka - 9 giorni fa
I can't believe it took a hundred years to make this video.
ToutCQJM - 9 giorni fa
Wow, Halloween is a huge waste of money.
RottenChickpeas - 10 giorni fa
ok- but do men even exist on this universe
t Dttn
t Dttn - 10 giorni fa
5 26 song please
B3NNY - 11 giorni fa
Women 😍 i love you!!!
Valecs - 11 giorni fa
0:26 so scary wtf
Emma Schuurmans
Emma Schuurmans - 11 giorni fa
Clueless is mijn favo film
Niyawazzup - 11 giorni fa
Can I just ask how there are hundred of years of Halloween costumes?

I’m con . Fus. Ed
Chocoloxx - 11 giorni fa
after 1990s i literally thought that i wasn't in the same video
唐詩唐詩 - 11 giorni fa
I think you forgot the part of "Halloween".
Cooking with Pizzagirl
Cooking with Pizzagirl - 11 giorni fa
My friend literally put on a tortoro onesie bc she didn't have a costume
Vidal Aguilera
Vidal Aguilera - 12 giorni fa
When harly queen was there it said 2010 it was actually like 2016
Danii uwu
Danii uwu - 12 giorni fa
My mom: there are many things you can dress up as
Me: ok, um I think I'll be tord again xd
Franjinha sz
Franjinha sz - 12 giorni fa
Qunn 101
Qunn 101 - 12 giorni fa
Some of my friends dressed up as VSCO girls, wigs and everything. They even bought hydro flasks to throw around and dent.
*They're guys.*
Darek Alonzo
Darek Alonzo - 13 giorni fa
2019:Fortnite And Vscos Me:Cat: My Brother:T-800 Reply If You Know Who The T-800 Is
Mahsum Hafeez
Mahsum Hafeez - 13 giorni fa
Didn't the girl in the thumbnail looked like Camilla cabello
Meu_Mundo_ Loko
Meu_Mundo_ Loko - 13 giorni fa
Eu ainda tava em 1960 XD só que eu obviamente não saia com um chicote na rua ,_,
Natalia Arcia
Natalia Arcia - 14 giorni fa
The firts cause me fear
Gryffindorbeater 134
Gryffindorbeater 134 - 14 giorni fa
2019: me: dresses up as Hermione
Gustavo Javier Alcántara Gomez
kit and kat
kit and kat - 15 giorni fa
The 60s is so cute. What the heck is the first one tho
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