Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

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EM.x.FIVE - 54 minuti fa
Hila is the only woman Ive ever seen giving a smile while dealing with contractions
TheCrucibleShow _
TheCrucibleShow _ - 3 ore fa
supposed to have the car seat on the drivers side of the car. instinctively the driver protects their side in an accident.

i have 3 kids
K4m1 - 4 ore fa
If Theodore is reading this 10 years later don't forget me 😔👊✋
certii_rd - 7 ore fa
*heart emoji*
Yung Yez
Yung Yez - 10 ore fa
Nah that onesie at 4:31 sick as fuck dope as merch
Simas Chmieliauskas
Simas Chmieliauskas - Giorno fa
wish u good luck
Niklas Sp
Niklas Sp - 2 giorni fa
Sean Parker
Sean Parker - 3 giorni fa
Congratulations! :) Well, late. But congrats all the same!!
Mendax Venandi
Mendax Venandi - 4 giorni fa
YouTube's Susan personally gifted them an Elsagate-esque spiderman outfit. How nice.
Also -- install the honey app. Or else.
graham dotson
graham dotson - 4 giorni fa
:27 she can have the baby any second wink wink
Nathan Peters
Nathan Peters - 4 giorni fa
Ethan... please... come back...
M. D. P.
M. D. P. - 4 giorni fa
a lot of youngfags here today, I hate all of you equally.
Erika Cruz
Erika Cruz - 5 giorni fa
Have a safe delivery Hila!!
Papa bless 💜💜💜
Odyssey - 5 giorni fa
I can’t tell who’s the pregnant one
Michael Cachia
Michael Cachia - 5 giorni fa
Hey Ethan, hopes all ok! So did she shit on herself?
ᶜʰᵛᵈ - 6 giorni fa
the antichrist of unfunny phonies
cadecadeboy - 6 giorni fa
8:06 shredder's yawn and the noise he made when he yawned is the most wholesome thing ever
Everydayimsullivan - 6 giorni fa
she does look good.. lol I literally just said that out loud
Victor Juarez
Victor Juarez - 6 giorni fa
I watch all ads on these vids
Sarjak Jonchhen
Sarjak Jonchhen - 6 giorni fa
Is that billie eilish?
Kunpimook Bhuwakul's nail polish
Ethan talking to his pregnant wife: Br0, dUdE, DaWg
GIGA NIGGA - 6 giorni fa
There must be an heir to the throne "intestine middevil music plays" congratulations hope everything going amazing 🙊🙉👏👏💪👍👍😀
Ghost EndGame
Ghost EndGame - 6 giorni fa
when they returned to the desk and sat down i was like awwww they have matching bellys XD
Bernard - 7 giorni fa
Poop bacteria while giving birth is actualy really important and healthy for the baby! Those bacterias given from mommy to baby will make the childs imunesystem alot stronger and the baby will fight off viruses much stronger when introduced to different bacterias from a young age,but give her some privacy when the brown cigar pops out,she will be glad about that,im talking from experience.
Good luck and i wish you the very best.
Oracle - 7 giorni fa
The music is giving me "getting over it" flashbacks
PRESK - 8 giorni fa
Ethan said to his dog - “You’ll always be my first born”😂😂
Anthony Fox
Anthony Fox - 8 giorni fa
damn why she always seem like she wanna jump off a cliff 😂
Sagan Murphy
Sagan Murphy - 8 giorni fa
I hope that all has gone well now that the due date has passed
The three-eyed Prophet
The three-eyed Prophet - 8 giorni fa
so when will we get more videos?
Gabriel Antonio
Gabriel Antonio - 8 giorni fa
Not gonna lie
She looks like Anne frank
•Sammy •
•Sammy • - 9 giorni fa
You two are going to be awesome parents.
Allwyn Robert
Allwyn Robert - 9 giorni fa
🤡's 🐝-n 🥉 📅 👁️ am waiting to see the episode with lil boi
Benicio Montoya
Benicio Montoya - 10 giorni fa
Posting Hila giving birth isn’t against community guidelines. I’m not saying you should, but you definitely can
Jurchen Chan
Jurchen Chan - 9 giorni fa
I remember once watching birthgiving in the wild on youtube. I believe I started with stoic philosophy
Viola Raven
Viola Raven - 11 giorni fa
Hila is just the best, honestly so hilarious. Ricegum can go fuck himself, no one else will.
info boom
info boom - 11 giorni fa
If you guys ever need a babysitter daddyofive would probably be down
Trent Chandler
Trent Chandler - 11 giorni fa
Is it just me or does she look like Billie eilish
artsy poodle
artsy poodle - 9 giorni fa
It's the tiredness
Reming Morton
Reming Morton - 12 giorni fa
5:30 I am traumatized 😂😂
Reming Morton
Reming Morton - 12 giorni fa
Hot pocket that’s been in the microwave too long
Papa johns pizza that’s been in the oven too long
jose landa
jose landa - 12 giorni fa
Don’t bottle feed the baby it’s gonna mess him up when he grows.
2k GoDsZ
2k GoDsZ - 9 giorni fa
so is everyone messed up?
jencen blanco
jencen blanco - 12 giorni fa
Nickname of the baby H4H4
Just sub to me for no Reason
Stattycat - 12 giorni fa
Poop on baby
Noah Deibler
Noah Deibler - 12 giorni fa
OMG CONGRATS YOU GUYS! Also, I like the Elmo in the back. Go forth with your child my fellow Jews. 👏
Mr Yeetus
Mr Yeetus - 12 giorni fa
No wonder he hasn’t posted in two months
barefoot and independent
barefoot and independent - 13 giorni fa
we don't like a lot of things... and believe you me, the Barefoot bump doesn't mean a thing, but the H3 podcast has become a part of our daily ritual. jason recently became borderline obsessed with listening and watching, therefore it's now a part of all of our lives. it wasn't a hard sell, your whole team is amazing and you two are such a beautiful couple! props. respect.
Alejandro Suarez Gordo
Alejandro Suarez Gordo - 13 giorni fa
ur eyebrowns are out of control
Kpop patrol
Kpop patrol - 13 giorni fa
Ok but i literally ONLY just realized this but his eyebrows frequently move it looks like a tic
Вампир Наркобарон
Kpop patrol no problem :)
Kpop patrol
Kpop patrol - 10 giorni fa
@Вампир Наркобарон ohhh okay thank you
Вампир Наркобарон
Kpop patrol he has Tourette’s
con - 13 giorni fa
I thought you guys were twins, or brother and sister. 🤷‍♂️Anyway congratulations.🔬🧫🧬🩺💉...
💖=⚾⛓. 🎁👏. And try to see it as a blessing.🤣
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana - 13 giorni fa
smubbell - 13 giorni fa
Depressives85 - 14 giorni fa
ethan’s had a dad bod for his whole life
William Wells
William Wells - 14 giorni fa
Young dad here, 23years old Ethan. My daughter is now 1 and half and I guess, I wasn't the only one who tried the Breast pump 😂 on my self with my wife?!?! First use out of it Haha.
ll- Viper___
ll- Viper___ - 14 giorni fa
wtf, is wrong with u.
Jahcs - 14 giorni fa
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey - 14 giorni fa
Wow Ethan great moves keep it up,proud of you

Baby: *comes out*
Baby:open his eyes
Baby: it’s Ethan Bradberry
Randoo - 16 giorni fa
Hugh Mungus time
Chigozie Ilozue
Chigozie Ilozue - 16 giorni fa
me realizing why you never post is cause you have a child
The sound Of silence
The sound Of silence - 16 giorni fa
So sweet
ll 5
ll 5 - 16 giorni fa
I'm so proud
Gavin Hickson
Gavin Hickson - 17 giorni fa
Can’t wait for “buying my baby their first vape”
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