Can Brodie Break 75 at the OPEN Championship | Royal Portrush Part 1

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Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 5 mesi fa
Really hope you guys enjoy this course vlog at Royal Portrush. I was lucky enough to get selected to play in this amazing event and can't wait for you to see how the round ends (some serious fireworks upcoming). Part 2 comes out on Tuesday with Part 3 following it on Wednesday. I'm actually heading to the airport now for my flight to Northern Ireland. YES, I will be at the Open Championship all week! Can not wait!!!!
e james
e james - 4 mesi fa
can tiger break 75....................................?
theunfitgolfer - 4 mesi fa
Just watched. Heading to Portrush in the morning. Thanks for showing the course layout. Great you got to play with Sarah from Sky TV.
psychogarrett47 - 4 mesi fa
Brodie Smith Golf really enjoy how much you listen to criticism!
Carter Ruffin
Carter Ruffin - 4 mesi fa
What time will the new vid be
untitled6981 - 4 mesi fa
Records a video in northern ireland...and uploads it on the way to the airport to fly to northern ireland. Im so confused right now.
Sam Gateson
Sam Gateson - 2 mesi fa
Notice how you always miss your puts to your left??
Timo Snwld
Timo Snwld - 2 mesi fa
I've been there in June, sadly didn't play Golf.. but it was beautiful :)
Richard Crawford
Richard Crawford - 2 mesi fa
Brodie!! Love your videos with Matt Garrett and Steve. I also watch seb rick shiels and Peter Finch. It’d be awesome if you all could meet up and have a super match!!
357 Fort Knox!!!
357 Fort Knox!!! - 3 mesi fa
If your ever in NY or NJ would love to play a round with BRO 5... love GOLF love you guys.. 👍
Alex O'Brien
Alex O'Brien - 3 mesi fa
Quality of this video is ridiculous
Italia Man
Italia Man - 3 mesi fa
Brodie is a weirdo
Lawless Plays
Lawless Plays - 3 mesi fa
8:31 humble Brodie at his finest
MrCheeseman5656 - 3 mesi fa
Love the experience of this video. Makes me feel like I'm there and getting a nice history lesson. Found your channel through GM golf after subscribing to him a week ago. You guys have turned me into a golf fanatic. So far I've done the driving range but no real golf yet. Life is stressful but it's nice coming to these channels to relax and watch some golf! :) Keep up these vacation vlogs
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay - 4 mesi fa
Listen to your caddy. He knows all the distances etc
Brian - 4 mesi fa
Brodie, I like your channel, but let's be honest with your score, it should be titled "can brodie break 95". It's obvious when your taking divots with you driver, the camera isn't following the shots, and you miraculously appear on the green in regulation after your flub your approach shot. Cmon man, be honest.
Trent Snarich
Trent Snarich - 4 mesi fa
What kind of shoes are you rocking in the video Brodie??
Devlins10 - 4 mesi fa
Kelsey totally should do the masters next year. Lol
dpgolf123 - 4 mesi fa
Brodie: ‘I’m not going to commentate like this throughout the video’.
Commentates for every shot throughout the video
Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen - 4 mesi fa
Getting the job done here today yayaya
Joseph Chiampi
Joseph Chiampi - 4 mesi fa
And you look like a mix of brooks koepka and Dustin Johnson lol
Joseph Chiampi
Joseph Chiampi - 4 mesi fa
That guy that was drilling didn’t have anything to do with it was a misread of the hill to begin with lmao
Noah Lignell
Noah Lignell - 4 mesi fa
Not even Rory could 😴
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
They played from the tips, we didn't
Coach Maguire
Coach Maguire - 4 mesi fa
How the hell do you get to play these courses before Majors?
Erik Anders Lang
Erik Anders Lang - 4 mesi fa
Nice man! You made it look easier than i remember
Theology Fellow
Theology Fellow - 4 mesi fa
Up tee's and stableford. You did it real Erik, real.
Ace Golfman
Ace Golfman - 4 mesi fa
If weather is okay, pros will destroy this course
Rory Kavanagh
Rory Kavanagh - 4 mesi fa
Surely this course is going to be a bit easy for the top class professionals
Mark Mcgrath
Mark Mcgrath - 4 mesi fa
1st seen u on dude perfects channel then on golfholics. I'm from Northern Ireland and watch a lot of golf content on YouTube and always wondered how people like urself and golfholics would manage playing in conditions like we do. Majority of times playing golf in Ni u get 4 seasons in 1 round so it's nice to see u having some of our experiences too. Great vid look forward to pt2
Elliot Mitchell
Elliot Mitchell - 4 mesi fa
Great editing 👍
AKC - 4 mesi fa
Never really watched anything on your channel before but this is very interesting. Haven't seen too much of Portrush since it got remodelled so this was essentially a course guide for me. Very entertaining video, getting me pumped for tomorrow.
Ernesto Lupercio
Ernesto Lupercio - 4 mesi fa
I enjoyed the voice over/ less talking better
Connor Boehme
Connor Boehme - 4 mesi fa
Chip the ball jeez man
Connor Boehme
Connor Boehme - 4 mesi fa
The first couple holes you putt it but I didn’t get why you didn’t bump and run it’s
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
Efrain Entrertainment
Efrain Entrertainment - 4 mesi fa
6:33 🥞
Mark Busch
Mark Busch - 4 mesi fa
My dude, how the hell do you get to do this much cool shit? Do you have sponsors?
Mark Busch
Mark Busch - 4 mesi fa
My dude, how the hell do you get to do this much cool shit? Do you have sponsors?
Liam Gollan
Liam Gollan - 4 mesi fa
You should come over to Beverley, Western Australia and play on grass greens and a country town golf course
Keith Browning
Keith Browning - 4 mesi fa
I just seen you in Rick Shiels video awesome course
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
great course!
Up To Scratch Golf
Up To Scratch Golf - 4 mesi fa
The awkward moment when the worst shot of your life ends up better than most we've hit lmao
bludevmike - 4 mesi fa
It’s “Portrush” ... not “Port Rush”.
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
Where did I fight Port Rush?
Daniel Nygård
Daniel Nygård - 4 mesi fa
very comfortable levels of voice volume
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
haha glad you enjoyed
thewiseone - 4 mesi fa
Sup bro! Love the channel and the content! Ever thought about doing another vid with McCormick? Literally some of the best informative golf videos on YT and be cool to see how much you’ve progressed.
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
Yes after the OPEN
John Wood
John Wood - 4 mesi fa
Sarah Stirk is fire and not one decent shot of her!
John Wood
John Wood - 4 mesi fa
@Brodie Smith Golf Enjoy Ireland!
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
Well unfortunately it was only Kelsey filming and it was hard enough to get all my lousy shots in that weather
LJ Neets
LJ Neets - 4 mesi fa
Brodie man. Love the channel. I say this with all due respect, you’re missing production value without a shot tracer. Golfers want to see where you’re playing the ball, what kind of shape you’re using. Without some way to follow along, it made me want to stop watching half way thru and leave this comment. Cheers sir.
LJ Neets
LJ Neets - 4 mesi fa
Brodie Smith Golf I can see that it wasn’t ideal, and again, mad love for the channel. I loved your vid with Rahm, partly because of the tracer. It’s awesome seeing these courses. For future vids, as a lifetime golfer, was just hoping to offer constructive feedback to help ya grow.
Brodie Smith Golf
Brodie Smith Golf - 4 mesi fa
Bro the weather was trash...what do you want me to do?
Hysteria Scylla
Hysteria Scylla - 4 mesi fa
Well played man
Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong - 4 mesi fa
You should make vid with rick shiels
Prossimi video