Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Music Video]

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Bea Roqx
Bea Roqx - 5 minuti fa
i first hear this song in spotify and i was like is that kehlani. omg😍. im diffinitely inlove with her voice she's so pure.. i didnt notice her baby bumps. love you keh.. mommy😘😘😘
Ebony Lewinsky
Ebony Lewinsky - 13 minuti fa
Found this song by mistake and shyt spoke to me on some real shyt.,.. have me thinking bout my ex
Deandra Dabest
Deandra Dabest - Ora fa
Thia is my song 💕😍😍😢
Jaliyah Blackwell
I still can’t believe that Kehlani ever thought that she was ugly without makeup... She’s SO Gorgeous 😭💜💜
Francisco Fernandes
Francisco Fernandes - 2 ore fa
That's my wifey!
Slobbii - 2 ore fa
100 likes and I’ll send this to my crush, I’ll say the results
lenzaa j
lenzaa j - 2 ore fa
Instead of acting like a nerd she should've gotten a real one to play it.
Aran Ignite
Aran Ignite - 2 ore fa
She sending all y’all to HELL to.
k moonchild
k moonchild - 2 ore fa
Her voice 😍
aanasmira - 2 ore fa
I liked it b4 I’ve even heard it lol
bouncyshak - 3 ore fa
These robo hos ain't loyal
Tasha Explains It All
I love Kehlani! I love how she collaborated with Ty Dolla Sign too!
The concept of this video amazed me. Seems like the message, to me, behind it is "Just because you love and care about someone, does not mean they'll return that same love and care back."
Jojo Saylor
Jojo Saylor - 4 ore fa
He always giving me high hopes🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
John Conner
John Conner - 4 ore fa
I'm scared
Jess Beatzz
Jess Beatzz - 5 ore fa
Omg omg THIS!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brittany Wade McAfee
I love this song ♥️😍 but for the Record I'm straight. 🤷🍆
Thunder - 5 ore fa
*D E S E R V E S M O R E V I E W S*
Michael Mole
Michael Mole - 5 ore fa
Kehlani 😍🤪🤩
Mary - 6 ore fa
This reminds me of a k drama
Caliber The Rapper
Caliber The Rapper - 6 ore fa
Sasha Arbuckle
Sasha Arbuckle - 6 ore fa
You gone say you love me then go switch it up, just gone play with my emotions just gone get my hopes high girl....🔚⏰
Randi Kuti
Randi Kuti - 7 ore fa
Bay Area represent!!!!!!! 🥰
Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking
You wasn't shit! I made you... Now you just gone, hurt me, && leave me, && everything I've built for us. I just feel dead. I can never love again...! Js
sama ashleigh
sama ashleigh - 8 ore fa
got me wondering, what inspired this video tho?
Stormie Santiago
Stormie Santiago - 8 ore fa
She's so underrated😥😭
yam yao
yam yao - 9 ore fa
beth sampson
beth sampson - 10 ore fa
my love!!!
Chrissy Johnson
Chrissy Johnson - 10 ore fa
I love this girl beautiful
Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas - 11 ore fa
What is laughable mgk
QualityAudio 2018
QualityAudio 2018 - 11 ore fa
someone please help me. what in the hell does this song even mean. she saying she cant trust him but he saying he been down since day one. i'm confused
I dont know
I dont know - 11 ore fa
JB facchine
JB facchine - 12 ore fa
Caraí que música foda pqp
Santiago Bermisa
Santiago Bermisa - 13 ore fa
Tab and Chord
Tab and Chord - 13 ore fa
Awesome! Love from Tabandchord
Advanced Jr
Advanced Jr - 15 ore fa
It’s like she wants to make herself look less hot than she is... well she failed this time 😘
Advanced Jr
Advanced Jr - 15 ore fa
Woah that was porn with no porn
Dineo Didi
Dineo Didi - 16 ore fa
Ty Dolla Sign's verse 🔥🔥🔥 Kehlani sounds good too❤️
Antwan Duckworth
Antwan Duckworth - 17 ore fa
She's so pretty man, especially with those glasses 💯😍
O_ bsession
O_ bsession - 17 ore fa
Is this for Detroit become human
oPi chawngthu
oPi chawngthu - 17 ore fa
watching like a move ^_^p
Tahlia Mae
Tahlia Mae - 18 ore fa
Cherisse Tillman
Cherisse Tillman - 18 ore fa
KEHLANIIIIIIIIII. Love her old school style
Osafo Samuel Boateng
Osafo Samuel Boateng - 18 ore fa
Amazing song
Xo Lia
Xo Lia - 19 ore fa
Nerlande Occivil
Nerlande Occivil - 19 ore fa
No one wants to talk about how beautiful this music video is?
Thät Gäl Meliä
Thät Gäl Meliä - 21 ora fa
Ima act like ty didn’t come for my zodiac sign
Stephanie Hodge
Stephanie Hodge - 21 ora fa
I’ve been blasting this since it came out
Tiffany Chambers
Tiffany Chambers - 22 ore fa
ChrissyOnAir - 22 ore fa
I'm obsessed with this song! I did a cover on my channel if you want to check it out!
TJ Moore
TJ Moore - 22 ore fa
Who is the farther of her baby?
saranje100 - 23 ore fa
I'm getting some Ex Machina vibes from this. Love the song btw Kehlani is amazing as always!! :D
#Girly Squad
#Girly Squad - Giorno fa
Damn a fire 🔥 song about a girl again 😂
( Doesn't really matter) #LBGTQ
Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill
Excelllexcelent song
Liyaah Williams
Liyaah Williams - Giorno fa
ashantae harvey
ashantae harvey - Giorno fa
This should be a real movie
Trap Inside HD
Trap Inside HD - Giorno fa
Crystal Ricks
Crystal Ricks - Giorno fa
Woahhhhhhhh the visuals are crazy this could be a movie
azariah seymour
azariah seymour - Giorno fa
Yessss Laniiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Wisdom Seeker123
Wisdom Seeker123 - Giorno fa
Songs like this make me glad I’m living in 2019 Periodt🗣
Zhaire Smith
Zhaire Smith - Giorno fa
Should have let that android die it killed her and Ty 😭
estee simpson
estee simpson - Giorno fa
On some nights like this shorty I can’t help but think of us..
Nylah Hickson
Nylah Hickson - Giorno fa
there's only one Nylah here
Cailtyn Blackman
Cailtyn Blackman - Giorno fa
Ive always been a huge fan of Kehlani. Wished people would recognize and appreciate her talent more, cause she's seriously amazing.
Lamont Allen
Lamont Allen - Giorno fa
I thank she needz 2 work wit Brandy because that is who she reminds me of when she blow a hook like that
Marcelly Souza
Marcelly Souza - Giorno fa
O embuste estragou a música mais só de ter a maravilhosa a música fica boa
Moon Boy
Moon Boy - Giorno fa
Abdul Bangs
Abdul Bangs - Giorno fa
Nice song,keep it up @Kehlani
Talita Mota
Talita Mota - Giorno fa
My two favs babies 😍 I love their voices sooo fuckin much goddamn 🙌🏽 dis song is lit🔥
6278 ,
6278 , - Giorno fa
eshackproductions - Giorno fa
Wow, didn't expect that but this came out really good
Anne Beauty
Anne Beauty - Giorno fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥 TY Dolla $ign💜💜💜💜💋💋💋💋💋
Maya Hunter
Maya Hunter - Giorno fa
Keep ur head up big cousin❤ Love u
Mrs. Colorado
Mrs. Colorado - Giorno fa
My girlfriend!😂♥️
Mrs. Colorado
Mrs. Colorado - 19 ore fa
+K_NATION yourself now.......
K_NATION - Giorno fa
Don't ever play with me Kehlani is forever my bae like don't try it cause I will come for you HOE!!
chenelva babel
chenelva babel - Giorno fa
fr Kehlani is an ICON!!!!
Shyheree Johnson
Shyheree Johnson - Giorno fa
When will They Give Her the
Recognition she Deserves 💯
Imran Iqbal
Imran Iqbal - Giorno fa
Khalid would have killed this song....
Grace Jones
Grace Jones - Giorno fa
I love this Music video it has everything in it♡♡♡
ゆある - Giorno fa
okay liza
okay liza - Giorno fa
I legit thought she's been saying "get my whole tiger"
Anti Mougiollari
Anti Mougiollari - Giorno fa
Literally the best song of 2019
jeanice williams
jeanice williams - Giorno fa
Every song she puts out I fall in love with! #myqueen😘😍😍😍
K_NATION - Giorno fa
She will never be your queen so don't play she will forever be mine please and thank u
Lana Aka LaLa
Lana Aka LaLa - Giorno fa
What I think I got from this video is? Kehlani has been hurt by a handful of people, the Robot read her heart & knows it's good. However, Robots don't have emotions & with that being said, she took over her body to go do harm to those who did Kehlani wrong.
I could be wrong.
Wicked1 - Giorno fa
Yes, 2 Million! Let's keep it going
Memento Mori
Memento Mori - Giorno fa
Hit on repeat button to view it again and again.
Devinn Jones
Devinn Jones - Giorno fa
Kehlani♥️ mi amor🌹🌹 dropped the video on my birthday...happy birthday to me
Stela Maciel
Stela Maciel - Giorno fa
Abby son
Abby son - Giorno fa
I’m already in love w this fucken song ! ❤️❤️❤️
Hindi Af Somali
Hindi Af Somali - Giorno fa
Who came here for ty dolla sign?
Renato Mello
Renato Mello - Giorno fa
Kellee King
Kellee King - Giorno fa
On some nights like this, I just wanna text you but for what. You gone say you want me then go switch it up. Just gone play with my emotions just because...
U gone get my hopes high
U gone get my hopes high
Just gone tell me more lies
Just gone get my hopes high
Ricks - Giorno fa
This is what we need 😥❤
Would appreciate if you check out my music, thanks
Cheyenne Eve
Cheyenne Eve - Giorno fa
This song is really sooooo FIRE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
InvizibleNinjaX - Giorno fa
Today is my Birthday🎉
Miro Omar
Miro Omar - Giorno fa
Happy birthday😍
Michael Egbagbe
Michael Egbagbe - Giorno fa
I dont mind the music because its great but i dont understand the video one bit.
STANG - Giorno fa
Please check out my new single, I’m just starting out and trying to get heard, thank you so much if you take the time to listen
khadijah lattraq
khadijah lattraq - Giorno fa
My wig flew in the air and now it's slow dancing.
khadijah lattraq
khadijah lattraq - Giorno fa
*Yet again she coming to save music and lives*
Aanaa - Giorno fa
omg i love ex-machina
Séptino Wibowo
Séptino Wibowo - Giorno fa
She should be good actor
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