Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Video]

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El Mayberry
El Mayberry - 2 ore fa
I just love this song so much I play it at the very least like twice a day..
It's crazy that I've been listen to this song since day one and just now realized there was a video for it.
Mothercityguy - 6 ore fa
Kehlani what a song
Trey Gachette
Trey Gachette - 9 ore fa
Go listen to Fetty Wap - Birthday ft Monty
Que C
Que C - 10 ore fa
Love your voice 🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
mOvE iM gAY
mOvE iM gAY - 11 ore fa
ok but how cute is kehlani here?
Virus Ok
Virus Ok - 12 ore fa
Who else thinks Kehlani is cute but would look and without the tats on here hands, neck and face
Virus Ok
Virus Ok - 12 ore fa
Did the robot kill her and thats why she killed the robot then kiled ty I'm confused
Taytaynaomu Taynaomu
Taytaynaomu Taynaomu - 22 ore fa
Yasss kehlani I love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jacque B
Jacque B - Giorno fa
What is the video called that she is seeing when she touches her chest?? I can not remember the name of it for anything.
jake prez
jake prez - Giorno fa
Bitch is a treesh
Space_ YRN
Space_ YRN - Giorno fa
Song banging hard everytime like I heard it my first time 🔥
kevina Nord
kevina Nord - 2 giorni fa
Can you tell me what's with all this distance love if I call would you pick it up

Pixel Gun 3D Try Hard But Im Still Bad
The song has a rlly great meaning❤

Edit: Whats with all those dislikes?
eva nyambura
eva nyambura - 2 giorni fa
july who is listening to this
Kamyra Morton
Kamyra Morton - 2 giorni fa
What movie is this again
Laura Lamb
Laura Lamb - 3 giorni fa
Marcelo Faustino
Marcelo Faustino - 3 giorni fa
Best Song Ever
hamad almulla
hamad almulla - 3 giorni fa
Jannisha Jones
Jannisha Jones - 4 giorni fa
Uhh... movie please?
jussskayy - 4 giorni fa
Someone explain the video to me I don’t get it
Anele Noluthando
Anele Noluthando - 5 giorni fa
my recently favorite song plus it my ringtone💕 . .night like this
Callum Balodis
Callum Balodis - 5 giorni fa
I don’t understand the video?
Davin Joseph
Davin Joseph - 4 giorni fa
The robot has no feelings. No emotions. So she downloaded herself into a human body and started absorbing people's memories because she had none of her own
Lilly Anna
Lilly Anna - 5 giorni fa
Killed this 😍😍😍😍😍💕
Atiya Hunt
Atiya Hunt - 6 giorni fa
The robot has no feelings or emotions
The robot used her for her body

*Omg damn thats deep*
Asanda Lukhona
Asanda Lukhona - 6 giorni fa
Kehlani u killing me in dis 1🥰🥰🙈
Aaron Presi
Aaron Presi - 7 giorni fa
I fucking love this
AsiaBabiii ForLiffee
AsiaBabiii ForLiffee - 8 giorni fa
My JAM 🥰🥰 especially while laying in bed with my man in the dark just cuddling enjoying the moment 😊😊✌🏾✌🏾💯
Mimi the Gammer D
Mimi the Gammer D - 8 giorni fa
Wow nights like this I needed popcorn this had so much work and effort in it I was wowed
Cory Voyer
Cory Voyer - 8 giorni fa
I can relate to this song really hard. It's what happened to me that really broke me. No female has ever broke me before. Sucks like hell but its whatever
Merciful Smith
Merciful Smith - 8 giorni fa
So she's bisexual
Isabella Kreidler
Isabella Kreidler - 8 giorni fa
She looks like AOC with those glasses lowkey
Ronaldo Ramos
Ronaldo Ramos - 9 giorni fa
Magnific Song!!!
Of course not
Of course not - 9 giorni fa
Did she just?
ibexy - 9 giorni fa
The beat!
Yves Yvie
Yves Yvie - 9 giorni fa
You gon say you want me then go switch it up....hits home>
RösaLiciä xx
RösaLiciä xx - 9 giorni fa
to all My future ex Girlfriends
Aubri Jackson
Aubri Jackson - 9 giorni fa
I ❤️ 💗 💕 this song
Queen jaz
Queen jaz - 9 giorni fa
Demi and Lauren did a number on them lol
Faith Tall
Faith Tall - 10 giorni fa
I watched this over 100 times even when I’m not in my feeling it’s just bc I love and always wanna hear her voice❤️💕💯
Jzzalf - 10 giorni fa
Maravilloso. 💜💛 💚 💙 💕
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Valerie-Rose Rangitaiari APANUI
i love you kehlani
Deanna WG
Deanna WG - 10 giorni fa
Her voice is beautiful
Mr Terrence
Mr Terrence - 11 giorni fa
Damn you know how many times I seen you IGGGGG YOU FINE
It’s Danari
It’s Danari - 11 giorni fa
What’s the meaning of their sing if there is a meaning please tell
Madison Hutchings
Madison Hutchings - 12 giorni fa
im obsessed with her voice
Fortnite vids and clips
Fortnite vids and clips - 12 giorni fa
Who else loves kehlani?
Samuel Dukes
Samuel Dukes - 12 giorni fa
The song is beautiful, the video is beyond dumb
Nasha Dillard
Nasha Dillard - 12 giorni fa
Ty dolla sign is so handsome and cute and talanted
Dwane Wade
Dwane Wade - 13 giorni fa
Shakara_the_ gacha_freak
Shakara_the_ gacha_freak - 13 giorni fa
I think my repeat button is broken 😭😭😂😂😍😍😍😍😍.....ughhhh i love kelani bros.....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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