Nicki Minaj & Little Mix "Good Form / Woman Like Me" Live | MTV EMAs 2018

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MTV International
MTV International - Mese fa
Pak Samnang
Pak Samnang - 14 giorni fa
Thanks 🙏 you so very much
Norma Tancošova
Norma Tancošova - 20 giorni fa
DoWhatThouWilt gmdkdk
Medine Aykan
Medine Aykan - 5 ore fa
Medine Aykan
Medine Aykan - 5 ore fa
redskie 09
redskie 09 - 6 ore fa
Cardi has left the chat
Kim Song
Kim Song - 8 ore fa
Now all I need is Nicki to perform idol with bts
yo dawg
yo dawg - 10 ore fa
Y&A Life
Y&A Life - 10 ore fa
Princess Glow
Princess Glow - 11 ore fa
Raist R
Raist R - 12 ore fa
Jesy and PERRIE sang it so amazing 😍
good tea
good tea - 13 ore fa
I need nicky was thick but not that thick
cali angels
cali angels - 13 ore fa
Matheus Prestes
Matheus Prestes - 15 ore fa
Rola rola rola quem quer rola?
onbekend anoniem
onbekend anoniem - 16 ore fa
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker - 16 ore fa
4:04 nice porn scene with clothes. XD
Sally Burhan
Sally Burhan - 17 ore fa
4:28 girl on the rights foot
cesar gomez
cesar gomez - 22 ore fa
Is this a Madonna performance?
Kim Porter
Kim Porter - 23 ore fa
I dont like nikeie she but i love little mix
patricia peterson
patricia peterson - 23 ore fa
Again I came because of nicki.. Love you queen
Aaliyvhszn Vevo
Aaliyvhszn Vevo - Giorno fa
She's not a good performer at all
Charity Tucker
Charity Tucker - Giorno fa
Little mix is amazing but the performance put with NM really screwed things up!
RealTalk1411 - Giorno fa
And ppl say this woman's career is over. Where????
vithória Pereira
vithória Pereira - Giorno fa
Que vc prefere
Little Mix:like.
Nick Minaj:comenta.
Stanislava Ruseva
Stanislava Ruseva - Giorno fa
why doesn't nicki just rap and let go all the dancing and the shiny stuff? She's so good at rapping!! If she focused more on that she would be an amazing live rapper and would need nothing else instead of never finishing a verse because she's too busy dancing
Mølly Demetria
Mølly Demetria - Giorno fa
keyshone howell
keyshone howell - Giorno fa
Fifth harmony number 2🤣🤐
kmoney all day brhane
kmoney all day brhane - Giorno fa
Stiff ass hard boody bitch. Her time is over. It's Cardi B time. Thank you for your services.
heheee - Giorno fa
She Looks so Cute😍
John Linan
John Linan - Giorno fa
Nicki's performance was straight up trashy lmao
Alber Perdomo
Alber Perdomo - Giorno fa
Morgan Stewart
Morgan Stewart - Giorno fa
The beginning looked like a whole cult session
psycheonspace zednanref
Everytime we touch GIRL u make me feel weak
Rafael Moscarella
Rafael Moscarella - Giorno fa
I love Nicki minaj and little mix
KLee C
KLee C - Giorno fa
I love her so much
KLee C
KLee C - Giorno fa
1:57 I literally practiced this part omg🤭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Hollywood Bri
Hollywood Bri - Giorno fa
Nicki hair......🤮
Victoria Billyard
Victoria Billyard - Giorno fa
nicki minaj should get closer to a boys body and put with legs closer and someone behind her while peformace 2018
TarantulaCandy - Giorno fa
Love the song, but Nicki in that leotard looking like that old 80s wrestler the fabulous Moolah, back when female wrestlers were thick overweight women she needs to remove the silicone off her hips/thighs she's looking like some old pear shaped woman... that and the fact that she sounds out of breath adds to the whole effect and no this isn't shading her weight cause her upper body looks disproportionate to her clearly surgery enhanced body, nicki is cute she can do better.
Sleyyedits101 Oliver
Sleyyedits101 Oliver - Giorno fa
Ew even I'm not dumb enough to be half naked on a stage I mean little mix I love ya but this is way to much
Simran Gerrard
Simran Gerrard - Giorno fa
Why is Nicki Minaj yelling instead of singing/rapping?
Don’t hate it’s my opinion. Thanks x
Davon - Giorno fa
She sound out of breathe and dead bitch too old to be out there someone get her off the stage
Bianca Westford
Bianca Westford - Giorno fa
Nicki needs to loosen up she can't even dance how her thighs are so plastic like
ginacarano 4ever
ginacarano 4ever - Giorno fa
This amazingness is to much for my heart to process 😍
Smugbugs - Giorno fa
Waiting for Tristan Paredes to react to this! :-D
Lucy smith
Lucy smith - Giorno fa
Didnt believe in god but shit im a nun now
xxBree xx
xxBree xx - 2 giorni fa
That was low key scary asf!!😂
Shenella Marks
Shenella Marks - 2 giorni fa
I literally can't get enough of this epic moment
Hamayoun Khan
Hamayoun Khan - 2 giorni fa
I actually liked backup dancers
Om Beto
Om Beto - 2 giorni fa
Khanyisile Jubeju
Khanyisile Jubeju - 2 giorni fa
perrie is just laying on nicki's ass😂😂😂
Mr Beasrt
Mr Beasrt - 2 giorni fa
Thanks for thinking about us ugly girls, Cardi! 😂
Introducing the fifth member of Little Mix: Queen Nicki
Aurora Lara
Aurora Lara - 2 giorni fa
Nicki look like a blonde robbie rotten with that wig on
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster - 2 giorni fa
Little mix don’t need auto tune
Bear Capones
Bear Capones - 2 giorni fa
I just love both Queen Nicki and Cardi they are great, hope someday make a great hit together
Tiffany Uza
Tiffany Uza - 2 giorni fa
Wow... Nicki was mad weak lol and that hair those shoes that fit.... Girl.... Stop boo lol please
alysom silva
alysom silva - 2 giorni fa
Rola rola rola okay rola
Joan Aileen Paler-Samson
Joan Aileen Paler-Samson - 2 giorni fa
Ariana grandevslittlemix
Womanvswomanlikeme👧 arianagrandanglittlemix👧👧👧👧
SIESIE CHAMPION - 2 giorni fa
Nicki struggling on stage.. Either age or, because Cardi took her place ..awww
Melody and Meredy Hunt
Honey do us all a favour and stfu
Kanisha Caton
Kanisha Caton - Giorno fa
Girl if you dont stfu😂
Yaya Sir
Yaya Sir - 2 giorni fa
Awwww Dumb Bitch came to check on Nicki Sweet
witness 003
witness 003 - 2 giorni fa
Little slayyy
SIESIE CHAMPION - 2 giorni fa
Boring... Cardi way better and with stage presence
Yaya Sir
Yaya Sir - 2 giorni fa
SIESIE CHAMPION imma keep replying to your hatin ass you checked up on Nicki period. Go support yo bitch who called black females roaches, Cardi’s songs may be better but bitch Nickis Flow and Rhymes can never be untouched it’s sad who yall switched up when Cardi came up.
UK GANDz - 2 giorni fa
Nikki Minaj sound nothing like voice on records when she sings live!!!
Sexy - 3 giorni fa
Nearly new year who still here like this !
Jay Yu
Jay Yu - 3 giorni fa
Nicki - Queen
Cardi B - Princess
But i like cardi :)
isaiah iraola
isaiah iraola - 3 giorni fa
Damn... I love nicki, but she just doesn’t sound good live personally. She sounds nothing like her studio tracks. She’s always rapping an octave Lower and it seems weak and choppy. But still love her music!
isaiah iraola
isaiah iraola - 10 ore fa
yas I’ve yet to see a live performance of hers where I actually enjoy hearing her rap live. Just my opinion. Other rappers scream and shout just as much as she does, but with hers it’s just always off in my eyes. But honestly I enjoy her music so it ends up not being a big deal for me.
yas - Giorno fa
isaiah iraola because she’s screaming shouting and tired. it’s hard to do it when ur rapping after that
ALGUÉM DO BRASIL 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎👍🔥😍👍🔥😋
hereisqueen lis
hereisqueen lis - 3 giorni fa
Reybie Villaflores
Reybie Villaflores - 3 giorni fa
Omg nicki minaj your the queen.
Xy River
Xy River - 3 giorni fa
Nice performance 😍😍😍
big baby josh
big baby josh - 3 giorni fa
Nicki Minaj Funko Pop y'all ?!?
Rodrigo Netiflix
Rodrigo Netiflix - 3 giorni fa
Nick Bixa você arrasa 😍😍😍
Mike Shaw
Mike Shaw - 3 giorni fa
nour hijazi
nour hijazi - 3 giorni fa
They're making men dress like women and women dress like men
Jennifer De la Fuente R.
Jennifer De la Fuente R. - 3 giorni fa
YOUNG NWA - 3 giorni fa
Love it
Akash Swarnakar
Akash Swarnakar - 3 giorni fa
Nicki minaj destroyed little mix performance. She doesn't even sound real.
Monster !
Monster ! - 3 giorni fa
Nicki is a fcking queen🔥👑
Steve Phillipe Slosar
Steve Phillipe Slosar - 4 giorni fa
Her rap is more better than Cardi B
Евгений Чех
Евгений Чех - 4 giorni fa
Nicki 💓💓💓
Catrina Mulungi
Catrina Mulungi - 4 giorni fa
The Queen
Rajbir Sandhu
Rajbir Sandhu - 4 giorni fa
Little mix is matchless
Anon Kuol
Anon Kuol - 4 giorni fa
I came for both
Picel Parera
Picel Parera - 4 giorni fa
God bless
Ryan Larter
Ryan Larter - 4 giorni fa
Its like Nickis their mother and performing with her daughters
isidemierda - 4 giorni fa
5:21 eso es muy de fifth harmony que chucha dfghjjhgf yo cacho que fue idea de Nicki
Natalia Dorigoni
Natalia Dorigoni - 4 giorni fa
3:25 omg I’m sorry about that note jade omfg
Victoria Billyard
Victoria Billyard - 4 giorni fa
Nicki Minaj should get more sexe on stage be crazy with the boys and girls by victoria billyard
Alejandra María Mora
Alejandra María Mora - 4 giorni fa
Amazing 👏👏👏👏
David Alex
David Alex - 4 giorni fa
What have to do Fifth Harmony with Littlle Mix... and this is the reason why it that much issue between celebrity... they are all an antyChrist.. the devil is everywhere....
David Alex
David Alex - 4 giorni fa
No body accusing... just live the reality! Peace women!
Chou Tzuyu please step on my stomach
Can u just stop accusing them,like learn to appreciate their songs..
Emanhuel Guantay
Emanhuel Guantay - 4 giorni fa
I Love You 😘💞👋👏💐🌸
Raica's vlogs and video
Raica's vlogs and video - 5 giorni fa
Little mix is like blackpink👏👏👏😍😍😍
Kennedy S
Kennedy S - 4 giorni fa
Um no. Little mix is little mix and blackpink is black pink
carineloveshow - 4 giorni fa
holamacchiato16 - 5 giorni fa
it was a really entertaining performance omgawdddddddddd
Raica's vlogs and video
Raica's vlogs and video - 5 giorni fa
That's the true voice of nicki minaj WHAT
Yanni Javier
Yanni Javier - 6 ore fa
Watch her acapella of flawless. hater!!
TheSimsCovers - 5 giorni fa
So cringy
Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero - 4 giorni fa
Ummm how is this cringey im genuinely curious not tryna be shady
Owen Lacson
Owen Lacson - 5 giorni fa
OKURR RRR - 5 giorni fa
am I the only one who finds something so evil about this omg
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj - 5 giorni fa
1:47 must shaderoom first after that playroom
Aleyna Altınörs
Aleyna Altınörs - 5 giorni fa
Min Phin Ng
Min Phin Ng - 5 giorni fa
me at 0:22
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