Nicki Minaj & Little Mix "Good Form / Woman Like Me" Live | MTV EMAs 2018

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MTV International
MTV International - 3 mesi fa
noelle almonte
noelle almonte - Giorno fa
Los amo
noelle almonte
noelle almonte - Giorno fa
I love nick
Katy Perry Nobles
Katy Perry Nobles - 24 giorni fa
This one is recommended by youtube after I watched Roar Music Video by Katy Perry
Fernanda Hernandez Vazquez
I love you MTV
Asa Gonzales
Asa Gonzales - 3 ore fa
Monica Levis
Monica Levis - 3 ore fa
She is so too fattt now omg !
Kyu Won Moon
Kyu Won Moon - 4 ore fa
Omg little mix's outfits are AMAZING
Agnes Rios Quintanilla
Alguien habla español además de mi
Pin Wei
Pin Wei - Giorno fa
These stages are for those who were not invited to the grammy. Haha
Cristopher - Giorno fa
1:48 I love these men's outfits. I need those pants.
Julia Guimarães
Julia Guimarães - Giorno fa
Who came just for Little Mix, it starts in 2:29
go0gle dinosaur
go0gle dinosaur - Giorno fa
la voz de Nicki cambia un poco.
you know what I'm saying
Ramon verucci
Ramon verucci - Giorno fa
Podem falar oque quiser no rap feminino e nicki e pronto ❤😍👏👏👏👏🇧🇷Queen
Hedsey Rowa
Hedsey Rowa - Giorno fa
my eyes wont stop following that Asian dude dancing so sexy
Xing Hui
Xing Hui - Giorno fa
Cardi 🤩
DaNatey - 3 ore fa
Just get the fuck away
Ida Vreeland
Ida Vreeland - Giorno fa
No. No. No. Cardi B and Lil Kim I respect too much to even watch this sad, tacky, demonic looking video. At least Cardi B is real, and does Niki really need to suck the devils c*** to stay famous?
DaNatey - 3 ore fa
What fucking ppanet do you live on. I want to destroy it
Niamh Zoe
Niamh Zoe - 20 ore fa
Ida Vreeland well atleast Nicki writes her own songs 🤦‍♀️
HD POP - Giorno fa
I C O N I C 💎💎💎💎💎
Chloe Yeom
Chloe Yeom - Giorno fa
Nikki, what is she wearing and she can’t keep up with her words and also she’s so trying hard to be like Cardi
Merlisha Sealys
Merlisha Sealys - 2 giorni fa
Queen love you wish to see you one day
la katracha jennifer
la katracha jennifer - 2 giorni fa
Different voice ?
Claudia Schnapp
Claudia Schnapp - 2 giorni fa
1:27 ♥️
Alec Lightwood
Alec Lightwood - 2 giorni fa
Anyone who actually thinks she sounds good here is quite clearly in denial. She’s been so much better before. You can tell the difference in pitch and tone against the track behind her. This was terrible. Little mix was fine though.
Melvin Blade
Melvin Blade - 2 giorni fa
Edilson Fontinele
Edilson Fontinele - 2 giorni fa
"rola rola rola" Sempre soube que a Nicki Minaj falava portugês
Yazzy yazz
Yazzy yazz - 2 giorni fa
On 4:28 the black girl on the right she mess up but I love this song and live too
Vanessa Belmonte
Vanessa Belmonte - 2 giorni fa
The crowd was probably shooketh because Little Mix is way too underrated in the U.S. 😍😍
Trap.Editts - 2 giorni fa
Nicki and Little Mix are such queens ❤️❤️🔥
Micky’s Life
Micky’s Life - 2 giorni fa
Can people stop comparing Cardi to Nicki!!
Givson Gabriel
Givson Gabriel - 2 giorni fa
Ambra Marcuzzo
Ambra Marcuzzo - 3 giorni fa
ma che boiler è diventata?
Marvin - 3 giorni fa
0:22 and 0:56 jason are u?
evakorte - 3 giorni fa
Why is Jesy the only one who is playbacking in her solo? maybe she was sick or something?
It's ya girl Kayla
It's ya girl Kayla - 3 giorni fa
Why she always yell.....i love her but she never sounds like the track
o.o KaOmi2ki
o.o KaOmi2ki - 3 giorni fa
2:52 💓💓💓
MoonLight ___ Gamer
MoonLight ___ Gamer - 3 giorni fa
Is it just me or does one of them copied Ariana with there hair?!
Nancy Aguilar
Nancy Aguilar - 3 giorni fa
When the illuminati starts the show lol.
Marquise Stampley
Marquise Stampley - 3 giorni fa
I have been blessed by this performance!!!! ❤❤❤❤
DAVI STAGES - 3 giorni fa
Vim pelo Diogo paródias 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ramídeos HD
Ramídeos HD - 4 giorni fa
menuda puta mierda...
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique - 4 giorni fa
BTS InFiReS iS DdAEnG - 4 giorni fa
*young money...grrr.*
Asian Tik Tok 2019 Collection
The amazing queen of music group
chyle - 4 giorni fa
Haney Ayumie
Haney Ayumie - 4 giorni fa
Little Mix
UMAKANT SHARMA - 4 giorni fa
Niki is queen
Marcos Souza
Marcos Souza - 4 giorni fa
It's Carl
It's Carl - 4 giorni fa
Who’s Here After Watching Cardi B Grammy’s Performance?
Refanov Constantin K.
Refanov Constantin K. - 4 giorni fa
Why this is like bts idol?
reveblink blackvelvet
reveblink blackvelvet - Giorno fa
Ew no
Weronika Nowak
Weronika Nowak - 4 giorni fa
Tiah Fisher
Tiah Fisher - 4 giorni fa
They’re so cute together when they perform, they need to do more collabs
sonu Kansara
sonu Kansara - 5 giorni fa
Tnx mtv for this beautiful collaboration of LM n queen ❤👑👍😘😙😗🙂😁😀♥️🤗😎😍😉😋😚
Uno Pediangco
Uno Pediangco - 5 giorni fa
Loved Nicki since I was a child😘🔥💯
Sarah Yeates
Sarah Yeates - 5 giorni fa
Their dance routine!!❤❤❤❤
Lianna Bautista
Lianna Bautista - 5 giorni fa
Editsz - 5 giorni fa
Pra quem achou que elas estavam na pior...
chiquis907 - 6 giorni fa
Pizza Pleasure
Pizza Pleasure - 6 giorni fa
she is getting tired
Pizza Pleasure
Pizza Pleasure - 6 giorni fa
she sounds so diffrent without autotune
bts and pink must collab
bts and pink must collab - 6 giorni fa
i hope they collab more in the future 😍
Lucy - 6 giorni fa
l m
l m - 6 giorni fa
All 5 queens together 🔥
Alexa HA
Alexa HA - 6 giorni fa
Nicki Minaj??
Diki Cat
Diki Cat - 6 giorni fa
Like her music but she sounds like shit live!
Kyla Wallace
Kyla Wallace - 6 giorni fa
The Woman, the QUEEN, the legend... 👑
Wellington R
Wellington R - 6 giorni fa
Raazia Tabassum
Raazia Tabassum - 7 giorni fa
Cardi B could never have such an iconic opening like the Queen, Nicki Minaj. 😏
Nia Marie
Nia Marie - 7 giorni fa
5:01 It’s like when Jade saw Nicky coming, in her head she was like “Watch this Nicky” and then she blew that high note
Hamayoun Khan
Hamayoun Khan - 7 giorni fa
Why her voice like💩
Nilton Barros
Nilton Barros - 7 giorni fa
Salazar Maria
Salazar Maria - 7 giorni fa
Wasent niki in bts idol consrt in the same aufit
city that never sleeps
city that never sleeps - 5 giorni fa
+Salazar Maria I guess you didn't read the describtion. It was edited.
Salazar Maria
Salazar Maria - 5 giorni fa
+city that never sleeps no
city that never sleeps
city that never sleeps - 7 giorni fa
That other video was a fanmade one
DaRoot The Omnipotent
DaRoot The Omnipotent - 7 giorni fa
I wish she didn't get out of breath
Luchi Guidi
Luchi Guidi - 7 giorni fa
Nicki is such a queen, but those legs felled with plastic or whatever look kinda hurtfull and weird.
Gill - 7 giorni fa
Little Mix tore that up. Their intro was everything. 🙌🏾
Michael Anwar
Michael Anwar - 7 giorni fa
Essa música da rola é babado
Lucia Martinez
Lucia Martinez - 8 giorni fa
Me sigue dando rabia que no pude ir
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 8 giorni fa
I love that bitch she is fabulous
emerald mendoza
emerald mendoza - 8 giorni fa
His leg are to big
VPTP Trithipnipa
VPTP Trithipnipa - 8 giorni fa
Big fan form thailand🇹🇭 💕
trevor edwards
trevor edwards - 9 giorni fa
mini minaj is so overated ,
lovey dovey
lovey dovey - 9 giorni fa
i like little mix outfit looks more polite
Who Is Mack
Who Is Mack - 9 giorni fa
Aijinghunshisha Marbaniang
Korneko 06
Korneko 06 - 9 giorni fa
thhey all looked like they where really liking each other
Rose Rozana
Rose Rozana - 9 giorni fa
Nicki is just a porn star 😂😂😂😂
Vitinho Lipa
Vitinho Lipa - 9 giorni fa
Rola,rola ó que rola😍
Naomi Andrew
Naomi Andrew - 9 giorni fa
The 3rd most viewed MTV YouTube video, Little Mix came and conquered as per usual
Naomi Andrew
Naomi Andrew - 9 giorni fa
I can’t stop watching this
Lisa S.
Lisa S. - 9 giorni fa
highlighter is poppin’
Claudia Jimenez
Claudia Jimenez - 10 giorni fa
3:24 where was Jessy?
Emma Kok
Emma Kok - 8 giorni fa
Behind perrie
Felipe Soares
Felipe Soares - 10 giorni fa
1:09 adoro
Amber blom
Amber blom - 10 giorni fa
4:03 OMG
Lalala lululu
Lalala lululu - 10 giorni fa
Go vote for Little mix and Niki to win Brits for best music video for this song! It would be Niki's first Brits guys! All you have to do is use #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX on Twitter once every 24h until 15th February. Please help!
hoseok stan
hoseok stan - 10 giorni fa
Rola rola rola quem quer rola
Fais Sakridan
Fais Sakridan - 10 giorni fa
-漫舞 ᴍɪʟᴋʏ ɢʀɴᴅᴇ
BTS has join the chat
-漫舞 ᴍɪʟᴋʏ ɢʀɴᴅᴇ
Itamara Robledo
Itamara Robledo - 10 giorni fa
Little Mix, el mejor grupo femenil que he conocido 💞😍
Smile TBG
Smile TBG - 10 giorni fa
Queen Nicki 👑 💜 👑
Jose almir lima neves Almizinho
Makelele Mejia
Makelele Mejia - 11 giorni fa
It was AWESOME!!!!
Custou 3 reaixx 3?
Custou 3 reaixx 3? - 12 giorni fa
Brasileiros?? R🎶🎵ola Rola Rola Rola kkkkkkkkkk😘😂
dd lipa
dd lipa - 12 giorni fa
Dua Lipa feat. Nicki Minaj, please💕💕💕
gökçen BTS
gökçen BTS - 12 giorni fa
Prossimi video