Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

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Adolfo Gonzalez
Adolfo Gonzalez - 3 minuti fa
Fuck this movie I miss Paul walker 😔
Kristina Fratrikova
Their movies will never get old
William Mbongolwane
This is why I love the Fast & Furious franchise. They know what they are. Impractical, off the rails mindless action. And they are super confident in that.
Axel Official
Axel Official - Ora fa
He is black superman, i bet he died being thrown of something "you might be black, but you are not superman , unless you can fly" that's the line 💰😂
Patric Parton
Patric Parton - 2 ore fa
Yay not a Woke movie
Green arrow
Green arrow - 2 ore fa
1:53 I think John Deegan would disagree ain’t I right lads 😂😂😂
Alex Iliasi
Alex Iliasi - 2 ore fa
Leonardo DaVinci
Leonardo DaVinci - 2 ore fa
fast and furious 6-7-8

Dom: family

Fast and furious 9 (Hobbs and Shaw)

Hobbs: family (the best one)
KHAL DROGO - 3 ore fa
At this point they are just furious.
Tonia Husbands
Tonia Husbands - 3 ore fa
I love me some Jason Statham so i will be there to watch it!!!
Dozie - 4 ore fa
For some reason when he hops off the motorcycle is the best part Idk why. Maybe it's the camera shaking I just think its so clean
Dilan gamezzz
Dilan gamezzz - 4 ore fa
Yo I swear Jason statham is really good
Steven Houben
Steven Houben - 4 ore fa
So when is fast and furius back ff?????cars pimping!!!!street races!!!!!!
Evil Wolf
Evil Wolf - 5 ore fa
Hit Or Flop Whatever... Definitely Want To Watch It 🔥
Rainbow Gacha
Rainbow Gacha - 6 ore fa
I will only watch this for Roman😊😉😘😚❤👍
Nola Property Buyer
Nola Property Buyer - 6 ore fa
Wait. Is this dude holding an 18 wheeler and a helicopter? IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Necati Güner
Necati Güner - 7 ore fa
Vipul Kumar
Vipul Kumar - 7 ore fa
The most energetic moment for me:when Roman reigns stared at the rock
Jeff Edward
Jeff Edward - 7 ore fa
These movies became a joke. They became more like a comicbook movie. The first movie is the best out all these.
RAMNIK JAIN - 7 ore fa
RAMNIK JAIN - 7 ore fa
Jason Barrett
Jason Barrett - 7 ore fa
If the film is as good as the trailer this shit is gonna be fucking epic!!!
CJ S - 7 ore fa
Just seen the whole fkn movie. Thx. Was ok. I predict we have years and years of Idris. Already an icon.
GhOsT 👻
GhOsT 👻 - 7 ore fa
Lara xoxo
Lara xoxo - 11 ore fa
I get that the franchise has really gone off the rails with the whole street racing and theft story, but you gotta admit this looks cool asf
Lara xoxo
Lara xoxo - 11 ore fa
2:39 oooo that haka😍 I'm so excited!
Normalia Dianalan
Normalia Dianalan - 11 ore fa
Go Jason Shaw
Fawaz Agha
Fawaz Agha - 11 ore fa
This movie is insane
Watched the trailer 7 times
Wes Netmo
Wes Netmo - 12 ore fa
the rock ruined fast & furious
RMN Top Movies
RMN Top Movies - 13 ore fa
Good. If you want to follow me on YouTube. 👉 RMN Top Movies. 🎥
Edwin Ocampo
Edwin Ocampo - 14 ore fa
Im dead with all these comments
Emperor Erzo
Emperor Erzo - 14 ore fa
Please stop. People don't even like it. Just a waste of money.
Mike - 14 ore fa
as a wwe fan seeing roman made me a bit excited for the movie
Efe Gezer
Efe Gezer - 14 ore fa
where is the cars ?
Martha Damopoulou
Martha Damopoulou - 15 ore fa
It looks good I will watch it 100%
Owen Peng
Owen Peng - 16 ore fa
1:52 Thank Me Later
AlphaIkaros - 16 ore fa
Dont care if y'all complaining about the franchise evolving from street racing to muscle-punching action series. The chemistry of these two men is simply enjoyable. They should've used another title that has nothing to do with Fast n Furious.

These two makes me happy, and I don't know why
Shadowwalker414 - 6 ore fa
they did, its called hobbs and shaw
bro Leo
bro Leo - 16 ore fa
Thank you for the free movie.
MisterAmmad - 16 ore fa
Hobbs and Shaw : Storming AREA 51
tatiya bichhoo
tatiya bichhoo - 18 ore fa
Theres no fast and furious without vin diesel 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
apy912 - 18 ore fa
Why the hell is Hollywood becoming bollywood with better CGI
shasee tharren
shasee tharren - 18 ore fa
I love action....
J C - 20 ore fa
Go back to fake wrestling you idiot.
Niranja King
Niranja King - 20 ore fa
In the next series us KGF actor YASH in your movie he is big star in INDIA. give him a small character in your movie. the movie will make more business in INDIA. don't not ignore my words please
Vu Long
Vu Long - 20 ore fa
wow :))
ALAN BROWN - 20 ore fa
Vanessa Kirby is so hot!!!!
MrEM - 20 ore fa
Where the duckling is original Street racing?
AGN AgeNNybegynder
AGN AgeNNybegynder - 21 ora fa
Why most of the movies are about killing half of the population nowadays?
Noobmaster69 - 9 ore fa
@Eli Porte the devils biggest accomplishment is to make people believe he doesn't exist 👹☠️
Eli Porte
Eli Porte - 9 ore fa
@Noobmaster69 lmfao bruh, its not that serious. its simply because the action genre is more entertaining 🤷‍♂️
Rohan Raaz
Rohan Raaz - 21 ora fa
Awsome movi roman is come back bro
Nabil Manssouri
Nabil Manssouri - 21 ora fa
its became boring
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