Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

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Christopher Townsend
Hobbs: Access Granted
Shaw: Access Denied Access Denied Access Denied
Demetrio Montoya
Demetrio Montoya - 4 ore fa
So, I'm set. Don't need to see the movie anymore. I just watched a three minute and thirty seven second version of the full film. Uh, thanks I guess?
Bran Don
Bran Don - 5 ore fa
Me who is not going to go see it: yeah i saw it in the trailer already
Chris Grey
Chris Grey - 5 ore fa
When I heard this movie is coming out and saw the teaser trailer I was not really into this movie. But now I actually kind of want to see it.
Xpert UnSeen
Xpert UnSeen - 5 ore fa
Worst one yet
DMZ - 6 ore fa
I don't care what anybody says, I love these movies and I will be there opening weekend
Matthew Thornley
Matthew Thornley - 6 ore fa
If you guys ask me, I think this is pretty badass.
Ant'Nee Smokes
Ant'Nee Smokes - 6 ore fa
I was so excited for this but not anymore. This looks so stupid I won’t even bother watching.
Naruto Salman
Naruto Salman - 9 ore fa
How can I learn your langue (AN ENGLISH)
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy - 9 ore fa
Fast and Furious is it top movie in the world
Alex Colt
Alex Colt - 10 ore fa
this is so stupid
Leo_TheGoat Leo_Rlly
Leo_TheGoat Leo_Rlly - 10 ore fa
Did I see Roman reigns
Mishal Gafoor
Mishal Gafoor - 11 ore fa
for movie ticket
vikas yadav
vikas yadav - 11 ore fa
Access denied 😁😁😁😁 great
vikas yadav
vikas yadav - 11 ore fa
Access denied 😁😁😁😁 great
tú phạm
tú phạm - 12 ore fa
Yah the movie will be very nice I look forward to :D
Madina Khujaeva
Madina Khujaeva - 13 ore fa
Since when Fast and Furious is a superhero movie?🤔
C4Zero - 14 ore fa
I'm almost certain Hobbs is Super human.
sunny mittra
sunny mittra - 14 ore fa
From 02:30 it becomes really interesting ... And different from FF
JCglitchmaster - 14 ore fa
This is the type of movie they should've reserved their over the top stunts for, spin offs. Not turn the main FaF into stuff like this. Make FaF street racing and keep your ridiculous stunts for these spin offs.
Gracea Sencioko
Gracea Sencioko - 16 ore fa
Ika Arlia Lutfiana
Ika Arlia Lutfiana - 18 ore fa
I can't waitttt😍😍😍
Fahad Murad
Fahad Murad - 18 ore fa
that is too much of action for me! sorry
Rajesh Karnawat
Rajesh Karnawat - 19 ore fa
Stipe Lazeta
Stipe Lazeta - 20 ore fa
I love it when they spoil the whole film in a single trailer
regan maulana
regan maulana - 22 ore fa
2:17, he kinda look like roman reigns tbh
LightningDad13 - 22 ore fa
once upon a time ... long long ago.... there was this car with so much torque that it scared the shit out of Dom. And this undercover cop was trying to blow the welds off the intake racing him. Ahhhhhh the good old days.
FazliReza - 23 ore fa
Fast and Furious 1-8: RACING
Fast and Furious 9 : WRESTLING
piggyporkchop101 - 23 ore fa
The hakas Maori not samoin
Taylor mana12345
Taylor mana12345 - Giorno fa
Love the rock and all but this movie looks too much
Dao Nguyen
Dao Nguyen - Giorno fa
No team ?
Heryla Club
Heryla Club - Giorno fa
I love this trailer tho
Anthony Barbarotta
Anthony Barbarotta - Giorno fa
This movie looks epic AF and funny as hell!
Justin Batsukh
Justin Batsukh - Giorno fa
Why does everything have to do with wiping out half of the population
Omar Almubayd
Omar Almubayd - Giorno fa
They should make the Fast and the Hilarious with Kevin Hart
Jayde Flayme
Jayde Flayme - Giorno fa
These comments tell me nothing more than that none of y'all know what a spin-off is
Elliot Nyquist
Elliot Nyquist - Giorno fa
dwaynes neck is house siding
A F - Giorno fa
3:25 are they trying to say The Rock is as strong as Captain America?
FunnyBuzz - Giorno fa
Long Trailer... what happen to classic previews that's on 30 seconds long...
Water Maloan
Water Maloan - Giorno fa
God damn how long were they fighting that just turned morning I would be tired asf
Midnite Sensei
Midnite Sensei - Giorno fa
Guys the “racing” looks awesome!!!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Literally nobody:
Not a single soul:
Roman Reigns: *_"OOOO WAHGHGHG!"_*
Noel Wesley
Noel Wesley - Giorno fa
YAY they named Idris Elba's character after the town I was raised in 😂
Gerzon Posada
Gerzon Posada - Giorno fa
Quitenle el nombre "Fast & Furios" han perdido la esencia
Manzoor Tareen
Manzoor Tareen - Giorno fa
I will travel 800 KM to watch this movie in cinema.
Anime 12356
Anime 12356 - Giorno fa
I'm gonna watch this. This looks fun to watch. I mean I wish it was street racing still. But you don't have to watch the movies where it turns to them fighting gangs and terrorists.
Rakshit Gholap
Rakshit Gholap - Giorno fa
So who's here for Roman Reigns ?
TEᑕᕼᑎIᑕᗩᒪ ᗷᗩᗷᗩ
Hoskata h #Vin_Deasle ki special entry Ho 😛 it's A Best Trailer
Maisie’s Guineapigs
Maisie’s Guineapigs - Giorno fa
Who’s fav is Dom?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️❤️
Wipe the population ?
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - Giorno fa
Thanos wiped out half the population with fake stones with magic. This is reality
Muhammad soban
Muhammad soban - Giorno fa
What is wrong with this franchise,? Gonna watch it anyway xD
Taylor Glynn
Taylor Glynn - Giorno fa
Genetically enhanced soldier
Virus that can wipe out half the population
Where have I heard this?
Chandra Kirana
Chandra Kirana - Giorno fa
And where the hell is Keanu freakin Reeves?
WinterSplinterM.II - Giorno fa
This looks better than it has any right to be. Honestly looks like a fun action romp
Memez - Giorno fa
remember fast and furious used to be racing
Alonso WWE Fast
Alonso WWE Fast - Giorno fa
Jawad Sheikh
Jawad Sheikh - Giorno fa
Is it Fast and Furious 9?
makabumasiru hi
makabumasiru hi - Giorno fa
Hope to see this film soon ❤️
ClutchItOut - Giorno fa
Anyone else agree that the only female that managed to do the action part very well in the 20th century and still no other female came close to her is Angelina Jolie?
Uncle Dad
Uncle Dad - Giorno fa
Next thing you know,John Wick will cross over to help,,John wick would be Mr. Nobody's Son😆😆😆
Glorious Dude
Glorious Dude - Giorno fa
A virus that could wipe out half of the population.
Thor:wait,he’s my friend Heimdall.
Thor:I thought u were death,what are u doing all this time?
Heimdall:I was playing Fortnite
Thor:what ur acc?
Thor:Civil war
Just kidding😂😂😂
shakti shiva
shakti shiva - Giorno fa
Why rock look like
HULK 😲😲😲
Sarah Zender
Sarah Zender - Giorno fa
and nobody forget that shaw kill han
Julius Corpuz
Julius Corpuz - Giorno fa
Please be careful of your movie artist paul walker already died
Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders - Giorno fa
The only thing fast and furious about this movie is how fast these two yokels took their checks and how furious fans of the original movies are that the name is kept tacked on to these borderline parody movies.
Seth Walker
Seth Walker - 7 ore fa
Yep. Cash grab movie.
Rdx% Romeo
Rdx% Romeo - Giorno fa
Roman reangs fan like
Harry Jones
Harry Jones - Giorno fa
the white widow in a straight action movie 😍
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - Giorno fa
Man I want another Tokyo drift movie but Tokyo series of the fast and the furious movie that can be street racing again
Redeather Mc
Redeather Mc - Giorno fa
Muy bien de carreras callejeras pasamos a superhéroes
Shruti Tigote
Shruti Tigote - Giorno fa
Only Marvel fans noticed Heimdal
Titus Yusinyu
Titus Yusinyu - 2 giorni fa
I need that sound track
John Mcfirstley
John Mcfirstley - 2 giorni fa
What the hell happened to fast and furious???
Marco Polo
Marco Polo - 2 giorni fa
Does The Rock ever get tired? I swear he's everywhere since he left wrestling never taking a break
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday - 2 giorni fa
Still waiting for Bambi....
Blackhammer {Noob}
Blackhammer {Noob} - 2 giorni fa
Genetically enhanced human ..
Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂naw I’m good
dbsean - 2 giorni fa
Talk about an odd choice for a ‘Calvin and Hobbes” live action reboot.
FUCKINTEENBRAT - 2 giorni fa
Looks so whack and gay! lol
Karmo Kamp
Karmo Kamp - 2 giorni fa
very cool, can i see street racing again?
Mattie - 2 giorni fa
I just came here to comment "OOOH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
Ulkucu Turk 03
Ulkucu Turk 03 - 2 giorni fa
Where are the fast cars?
Muhd Zafri
Muhd Zafri - 2 giorni fa
This movie kind a joke and ridiculous
Cesar Palmos
Cesar Palmos - 2 giorni fa
Who else is here just for the sound track?
Maria Lehr-Fortino
Maria Lehr-Fortino - 2 giorni fa
I’m sorry. In what universe am I rooting against Idris Elba?
Rogers - 2 giorni fa
3:18 Is he Acquaman? lol
can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos? btw
2:38-2:43 I fucking love that
Retro - 2 giorni fa
Anyone notice the guys bandana is on and off at 0:42
sofiyarini ambarwati
sofiyarini ambarwati - 2 giorni fa
so this is the reason Tyrese is mad
muhammad azrul ikram muhamad rozali
too much scenes showed in the trailer
Blacksupermangaming ha ha ha
1:52 look at me I’m black super man
Trill - 2 giorni fa
They fucking know what People want To see but still they spinning this kinda shit
AMH - 2 giorni fa
2:39 dunno why but it’s sick
Bikash Sahoo
Bikash Sahoo - 2 giorni fa
Hmmm...old scholl!!
Khaled Rehman
Khaled Rehman - 2 giorni fa
Best trailer ever
aditya Jain
aditya Jain - 2 giorni fa
come on roman and rock
Raaz Khan
Raaz Khan - 2 giorni fa
Both Hard Both Hard
Fj Ru
Fj Ru - 2 giorni fa
God, the sexual tension between these two is too high!
Hobbs and Shaw are quietly sit in their respectives corners of the cell they share, they are shirtless and sweaty, but are trying hard not to stare at each other tonified bodies, for that could lead to two possible paths which they are afraid to explore.
Anyway, the movie looks good but probably will wait for it to come in dvd
Santhosh Ashok kumar
Santhosh Ashok kumar - 2 giorni fa
waiting to see hobbs
nithin.k shaji
nithin.k shaji - 2 giorni fa
What if the population is a odd number
Prossimi video