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Molly Baz
Molly Baz - 2 mesi fa
If molten arancini are the new mozzarella sticks, I can’t think of a better way to bring home our 100th episode. Tune into this celebration station ASAP!!! 😘
Jared Larsen
Jared Larsen - 16 giorni fa
marry me molly.
jayaychy remo
jayaychy remo - 24 giorni fa
I wish I make love to you 💦💦💦
Shannen Chappell
Shannen Chappell - Mese fa
What can you use instead of wine if you aren't 21 yet?
Andrew Mullins
Andrew Mullins - 2 mesi fa
Molly Baz I made these! they turned out absolutely delicious and it’s all thanks to u and BA thanks xx 🧡
CP Johnson
CP Johnson - 2 mesi fa
What tips can you give to those of us who are gall bladder(less) and shy away from fried foods? I am thinking we could make the arancini using the oven and a tray with a rack so the bottom gets some heat? Probably do away with the flour when rolling and just use egg and crumbs?
Z3hoo - 5 ore fa
I didn't know what Arancini was, but I know I love risotto, so this is a must try.
Jillian M
Jillian M - 5 giorni fa
love BA but the lack of diversity on staff is quite annoying
Kirsty Fynn
Kirsty Fynn - 6 giorni fa
I made this for my family and everyone loves it!! The lemon really brightens the dish and it's truly delicious
Nic B
Nic B - 7 giorni fa
Stop with the abbreviations. It makes you sound like a valley girl and not to be taken seriously.
Leib33 - 10 giorni fa
Risotto has no letter "D" but it does have two Ts (pronounced "tease"
speedstick77 - 11 giorni fa
Lena from Sicily likes to put Texas chili meat in the center of her arancini. The Pope would faint.
Tresfres - 12 giorni fa
I wish Americans would stop pronouncing T as Ds! It’s Riso TTo not risoddo!
aftrprty - 12 giorni fa
oh molly
Gravitation3Beatles3 - 15 giorni fa
“I’m not brad” you mean you’re not Alison, Alison
How To Make Dinner
How To Make Dinner - 17 giorni fa
I love her and I love this video but making risotto just to immediately turn it into Arancini seems weird to me. It's gotta be one day leftovers at least!
NakedAndLaughing - 17 giorni fa
Omg I just made these the other day bc I saw a video/recipe on Facebook and I actually had all the ingredients so I said why not. Recipe called for rice and not risotto though, and I did not put onions since I don't care for them. They actually came out fantastic, and then I see you guys have a video on it, awesome!
Aren't Calabrian chilis from Calabria? Not Sicily?
Mandy McAdoo
Mandy McAdoo - 19 giorni fa
Molly you’re the hundredth episode but you’re also 💯
Jackson Catlett
Jackson Catlett - 21 giorno fa
Man Italians really are the worst. She said that something was Sicilian instead of Calabrian and they decided that the whole recipe is bad and molly is a terrible chef. Must be exhausting to be so uptight and boring 24/7
santolify - 23 giorni fa
I bought a smock because of Molly.
888TopGear888 - 23 giorni fa
I just watch this for Molly.
zulekha miah
zulekha miah - 24 giorni fa
Molly lookin like a golden haired schnack in those hoops!!!😎 Lol 😂😂 but the arancini thooooouuuggghhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gian - 25 giorni fa
Natalie_Slimez - 27 giorni fa
I’m Italian so my grandma makes arincini a lot it’s so good
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong - 28 giorni fa
fake arancini
Michael Reale
Michael Reale - Mese fa
Calabrian chilli is Sicilian.... 🤔
MrDac0wgirl - Mese fa
lean robles
lean robles - Mese fa
Molly is my fave ❤️
2nd breakfast
2nd breakfast - Mese fa
Love the videos, I hate that she keeps her ring and bracelet on though 😭
nawaf rammah
nawaf rammah - Mese fa
she low key hates brad
Eunice Lacaste
Eunice Lacaste - Mese fa
That ring. It big. Also, allincini.
Big Mike Edge
Big Mike Edge - Mese fa
i wish Molly was my wife
Gage Locklear
Gage Locklear - Mese fa
Smash the garlic for that good alicen
Maevin Deeble
Maevin Deeble - Mese fa
as an italian from sicily, I remember the arancini big time. Allthough we didn't use risotto, but simple cooked rice and filled them with bolognese sauce and mozzarella. We also shaped them pointy on one side of the ball. Arancini are an enourmus part of my childhood and it's quite interesting to see this method. I'm gonna try to make them this way for christmas.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - Mese fa
Honestly, if Brad likes Allison so much, why doesn't he just tell her? Go on a date, get to know each other. Their bond will be strong, like a two-part epoxy.
giacobbe fragomeni
giacobbe fragomeni - Mese fa
ma quanto aglio hai messo? Così puoi ammazzare qualche vampiro :P
Steph Addo-Quaye
Steph Addo-Quaye - Mese fa
At the beginning, what does she keep looking at to the right? 🤔🤔
M Ilham Akbar Junior
This is why I love Moly!
Chloe ChloeChloe
Chloe ChloeChloe - Mese fa
What does she mean Calabrian chilies from Sicilia though?
Joe Breakwell
Joe Breakwell - Mese fa
I can't watch this if she keeps pronouncing risotto wrong.
ricageo - Mese fa
Does anyone else think Molly has got this Dakota Johnson vibe about her ?
Dylan Bullock
Dylan Bullock - Mese fa
its like a two part epoxy or glue
Jacopo Carboncini
Jacopo Carboncini - Mese fa
They look ok, a few observations:
1 the carnaroli to onion ratio is off, too much onion.
2 garlic does not belong in risotto.
3 traditional arancini have also ragù and green peas inside with the melty cheese.
4 the size is off, too little pieces.
5 we don't dip our arancini in anything they are perfectly moist by themselves.
Bel lavoro comunque, continuate cosi, bravi!
The Hitech Hobo
The Hitech Hobo - Mese fa
OMG. I want to make these.
Escapist - Mese fa
Molly is so goddamned adorable.
Bernardo Oseguera
Bernardo Oseguera - Mese fa
I keep looking in da back to see if brad shows up lol 😂
joops110 - Mese fa
That's not how you say risotto
TheCandyCane124 - Mese fa
-new fave quote
-Yop- - Mese fa
who's alison
Harun Goon
Harun Goon - Mese fa
ants mind
ants mind - Mese fa
i worked for nancy silverton’s pizzeria mozza in newport and learned to make these, arancini translates litterally to “little orange”. absolutely obsessed with this dish.
Mika Melin
Mika Melin - Mese fa
love me some allicin
TrixM - Mese fa
OMG cream in risotto AND the carbonara. :-((((
NemVass - Mese fa
2 part epoxy
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