VFX Artists React to MARVEL Bad & Great CGi

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Adam Waters
Adam Waters - 7 ore fa
Cool vid. My suggestion: A video on Paul Verhoeven films. Robocop, Total Recall & Starship Troopers all have pretty ground-breaking practical and digital effects.
Ajj ka gamer
Ajj ka gamer - 11 ore fa
Niko is confused
Nick Owens
Nick Owens - 13 ore fa
There are so many Marvel movies, please do more.
Kabalyst - 18 ore fa
that dude thats always on the left doesn't watch enough movies to be commenting on them it's embarassing how many times he hasn't seen a movie also hes pretty annoying lol
Lee McPartlin
Lee McPartlin - 19 ore fa
The guy in the middle’s voice kinda annoys me.
Akhil Surendran
Akhil Surendran - Giorno fa
Please do a reaction to the Indian movie Pulimurugan
Bollywood horror movie! That's something you will find flaws in ✌️✌️bro!
Rajat Kamal
Rajat Kamal - Giorno fa
I never noticed that Gwen died so brutally
Yashar Azimi
Yashar Azimi - Giorno fa
Do amazing spiderman 1 - Lizard
BLACK DRAGON - Giorno fa
Reetha Et
Reetha Et - Giorno fa
10:25 kinda!!!??? Lol
shree ganesh
shree ganesh - Giorno fa
Show some of ur work and then first we will judge u r in level o judging this kind of stuff or not. U fucking piece of morons
Daniel Fick
Daniel Fick - Giorno fa
Where do the changes in definition factor in to making CGI in movies?

Example: Watching Thanos in 4k vs HD; his face has soo much more detail in 4k.
all might
all might - Giorno fa
Make lion King r raited
Kire667 - Giorno fa
2:28 imagine all the cuts Thanos must get every morning as he shaves that wrinkly chin
JKNEF - Giorno fa
Hey Crew! It would be awesome if you all did a reaction video for Venom!
ole muell
ole muell - Giorno fa
i would love to see the effects of "Arrival" reviewed, i had to cry during this movie.
Francis Punno
Francis Punno - Giorno fa
Plz make a video on Mortal Engine
StimezMedia - 2 giorni fa
React to spy kids 😄
Jines Gopali
Jines Gopali - 2 giorni fa
Spiderman far from home
Arvreses YT
Arvreses YT - 2 giorni fa
Tbh, the when I watched black panther it looked realistic by watching it in this channel looks kinda off.
Gogba - 2 giorni fa
I want to see thanos with mighty beard
Troll 2.0
Troll 2.0 - 2 giorni fa
Fix black panther!!!!
Dub Leffler
Dub Leffler - 2 giorni fa
I heard that Tobey McQuire's hair in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas is CGI.
Elle Sea
Elle Sea - 2 giorni fa
Gwen Stacy snapped her neck. It's how she died in the comic.
Nirmal Joshi
Nirmal Joshi - 2 giorni fa
The van rat is 0 cgi
Ricky Grimez
Ricky Grimez - 2 giorni fa
The Rules of Inertia. Yes Superman can catch a freefalling person, just think about a Hacky Sack, he just has to match their speed and velocity of descent and then within 1 to 3 G Forces decelerate and lower them safely or change directions to a safe landing place. Iron Man would obviously have a Gyroscopic controlled Internal Pressure system to regulate and counter measure G-Forces and also a Free Suspension Chasis that insulates from the Cockpit, seperated by the mechanism that absorbs forces preventing stress on his body. Probably also coated the interior with a soft foam that softens impact to avoid breaks, contusions and abrasions. Fighter Pilots face these conditions and the human body can endure these maneuvers like Iron Man, albeit in a more spacious cockpit because of steering and ejection, since tgey can't crash land in their vehicles. But Iron Man has a suit designed to in canon work to accomplish those feats. But it would be better if movies used the correct physics to better show off their super abilities.
Duncan McAllister
Duncan McAllister - 2 giorni fa
You guys have to do battle at big rock
Safija S
Safija S - 2 giorni fa
11:06 that was prob the weirdest
Hey Robert pretend a piece of metal from the iron suit is attaching to your boundaries.
Johnny blaze
Johnny blaze - 2 giorni fa
@CorridorCrew guys please do Disney movies, Dinosaur, tangled, frozen, big hero 6, zootopia, moana and do Pixar movies, toystory 1-4, monsters inc, finding nemo, wall-e, ratatouie, brave, cars, incredibles, please guys thanks.
Troy Bluemel
Troy Bluemel - 2 giorni fa
Do DC now or live action fairytales
Eren Karakaş
Eren Karakaş - 2 giorni fa
if you need help. watch all marvel movies
Tega Amrore
Tega Amrore - 2 giorni fa
Please fix the black panther scene
MattJot - 2 giorni fa
Buahahahaha just keep tapping "0" ;D
BaCoNbOy VERMET - 2 giorni fa
Do old sifi paranaconda sharknado 1vs sharknado the last one all those old school sci-fi movies or comparing the use of animatronics from like the alien movies compared to the cgi in the newer movies
DeaDpool - 2 giorni fa
React to Indian TV series shaktiman ,
Dan96 - 3 giorni fa
How tf did these guys not watch Endgame by then
Seong Cheonsa
Seong Cheonsa - 3 giorni fa
Please make Black Panther VFX Fix on the last fight scene. 😁
It’s Anthony
It’s Anthony - 3 giorni fa
10:50 use English captions until 11:05 and you’ll thank me
tanmoy lodh
tanmoy lodh - 3 giorni fa
It actually looks like crew 2 and inception
HydeYourHomie - 3 giorni fa
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Barbarian People69
Barbarian People69 - 3 giorni fa
React to gundala
yogeshilu123 - 3 giorni fa
Why is the third guy here?
MikeE - 3 giorni fa
Patrick williams? What? Noooooooo!!
MikeE - 3 giorni fa
Wren. You know his videos are shit right?
Wyatt Sieniarecki
Wyatt Sieniarecki - 3 giorni fa
Iron man: Suit porn
NFSHeld - 3 giorni fa
The Dr. Strange scene reminds me a lot of Inception.
Fidda Gracepaws
Fidda Gracepaws - 3 giorni fa
I swear when I watched black panther it didn't look this shit, maybe it was the shitty definition of the cinema project
But I swear those scenes look nothing like the ones I watched
Strahinja Banović
Strahinja Banović - 4 giorni fa
Jacky Chan watching this wondering wtf does CGI even mean
ggplayz games
ggplayz games - 4 giorni fa
bruh the guy on the left looks like some weak soyboy who gets triggered and everythings racist.
T Flink
T Flink - 4 giorni fa
Your cgi is kind of trash, and then you say they have bad cgi, smh
edilgin - 4 giorni fa
maybe its because they are just 4 people?
batteryheadmusic - 4 giorni fa
Props for that quick little Cyriak mention in reference to Doc Strange! That whole sequenced was definitely inspired by his video for Eskmo - We Got More
Rosemary Carroll
Rosemary Carroll - 4 giorni fa
More hyped for this than ksi vs logan paul. Everyone and their grandmother knows jj is gonna get clapped.
jose sosa
jose sosa - 5 giorni fa
Bad & Great CGi in series
FivePaprika - 5 giorni fa
Dead pool?
Gabriel the gaming king
Gabriel the gaming king - 5 giorni fa
10:24 lol
Alexander Shlotov
Alexander Shlotov - 5 giorni fa
mind-blowing feed
ForAnubis Raiju
ForAnubis Raiju - 5 giorni fa
444haluk - 5 giorni fa
white suits were so fake they made my head spin. It was a headache.
hihihi101 - 6 giorni fa
You guys can not do this show if you don't react to Who Framed Roger Rabbit!! Classic
keaton l
keaton l - 6 giorni fa
Should definitely review the scene of jean greys sacrifice in dark phoenix
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