VFX Artists React to MARVEL Bad & Great CGi

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Guilherme Bittar
Guilherme Bittar - 2 ore fa
10:13 the face of defeat
Herowebcomics - 3 ore fa
Speaking of physics on Iron man, he also used his thrusters to stop himself from falling on people who were walking right underneath him!
In real life, that would take over one hundred pounds of force to achieve!
So those people would have been knocked backward or worse!
TeutonJon78 - 4 ore fa
You should do "Taking Earth". It's a South African sci-fi movie.
Cory McGill
Cory McGill - 4 ore fa
Pretty sure Niko is Sean Evans from Hot Ones
velocitides gaming
velocitides gaming - 5 ore fa
Doctor strange producers: inception looks pretty cool.
CGI team: ight I got u fam
Staszini - 5 ore fa
Mind of a stoner Reviews
Do good and bad fx in horror movies ...
Iain Goodyear
Iain Goodyear - 7 ore fa
Would love to see a critique of the visual effects of Jaws
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith - 8 ore fa
what about discussing A Scanner Darkly
Bobby Ellis
Bobby Ellis - 8 ore fa
To me, the really interesting thing about these videos is listening to them say "Oh, they're just so good, I don't know if this is digital or not."
Hearing professionals talk about higher tier level professionals just does something for me. It says that even these people who are essentially wizards to me, still have so much to learn, and that makes me feel good knowing that where I'm at with my professional skills isn't my plateau.
Genesis Rail
Genesis Rail - 8 ore fa
Please look at some werewolf movies!
Jacob Byrd
Jacob Byrd - 11 ore fa
Star Trek movies (and tv shows if you wish). And not just that there's so many lens flares
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn - 11 ore fa
Is Niko the immortal iron fist?
Jude Regorgo
Jude Regorgo - 13 ore fa
Mathew - 13 ore fa
13:20 they didn't even mention *the* Stan Lee????
Zack Scarvey
Zack Scarvey - 13 ore fa
Can you compare some Star Wars movies? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how technology has progressed through the years as well as practice vs digital effects since that was such a big deal during the production of The Force Awakens.
UnOriginalOne - 13 ore fa
Alita: Battle Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eva Franklyn
Eva Franklyn - 15 ore fa
React to Steve Rogers pre-transformation in captain america
Two0clock - 17 ore fa
13:19 I love the slight gasp when Stan Lee popped up XD
Qball Irving
Qball Irving - 18 ore fa
So it's good quality because PS4 graphics are amazing unlike gaybox
Konrad Chan
Konrad Chan - 19 ore fa
Best 80s / 90s digital effects!
USMC MSgt - 20 ore fa
Godzilla, King Kong....
USMC MSgt - 20 ore fa
Thanos CGI better than Superman mustache CGI
Annie1962 - 21 ora fa
How about Jumanji (if you haven't already done so) I mean the Robin Williams version. Also can you compare the Lost in Space series..the original v last year's - should be fun! Especially the wonderful hi tech version of the original Debbie.. a chimp with added on ears.
Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow - 22 ore fa
I animated on Dr Strange and can confirm all those shots had CG characters. Here's my reel with the dr Strange shots in there. https://vimeo.com/236346843
JustNigel - 22 ore fa
Why does thanos at 1:11 look so funny to me
Ge mar
Ge mar - 23 ore fa
The folding buildings and city streets was done with Inception 9 years ago, so It's not something new, just improved.
Ge mar
Ge mar - 23 ore fa
I hate when they show that light flare in a movie, it takes me out, why show something that looks like it's bouncing off a camera lens that you wouldn't see in real life?
Michael Saxonson
Michael Saxonson - Giorno fa
Speed racer
ken daly
ken daly - Giorno fa
Lord of the rings !!!
a. n.
a. n. - Giorno fa
Nicu de la piața mare
do a video about marvel tv shows
MainFrameMatt - Giorno fa
These are awesome. Please do the Transformer Movies
Tonton Jeannot
Tonton Jeannot - Giorno fa
You guys are great. Love you.
My suggestion: I loved Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Everyone else hated it. It was all VFX. What was wrong with it that I'm not sophisticated enough to be bothered by? (Is it just because I'm a sucker for anything sparkely?)
firasat hussain
firasat hussain - Giorno fa
React to Bollywood movies like fan, Ra one and Zero
Liam Birch
Liam Birch - Giorno fa
I'm going to link this video to all those fart huffing movie critics or wannabe movie critics that just bitch about cg all day
Kaito Momota
Kaito Momota - Giorno fa
The fuck? They never even went over the Open your eye scene from doctor strange????
FlapjackGTHD - Giorno fa
Reckon they would do a Pixar episode?
al - Giorno fa
These guys were not even in highschool when the first iron man movie was out lol
Astin Aleywine
Astin Aleywine - Giorno fa
People don’t like cgi but without we wouldn’t have the mcu movies none of them
Johnny Fiction
Johnny Fiction - Giorno fa
Would love for you guys to have talked about how Iron Man's badass suitup scene is hugely inspired (to put it nicely) by Blizzard's Starcraft Wings of Liberty Tychus findlay trailer scene.
Alexander Stevens
Alexander Stevens - Giorno fa
Do some DCEU films like Man of Steel
Dániel György Pápai
vfx guy: never seen Doctor Strange. Are you mental my guy?
Stir Fryer
Stir Fryer - Giorno fa
Smallville CGI vs Arrowverse CGI (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning)
Tkab Ender
Tkab Ender - Giorno fa
You guys should check the last pirates of the Caribbean. The scene with “young” jack sparrow.
Jab Vlogs
Jab Vlogs - Giorno fa
Who's this Clint guy and has he been living under a rock? He is a CG critic and hasn't seen any of the highly CG enforced movies (Which is mostly Marvel)
Panda Pirate
Panda Pirate - Giorno fa
12 studios and they still gave thanos a shriveled scrotum for a chin.
Chris Carr
Chris Carr - Giorno fa
So happy to hear that other people think about the body inside the suit. His body would crash into the inside of the suit, there's still a collision
Masamunio - Giorno fa
Debating whether that chrome helmet was real or cg...
RECON - Giorno fa
Her neck and back broke at the same time
Mr. Chuck
Mr. Chuck - Giorno fa
qadri rulzdood
qadri rulzdood - Giorno fa
Captain Marvel had some shoddy cgi
pds charan
pds charan - Giorno fa
Is there any video for movie AVTAR ?
chade74 - Giorno fa
Dont think his heart would RIP away. The iron man stopping is similar to parachuting
Juan Antonio De Santiago Ojeda
Make a video of ILM vs WETA
Daniel Bathen
Daniel Bathen - Giorno fa
The VFX guys who worked on Dr. Strange must have a had a feast just letting loose and coming up with all that stuff. Super hard too though.
Sean T
Sean T - Giorno fa
Why are Americans so loud
Nicholas Ontiveros
Nicholas Ontiveros - Giorno fa
The incredible hulks terrible CGI
Golde Mike
Golde Mike - Giorno fa
Thanos: Fighting the avengers is hard, and brutal but what gives me the strength of a true man is Gillette ProGlide Razor, shave with out new gliding technology no more scrapes and damage to sensitive skin, try our new Gillette ProGlide Razor, I use it so half of the universe should too.
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso - 2 giorni fa
Bill W W
Bill W W - 2 giorni fa
How about cgi that we don't realize is cgi in movies
Ethan Powell
Ethan Powell - 2 giorni fa
10:27 KINDA
vikas banjare
vikas banjare - 2 giorni fa
Gariel2007 - 2 giorni fa
The depth of view and focus on your couch shots are weird. It makes the two people on the ends look like they were rendered in on top of the shot. It doesn't help that the people on the ends of the couch also have a phantom red light shinning on them for some reason. Really makes them look out of place... Are the couch shots secretly CGi?
Gariel2007 - 2 giorni fa
Also Nikko has weird motion blur on him all the time... Are ya'll fucking with us?
Timothy Osterhus
Timothy Osterhus - 2 giorni fa
Omer Hussain
Omer Hussain - 2 giorni fa
React to batman vs superman and justice league.
Sky_stider223 - 2 giorni fa
Watched 3 of these now I wanna watch the X-Men movies and Spider man movies and superman lol
Saurabh S
Saurabh S - 2 giorni fa
react to bollywood's 2.0 xDDD
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz - 2 giorni fa
That’s basically all of CGI on faces in a nutshell. Wrinkles, pores, light, shadow, hair, and the motion of all these factors in the shot at any given frame.
Yikkib - 2 giorni fa
love watching a dude yawn through his own video...
Primezell - 2 giorni fa
the doctor strange shot reminds me of Portal 2
John Cusick
John Cusick - 2 giorni fa
can you do Life of Pi. i thought the CGI in it was phenomenal yet Rhythm and Hues went bankrupt after
Hugo Sasai
Hugo Sasai - 2 giorni fa
2:11 shaving with a rake like
Michael Enquist
Michael Enquist - 2 giorni fa
The scene of Gwen Stacy falling in TASM2 comes from the comic: The Amazing Spider Man #121. In the comic, she dies because Spidey's web stops her too quickly and her neck snaps. Even Green Goblin tries to explain this to Spidey.
GHfan4life - 2 giorni fa
I’ve still never seen any of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movies -_-
Bobbert Bobby
Bobbert Bobby - 2 giorni fa
I love these vids but when the guy started questioning the physics behind the actions in the shots reminded me so much of me and my buddies when watching these movies.
Like when Iron man suits up at the race track and shoves the car away with his foor..what would happen is iron man would put his foot on the car and shove and he would go flying back and the car would only rock a little..unless somehow the instant it needed to the suit deployed somekinda anchor to the ground so he could push off of that. Also Marvel fucked it big time when they chicken shitted out of showing Spiderman causing the death of Gwen Stacy. In the comics her neck snapped when he caught her with his webbing and she jerked to a stop too fast. in the movie they seemed to want to lessen the responisibility of spidermans actions...and just had him be a fraction of a second too late. Instead of him being too dumb to realize that in his panic he would hurt her if he didnt try to soften her fall before stopping it.
In the comics it was a great cause of guilt for Peter cause afterwards he was thinking how he knew it was dangerous but he was so paniced to save Gwen he acted without thinking fully.
That would add so much depth to the scene..but the chickened out.
Aldrei Baccay
Aldrei Baccay - 2 giorni fa
The guy in the middle is like a little kid 😂
Jeff C
Jeff C - 2 giorni fa
React to-
Please and thankyou.
DocMurder - 2 giorni fa
The spider man shot.. I'm pretty sure this actually happens in the comics. She was "caught" by a single point on her body, center mass, which did not stop the momentum of her limbs. Her spine / neck and joints were all toast. Which is why, when Mary Jane is later dropped from the bridge by Green Goblin (like in the Sam Raimi spider man movie), he attaches webs at each joint, because he already learned by inadvertently killing his first girlfriend.
TheReaperAnubis - 2 giorni fa
This dude talks about being tilted by the physics of the CGI but clearly doesnt understand physics on the human body 😂😂 for 1 theres no impact so his body is only being subjected to g-force, for 2 it's not a sudden stop and for 3 its only say at max 122mph aka terminal velocity when falling. This scene is no different from a person bungie jumping! Only minus the bungie to sling him away from the ground instead it's a suite.
Juan Francisco
Juan Francisco - 2 giorni fa
Long time listener first time commenter... you know the spheal... I'd love for your crack team to break down VFX shots that were so good they were not even visible. Sort of an homage to the best VFX shots that just blended in the background and elevated storytelling
Ethan Wakey
Ethan Wakey - 2 giorni fa
You guys should see The Crow 1:22:34 and look at brandon Lee's crow when the camera Is looking down on them
Ronald Mora
Ronald Mora - 2 giorni fa
Please. Make a video about ToyStory4 animation.
Jessy Williamson
Jessy Williamson - 2 giorni fa
Love your videos, hope a sound mixer doesn't critique this one, it's horrible. You guys record this in an echo chamber?
white helmet
white helmet - 2 giorni fa
Halo 2 anniversary cutscene :))))))
gregory platt
gregory platt - 2 giorni fa
she kinda of hits the ground. lol
Ben Dixon
Ben Dixon - 3 giorni fa
Paul Ferzoco
Paul Ferzoco - 3 giorni fa
Love you guys!
Alex Photiou
Alex Photiou - 3 giorni fa
Pls look at the ffxv movie cg
MDG - 3 giorni fa
The Black panther final sequence was really bad. I didn't believe a second of it and it felt like a sequence from 10+ years ago. This film will age really badly.
Ferki The Werewolf
Ferki The Werewolf - 3 giorni fa
Michael - 3 giorni fa
When you said "go frame by frame" you can just hit "," and "." to do that. I used to think you had to pause really fast but nope, it works a lot better. You guys probably know this, but it looked like whoever was manning the computer and was going frame by frame didn't, and also, this is useful for anyone reading the comment too, haha.
Ishtar Commander
Ishtar Commander - 3 giorni fa
Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Gwen didn’t die from hitting the ground, she broke her spine and her internal organs ruptured
Ironbreaker - 3 giorni fa
React to Hulk 2003. I still believe this movie got really good cgi!
simen dalland
simen dalland - 3 giorni fa
do the lego movie
Drake productions
Drake productions - 3 giorni fa
You would use reverse for the suitcase ironman suit to make it consistant and cheap ang easy
Caesar XD
Caesar XD - 3 giorni fa
1:03 that's how PUBG work
Orch - 3 giorni fa
I can't believe how amazing that bending new york is in Doctor Stragne!
Eli HS
Eli HS - 3 giorni fa
You guys should do Harry Potter.
István Vincze
István Vincze - 3 giorni fa
I like that they are VFX artists but one of them says "CGE" constantly instead of "CGI".
Prossimi video