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Lets Get 100K Likes & We Will Drop The Next Vlog 💕
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 9 giorni fa
Zackary Shuman
Zackary Shuman - 10 giorni fa
THE PRINCE FAMILY I Love Dj Kyri and Nova the cat too❤️💯🥰
Viviane Yomi
Viviane Yomi - 11 giorni fa
Julian Gustaff
Julian Gustaff - 14 giorni fa
Julian Gustaff
Julian Gustaff - 14 giorni fa
Oh my lord the baby 👶 is Coming out
Bethany Cade-Rogers
Bethany Cade-Rogers - 5 ore fa
My middle name is Grace
Maria Moralez
Maria Moralez - 9 ore fa
You can't invite me to your house because I'm allergic to cats sorry 😟😟😭
Pretty Diamonds
Pretty Diamonds - 9 ore fa
I love u guys I really hope I can get a shoutout and can’t wait to see nova
Lanita Long
Lanita Long - 10 ore fa
Damn girl how you going to say that about the baby she just came out and you should be happy that you have a baby girl because lord knows how you would really feel or act if you didn’t have her. Idk I think if I was the doctor the would have told her that the baby is beautiful just like her mommy and she have pretty eyes NO MATTER what nobody say 🙄❌
Maki Mafia
Maki Mafia - 11 ore fa
Omg 😲
Evil PandaSquad
Evil PandaSquad - 15 ore fa
Keep the cram on your side to video record but i don't see what the problem recording no caps
Stephanie Munoz
Stephanie Munoz - Giorno fa
Why don't we book the side
Suji Kiri
Suji Kiri - Giorno fa
Ashley Clay
Ashley Clay - 2 giorni fa
Ashley Clay
Ashley Clay - 2 giorni fa
The prince family
Joshua Green
Joshua Green - 2 giorni fa
I don’t have a key for that
Ambrosia Munoz
Ambrosia Munoz - 2 giorni fa
Haniyah Graham
Haniyah Graham - 2 giorni fa
Nova is a preety name love guys!😘😍😗😙😎
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Aubrey Beck
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Marie Duram
Marie Duram - 3 giorni fa
Simon is cute and sweet ❤️ and shy
Marie Duram
Marie Duram - 3 giorni fa
Hey guys congregats for having the baby Nova
Stephanie Munoz
Stephanie Munoz - 3 giorni fa
I love you and the baby girl
Aqueelah Beyah
Aqueelah Beyah - 3 giorni fa
Hope the baby is a girl💛💛💛❤
bryan wold
bryan wold - 4 giorni fa
Erica Baker
Erica Baker - 6 giorni fa
To pretty car
Regina bellissima
Regina bellissima - 6 giorni fa
Damien lucky to have Bianca better be grateful man
Alyssa Rivas
Alyssa Rivas - 6 giorni fa
I love your videos i am a big fan i wach your videos every day team biannca//team Damien❤❤❤
Cotton candy swirls Love
Cotton candy swirls Love - 7 giorni fa
That woman who is helping you with Nigerian
Avakin ღMami Zy ღ
Avakin ღMami Zy ღ - 7 giorni fa
Omg this intro 😲👌🏽👍🏽
Malkit singh
Malkit singh - 7 giorni fa
He was also a long shot from a high level training center
Rishard Smith
Rishard Smith - 8 giorni fa
More bless markes lol 😆 😆😆 😆
daydays _gang
daydays _gang - 8 giorni fa
Was you really in jail
Cam Cam
Cam Cam - 9 giorni fa
2boys 2girls
Big Cap312
Big Cap312 - 9 giorni fa
hawii unicorn
hawii unicorn - 9 giorni fa
Kaily vlogs Amy
Kaily vlogs Amy - 9 giorni fa
Team Biannca
Ozell Collins
Ozell Collins - 11 giorni fa
Aaliyah Brown
Aaliyah Brown - 11 giorni fa
Where yall kids going to be at since yall staying there for the next idk days😂
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith - 12 giorni fa
I’m a big fan
Tarea Hadley
Tarea Hadley - 13 giorni fa
Call me
Tarea Hadley
Tarea Hadley - 13 giorni fa
Janita W
Janita W - 13 giorni fa
Tu Savage
Tu Savage - 13 giorni fa
Will Stay _Empress
Will Stay _Empress - 14 giorni fa
Damien is actually aa real gentle men.😌
najme sadeghpour
najme sadeghpour - 14 giorni fa
where are your sons?
Julian Gustaff
Julian Gustaff - 14 giorni fa
Janice Watkins-Harris
Janice Watkins-Harris - 15 giorni fa
Two boys two girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tisha Carter
Tisha Carter - 15 giorni fa
I love nove
Lakeshia Williams
Lakeshia Williams - 16 giorni fa
Nina Drumm
Nina Drumm - 16 giorni fa
I did comment
Vanessa Flores
Vanessa Flores - 17 giorni fa
Khadijah Ramadan
Khadijah Ramadan - 17 giorni fa
I love y’all
savannah Nerio
savannah Nerio - 17 giorni fa
And a babys comeing even though she alredy cam out i watched that vid go watch it guys make that thumb blue for them them and sub and hit the bell
Rahana Saniyah
Rahana Saniyah - 18 giorni fa
Congrats to y’all ❤️ I’m due in March this will be my first baby and I’m scared out of my mind already lol
Katty Maria L. Garcia COBY
Bianca you got this girl you're beautiful and and you have a amazing husband who loves you and cares about you and I hope you have your baby
Mika van der Sluis
Mika van der Sluis - 18 giorni fa
2 boys 2 girls!!!!
Mariah Cortez
Mariah Cortez - 18 giorni fa
Im done i turned on the post notifications and i subscribed
quiera730 - 19 giorni fa
Post notification squad
Marlee Tate
Marlee Tate - 19 giorni fa
Rj Fox
Rj Fox - 20 giorni fa
I cant belive this is it
Kimora Hayes
Kimora Hayes - 20 giorni fa
Ow B
jeanette wills
jeanette wills - 20 giorni fa
Omg i think that baby going to die like 😭😭😭😭
Sofia Franciosa
Sofia Franciosa - 19 giorni fa
jeanette wills what howwww??.
LUX STYLES - 21 giorno fa
Jessie Piper
Jessie Piper - 21 giorno fa
If she had made a baby with a white guy maybe it would’ve had nice eyes 😊 Damian
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