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Toddand Felicia Mitchell
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It’s ur fault bc now there on inside edition for yall hate CMTS leave her
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Anyone from inside edition???
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Just a small town girl them “complaining” how there baby looks
Just a small town girl
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At 18:00 the flicker sometimes means that there is a spirit with the baby which could be good or bad sometimes it could be god u only know this if she is a angel and bad if she a (no offense) evil and just plain good means like a bit of both.
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I'm offended of what you said about the skin and what you said about her eyes was wrong she is pretty inside and out I hope you did not mean that
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@OrangeOnes Gaming thx for telling me ima check it out thx again
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They explained everything in a video
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He is the father of your baby, really, what did you expect? Besides, that baby girl is really beautiful. Es solo un bebé, es hermosa por fuera y por dentro.
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This is how many times she has closed her eyes
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Two boys two girls
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womens are strong af
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How old is she not the baby
Jaedynn Carter
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How old is she
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If Bianca’s baby is beautiful
This how many people likes Bianca’s baby
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They have a bath tub because some women like give give birth in a water in a tub
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Cute baby girl
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I don't won't her to go through the pain agound
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Two boys, two girls Bianca
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This vid got 12 THOUSAND LIKES
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Bianca had a baby
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Is that his hair
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Lmao I want to drink the sprit no they ain’t going to now and she trying to chug it
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I love you guys videos ...i love the prince family song love u guys 😘😘
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My mom had to sleep on that bed when they where doing a sleeping test on me
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She's beautiful like Bianca
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Does anyone else realise that everything these types of couples do is right after the ACE fam? Just video ideas
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Congratulations X
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Girl you got same hair as me
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Were are your kids
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Yall got too much kids
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All Im say is biannca is races because she said she which her daughter had blue or brown eyes she said I thought you had pretty eyes and Damien said she do got pretty eyes every baby got pretty eyes
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