Luke Islam Receives Golden Buzzer From Favorite Judge, Julianne Hough! - America's Got Talent 2019

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931unknown - 8 minuti fa
I looked up xxxtentacion and this showed up
Emcy Villanueva
Emcy Villanueva - 9 minuti fa
I criieeeedd😭
Sunnya ta
Sunnya ta - 13 minuti fa
sharn foster
sharn foster - 14 minuti fa
i feel like hes such a good kid. what a voice and his passion is intense. love him
Froxy 212
Froxy 212 - 17 minuti fa
Am I the only one who cried a lot while watching this?
Ethan Arteaga
Ethan Arteaga - 18 minuti fa
He was good but I still think Chris kläfford should've gotten that golden buzzer. His cover of imagine by John Lennon blew me away.
sarah kelley
sarah kelley - 25 minuti fa
the bway community is proud!
Jovany Canteveros
Jovany Canteveros - 27 minuti fa
I wish I have a voice like him. He is so good.
Cailin J.
Cailin J. - 27 minuti fa
Why do i do this to myself?!?!? 😭❤😭❤😭❤
7Gods ML
7Gods ML - 35 minuti fa
Finally a golden buzzer without a sad story..are u kidding? what about darci lynne? and other... love u from indonesia
Piter Siahaan
Piter Siahaan - 44 minuti fa
What the title of the song?? Please help me.
Edith Carrera
Edith Carrera - 48 minuti fa
Did I cry? Yes. Yes, I did.
Agustinus Vergio
Agustinus Vergio - 50 minuti fa
damn dude, his voice's better than my future lol
Teerin Dansuwan
Teerin Dansuwan - 50 minuti fa
ani andryani
ani andryani - 52 minuti fa
like all the coment i see before,you know you win when Simon smile..😄
TheWalkingBad - 54 minuti fa
Man these golden buzzers always get me in the feels
Unknown YouTuber lol
Unknown YouTuber lol - 56 minuti fa
You can see that Julianne was even getting emotional when she was telling how much she loved Luke’s performance. She really was genuinely mind-blown
Aide Florian
Aide Florian - Ora fa
Wow, what a beautiful voice.
RiGs - Ora fa
You already can see in his eyes❤️💎
guerra corrales
guerra corrales - Ora fa
God bless you Luke!
puteri _05
puteri _05 - Ora fa
Simon : That was a great golden
Me : Yes indeed
NasaBee6991 - Ora fa
angga saputra
angga saputra - Ora fa
This make me cry
Lazer Beam
Lazer Beam - Ora fa
Sweetest boy ever
wong queenie
wong queenie - Ora fa
Amazing 😍😍😍
Jasminn Delacruz
Jasminn Delacruz - Ora fa
I hope he wins 😍😍😍
Ava daboi
Ava daboi - 2 ore fa
Hes so perfect
Down South With Danny
This kid is amazing!!!!!
Victorious Vic
Victorious Vic - 2 ore fa
Wow! As soon as he started singing I got chills! Wow I cried! He brings the song life!
Scot Stephenson
Scot Stephenson - 2 ore fa
Was this kid the singer in "The Greatest Showman"? Sounds just like him
Nico Roth
Nico Roth - 2 ore fa
See his face when Simon hit his buzzer😂😂
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith - 2 ore fa
I'm in tears.. seriously an 8 min clip!! Great performance
Kamil T.
Kamil T. - 2 ore fa
How could almost 10k ppl not have liked it?
FEVEN 7 - 2 ore fa
his dad would be thats my son
The Iceman PTxE
The Iceman PTxE - 2 ore fa
Mine as well change the golder buzzers name to golden microphone since it only goes to singers not to say that this kid is bad at singing he's actually really good.
Marcos Jara Ruiz
Marcos Jara Ruiz - 2 ore fa
im a grown man crying that a kid accomplished this great achievedment
Cried watching this...I'm also a kid who dreams of Broadway
Erick Battistelli
Erick Battistelli - 2 ore fa
0:13 you can see Kris Kläford, which performed “Imagine” by John Lennon.
katie jorgensen
katie jorgensen - 3 ore fa
get this mans on broadway asap
Ayu Octaviyah
Ayu Octaviyah - 3 ore fa
Omg, his smile makes me smile too. He is so cute and talented.
TheRockyJan - 3 ore fa
Caught his dad smiling at 4:55
Rowell Bautista
Rowell Bautista - 3 ore fa
What is the title of the background song From the last Part when the Golden Buzzer's Hit?
Collin Maxwell
Collin Maxwell - 3 ore fa
Amazing!!!! Well deserved!!!
EllaBellaBlue - 3 ore fa
I have goosebumps all over! So talented!
Sophie Pop
Sophie Pop - 3 ore fa
why is he the cutest kid i've ever seen
Brandon Harrington
Brandon Harrington - 4 ore fa
Kid sounds perfect for Disney movies... that's no criticism either.
Totally Unserious
Totally Unserious - 4 ore fa
That’s an Epic Gamer Moment right there
Majin - 4 ore fa
Having someone you absolutely look up to give you that much praise? I cry every time. Its really beautiful. Kid deserved it.
Dpa Hrmfra
Dpa Hrmfra - 4 ore fa
Nangis anjay gue nonton
Kenduy Joe
Kenduy Joe - 4 ore fa
Wow... Its amazing 😍😍😍
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