10 Things The Vlog Squad Can't Live Without | GQ Parody (w/ Jeff, Joe, Carly, Erin and Jonah)

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Jason Nash
Jason Nash - 4 mesi fa
Yo Guys thanks for watching. We will have a part 2 with Heath, Mariah, Corrina, Todd and Brandon coming up later in the week. Thanks!
John Lawrence
John Lawrence - Mese fa
You guys forgot To bring David
Mikhael Burt
Mikhael Burt - 3 mesi fa
Part 3 please
saoirse Fitzgerald
saoirse Fitzgerald - 3 mesi fa
I like it when people's laughs sound like a kettle
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic - 3 mesi fa
Natalie too!
Paulette 2121
Paulette 2121 - 3 mesi fa
Jason Nash my dad wears hokas with everything like you
Eli G
Eli G - 18 ore fa
I thought Erin pulled out birth control 🤣🤣🤣
Val Scolieri
Val Scolieri - Giorno fa
*jeff can’t live without anger*
jordyn - Giorno fa
When Jason said bullet proof vest I died lmfaoo
annina roy
annina roy - Giorno fa
Hookah one one team assemble (by the way it's 1 1)
Sofia dumb
Sofia dumb - 3 giorni fa
Ok joe would look like the guy who "adopted" (not dave) the chipmunks if his glasses were rectangle
Prod. By L.Dre
Prod. By L.Dre - 9 giorni fa
17:38 was anyone else bothered by the way Jason had his hands all over those shoes then I’m the next scene his hand was over his mouth
Fanindra Madavi
Fanindra Madavi - 10 giorni fa
So basically Jeff is John Wick. Handsome hitman in love with his dog 🐶
A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No Name - 13 giorni fa
How old is Nerf? Anyone know? I swear I heard Jeff say it in one of David's vlogs maybe but can't remember and I can't find his age online 😂
Ella Cyan
Ella Cyan - 16 giorni fa
Erin looks so beautiful
Winnie Pooh
Winnie Pooh - 24 giorni fa
If Jeff ever “Brooke Houts” Nerf I am un-subbing from all of you js
MightyYoda06 06
MightyYoda06 06 - Mese fa
Jeff only gets emotional when talking bout his dog and Natalie
gabriel solano
gabriel solano - Mese fa
jeff Wittek= John Wick when it comes to his dog
Skyler Lewis
Skyler Lewis - Mese fa
Have y’all noticed that carlys hair and skin are the same color??
Giovanny Lugo
Giovanny Lugo - Mese fa
romessa - Mese fa
I hate how nobody talks about nick and how pure he is
My dick is incredibly small, but
is that Matthew santoro
Caroline K
Caroline K - Mese fa
i watched this entire thing and thought it was actually a GQ interview
Alex Weakland
Alex Weakland - Mese fa
Lindsay Klesko
Lindsay Klesko - Mese fa
I agree with Erin. I’m obsessed with that highlighter. I wear it everyday!
Jenny G
Jenny G - Mese fa
Why does Jeff look so pale in here.
Droopy - Mese fa
I was waiting the whole time for Corinna
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson - Mese fa
zhak - Mese fa
Just imagine your with Jeff and he suddenly picks you up and sets you on the table with nerf..🥴
Bdeleeuw24 - Mese fa
They should have brought David Dobrik
Zack Montell
Zack Montell - Mese fa
First YouTube channel link is David and he wasn’t even in the video
Reverse Panda
Reverse Panda - Mese fa
7:00 green screen
Sogonzo - Mese fa
Nerf for president.
Isaac Solis
Isaac Solis - Mese fa
That a good answer??🤔🤔
Nathaniel Baltazar
Nathaniel Baltazar - Mese fa
I thought Jeff would say botoixc
Cheri Collier
Cheri Collier - Mese fa
Nash. Sorry I am late watching this, but I feel like a good hot sauce you would like is crystals. !! Please try and lmk
Khaled Mneimneh
Khaled Mneimneh - Mese fa
Joe looks like Johnny sins when he put the glasses on
Hunter Rose
Hunter Rose - Mese fa
I love Jonha 😭💛
Idk Kk
Idk Kk - Mese fa
Nerf has more followers than me on ig
Why isn’t Natalie in the videos
Lukas Dengsø
Lukas Dengsø - Mese fa
more like this please!
YoUtUbE bElIeVeR
YoUtUbE bElIeVeR - Mese fa
Julissa Longoria
Julissa Longoria - Mese fa
Am I the only one that thinks Joe is freaking HOT !!!!!!! WITH AND WITHOUT GLASSES 🤤
Tommaso DeAngelis
Tommaso DeAngelis - Mese fa
The dog in the thumbnail looks like a blob so cute
Cherry Cola Plays
Cherry Cola Plays - Mese fa
wait, but isn't nerf apart of the vlog squad?
Andrea Jegou
Andrea Jegou - Mese fa
“And even Todd when he has a hangover” lmao
Nini R
Nini R - 2 mesi fa
jeff can’t live without water ( neither can i) but he drinks arrowhead water. like cmon now that is the worst tasting water. if you drink water more than any other drink yk what i mean. arrowhead tasted like booboo water😂😂
Tiffany Wood
Tiffany Wood - 2 mesi fa
Jason I love your helly Hanson
robert kasokeo
robert kasokeo - 2 mesi fa
I thought Jeff was gonna bring out some old spice product NGL
Thomas Danley
Thomas Danley - 2 mesi fa
I aspire to be Jonah
itsKeeei - 2 mesi fa
Bro Hokas are THE best!
Nicholas bowman
Nicholas bowman - 2 mesi fa
Haha Jeff wears the same type of hats nick is trashing
Cal b
Cal b - 2 mesi fa
why is the url GayVjs lul
Aricela Garfias
Aricela Garfias - 2 mesi fa
No one:
Jason: laughing at something that’s not funny and just doing it to break the silence
christian casper
christian casper - 2 mesi fa
Jason you should make your piggy bank the swear jar if you do that lmao for your kids 😂
YRN Ace - 2 mesi fa
Jason: What do you like best about Nerf?
Jeff: um... 🤤
Riya Amin
Riya Amin - 2 mesi fa
Jonah forgot his Krispy Kreme donuts and kebabs.
Magma hd
Magma hd - 2 mesi fa
Jason can live without his kids?
Iva Kadagidze
Iva Kadagidze - 2 mesi fa
i never liked ur videos but this is something else wow keep these coming
Se7en - 2 mesi fa
Hoka’s are my favorite running shoe ever they’re so comfy :P
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald - 2 mesi fa
I don't see the difference between Jeff's shoes and Jason's shoes. They are obviously different shoes but similar style. I wouldn't wear either.
Ceteris Paribus
Ceteris Paribus - 2 mesi fa
i can smell trasha's tears from up here
Alden The King
Alden The King - 2 mesi fa
Would’ve been funny if all of them said “David” because David supply’s them with money they need to live. Jk y’all are great.
Khristy Cowing
Khristy Cowing - 2 mesi fa
i actually REALLy like jeffs shoes... patagonia vibes
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - 2 mesi fa
You guys can’t live without David.😂😂😂
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