Detective Riddles Only The SMARTEST Can Solve!

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Disco Plays
Disco Plays - 2 ore fa

I'm Actually like really sad
I got them all
Angels life
Angels life - Giorno fa
He said it was round 2,
And then he said we are starting all over again
Angie and Gab
Angie and Gab - Giorno fa
2:26 who else can see his pink shirt underneath?
Tylena burrows
Tylena burrows - 2 giorni fa
Who brings the thermos into a sauna
Ariel Spasojevich
Ariel Spasojevich - 2 giorni fa
he shot his wife and then put the gun in her hands to make it look like she killed her seld
Gennesys Abygail De Leon
Gennesys Abygail De Leon - 2 giorni fa
Roses are red
Violets are blue
No one liked my comment
So I had p.s I never got likes before
Gennesys Abygail De Leon
Gennesys Abygail De Leon - 2 giorni fa
I have a real dictcive glass
Eliza Fellows
Eliza Fellows - 2 giorni fa
Subscribe to Pewdiepie please
Aliza Shah
Aliza Shah - 2 giorni fa
i got them all correct
Faithth0 - 2 giorni fa
I thought it was the guy in the middle with the bottle because he could have been carrying poison and the dead guy could've gotten thirsty so he gave him the poison killing him and leaving barely any evidence
Jade Zhang
Jade Zhang - 3 giorni fa
I knew the answer in 10:9 l thought that the one holding the bottle had something inside
Jade Fox
Jade Fox - 3 giorni fa
I said wacked the guy upside the head with the bottle... Cleary I was wrng about that but still, correct murderer.
the4 Rabins
the4 Rabins - 3 giorni fa
Yuni Carotte
Yuni Carotte - 3 giorni fa
I’m excited that it’s the weekend
Kazel Miranda
Kazel Miranda - 3 giorni fa
Kazel Miranda
Kazel Miranda - 3 giorni fa
Kazel Miranda
Kazel Miranda - 3 giorni fa
Kazel Miranda
Kazel Miranda - 3 giorni fa
Leona Rodriguez
Leona Rodriguez - 3 giorni fa
i got them all right
Tilly Bunnell
Tilly Bunnell - 4 giorni fa
How did you brake your reacticotns sign
Carey Hotchkiss
Carey Hotchkiss - 4 giorni fa
I luv your vids
Lily's World
Lily's World - 5 giorni fa
It’z just Kay Kay
It’z just Kay Kay - 5 giorni fa
Hey did you think I was real?
GonzaGirls - 6 giorni fa
I got that paterik question
ButterflyGirl66E - 7 giorni fa
Lol for the last one I said Patrick committed suicide
uni-taco-cat master
uni-taco-cat master - 7 giorni fa
Subtitles: hey guys its me axe and Angie 😂😂😂
Crazy Carys
Crazy Carys - 7 giorni fa
Never trust people who edit there comments
Moonlight sky
Moonlight sky - 7 giorni fa
I got all of them im smart!

Im not bragging though i only tell myself that im smart when i actually get something correct most of my friends couldnt do. Or in htis case strangers but this will probably easy for the ones who already watched the video. From the sourse where they got the riddles from.
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Meyer - 8 giorni fa
you should read the bible
Izzet Erdem
Izzet Erdem - 8 giorni fa
Windge can you play roblox please please please play roblox
Super Kittycat
Super Kittycat - 9 giorni fa
Yellows the sun,
Bananas are too,
I want a like,
But I can’t make you....
Jasper Simpins
Jasper Simpins - 9 giorni fa
At 5:27 it is that the criminal wouldn't have rung the doorbell
Like If I'm right
Emilee Sosh
Emilee Sosh - 9 giorni fa
I have subscribed and turn on the notification bell.🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Gayle Patterson Withers
Gayle Patterson Withers - 9 giorni fa
Is wengie crying?
Chaeyeon Dancing Queen
Chaeyeon Dancing Queen - 9 giorni fa
Wth wengie is wrong so she don't deserve a free point and she should accept that she was wrong so max wins and wengie loss. Duhhhhh.......

I know no one will like because people must thought I hate wengie but I'm not ........
Barshna Wafa
Barshna Wafa - 9 giorni fa
I know the 2nd one I did this before there is a channel called 7 second riddle 😚
michael peters
michael peters - 10 giorni fa
Blue Unicorn: I Know the answer!
Pink Unicorn: I think i have the answer.
Mainul Haq
Mainul Haq - 11 giorni fa
Artistic Fantasy
Artistic Fantasy - 12 giorni fa
For the last one I thought it was because the guy with the thermos slaped the dead guy on the back of the head lolol
C.A.P that's me
C.A.P that's me - 12 giorni fa
6:24, I thought it was, she used the key to unlock the door and put the phone on display
C.A.P that's me
C.A.P that's me - 12 giorni fa
4:18 there was also a knife in the fruit bowl, I wouldn't use that to cut fruit, let alone in the fruit bowl
Philip - 12 giorni fa
Philip - 12 giorni fa
on the girl boy and police one my answer was the boy because there was a knife in the friut and he had a spare gunholder and put the gun in her hand then put the knife in the fruits so the police wouldn't notice
Jaime Hon
Jaime Hon - 12 giorni fa
5 All correct
Jellybean Ayannsw
Jellybean Ayannsw - 13 giorni fa
When ice is in a pharmacist it does not melt
Spaz12kid H
Spaz12kid H - 13 giorni fa
I got 4 correct
Wendi Barreira
Wendi Barreira - 13 giorni fa
my name is Jaime
Aerialist1 - 14 giorni fa
At the beginning who else realized that Max has super smooth skin on his arm
Boltzydog527 AWESOME
Boltzydog527 AWESOME - 14 giorni fa
im going to see detective pikachu on friday so by default i am truly the supreme detective
XxWolf SlayerxX
XxWolf SlayerxX - 14 giorni fa
Im late :p
Rowen M
Rowen M - 15 giorni fa
The sauna one made sense! I got it. Why would you bring a thermos into a sauna?
xXKola_KoalaXx - 16 giorni fa
Max, it's because...
Since she thinks it's her husband, she brought a weapon with her.
Because if it was a criminal she doesn't have a chance to grab a weapon.
Kimberly Brock
Kimberly Brock - 16 giorni fa
Me: the guy bought two tickets to the mountain but one return ticket
Kimberly Brock
Kimberly Brock - 16 giorni fa
Blue Unicorn: I know the answer
Selina Brinkworth
Selina Brinkworth - 16 giorni fa
he has a gun pocket # IVE SEEN THIS ONE
Poke Brother
Poke Brother - 17 giorni fa
If I could touch the thumbs up twice I would👍🏻👍🏻
maura vrbka
maura vrbka - 17 giorni fa
new it
Lola And The Piggies
Lola And The Piggies - 17 giorni fa
4:38 I thought that the “blood” was from the wine and the wine glasses empty
Victoria Seager
Victoria Seager - 17 giorni fa
Wengie do you like these and if you do will you think of making your own?
cute and original channel
cute and original channel - 18 giorni fa
Why does pink unicorn always go first?
Bread Playz
Bread Playz - 18 giorni fa
on the gun lady dead one XD i think its ccause theres a knife in the fruit bowl. im commenting this as i watch the vid
Ok or not. But why is there a knife in the fruit bowl??
Danica Smith
Danica Smith - 20 giorni fa
A detective was called to the reacticorn house hold by the blue unicorn.

The detective reached the house and heard the alibis from all the people present st the time of death.

Pink Unicorns daughters said:
Mia- I was shopping with my sister
Mikki- I was Skydiving with my friends

Pink Unicorns Boyfriend:
Blue Unicorn- I was shopping for diner

Maid- Well, It was late Friday night so I was lighting the fire
Gardener- I was doing a night feed of the flowers

The detective arrested the murderer imedietly, how and who?
Shreya Subhalal
Shreya Subhalal - 20 giorni fa
I love Wengie
Van Mangpa
Van Mangpa - 20 giorni fa
please like it is my birthday
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jithesh p - 21 giorno fa
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jithesh p
jithesh p - 21 giorno fa
tomboy savage
tomboy savage - 21 giorno fa
I love you guys so much! Wengie I am planning on dying my hair like yours! I love it so much and some questions 1 - where did you meet? 2 - when did you start yt? 3 - who's your favorite youtuber? Love your channel!
J Marie
J Marie - 21 giorno fa
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if you subscribe to reacticorns
Robyn Murie
Robyn Murie - 21 giorno fa
Also food on number two why make food when about to die
Elvi Fatma
Elvi Fatma - 21 giorno fa
Lol i know all the answer cause i wacth this video before who else like ( like if you wacth this video before )
michelle fontanares
michelle fontanares - 22 giorni fa
I got 0questions right
PusheenGamer123 - 22 giorni fa
Caroline Kauffman
Caroline Kauffman - 23 giorni fa
I got them all
Jay O'Barr
Jay O'Barr - 23 giorni fa
thatwkid kid
thatwkid kid - 23 giorni fa
7:40 there would have been blood
H Six
H Six - 23 giorni fa
LOL i forgot he rang the doorbell (-~-)
H Six
H Six - 23 giorni fa
i know the answer:he left WITHOUT the keys so she did not think it was her husband cause the keys are inside i bet i got it right
Brix - 24 giorni fa
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don't know what to comment so
Hey what's up nice to meet you
Aysa Siddika
Aysa Siddika - 24 giorni fa
I got 1 point
LPS_ little_ tv 34158
LPS_ little_ tv 34158 - 24 giorni fa
Can you make the screen your reacting to bigger so we can see. Like make your face cam in a corner while the reacting thing is bigger.
Alissa studio
Alissa studio - 25 giorni fa
Oml ik the second one
So when he said his wife killed herself
He actually killed the his wife to trick the cop that she killed her self
And he put the gun on one of his wifes hands so it looked like she killed herself

BOOM 💥 got it!

Nope im wrong but that was my answer ;-;
Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy - 25 giorni fa
I got all the questions correct.
Let's Light Up
Let's Light Up - 25 giorni fa
I got all correct except the last one
Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker - 25 giorni fa
I got 1/2 because at the last round I did say it was the one with the cup but I thought it was water so I said he drowned him/I was tired ok
Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker - 25 giorni fa
I got a 1/2
Aurora Eastland
Aurora Eastland - 26 giorni fa
I got the last one right xD
Jem Wang
Jem Wang - 26 giorni fa
I'm late...
Bindy Hayes
Bindy Hayes - 26 giorni fa
I think Wengie one because she is usinglogic technically
Sky Bloomz
Sky Bloomz - 27 giorni fa
I got 4 I also got the last one correct but I said it was a knife
Danya Rulez
Danya Rulez - 27 giorni fa
Hi guys! You are amazing, Wengie and max! What editing app do you use? I would love to know... I use Splice

From a small (tiny) YouTuber :)
Kaila Strother
Kaila Strother - 27 giorni fa
I got the last one easy peasy lemon squeezie
Itsluna Peace
Itsluna Peace - 27 giorni fa
I won pink unicorn has been beat for once
KungFuPanda2288 - 27 giorni fa
This is how many people love Wengie and Max
dfggtf zzssassgsagahagag
dfggtf zzssassgsagahagag - 27 giorni fa
UwU :3 owo ;3
Raski18 Les
Raski18 Les - 27 giorni fa
He said how many tickets were there that there was only one ticket did you say to push his wife off the mountain
Autumn Propst
Autumn Propst - 28 giorni fa
Your thinking to hard he has a gun holder 😂😂😂😂
Amanda Reagan
Amanda Reagan - 28 giorni fa
on 2/tow look at the belt!
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