Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

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Cavsgurl 216
Cavsgurl 216 - 4 ore fa
Why does he look incredibly hot 💕
Gidget Gacie
Gidget Gacie - 4 ore fa
Would of been cool if you covered all the tattoos .. (with makeup) no one would recognize you then
Adrianna Ortiz
Adrianna Ortiz - 4 ore fa
I love this so much
I couldn’t stop laughing
Yoonji Min
Yoonji Min - 4 ore fa
10:42 ok why does Jeffree look hot?
Loghan Taplin
Loghan Taplin - 4 ore fa
Nolan Dolan whoooooo 🥴
Helen Hypnotic
Helen Hypnotic - 4 ore fa
The nails are killing me with that outfit 🤣🤣🤣
Creatrix Corvus Arts
Ooohhhh.......no sugar day for Jeffree!! That was HARD for him!!
Luner Galexy
Luner Galexy - 4 ore fa
Omg almost 16 million 😁😁😁
Kristina - 4 ore fa
Okay but why does jeffree look so fucking good in everything in every way
Sara Torres
Sara Torres - 4 ore fa
Such an amazing video!!
kens ss
kens ss - 4 ore fa
okay but Jeffree just needs emma and he’s made the new and better sister squad
Sonia's Way
Sonia's Way - 4 ore fa
Am I the only one who didn't recognize Jeffree in the thumbnail.

Btw a small youtuber here
Ariel Johnson
Ariel Johnson - 4 ore fa
Jeffree literally looked drunk on the pre workout😂
Salvadorr.lopezz - 4 ore fa
Kris Jenner is shaking in her boots right about now 💀
Lucas Guilhermino
Lucas Guilhermino - 4 ore fa
Why do you look so hot?
ashley C
ashley C - 4 ore fa
Why does Jeff look kinda hot tho 💀👀

Not to be rude if you know what I mean
Jani Pn
Jani Pn - 4 ore fa
Jeffree looks kinda like Ruby Rose to be hahah this video is everything im dead
William Mathias
William Mathias - 4 ore fa
Jeffery is more considered of other people especially straight people that’s respect and dignity and the twins are more comfortable with him than James 😂😂😂😂
Dylan Chua
Dylan Chua - 4 ore fa
oh you don’t do hermes? *THROW*
Em C
Em C - 4 ore fa
I’m dying this is so funny!!!😂😂
Kelly Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher - 4 ore fa
I can not wait to see them be you instead!!!!You look more like Chris Jenner.
Priscilla Marin
Priscilla Marin - 4 ore fa
I would've loved to see him do a full makeup look with the brows and hair to make it look like a masculine boy in makeup
Shut the Fuck up please
Jeffree looks like a vampire
Laloena Aacher
Laloena Aacher - 4 ore fa
Jeff rose
Charlie F.
Charlie F. - 4 ore fa
Jeffery is beautiful and a fucking queen. Jeff is well jeff
emmikins - 4 ore fa
why do you look like a twilight vampire omg
Cheli_xoxo_ ortega
Cheli_xoxo_ ortega - 4 ore fa
I couldnt stop laughing...but very proud of u❤.
Acadia Sumar
Acadia Sumar - 4 ore fa
Nolan is in the club crying
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 4 ore fa
I’m so excited for this collab 😂
Jylli C
Jylli C - 4 ore fa
I. Still rolling on the floor. This was so ICONIC seeing Jeff (oops Jeffree) as a dude out of his Louis priceless
Carly Hess
Carly Hess - 4 ore fa
wait, jeffrey's giving me serious randy from say yes to the dress vibes (besides the tattoos) but i'm LiViNG for it
Ivy ASMR - 4 ore fa
Dylan Conlon
Dylan Conlon - 4 ore fa
This is awesome!
Tyra Massoni
Tyra Massoni - 4 ore fa
I really thought they had been hiding a secret triplet when I scrolled to fast. I feel ripped off but it’s fine.
Tea King
Tea King - 4 ore fa
james chorles left the chat
Helena Proserfina
Helena Proserfina - 4 ore fa
I want to see more of Jeff.
D M - 4 ore fa
The Dolan Twins to me are very asexual. There is nothing interesting about them.
faithquillings - 4 ore fa
Jeffree can literally rock ANY look.
Carolyn Skane
Carolyn Skane - 4 ore fa
Jeffrey looks great in anyway... male or female! Dolan Twins killed it also!! ❤️
Life is Music
Life is Music - 4 ore fa
I am actually so happy to see Jeffree like that . So hot *_*
ilayda özkan
ilayda özkan - 4 ore fa
No one:
Jeff: let's do it!
Jasmine Craft
Jasmine Craft - 4 ore fa
James Charles is shook 😂☕
Martin Marmolejo
Martin Marmolejo - 4 ore fa
I’m mildly uncomfortable on Jeff’s behalf
ASAP JACK - 4 ore fa
Jeff is hot idc what y’all say!
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A - 4 ore fa
Everytime they chest bumped Jeffree I was worried his boobs would hurt. And I forgot he doesn't have any.
Heather Fitzgerald
Heather Fitzgerald - 4 ore fa
Jeffree 'I mean, obviously, we also have a Jeep'
Carissa McKinley
Carissa McKinley - 4 ore fa
BlueLilac - 4 ore fa
OMG! Hi lipstick Nick!!!!! I need more of this girl in my life!!! And I REALLY need some more masculine J☆ for sure! WHAT A HUNK!
Guadalupe Leyva
Guadalupe Leyva - 4 ore fa
It makes him look like a lesbian
Nicolle and Pancho
Nicolle and Pancho - 4 ore fa
me: is it possible for Jeffre to be hotter?
Jeffree's video: yes
me: fair enough
xoxo - 4 ore fa
Why does jeffree kinda look like bella thorne..
Jesse Nuzum
Jesse Nuzum - 4 ore fa
U look like Ruby Rose!!!
shira bar or
shira bar or - 4 ore fa
Why did you leave the long nails on 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tori D
Tori D - 4 ore fa
He actual looks so good ! 😍
ASAP JACK - 4 ore fa
I was so nervous when I thought Jeff was gonna drop in I was like noooo he’s not ready!
Allyson Groenke
Allyson Groenke - 4 ore fa
Okay but... why is Jeffree hot asf lol
anastasiamaria - 4 ore fa
I think it's very sweet how the twins keep encouraging him, it seems like they made him more comfortable
Emma Robar
Emma Robar - 4 ore fa
But why does Jeffree actually look like a hella attractive man 😂😂
Charlotte P
Charlotte P - 4 ore fa
Did anyone else see the thumbnail and think it was ruby rose?
minecraft 917
minecraft 917 - 4 ore fa
Prossimi video