Smokepurpp Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Jozo Films
Jozo Films - 20 ore fa
Still waiting for purps personalized chain....
yummdiddy - 2 giorni fa
Casually dropping 25 off the price shows me that them shits ain't vs1. Also that diamonds are a waste of money.
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe - 3 giorni fa
Don’t think he knows what ‘lost’ means
Ricc James
Ricc James - 4 giorni fa
anyone else think he bouta say his chain got jacced before he stopped himself an said he "forgot" the safe password lol
Sportysport - 5 giorni fa
Save your money young dude and invest. These jewelers are ripping you off.
Luka - 5 giorni fa
"This wasn't too much. Like 15-18." Yeah, nah. Not much at all. It's not like you can buy a car with that or anything.
Hassaneepoo - 7 giorni fa
Pika Pika!
Pika Pika! - 7 giorni fa
Petition for Smoke to break open that safe
Malcolm - 7 giorni fa
I’ve seen Jesus peace 🙏 peace and broken heart peace on Amazon all 40$ and under not sure if they the same but👀
Ke'J Reed
Ke'J Reed - 9 giorni fa
who tf is this?
:D - 10 giorni fa
200k poorer
eddydeez - 10 giorni fa
If you know someone's going to drop 5 figs on a ring, please don't show up with these JC Penny designs.
322Major - 11 giorni fa
Loosk like g herbos son all grown up
kyle lord
kyle lord - 11 giorni fa
That star ring is $7,000 on aviannes website
Galaxy Train
Galaxy Train - 11 giorni fa
@1:12 how come the tag is still on the bracelet? lol
Pablo Germaine
Pablo Germaine - 13 giorni fa
Lol they just love saying vs1 diamonds 😂😂 we all know those are si diamonds
Tues Sunshine
Tues Sunshine - 14 giorni fa
I like iced out chains but I think rope chains look better without all the diamonds.
x_Kevin1980_x - 16 giorni fa
Wow, money is really wasted on these fake rappers...
thatguy onxbox
thatguy onxbox - 17 giorni fa
Listening to sound cloud rapper talk is like setting your brain cells on fire
Sakpa - 20 giorni fa
I lIke
Smith`s Logistic Company
Smith`s Logistic Company - 22 giorni fa
soundtrack ?
Dayvion Dixon
Dayvion Dixon - 23 giorni fa
he froze when he said 30,000 dollars 5:49
LeanRain - 28 giorni fa
I’m the only one that thinks Smokepurpp look like TheWeeknd?
Matt Hill
Matt Hill - 22 giorni fa
Or they are related
YouTubeQuality - 26 giorni fa
LeanRain same bro
cocaine ella
cocaine ella - 29 giorni fa
why i thought he was king cid 🤦🏿‍♀️
Ryan Dragone
Ryan Dragone - Mese fa
What’s the type of video called during the transition where smoke stays still but his background is moving
shakier hinton
shakier hinton - Mese fa
That anchor chain got missing stones in the chain (gucci link) 🤦🏾‍♂️ not hating but that ain’t ready for selling; should have been displayed🤷🏾‍♂️
shakier hinton
shakier hinton - Mese fa
IG: @Shakierthejeweler
E- laine
E- laine - Mese fa
Hes so cute 😍
Mbuso Madolo
Mbuso Madolo - Mese fa
Ncooh...playing mix-match with lil pump(star rings)
SW - Mese fa
Once I saw smokepurp juul, I lost the little respect I had for him.
Calicoe 313
Calicoe 313 - Mese fa
Who ever reads this is going to be rich this year.
Mr Maddox Videos
Mr Maddox Videos - Mese fa
Yet nobody notices the 700’s on his feet
MEDEL - Mese fa
imagine how many people you could help with 100k
Jason Myers
Jason Myers - Mese fa
That Jesus piece is horrible looking
Sin_ Senpai
Sin_ Senpai - Mese fa
Still waiting to see that "Bless yo Trap" piece
shantanu panda
shantanu panda - Mese fa
Yeah insane jewelry collection, it's insane how bad people's taste can get
Q 1
Q 1 - Mese fa
Rappers get extorted by jewlers
Laid - Mese fa
These mfs make 1k look like a dollar
Connor McBain
Connor McBain - Mese fa
Did I just hear VS1? Purp you broke buying diamonds of that rating
rick rick
rick rick - Mese fa
We need lil boosie on on da rock GQ wut up
Sean Ziegler
Sean Ziegler - Mese fa
that jesus head is rough
Twan - Mese fa
Avianne: it’s $1.00
Smoke purp: I’ll give u $0.75

Avianne : u got it🤙🏾✨
Bob Mah-lee
Bob Mah-lee - Mese fa
Big and flooded... And it's big 😂
Bob Mah-lee
Bob Mah-lee - Mese fa
Lol he obviously didn't lose a Cuban in a safe, they just told him to say that
Bob Mah-lee
Bob Mah-lee - Mese fa
Tf are you on about itachi wanna be
Almighty pain
Almighty pain - Mese fa
U assuming he probably did 🤡
RPM BOYZZ - Mese fa
That Jesus piece sounded hollow den a mf
RPM BOYZZ - Mese fa
4:18 is dat mango pod!!? Bro lemme hit that!
AnndiL - Mese fa
The big laker fan
The big laker fan - Mese fa
He's gonna be broke by 2020
cashmere official
cashmere official - Mese fa
how much that double chin worth tho
Edgar Jones
Edgar Jones - Mese fa
That Jesus piece is wack. Check out Greg Yuna’s Jesus pieces, now those are clean!
SAD BREEZY - 2 mesi fa
DrkGamer 007
DrkGamer 007 - 2 mesi fa
I would do the praying hands Jesus piece the skull ring and the double cuban
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - Mese fa
because you're a 12 year old.
DrkGamer 007
DrkGamer 007 - 2 mesi fa
I would have buy the skull ring, the double cuban with white and yellow diamonds and i would buy the rope chain
The Juicy Boy
The Juicy Boy - 2 mesi fa
Diamonds are the biggest scam ever.
Fish Gang
Fish Gang - 2 mesi fa
What's the song on the background
WillWillDoIt - 2 mesi fa
U can see that pump , purpp , ski , they gained weight cuz they living good now
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia - 2 mesi fa
I thought the video freeze at 5:47
Aim assist is to OP
Aim assist is to OP - 2 mesi fa
Whats that intro song?? Selfmade or ??
Aim assist is to OP
Aim assist is to OP - 10 giorni fa
@Franz Ströbel thanks
Franz Ströbel
Franz Ströbel - 12 giorni fa
atlas ballpoint
Marc Greaves
Marc Greaves - 2 mesi fa
Don’t get me wrong I’d love to bling it out but, I don’t think I don’t want that much if I had that much to spend I would help out some poor kids
Alexis Lafrance
Alexis Lafrance - 2 mesi fa
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando - 2 mesi fa
Sergio Ramírez ? 😂😂😂
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