Joe Rogan | Are Alpha Males and Beta Males Real? w/Adam Conover

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Spiros Gennato
Spiros Gennato - 4 minuti fa
Joe “ I know and you know I wont let this go “ Rogan
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis - 2 ore fa
I was a beta who went to the gym and became an Alpha - so I can relate with both sides but I do find it funny that most successful men i see are totally betas (bankers, tech geniuses like bill gates and Jeff bezos) those guys are definitely BETA but somehow make more impacting lives than most alphas I see. cus betas have brains while alphas have bodies. The right way to go about it is balance brain and body, become a fusion of both alpha and beta, hence the Omega Man (the last generation to survive the apocalypse 😁👌)
Frosty 810
Frosty 810 - 6 ore fa
Adams annoying af
greatbg - 7 ore fa
Adam ruins everything.....because he has bad science and is dumb as a brick.
Christopher Bedenbaugh
Adam is the definition of beta
Hammer Gaming
Hammer Gaming - 7 ore fa
Adam is a Beta!
iAaronHD - 8 ore fa
This is painful to watch.
EDIT: I'd really like to meet the woman that doesn't think a healthy or "athletic" man is attractive.
Double EDIT: It's difficult to listen to this conversation from someone who comes off so feminine.
Black Marble
Black Marble - 9 ore fa
Joe: "Well lets take away the words, theres me and there you."...

hyeboi - 10 ore fa
Funny how every dude thinks he's an alpha lmao
Dennis N.
Dennis N. - 10 ore fa
Beta Cuck Tries To Convince Alpha Male they live in a Matrix.
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - 14 ore fa
Joe Rohan shows Adam what alpha really is and Adams throws back beta responses lmao bro look at this as an example joe is alpha you are not and he’s proving alphas are superior by owning the conversation sounding smarter than you and using comes sense and logic and just blasting your opinions all the time
epicpudding - 17 ore fa
9:58 ironic
Greg Rohs
Greg Rohs - 18 ore fa
As soon as man started inventing things physical attributes alone deciding who was the "alpha" went out the window and the way the hierarchy was defined changed.
Cameron Gurkin
Cameron Gurkin - 19 ore fa
Adam conover is straight retarded
The Wrestler
The Wrestler - 21 ora fa
I wonder what his romantic partner Lisa Hanawalt feels about Adam. I mean I really like Adam Conover & his show Adam Ruins Everything, I just don't really agree with what he says here. I wonder what he did to win Lisa over, and what she sees in him.
Elreypachuco - 21 ora fa
Joe trying to push his douchebag broscience onto his viewing public.
TheLoos3Goos33 - 22 ore fa
Never trust someone who says 'right' after everything he says... Right?
Shawn Hasenbalg
Shawn Hasenbalg - 22 ore fa
Here is the thing joe, no one wants to admit there attracted to butter face fat chicks, so getting the truth about what people are attracted to is difficult , therefore I agree with Adam. Just a couple Generations ago it was more attractive to be fatter and pale so the idea that we've been attracted to the same things for thousands and thousands of years is just incorrect
Tolya Kozak
Tolya Kozak - Giorno fa
only betas read comments
Elijah Montoya
Elijah Montoya - Giorno fa
Adam “right” Conover
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan - Giorno fa
Adam combover, literally has no argument
Lucas J.D.
Lucas J.D. - Giorno fa
He doesnt believe they go for the Alpha males because hes never been the Aplha Male. Must suck always being a Beta...
TrailRunnerLife - Giorno fa
Alpha Joe says reality exists; Beta guest not so sure.
Douglas Culpepper
Douglas Culpepper - Giorno fa
This guys so stupid it’s not even funny he just pulls bullshit facts out of know where
the guy
the guy - Giorno fa
Poor Adam he came in really unprepared
Travis Grubb
Travis Grubb - Giorno fa
Adam was just trying to say that we don't have pack leaders in society anymore. In the Animal Kingdom, the strongest male will fight his way up to pack leader. Good luck fighting (in the literal sense of the word) your way up to pack leader at a Kroger or Walmart. Anyone can be a store manager or run a business. I know plenty of introverts who manage stores. Adam was using the proper definition of the word whereas everyone else uses some pseudo-definition of the word. Look it up, Alpha-Male literally means Pack Leader. We don't have pack leaders anymore. We have managers, bosses and business owners but most of them are fat and unhealthy... Not strong and athletic.
comrade dog
comrade dog - Giorno fa
*14 minutes of avoiding one answer questions*
william romine
william romine - Giorno fa
This guy is an absolute moron that needs to be bitch slapped by an Alpha and I volunteer
shane mckinley
shane mckinley - Giorno fa
I love how people read the title of this video and immediately got butt hurt XD Alpha's don't get upset thats a beta move smh XD.
Zadius - 2 giorni fa
How did Joe manage to interview a young Christopher Ryan? It's interesting how people change, and you can really tell with him. This was all before he found out that fame and money can really get you laid. A lot.
Johnny Vo
Johnny Vo - 2 giorni fa
This Adam guy is a joke.
FuzzyPanda21 - 2 giorni fa
I’m proof that Alpha males do exist! FUZZYPANDA IN DA HOUSE HELL YEAH lmao i don’t know
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter - 2 giorni fa
I do not want to believe what you are saying is true so therefore I disagree. That’s pathetic, he doesn’t even state why he thinks that just his disagreement. How can anyone respect someone who isn’t willing to take a look at their on preconceptions and wonder if they could be wrong. Calling him a beta male isn’t fair to betas.
Sex With Hot Pockets
Sex With Hot Pockets - 2 giorni fa
Alphas gotta start as betas i feel most do but they adapt and overcome and some just don't
Jortiz - 2 giorni fa
People would say that I am a “Beta male” but I would love for an “Alfa male” to come and tell me that to my face. I would sweep the floor with him, and I have done that before.
Dr. Thomas Fister
Dr. Thomas Fister - Giorno fa
Thats a beta thing to say.
Sean O'Keeffe
Sean O'Keeffe - 2 giorni fa
bruh why the fuck are they talking about genetics and evolutionary biology, any man can be an alpha and any man can be a beta bitch. it's a societal thing, I've never heard someone make the argument that some men are not equal to others. it's never had anything to do with science and Adam's purposely taking the two terms at face value to "debunk" the alpha and beta roles with epic science, facts and logic. as societal roles, alpha and beta exist. you can make the argument that they shouldn't or something but to be honest they're more of a meme anyway, unless you're an r9k basement dweller you don't claim to be a beta and if you're not a comedian you don't claim to be an alpha.
Richárd Tóth
Richárd Tóth - 2 giorni fa
This dude has no idea what he is talking about
Payton McIntosh
Payton McIntosh - 2 giorni fa
Adam: This is 100% a fact and you can't prove me wrong.
Joe: *Proves him wrong immediately without even thinking or pausing*
Adam: Yeah, that's true, but here's how it fits my narrative.
buzzknutson - 2 giorni fa
So a beta like Bill Gates (weak/non athletic) is socially inferior to an alpha like Joe Rogan. I don’t think so. Our social structure is so much more complex than this. The confusion comes when idiots like Joe Rogan think being an aggressive asshole is a biological benefit.
Ryan Charlton
Ryan Charlton - 2 giorni fa
If you call yourself Alpha; your not one.
If you need some pack bullshit; you're not alpha.
Wouldn't it make more sense that an alpha thinks for himself and not follows the herd?
Chance Kaiser
Chance Kaiser - 2 giorni fa
Sounds like something a nerd would that a B on your jacket I wonder what that stands for
Colton Nedyah
Colton Nedyah - 2 giorni fa
Man I hate Adam 😂 he’s just the worst. Also wtf does he mean there’s no alpha male? The king would be an alpha male.... or the dude with the sickest bench.... or the guy with the best job..... all of those could be taken as alpha male and their inverse as beta male
Space Hippo
Space Hippo - 3 giorni fa
It's sad that he's trying to convince himself. If this dude is standing next to OBJ, the chicks dripping for him not you buddy.
Joshua Ryan
Joshua Ryan - 3 giorni fa
Joe ruined everything... for Adam today on the JRE.
Andrija Zecevic
Andrija Zecevic - 3 giorni fa
I feel ashamed to call myself a male because of these arogant pricks who thin alpha males exist,sometimes i wish i was a female
Thy_ Beasty
Thy_ Beasty - 3 giorni fa
Adam is Beta ASF! 😂
gengis khan
gengis khan - 3 giorni fa
Different cultures are different. Depends were you are
Sinister Steel
Sinister Steel - 3 giorni fa
The body shape arguement is actually false. The earliest record of pornograghy is actually a rock carving of a mobidly obese woman with hige tits. Also a long while back in japan the preety woman were the fatter ones. The hour glass shape is more of a western taste anyways
Cineklin - 3 giorni fa
People are attracted to healthy people... To make healthy baby's. I find the alpha/ beta debate strange. Especially this one... Let's just all be Charlie's :)
deliciousdally - 3 giorni fa
Hahaha There’s a reason why this beta is arguing there aren’t betas and alphas. If you can’t join them deny them lol
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