Our Little Sister Is Heartbroken :(

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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus - Mese fa
Agus Rey
Agus Rey - Giorno fa
Lucas and Marcus
Deanna Mettlen
Deanna Mettlen - Giorno fa
I wish I could meet you will have so much fun stuff y'all just so cool. My favorite IT-videos videos 😍 my name is Abby 🙂🙂🙂
Amber Carson
Amber Carson - 4 giorni fa
Awesome video
Valeria Alvarado
Valeria Alvarado - 5 giorni fa
Šhërłÿń Përëż
@Alesha Coulson n
Jitter bugs 209 Garlin
Jitter bugs 209 Garlin - 23 minuti fa
Gurlll you don’t need no mans you beautiful cut funny and nice you is my princess 👑 I love you and hope you feel better
Jitter bugs 209 Garlin
Jitter bugs 209 Garlin - 25 minuti fa
D dream full
E energetic
M make me happy
Jayden Freeman
Jayden Freeman - 8 ore fa
Demi you are a pretty girl you will be dating a lot of guys and Breaking up with a lot of guys but you will find the right one one-day love you 😍
yeetusdeletus - 15 ore fa
hol up, why does she have a boyfriend at that age,,, I’m 13 and I don’t even have a girlfriend rip me.
Adys Sostre
Adys Sostre - 20 ore fa
You guys are the best I am your biggest fan like if you guys agree
Jennifer Sprague
Jennifer Sprague - 20 ore fa
Hailey Jo Butler
mabbie ASMR
mabbie ASMR - Giorno fa
Is the black guy their cleaner or something?? But in their other video they called him their best friend
Joshua Newell
Joshua Newell - Giorno fa
It's going to be fine out a boy in your life
Joy Smith
Joy Smith - Giorno fa
Darealest Thangg
Darealest Thangg - Giorno fa
She’s young why would they let her have a boyfriend 😂
Mr Monster
Mr Monster - Giorno fa
Ha ha it’s because she ugly
Bridget Lowe
Bridget Lowe - Giorno fa
D Demi
E epic
M magnificent
I inspire
Tshauna Thomas
Tshauna Thomas - Giorno fa
Madison Martin
Madison Martin - 2 giorni fa
Is she adopted
Erol Sali
Erol Sali - 2 giorni fa
Demi you do not need a boy you only need Lucas and Marcus
Demi stay
Who you are
And tell a parent
OR Lucas
Marcus 😍😍😅
Mackenzie Garcia
Mackenzie Garcia - 2 giorni fa
She's like 7 and she has a boyfriend
Ed Lyons
Ed Lyons - 2 giorni fa
What happened
Taziah Marquez
Taziah Marquez - 2 giorni fa
Can you come to monte Vista tomorrow
Nevaeh Whelan
Nevaeh Whelan - 2 giorni fa
Poor Demi
Nykea Sellars
Nykea Sellars - 2 giorni fa
I am so sorry for the miscommunication on my boyfriend. Demi you have any other pics of you and your family a very happy birthday and happy New year to you and your family a very happy and healthy New year
Sophia Ysabelle Libao
Sophia Ysabelle Libao - 2 giorni fa
ysabelle goodrich
ysabelle goodrich - 2 giorni fa
Hope Demi feels better ❤️
maria andrade
maria andrade - 2 giorni fa
I'm sorry Demi
Nirob Tamang
Nirob Tamang - 3 giorni fa
I can be your little sister girlfriend and I live in Sioux falls like up if you guest won't me to be her girlfriend
Alvaro Espinoza
Alvaro Espinoza - 3 giorni fa
That dog looks so familiar it looks like my cousins dog Lolo
Hector Diaz
Hector Diaz - 3 giorni fa
I have 4 questions about ur little sister
1. How old is she?
2. How come she gets a phone at a young age
3. Why is a little kid wearing gucci?
4. Isnt she young to have a bf?
Alfonso Martinez
Alfonso Martinez - 3 giorni fa
Is it just me or they always look high and act like it but i think its cool keep up the good work
Maria Delarosa
Maria Delarosa - 3 giorni fa
I love you guys
Jasmin Orozco
Jasmin Orozco - 3 giorni fa
Jasmin West
Jasmin West - 3 giorni fa
Don't worry about him ... Your good. Without him
kattia gonzalez
kattia gonzalez - 4 giorni fa
Why is she sad
isaiah floyd
isaiah floyd - 4 giorni fa
love you too you are amazing at backflips
Minecraft lilly
Minecraft lilly - 4 giorni fa
This is how many Slaps for her man
Adrena Gilchrist
Adrena Gilchrist - 4 giorni fa
Why is Demi so sad I want to know leave a conic please my name is Armani and connection of and my last name is connection so that's why I said it and I love them and I hope she feel better I want I want to watch why is she so sad I want you so sad because I really love her I love you Daddy I hope you have a good time enjoy your ice cream is vanilla too and I love you so much we can't even make my heart broken and I want to do something special for you like I have like I don't have the special for you re Me So This is Love and I really want you to remember me that makes my name is a mommy and I know you and tell Marcus that you can come to my pool party my address is my address is 44 eight four 5 Rock Island Drive my address is 44845 Rock Island Drive and then I live in Lancaster and she live eventually become active I really love you every love you daddy and I don't have any well to stay but I love you daddy I love you so much I hope you feel so bad and I hope you have a good time with your brother Lucas and Marcus and tell mark is I love him and Anna video when you kids with with her friend still Lucas that was show me some I really love you daddy you broke my book my heart to anything you finish me I love you baby did not I love you I love you I love you I love you so much I can't you I love you daddy hope you feel better and the weather gloves you love you daddy I love you so much and you couldn't meet you didn't make hot of me I can't even let you down I couldn't even let you know why
Ashley Ortiz
Ashley Ortiz - 4 giorni fa
She has Gucci
She has grown up
But most important she good
glenn alexander
glenn alexander - 4 giorni fa
How did marcus die😱😥
Zoe Bui
Zoe Bui - 4 giorni fa
Hi I love your videos
Las Hermanas Jugetonas
Las Hermanas Jugetonas - 5 giorni fa
I now how that fills
Nick Konst
Nick Konst - 5 giorni fa
1 tear for her?
fernanda lara
fernanda lara - 5 giorni fa
Are u from McAllen marcos and luckus
Sara Bayramova
Sara Bayramova - 5 giorni fa
Gurl u don't need a boyfriends u have ur beatiful life with dobre brothers
Breanna Ristau
Breanna Ristau - 5 giorni fa
her brothers are so protective of her 😍😍
Gwen Myers
Gwen Myers - 5 giorni fa
I fell sad for her but instead yall made her day better 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😗😗😗😙😙😚😚😭
Frigidh2o - 6 giorni fa
😞 I fell bad for DEMI
Sharron Howard
Sharron Howard - 6 giorni fa
Marcus and Lucas y'all stupid even know nothing with you little stupid little ratchet behind ya hit a backflip I cannot believe you and then you won't drop your freaking brother y'all dumb😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Jesus is here pie Christ
Jesus is here pie Christ - 6 giorni fa
Please help me with my channel
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 6 giorni fa
Brandy chatman
Brandy chatman - 6 giorni fa
1000 639
SIS VS. SIS - 6 giorni fa
One like = making Demi happy :)
Maisha Byrd
Maisha Byrd - 7 giorni fa
Wait I saw a dog run in the woods!
Kaca Bakrinka
Kaca Bakrinka - 7 giorni fa
I like marcus i am 35 years Old and i have a crush on marcus❤️❤️
Claribel Pena
Claribel Pena - 7 giorni fa
Woow im was sad to because my boyfriend 💔
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz - 8 giorni fa
yall peolpe ;)
crazy sis
Leslie Giron Reyes
Leslie Giron Reyes - 8 giorni fa
Kimberly Murray
Kimberly Murray - 8 giorni fa
I love you Marcus
Milli Chacha
Milli Chacha - 8 giorni fa
I subscribed and it the bell and I love ya so much
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez - 8 giorni fa
i live in el paso
Jeanette Walden
Jeanette Walden - 8 giorni fa
She is so sweet she doesn't need a guy to make her happy I hope she feels better about it
Leona Randolph
Leona Randolph - 9 giorni fa
Conc pasta salad dressing
Tammy Madison
Tammy Madison - 9 giorni fa
Sup dobre brothers I know your names cyrus Darius Marcus Lucas
eva ginova
eva ginova - 9 giorni fa
Michelle, Carlos Irias
Michelle, Carlos Irias - 9 giorni fa
I don't like these videos because you're fake sister has a boyfriend👎👎👎👎
Taylor Made
Taylor Made - 9 giorni fa
I want to watch his girlfriend, download crustaceans
Abdi Mohamed
Abdi Mohamed - 9 giorni fa
I love your videos So much better it is the best
Geraldine Maganda
Geraldine Maganda - 9 giorni fa
Are you ok deme🐱🐱🐱🐱
Geraldine Maganda
Geraldine Maganda - 9 giorni fa
Demi sorry that hape to you💜💜💜💜💜
Jessica Fleurent
Jessica Fleurent - 9 giorni fa
Sorry Dennis😭😜😇😅🤩😳
annie filed
annie filed - 9 giorni fa
Beat his a*s
elvisljeska25 - 9 giorni fa
D Anaya
D Anaya - 9 giorni fa
SuL _BAM13
SuL _BAM13 - 9 giorni fa
Awww that’s sad but at the end it’s happy
Muni Naidu
Muni Naidu - 10 giorni fa
Come to a New Zealand
little William
little William - 10 giorni fa
Aww poor demi
Romana Granger
Romana Granger - 10 giorni fa
It’s ok Demi u don’t need a mean boyfriend
Gabriela Walker
Gabriela Walker - 10 giorni fa
April Glenn
April Glenn - 10 giorni fa
kaylor Sapp
kaylor Sapp - 10 giorni fa
kaylor Sapp
kaylor Sapp - 10 giorni fa
Elizabeth Fitzwilliam
Elizabeth Fitzwilliam - 10 giorni fa
You ok
Kimber Ditrich
Kimber Ditrich - 10 giorni fa
It's okay it happened to everybody
ivxv studios smith
ivxv studios smith - 10 giorni fa
People are haters a lot of people dislike that video . the little girl was heart broken what if that happen to yall
Alejandra Garza
Alejandra Garza - 10 giorni fa
Tammy Floyd-Westmoreland
Tammy Floyd-Westmoreland - 11 giorni fa
Aww poor girl
Paulina Luz
Paulina Luz - 11 giorni fa
Your sister shouldn't have a boyfriend she should be successful!!!!
Arleena Lowery
Arleena Lowery - 11 giorni fa
It will be ok I broke up with mine to
chanice felix
chanice felix - 11 giorni fa
Xenophobic youth Hogg I've mid❤❤❤❤❤❤
chanice felix
chanice felix - 11 giorni fa
Ashley Tyson
Ashley Tyson - 11 giorni fa
Hey I love your show from Erin kerr
Ashley Tyson
Ashley Tyson - 11 giorni fa
Hey I love your show from Erin kerr
Ashley Tyson
Ashley Tyson - 11 giorni fa
Demi you don’t need him you are great
Destini Hudley
Destini Hudley - 11 giorni fa
Girl that man is not good for you
He will miss you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Yoletta 12
Yoletta 12 - 11 giorni fa
I’m glad they broken up. Sorry but that little ship wasn’t gonna last anyway(opinion)
Luna Haru
Luna Haru - 11 giorni fa
Demi I love you and you don’t need no man you are so pretty and sweet❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love you
jessica wing
jessica wing - 11 giorni fa
o okay I I'm your friend 👧🏻👩🏽you and me are friends
Erica Bee
Erica Bee - 12 giorni fa
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez - 12 giorni fa
I'm sorry ☹️
Mike Weiss
Mike Weiss - 12 giorni fa
I’m just kidding with you guys. That’s so sad of your sister to break up with her boyfriend. That’s so sad. 🤞😩
Mike Weiss
Mike Weiss - 12 giorni fa
What are your mom and dad with they be good with that.???. And what two brothers would even bring their sister to Disneyland without your parents knowing
gracievee1 - 12 giorni fa
Khantsatt Shanehtet
Khantsatt Shanehtet - 12 giorni fa
He is toooooooo young
Prossimi video