Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky

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Bloveslife - 17 ore fa
GM, Everyone, I just wanted to say I don't know what some of yall beef is with Vicky but I genuinely like her for the person she is. She really is a sweet young lady. A lot of yall may not agree what she does or how she does it but I'm a strong believer in to each its own. None of us are perfect, if u have problems with individuals Pray for them and keep it movin. Love u Guys very much, Enjoy the rest of your Weekend😍
Dulce Coronado
Dulce Coronado - Ora fa
Ashley Heath exactly
Nene Love
Nene Love - Ora fa
All the dam hate made ur ass Trend its all about u getting to 2million sub
Nene Love
Nene Love - Ora fa
First of all yall need to lower ur tone...nobody have beef with her...😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashley Heath
Ashley Heath - Ora fa
Yall so Aggy 🙄 Don’t like it don’t watch SIMPLE shetttt up !! BLove can collab w/whoever periodtttt its her channel 🤷🏽‍♀️
ellen sheldon
ellen sheldon - Ora fa
They can't pray. They're just hateful scum.
J C - Ora fa
The Desperation is REAL!!!!!!!
Camind - Ora fa
Nobody: This collab
LoopHole LOOK
LoopHole LOOK - Ora fa
2 black? Girls eating sea food?
Бод Стрэт
I would suck woahvickys asshole
This is YouTube in 2019
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius - Ora fa
Não estou entendendo nada
Noe Hernandez
Noe Hernandez - Ora fa
This, this fucking bullshit got to number one on trending, this garbage
PUBG Jay - Ora fa
Comment whore here! 00:01 into the video and already pissed off. No hate to the one on the left tho
Caleb Calvin
Caleb Calvin - Ora fa
Two black Women eating love it
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius - Ora fa
Eu sou Brasileiro e Brasil se escreve com s não com zzzzzzzz
Tan Clark
Tan Clark - Ora fa
ooKYLEoo - Ora fa
Is Vicky like a a make a wish kid getting her final meal ?
Dreadful unknown
Dreadful unknown - Ora fa
Ay a new h3h3 video inc
Angela Tonkikh
Angela Tonkikh - Ora fa
Omggg girl you is sooo cute ❤️😭😭
StarShip Dolly
StarShip Dolly - Ora fa
Her damn lashes be hanging on for dear life
Jenna Breiton
Jenna Breiton - Ora fa
As a black women saying that Vicky is trying to be black is offensive cuz if any of us r like that then damn I’m embarrassed
Jennifer Rios
Jennifer Rios - Ora fa
I didn’t know about chick fil a until I moved outta town my friend that I made was SHOCKED ! lol
Kyla Arielle
Kyla Arielle - Ora fa
LV. Chungus
LV. Chungus - Ora fa
This is trash
Susu is The Ghetto Queen
I'm just here for the comments cuz I know y'all can clown
Nene Love
Nene Love - Ora fa
All this hate got this old woman trending!😂
Killing It
Killing It - Ora fa
If Darius was in this video too!
Susu is The Ghetto Queen
horters 69
horters 69 - Ora fa
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Christine Long
Christine Long - Ora fa
Lol I don’t think this mukbang is awkward, Miss B just seems like a genuinely really nice person so she agreed to do a harmless mukbang with Vicky. I don’t think it’s for more subscribers or views because she gets those, maybe she’s just not judgmental so she agreed to do a mukbang maybe to get to know Vicky a little better. 🤗💕
DariaOnDisplay - Ora fa
Number 2 on trending!
joshua ledgister
joshua ledgister - Ora fa
She look like a fish with claws
Phylly Phyl
Phylly Phyl - Ora fa
She’s 19, got a Range Rover and doesn’t use drugs. Proud of you sweetie.👍🏾👍🏾😊
MegaDringus - Ora fa
She retarded AND FAT now
ou yeah oh yeah idk what this is but oh yeah
Its wholesome to see two black women eating😁
Hungry Blanket
Hungry Blanket - Ora fa
The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe
Meah Agosto
Meah Agosto - Ora fa
We are all sisters from one universe. Bloveslife it takes a wisdom to guide the young. God bless both of you. vikki onward and upward🙏👊✌
Danny Dougherty
Danny Dougherty - Ora fa
I'm surprised she knows to keep her mouth closed when she chews her food
Suany Flores
Suany Flores - Ora fa
I could not have put up w all that smacking and mouth full of food.
Gena Goesele
Gena Goesele - Ora fa
Sorry I can’t watch this video anymore with this Vicky girl. She just ruined it for me, she makes it look unappetizing. She doesn’t even chew her food and mouth open with that bugs bunny teeth. 🥴
Jacob C
Jacob C - Ora fa
WhyYou Mad
WhyYou Mad - Ora fa
They eat like mole rats
Amdrew Moore
Amdrew Moore - Ora fa
Black people once again coonin for nigga trinkets 😒😔
chakana warrick
chakana warrick - Ora fa
Blove 😐 why....😑
Fina Tey
Fina Tey - Ora fa
This is... This is absolutely wrong.
When these girls end up in the hospital and the doctor asks what happens, I can just Imagining them saying we got diabetes for views.
IWalkWaterRuns - Ora fa
James Charles is next. Lol
Money Visuals
Money Visuals - Ora fa
She look like doodlebob
Cece Andrews
Cece Andrews - Ora fa
This video makes me cringe lol
IWalkWaterRuns - Ora fa
Vicky is on Maury. Maury gets the DNA paper out and says, "Vicky, You Are Not African American You Are Caucasian" Vicky says, "NOOO!"
Omnia Ibrahem
Omnia Ibrahem - Ora fa
her fake lashes omg no lol
Erik Andersen
Erik Andersen - Ora fa
Nasty af
Dr Mumbo
Dr Mumbo - Ora fa
Watching two ugly women eating food just to get fat, But i cant judge none the less.
Fania All-Star***
If she don't dip that food all the way down... I'm screem
jae'la palmore
jae'la palmore - Ora fa
She not really getting the sauce..just lightly dipping it.
Boredom - Ora fa
WoahhVicky syndrome...
Krystal - Ora fa
Nah fr though why Vicky look like that lmfao
My Dad beats Me Send Help
Its cool how they are so energetic
L - Ora fa
woahhvicky exploits mentally disabled people for shock value and views
kina kina
kina kina - Ora fa
Them lashes is to damn long, and she needs to close her mouth like ewww
Lashell Reltherford
Your guest getting on my nerves trying to crack them crabs legs open...omg
Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell - Ora fa
I didn’t enjoy this video. The girl on the right didn’t eat!
Kyle Dillon
Kyle Dillon - Ora fa
Why, why is this trending?
Bob R
Bob R - Ora fa
Is this the white girl that thinks she's 'black' because she talks like them ?
TtthuggerrR TtthuggerrR
Only 4K dislikes she said do you like chicken?😂 she must haven’t watched the video before this
Xtro l
Xtro l - Ora fa
How much did you pay her to be there?
M Rodriguez
M Rodriguez - Ora fa
You’re #2 on trending congrats 🤗
Cheryl Goer
Cheryl Goer - Ora fa
yolanda nelson
yolanda nelson - Ora fa
Mrs.BLOVE they are going down hard on you because you did a video with vicky
Andy - Ora fa
I only like whoavicky because she beefed with "Cash me Ooutsidde the illiterate class" and I wanted her to throw hands and slap the lil girl down lol
Susana Herrera
Susana Herrera - 2 ore fa
Sometimes it's best to keep your career on the right path and stay away from the negativity Bloved this was not a smart move career wise...
The Dude
The Dude - 2 ore fa
This is what happens to your child when you smoke too much crack during pregnancy. She looks like the sloth from ice age and looks like a freak show 😂😂😂
Eli Meatball
Eli Meatball - 2 ore fa
H3 we got another sea monster over here
Divine Infinite
Divine Infinite - 2 ore fa
Happy for this collab ❤️
Rigel Sierra
Rigel Sierra - 2 ore fa
And she wicked Hol' up, yuh
Like Woah Vicky
Alicia Delacruz
Alicia Delacruz - 2 ore fa
I refuse to push play on this video. Blove I adore you but I can’t support someone who uses the N word. Thank you, Next!
Tiffany Ding
Tiffany Ding - 2 ore fa
i duno why ppl hating.. i enjoyed this :D ya'll cute
Susana Herrera
Susana Herrera - 2 ore fa
Blove got us good!!!!! She played us....she knew the amout of hate this video would get and used it for Views😂😂😂😂
Chito Cano
Chito Cano - 2 ore fa
Is it me or does vicky look like a LLama 🤣🤣
COUCH POTATO - 2 ore fa
But like where is the table manners 🤢🤔
Lil Lily 510
Lil Lily 510 - 2 ore fa
Dude I remember her....from that one meme
The Dude
The Dude - 2 ore fa
Give me one reason this single brain cell is famous? Thinks she is black and even faked a pregnancy for likes....truly pathetic you brought this waste of life on your channel.... unsubscribed 🖕😋🖕
Ross Martinez III
Ross Martinez III - 2 ore fa
Is that chick retarded? She looks like she can barely eat without choking.
Ja'Quesha Brownlow
Ja'Quesha Brownlow - 2 ore fa
You’re trending #2
theinterworks - 2 ore fa
This video is a waste of database space.
Bill Nye
Bill Nye - 2 ore fa
Want to hear a joke???

*Vicky drinking smart water*
InsaneCPR 22
InsaneCPR 22 - 2 ore fa
"They are Monsters"
bisquitnspanky - 2 ore fa
Want to know why Americans are becoming more and more retarded, ignorant shitheads every day? Here you go!
hey wah
hey wah - 2 ore fa
Vicky smacks her lips when she eats 😳 someone teach that child to eat properly 😂
Flor Panayfo
Flor Panayfo - 2 ore fa
I feel like I’m vicky. Weak sauce when it comes to eating crab because I don’t think I’ve ever had it like this
Josh Justison
Josh Justison - 2 ore fa
Humanity may have gone too far by putting this at #2 on trending
Saca Scdvev
Saca Scdvev - 2 ore fa
Vicky is so quite in this video
Chera80 - 2 ore fa
She literally has sauce dripping down her face. And she chews like a llama. NO MA’AM!
Susana Herrera
Susana Herrera - 2 ore fa
When she asked you if you it CHICKEN!! That should of been a damb giveaway that she doesn't even follow you or know anything about Clout chasing!!!
Laniee Alayah
Laniee Alayah - 2 ore fa
I hope god saves you later
Nikki Hettinger
Nikki Hettinger - 2 ore fa
What the hell did I just witness?! I love blove, but damn this was bad ..
IWalkWaterRuns - 2 ore fa
Class, what did you learn from watching Vicky? Class says, Stay in school and don't have children with your own family!
Gee - 2 ore fa
Omfg nooooooooo god noooooo WHERES DARIUS he should have told youuuuuu 😂🤦🏾‍♀️👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🤚🏾🤚🏾‼️‼️‼️
Vicky close your damn mouth when you eat! *DISGUSTANG!!!*
The Jennifer Show
The Jennifer Show - 2 ore fa
Roses are red and I love you
Turn this blue to say I love you too
Paulina Garcia
Paulina Garcia - 2 ore fa
Did anybody noticed one of Vicky’s eye lashes coming off? Lol
fluffyduckbutter's sister
She's fucking retarded and makes America a shit hole country.
SHA SHA - 2 ore fa
Viki need some damn braces he teeth fucked up
WATERR - 2 ore fa
I’ve never seen so many fucked up teeth in one look
Smiley Face24
Smiley Face24 - 2 ore fa
Blove seems like she acting fake af for the camera
Prossimi video