Pelicans vs Hawks Full Game Highlights! 2019 NBA Preseason

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John  Hardin
John Hardin - Giorno fa
I can't wait to play Vince Carter at LA fitness!!!!!!
Frer Houston
Frer Houston - Giorno fa
Do not hesitate to take the shot I repeat do not hesitate to take the shot three points on deck
Price Center
Price Center - Giorno fa
#$$_(fffI did we q2j,outlines o
How pro.
jamal robinson
jamal robinson - Giorno fa
He's going to get hurt dunking that hard
T B - Giorno fa
Jabari Parker showed Zion that he isn’t playing with boys anymore
Jolowie Maliwat
Jolowie Maliwat - Giorno fa
Im impressed with zion ablities to see who is free to shoot on the floor a big guy that facilitate thats a threat.
Fanzy P
Fanzy P - 2 giorni fa
Oh this is such a good game I searched for the Pelicans
Jared Creighton
Jared Creighton - 2 giorni fa
hahaha im done i didnt see lonzo score the whole time he really does suck
Aj mcintyre
Aj mcintyre - 2 giorni fa
1:43 Anybody else saw Trae Young travel?
Jaelin Dejon
Jaelin Dejon - 2 giorni fa
The Pelicans are LOADED. They NEED to keep that young core together.
Jason Burn
Jason Burn - 2 giorni fa
Zion mike tyson
DukeTrout - 3 giorni fa
It’s great to see Zion thrive with the Pelicans, but even better is to see Jah Okafor doing work.
Fred Xie
Fred Xie - 3 giorni fa
That's a lot of duke players on the court. I count six
BORN STUNNA - 4 giorni fa
Zion got video games dunks 🔥
Black SpongeBob
Black SpongeBob - 4 giorni fa
9:02 Ingram hit "THE TRUTH" animation 😁 (2k players know what I'm talking about 💯)
Daniel Parkerson
Daniel Parkerson - 4 giorni fa
We already knew the Pelicans were gonna be good, but these young hawks are gonna be something if they can play some better defense. Pelicans, Lakers, Clips or Bucks for the title though. That being said, the NBA has never been as stacked with talent as it is now. The worst team this year could have been a playoff team a few years ago. Just go look through the NBA rosters. It's a great time for basketball fans
༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻ - 4 giorni fa
Watched this live
Jake Aloha
Jake Aloha - 4 giorni fa
Ignacio Millapani
Ignacio Millapani - 5 giorni fa
I really like Zion...and that's cause he reminds me a lot of Shawn Kemp, a guy that really coud bring his A game with a flair and showmanship never toped in the 90's. He just needs to develop that shot a little bit and bingo.
Ercushka Kulmetov
Ercushka Kulmetov - 6 giorni fa
Vince Carter out there has been longer in the NBA than Zion has been alive. lmao
Shinichi Santos
Shinichi Santos - 6 giorni fa
Parang pinag bibigyan lang si zion
playbackproductions1 - 6 giorni fa
You know what's better than preseason action??? Enslaving chinese people!
Mega Mark
Mega Mark - 6 giorni fa
The hawks are unstoppable on 2k20 lol. I be smoking people with Trae young
Rambo sama
Rambo sama - 7 giorni fa
10:15 "get in there bitch"😂😂😂
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen - 7 giorni fa
I will miss lonzo,ingram and hart on my lakers so pelicans please take care of them.
ADN ARN - 7 giorni fa
ZION the best
Charles Vicencio
Charles Vicencio - 7 giorni fa
Chamba mentality
rhvell benjamin
rhvell benjamin - 7 giorni fa
10:17 “get in there b$tch”😂
Rickey Money
Rickey Money - 8 giorni fa
dis.... ni99a zion is gonna injured dat damn rim💪💪💣💣💥💥
alvin quetua
alvin quetua - 8 giorni fa
Carter should retire after this season ..
Joe - 8 giorni fa
isn't it crazy that zion can jump at the 3 point line and his team stand up on the bench like he's about to dunk?
Hanani Israel
Hanani Israel - 8 giorni fa
Pelicans gonna be Problems !
M EnzoNox
M EnzoNox - 8 giorni fa
zion just like shaq when he was new in nba..
Сергей Майборода
Zion, like a lion....Iron, lion, Zion)))
A C - 9 giorni fa
0:25 - this guy is gonna KILL it this season.
Madison Morris
Madison Morris - 9 giorni fa
The Pelicans could either be 3rd or 10th in the West this year. They are the dark horse sleeper team this year. Can Zion be consistent? Can the shooters around Zion be consistent? If they can, watch out. If they can't it's fine because everyone is expecting them to fail anyway. As the underdogs, they have nothing to lose.
Harley Great Inventor
Harley Great Inventor - 9 giorni fa
Who's number 95?
عبدالله قطر
عبدالله قطر - 9 giorni fa
what a massive difference between 2017 & 2019 1st overall pick
Makaveli X
Makaveli X - 9 giorni fa
This is duke vs duke
Not pels vs Hawks 🤨
DreiHoops - 9 giorni fa
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller - 9 giorni fa
Lonzo is trash, he needs to be sent down!!
NellyFox - 9 giorni fa
Vince carter is certainly not the highlight of the video but damn i can’t believe that man still playing like that 😂
Shadowheart - 9 giorni fa
So Zion basically cant shoot,the one shot he tried was almost an airball,that will be a problem when he has a good defender on him...!
Malik Watkins
Malik Watkins - 9 giorni fa
Zion is good, and I won’t take that from him... but I just can’t ignore that damn jumpshot. Development will come I guess.
Captain 2K
Captain 2K - 9 giorni fa
Zion is the next Goat...
Ronan Gabriel Odesa
Ronan Gabriel Odesa - 9 giorni fa
Zion williams is a bball legend
Maggie Sockey
Maggie Sockey - 9 giorni fa
I don’t see my 2k player out there..
Justin Ejimah
Justin Ejimah - 9 giorni fa
carter back on the hawks? dope.
Dallas Rohrer
Dallas Rohrer - 9 giorni fa
Eric Saracosa
Eric Saracosa - 9 giorni fa
Lonzo' stepback!
Keyonis Senpai
Keyonis Senpai - 9 giorni fa
“Another THUNDEROUS slam”
Khazzuan Mohd Yusof
Khazzuan Mohd Yusof - 9 giorni fa
Duke loaded
midbaskets - 9 giorni fa
This could be a playoff contending team
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani - 9 giorni fa
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani - 9 giorni fa
promise david charirwe
promise david charirwe - 10 giorni fa
how about we agree that zion is a bird ....that man can fly
El Comandante
El Comandante - 9 giorni fa
Perhaps. But can he shoot the ball? I'm not impressed.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit - 10 giorni fa
Lonzo got that Craig Hodges release
Simon - 10 giorni fa
angel13gabriel - 10 giorni fa
Stopped watching at 5.33. Zion zion zion; wtf wtf wtf!? What a bs of making pr. How much would then MJ be worthy today!? My guess at least 200 mil each season.
Just watch watch few mj's rookie games and you'll know what i'am talking about. BEST EVER
Greetings from Croatia (old bb school; 1968)
Shane Davis
Shane Davis - 10 giorni fa
Zion looks like a lot of fun on offense, and a literal pylon on D.
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