Trippie Redd Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

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Gideon N. Shangpliang
Gideon N. Shangpliang - 11 ore fa
Do $uicide Boy$
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson - 12 ore fa
Why are all his tattoos garbage
rita lint
rita lint - 12 ore fa
Did a 3 year old did those tattoos. These are some fugly tatoos
skankhunt42 - 18 ore fa
all trash
Yaya Princess
Yaya Princess - 20 ore fa
I wonder what it’s like if you bite your tongue with teeth
IND3X - 23 ore fa
I didn't know trippie was this smart... As smart as a 6 yr old
Steave Gurung
Steave Gurung - Giorno fa
Ayo gq do one with Chris brown
Malcolm Alvarez
Malcolm Alvarez - Giorno fa
Man I'd put a bag on each motherfuckers head that did them.. Those are ultra dumpster garbage trash can juice...
Dan Beard
Dan Beard - Giorno fa
WHAT A MUG 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌
Playboi Roni
Playboi Roni - Giorno fa
Name a 13 yr old rapper better den me
Happy Boy
Happy Boy - Giorno fa
I think trippie just got mostly random tattoos to look cool
J S - Giorno fa
Dude looks like he died 2 weeks ago
John k
John k - Giorno fa
Of course it doesn’t hurt you always on drugs 😂😂
Free Thinker
Free Thinker - 2 giorni fa
The artwork sucks
Im RIVUS - 2 giorni fa
1:00 21 savage 2017
matt mattyo1000
matt mattyo1000 - 2 giorni fa
What a stupid clown.
EpicRandomUno - 2 giorni fa
tbh his tattoos are sick
WVMonster T
WVMonster T - 2 giorni fa
Yo for a dude with some bread trippys ink is trash
Yeet Yoink
Yeet Yoink - 2 giorni fa
just because he lived with x doesn't mean he was apart of members only SMH
Taj Powery
Taj Powery - 2 giorni fa
My friend like you as a raper
Will Anthony
Will Anthony - 2 giorni fa
This dickhead has 5 tattoos on his arms and gets his face tattooed smh... smarten up young niggas
Samara - 2 giorni fa
He just woke up he sounds high asf and still got on those cozy pjs lmaoo 😂
Aka. Eddy
Aka. Eddy - 2 giorni fa
Kev D
Kev D - 2 giorni fa
Face like school desk
Andrew Albright
Andrew Albright - 3 giorni fa
his tattoos look like a 8 year old did them ahaha
TINKZ LARSKI - 3 giorni fa
:Tattoo tour with trippie
Tell me about you're tattoos,
I copy most of them off other people.
lTALlAN - 3 giorni fa
He’s such a bird 😂
STEELERTHUG - 3 giorni fa
Idiot tattoos lol , the new generation is full of clowns hahaha
FendiDj- - 3 giorni fa
His grill permanent
SlumLord Kennedy
SlumLord Kennedy - 3 giorni fa
Good hip hop music, subscribe to my channel!!!! Love, SlumLord Kennedy.
r vega
r vega - 3 giorni fa
he looks really pretty when he pulls his hair back
James Matthews
James Matthews - 2 giorni fa
What? He looks like a butch little girl
Isar Soussa
Isar Soussa - 3 giorni fa
trippie redd explains his tattoos like it’s the first time he’s actually given them any thought
Frances Star
Frances Star - 3 giorni fa
can y'all pleasee put D'Angelo Russell on here. pleasee
Vaeha 64
Vaeha 64 - 3 giorni fa
He has freckles and is prettier than me 😥
Cam Cam
Cam Cam - 3 giorni fa
his eyes are actually beautiful
Lestad Defrence
Lestad Defrence - 3 giorni fa
Trippie Redd clone number on his eyes lol
Taveaus Woods
Taveaus Woods - 3 giorni fa
Ugly boi
Andrew K
Andrew K - 4 giorni fa
He only has like 10 tattoos n there all on his face, talk about warped tour suit
Fantasia Powell
Fantasia Powell - 4 giorni fa
who else happy that the black is positive👇👍
Fantasia Powell
Fantasia Powell - 4 giorni fa
its a caution sign that says demons at play
"so whats in the middle."
duh... demons at play
EDY BEE - 4 giorni fa
Trippie read looks like TMGS ampm mascot
Alexander Emanuel
Alexander Emanuel - 4 giorni fa
Never knew trippe red was part Native American. Surprised!
SCYTHE Gamer - 4 giorni fa
Hairs left the chat
Louie Guadalupe
Louie Guadalupe - 4 giorni fa
This kid has the dumbest tats i ever seen.i bet he got dem all at
Cam Meyer
Cam Meyer - 4 giorni fa
"People think they're upside down crosses I don't know why."
Points to upside down crosses....
marigold flowers
marigold flowers - 4 giorni fa
He should sample GG Allen
Luke Holland
Luke Holland - 4 giorni fa
Confirmed; Trippie Redd watches Berserk. Coolest dude in my book tbh
marc klonel
marc klonel - 4 giorni fa
those face tats make him look like he has down syndrome
Sexy Puffer Fish
Sexy Puffer Fish - 5 giorni fa
Trippie redd’s ic
KiddChoas - 5 giorni fa
Why don't we have Wiz on this yet??
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