'I just want to win, I don't care about being the best player' - Kawhi Leonard | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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123456 Pangan
123456 Pangan - 6 giorni fa
They win coz they believe on him.
Caletha Henry
Caletha Henry - 6 giorni fa
Please check-out Game of Zones S4:E2 @ 2:35 this laugh is exact duplicate of animation!!
Aryah'am Singkala.com.gmail
I love you😘Leonard...
Shiva's Chimera
Shiva's Chimera - 19 giorni fa
You work with your body.
I work with my mind..
We cannot be compared until you find a bridge that crosses this gap.
Do bridges end war's?
Redesign the dynamics of the game by changing it's infrastructure.
Any idea's?
Brain vrs braun and dominance.
Know character trait's for a good bet.
Roku - 20 giorni fa
No lie if kawhi was a superhero he would be groot or drax
Wey Cool
Wey Cool - 23 giorni fa
Kawhi is such a low key superstar. He doesn't care if he is considered the "best player" on the planet. This is the kind of discussion the US media/sports commentators love to argue about (Max and Stephen, Skip and Shannon, etc). Shannon loves Kawhi but Skip can't stand "the number 2" guy. Who cares??? As long as Kawhi and the Raptors are winning, that's it all matters. Canada will gladly take "the number 2" guy any time of the day. :-)
0ldCat - 23 giorni fa
I'm a GSW fan. I'm rooting for them regardless.
That said, if they lose this year, Raptors are the team that makes me least upset.
Love Kawhi. Wish more players had his disposition or close to it.
Go GSW! But if all else fails, sincere congrats to Raptors. It would be a well deserved and overdue win.
jomz yamz lapz
jomz yamz lapz - 24 giorni fa
the best player in the world ...kawhi my idol...the humble one💪💪
CORPS NOVA - 25 giorni fa
He's like John Wick of the NBA.
Arnel Magale
Arnel Magale - 25 giorni fa
Kwahi a words of a champion..
Shally Z
Shally Z - 25 giorni fa
The way Lowry called Kwahi at the end like a puppy haha
Alonso Rivera
Alonso Rivera - 26 giorni fa
I know this nigga smokes weed...
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Threelly AI - 26 giorni fa
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hayabusa bangbang
hayabusa bangbang - 26 giorni fa
4:24 thanks me later
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa - 26 giorni fa
That’s how you know he’s a real one with that comment 💯💙🇨🇦
Benjamin Perez
Benjamin Perez - 27 giorni fa
Let bygones be bygones . Go Raptors go.
Garbage Man
Garbage Man - 27 giorni fa
where Drake at?
SHOCKER331 - 27 giorni fa
The fake sports news media have all but given the title to the raptors.....yeah right! give me a break!!
E Cov
E Cov - 27 giorni fa
"Come on Kawhi!" lmao
PeekaPeep - 27 giorni fa
THAT'S why Queen James is overrated, folks! Thank you for being YOU, Kawhi. Now go get your team that long-overdue championship from those worn-down Warriors! They don't have dirty-ass Zaza Pachulia to knock you out of the series anymore:::wink:::wink:::
Alexander Harrington
Alexander Harrington - 27 giorni fa
"We kept running into this guy, good thing he left and gave us a chance" LeBron is the GOAT !
Brandon - 27 giorni fa
I’m a fun guy.
ONE LOVE - 27 giorni fa
Chase Hibbard
Chase Hibbard - 27 giorni fa
Turn up Kawhi's Mic he's 2 quiet
Xcel Salvatus
Xcel Salvatus - 27 giorni fa
2019 nba champions toronto raptors promise! remember what lebron say in 2016 nba finals:-)
Jobami - 27 giorni fa
a man in focus, the most secret weapon of an athlete
Keenan Dumoy
Keenan Dumoy - 27 giorni fa
They need to get some compression on Kawhi's knees, been saying this
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes - 27 giorni fa
Congrats to Kawhi for bringing Toronto to the Finals, but I’m more happy for Gasol, Lin, Serge (again), Lowry and Meeks for getting to the summit. If Raps bring it home like I think they could I’ll shed tears for those guys lol
Tom, Ye Are of God
Tom, Ye Are of God - 27 giorni fa
He reminds me of Tim for some reason 🤔
ABFDITS - 27 giorni fa
Any one that thinks that the Raptors can beat GS and win the championship is dumber than a bag of rock and in a world of hurt! You better wake your ass up! GS in six
NSiU - 27 giorni fa
DeRozen somewhere punchin the air right now. 😤👊🏾
Chrio yuuij
Chrio yuuij - 27 giorni fa
MakeYourOwnLuck777 - 27 giorni fa
Lebron: well I’m the best player in the world it’s that simple
Kawhi: I don’t care about being the best I just want to win.
Yung Angst
Yung Angst - 27 giorni fa
This is a great fit for kawhi, I really feel like he'll wind up resigning with the raptors
Sonya Kall
Sonya Kall - 27 giorni fa
They just made the finals real easy on the warriors .
Higher Dimension
Higher Dimension - 27 giorni fa
See because he is humble and dark skin he not going get the same hype as curry gets
Tychus Major
Tychus Major - 28 giorni fa
Thank You!!!!!!!
Javier Silva
Javier Silva - 28 giorni fa
Mingo G.
Mingo G. - 28 giorni fa
Lebron James: I don’t care about winning I just wanna be the best player in the world...
zixiy12 gamer
zixiy12 gamer - 28 giorni fa
Win or lose in the Finals, I think Toronto is perfect place for Klaw, Raptors must give him max contract and add players that suits Kawhi the best
Jose Vega
Jose Vega - 28 giorni fa
When you care about your team you can do great things together!! #respect Kawhi
Reginald Nixon
Reginald Nixon - 28 giorni fa
💯💯💯Jordan would not have them rings without all the other players from the team
Robb Udo
Robb Udo - 28 giorni fa
Lebron made this all possible!! That’s the true answer you heard Lowry that’s a real response much respect for being honest that takes a lot💪🏾
Trae Fittz
Trae Fittz - 28 giorni fa
With all this Beat Player talk, I don’t wanna hear KD vs Kawhi... Kawhi been with Raptors ONE Season & took them to Finals when they never been there. KD joined the Warriors for this type of Limelight. Kawhi shouldn’t be compared to Nobody but Lebron & MJ as far as Greatness goes.. all these Free Agents that wanna Team up together are tryna do EXACTLY WHAT KAWHI JUST DID!!
Dino 666
Dino 666 - 28 giorni fa
Kawhi Leonard team player
Unlike LeBum james
Ish Xxx
Ish Xxx - 28 giorni fa
Raptors in 7 💯✊🏾
F S - 28 giorni fa
The right attitude, I just wanna win I don't care about being the best player. Put them egos aside you will be successful
Reversed - 28 giorni fa
ESPN trending again
Ramses Stafford
Ramses Stafford - 28 giorni fa
Yo LeBroom, how's that for a narrative. Kawhi is a true underrated Top five player.
Ramses Stafford
Ramses Stafford - 28 giorni fa
@Robb Udo nah, LeBroom first season in the western conference = no playoffs, don't forget that. LeBroom in general = 6 L's that will follow him to his grave. 😂🤣😭💀😇
Robb Udo
Robb Udo - 28 giorni fa
No Lebron in East =finals don’t forget that😂😂
N R - 28 giorni fa
Reporter from the Times always asks good questions.
Captain Low Hanging Nuts
Captain Low Hanging Nuts - 28 giorni fa
Leonard’s posture is shit
Captain Low Hanging Nuts
Captain Low Hanging Nuts - 27 giorni fa
It’s pretty good
davidozzy - 28 giorni fa
Hows yours
Lewis Clarke
Lewis Clarke - 28 giorni fa
Come on kawhi🤣😂🤣😭😭
Myke Mynah
Myke Mynah - 28 giorni fa
Kawhi you are humble. Thanks for carrying my man JLin and the rest of the team on your back. Please get that ring for everybody!
Lewis Clarke
Lewis Clarke - 28 giorni fa
Kawhi put ere acting like John snow🤣😂🤣😭😭 king of the north!!!
Kawhi: nah
Datchineseguy - 28 giorni fa
No, i don’t want that

Give me the raaas
d e n i a l a n d b e t r a y a l
Someone had to say it
Bryce Salte
Bryce Salte - 28 giorni fa
These people have no public speaking ability their voices put me to sleep. Seriously this press conference is I need to have questions asked with a little more earnestly from the gallery and with a little more enthusiasm from the players or we will continue to give less and less of a shit.
Quantez Coffey
Quantez Coffey - 28 giorni fa
That’s what make kawhi the best player in the game he stay humble and he takes the height percentage shots not just jacking shots
Jeff A
Jeff A - 28 giorni fa
Darius Davis
Darius Davis - 28 giorni fa
Lol at the end
“Come on kawhi !”
J Dee Carter
J Dee Carter - 28 giorni fa
If you want to win, maybe you shouldn't have backstabbed the Spurs you fucking chickenshit snake.
Tyler McLin
Tyler McLin - 28 giorni fa
You people are ridiculous it's so funny how quick you all are to try to bash LeBron. Take Kawhis dick out your mouth I can't understand you. Let's enjoy Kawhi and not make it into something it's not.
Cheesy Maccool
Cheesy Maccool - 28 giorni fa
👏👏👏👏👏This man here, is a good example on what the NBA should be. No drama, humble and his appreciation towards the game is highly respectable. Unlikely others who feed on the drama instead of the game.🙏
KLEFUS MCDONALD - 28 giorni fa
Greatest Rental of All Time, he da GRAT!
Barr3LtoURdome - 28 giorni fa
kawhi got home from that game and flailed his arms like a girl woooo my fucking team showed up tonight
Barr3LtoURdome - 28 giorni fa
difference between kawhi and jordan, one will trash talk his opponents and crush them offensively and the other will crush your soul and mind with silence and crush em offensively
OTF vJeezy
OTF vJeezy - 28 giorni fa
I’m rooting for Kawhi & the Raptors to win it all. We’re witnessing history right now & I’m loving it
Cesar Delgadillo
Cesar Delgadillo - 28 giorni fa
Demar Derozen : you got lucky, I am better than you

Kawahi: This is my world we just live in it
Mari Breon
Mari Breon - 28 giorni fa
Very humble guy

Warriors in 4
TheNDex - 28 giorni fa
iKawhi Leonard
C-lo Mx
C-lo Mx - 28 giorni fa
Just win and while you doing it shut up Skip Bayless hating ass. If you can't say it I will say it for you just be quiet and watch him win Skip if he don't win at least he get there. Where your Spurs at fishing or riding that long ass boat back to San Antonio.
Angela f-rachal
Angela f-rachal - 28 giorni fa
"I can't be nothing but happy for the Toronto raptors. About time" 😊
Tyler Knutson
Tyler Knutson - 28 giorni fa
KD’s motto
Ned K
Ned K - 28 giorni fa
Paul - 28 giorni fa
it’s so refreshing to see a humble NBA player. You are the best Kawhi, never change. Go get it.
keven james
keven james - 28 giorni fa
looc er’ruoy siht daer nac uoy fI
mike tyson1229
mike tyson1229 - 28 giorni fa
How many times did kawhi say 'u know'
ualreadyknow210 - 28 giorni fa
Trapped In Crime
Trapped In Crime - 28 giorni fa
Duh But that's in the past
KING_SHAUN2019 - 28 giorni fa
People say lowry is overrated but they don’t realize how much he does for his team
kixgod.com - 28 giorni fa
Powell. Rather be the best player then win
Sherika KezieahYT play games
Lowry takes your hands off that trophy. You don’t deserve to touch it bum.
G-Ma X
G-Ma X - 28 giorni fa
Love 💗
MrPunchthru2dub - 28 giorni fa
#Respect to Kawhi ✊🏿(Timestamp 4:30 )
T.A.Yoders - 28 giorni fa
Fuck the media..
Nsingh11 - 28 giorni fa
It's between clippers or raptors where he will sign.
Denise Eugene
Denise Eugene - 28 giorni fa
Sleeping giant !! Amazing what he has done in his first year in Toronto .!
DAVID TROUT - 28 giorni fa
Ed Cortorreal
Ed Cortorreal - 28 giorni fa
Gregg and Demar are in their rooms with lights off blinds down no cellphones and cover with sheets from head to toe...lmao..
Melchior AO
Melchior AO - 28 giorni fa
A new star is born.
Melchior AO
Melchior AO - 28 giorni fa
@ualreadyknow210 Yeah, but I mean now hes a superstar.
ualreadyknow210 - 28 giorni fa
Melchior AO He been a star foh
Tyler B Gerson
Tyler B Gerson - 28 giorni fa
"I don't care about winning. I just want to be the best player."- Russell Westbrook
Truthbringer -
Truthbringer - - 28 giorni fa
The Spurs will forever be remembered as jack asses for how they treated this dude. Props to Kawai for taking the high road while they tried to shit on his character.
ualreadyknow210 - 28 giorni fa
Truthbringer - lmao u fucking idiots still believe that shit about Spurs and how they treated him He quit plain and simple
ele huesca
ele huesca - 28 giorni fa
im waiting for kawhi laugh for real
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita - 28 giorni fa
When Kyle Lowry studders saying NBA championship you know your fucked against my local warriors 707 bay area you can't stop what's coming
A N T I Everything
A N T I Everything - 28 giorni fa
Demar Derozen punching the air so hard right now
Gerald Green
Gerald Green - 28 giorni fa
Isn't it ironic.....lebron goes west and TORONTO ADVANCES....WOW!
Star Jones
Star Jones - 28 giorni fa
Kyle finally stop being all sensitive and embracing Kawhi.
Mystic Screen
Mystic Screen - 28 giorni fa
Zlatan > Kawhi
Dev Allen
Dev Allen - 28 giorni fa
Team Chemistry +10 #NBA2k19 lol
cool thanks
cool thanks - 28 giorni fa
Fun and beautiful quote.
MarkTheShark9 - 28 giorni fa
He may not have left on best terms with the Spurs but the team first mentality has never left him, gotta love it.
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