Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

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Kassy Cerda
Kassy Cerda - 49 minuti fa
Everyone in the industry are all sad. I honestly agree. Wow. That hit
A G - 49 minuti fa
Bright green to black...says what fame can do to someone. sad
Maiyana Murray
Maiyana Murray - 53 minuti fa
i’m gonna cry like i don’t even listen to her music i will now tho she’s such a genuine person
Zamaris Kreisher
Zamaris Kreisher - Ora fa
Notasquid - Ora fa
I genuinely cried during this. It hits me hard
E. S.
E. S. - Ora fa
Main difference - the famous her has "dead" eyes.......
Alyssa Martinus
Alyssa Martinus - Ora fa
i cried after watching this. her radiance has dimmed. “all artists are sad. all of us are sad mother fuckers.”. i’m so broken.
Teigan Pembry
Teigan Pembry - Ora fa
Lil xan would go good w Billie
Below Zero
Below Zero - Ora fa
Billie out exposing people.Yes sis spill the tea
Below Zero
Below Zero - Ora fa
The fame made her more depressed
NoneThe Less
NoneThe Less - Ora fa
She inspired me to write a song and I wrote one thanks billie
Makuna Maka
Makuna Maka - Ora fa
4:28 what’s her favorite movie??
Cheeto Peodo
Cheeto Peodo - Ora fa
10-18 is my bday
Genesis Ruiz
Genesis Ruiz - Ora fa
Made me so sad can see the drained in her eyes 😭
Really makes you miss the old times. Even if your in a better place
becine - Ora fa
hopefully next year she will be wearing yellow again
Kennia Juliet
Kennia Juliet - Ora fa
So powerful
elp. eventing_
elp. eventing_ - Ora fa
I found out the other day her birthday is the same day as mine but She’s 16 and I’m 13 at the moment
BB21 - Ora fa
Who’s this?
idk oof
idk oof - Ora fa
for some reason, this is very sad and hits me with feelings I didn’t know I had
Kade Johnson
Kade Johnson - Ora fa
She looks like lil xan
Jammie Toor
Jammie Toor - Ora fa
Why is she so sad?! I hate this 😭😭
Isaac Ishikawa
Isaac Ishikawa - 2 ore fa
Omg she is 16 woah
angela g
angela g - 2 ore fa
She looks sadder.
Why’s she remind me of Lil Xan so much though lol
Narjiss Mi
Narjiss Mi - 2 ore fa
She is always sad ...
Jae B
Jae B - 2 ore fa
I don't know like anything about Billie Eilish but this made me tear up a lot. Also why does 2017 Billie remind me SO MUCH of Post Malone ohhh m g
Passang Dikki Rai
Passang Dikki Rai - 2 ore fa
bangtan illegirl
bangtan illegirl - 2 ore fa
The glow up omg :")
FML -,-
FML -,- - 2 ore fa
Billie aww ❤❤
Kaiya Yasmin
Kaiya Yasmin - 2 ore fa
She’s so pure
alexandra - 2 ore fa
And the winner of the most depressing interview goes to..
Natalia Dorigoni
Natalia Dorigoni - 2 ore fa
I’ve seen this video a thousand times
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar - 2 ore fa
I dunno why I'm addicted to this
First time I'm watching an interview over n over like a hit song!
Honestly her feelings was so true that you can feel it😞
Karmele Verse
Karmele Verse - 2 ore fa
these 2 videos were filmed on my birthday...
Sydnee Parker
Sydnee Parker - 2 ore fa
It's Garnet bishhh
It's Garnet bishhh - 3 ore fa
Just don't kys Billie. Pls.
Booznstuff - 3 ore fa
She’s still only 16 I feel like that’s an emotional time in everyone’s life
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin - 3 ore fa
I'm seeing a common trend of "more fame = less happiness" - At this rate, I hope I remain small forever :)
That14 YearOld
That14 YearOld - 3 ore fa
I love her, but I hope she's seeing someone she seems really not okay
Justine Garcia
Justine Garcia - 3 ore fa
mochi_jimin army
mochi_jimin army - 3 ore fa
is she depressed?
 - 3 ore fa
Shes ugly af lol
Lucey Louise
Lucey Louise - 3 ore fa
aw this is honestly so sad. She was so bright then :(
Samiha Afrin
Samiha Afrin - 3 ore fa
Why do I love you so much? Like I just dived into your life and lost in a good way
Haneem Keraan
Haneem Keraan - 3 ore fa
I know I'm late but I just realised that SHE DID THIS INTERVIEW ON MY BIRTHDAY!?!?!?!! AND IM SOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Munchkinology Gum
Munchkinology Gum - 4 ore fa
Why do I feel like crying? Im depressed again haha
Everything was bright last year then all gloomy this year..
Jasmin Abelsen
Jasmin Abelsen - 4 ore fa
i thought she was like 18 or 19!?!?
Yellow King
Yellow King - 4 ore fa
rip x
Sofia Rogel
Sofia Rogel - 4 ore fa
You can just see the sadness in her eyes...
Elena May
Elena May - 4 ore fa
i don’t want to be famous
farah el amrani
farah el amrani - 4 ore fa
I love how much her Fame has change but her personality hasnt (expect for the part that she looks sadder but i meant more like how she is)
Дмитрий Буркальцев
She do drugs?
Ninushka Schostakovic
She looks high
scarlet witch
scarlet witch - 4 ore fa
I love you Billie x
Pink Rabit
Pink Rabit - 4 ore fa
This vid made me heartbreaking
Daniel Kelty
Daniel Kelty - 4 ore fa
She should never do drugs just incase
Daniel Kelty
Daniel Kelty - 4 ore fa
She reminds me of lil xan or lil peep
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica - 4 ore fa
Billie I love you
MyNameIsCaution - 4 ore fa
i love this. its like...strangely beautiful. prob cuz of ocean eyes in the background 😭😭
DJM ForTheWin
DJM ForTheWin - 4 ore fa
Ooooh fake depression
Kenny Khuê
Kenny Khuê - 4 ore fa
One year can change you even you don’t want it ...
naujas paštas
naujas paštas - 4 ore fa
She is so boyish.
NyeZ - 4 ore fa
Tf you talking ppl? She is just living life. this is what live does with you. You get fuckd again and again and of course it affects you as a person.
Crashlotus - 4 ore fa
Life really affected you, huh?
Ella Silver
Ella Silver - 4 ore fa
I don’t know why but this makes me so happy
Freya Viray
Freya Viray - 5 ore fa
_she look so sad im cryin'_
YumeOw - 5 ore fa
wuuuut 16 guuurl? wtf
Raff Sendico
Raff Sendico - 5 ore fa
focc im cryin''
陳小白 - 5 ore fa
Jack Wurm
Jack Wurm - 5 ore fa
It's so sad seeing a life ruined before it even has enough perspective to know what it really wants or needs. The exploitation of children is real and wrong.
Kellie Mcpheron
Kellie Mcpheron - 5 ore fa
She was so much more confident in the first interview. So sad what can change within yourself just inside of a year.
Monite - 5 ore fa
I feel very emotional
She is so different
ella ravaunn
ella ravaunn - 5 ore fa
Billie is struggling, just look into her eyes. but of course she can't just straight up say she is because then her fans might take that the wrong way. the music industry kinda sucks, we fans never see the real side of it.
Charlene Claasen
Charlene Claasen - 5 ore fa
Why is this beautiful girl so sad?
Cheryl Mason
Cheryl Mason - 5 ore fa
She's so young I've done nothing with my life 😔
Andruschkaa - 5 ore fa
The last Part made me so sad. Her mom hugs her and she cant even really smile. That girl gave more happieness in the past
Chaeli Williams
Chaeli Williams - 6 ore fa
Does anyone else think that she kind of looks like Lindsey Lohan
abdul rehmaan
abdul rehmaan - 6 ore fa
2017: clean..ambitious ..innocent
2018: on drugs...innocence taken away by industry
cleo amare
cleo amare - 6 ore fa
she looks so depressiv😥
Tatuka Ivanauri
Tatuka Ivanauri - 6 ore fa
8:38 makes me depressed
anime lover
anime lover - 6 ore fa
Why am i crying 😔❤️
zoe_ 1712
zoe_ 1712 - 6 ore fa
She looks... stressed
Jose Bey
Jose Bey - 6 ore fa
This girl WANTS to look sad on purpose. “I’ve always been financially stable with my family but woe is me” y’all just perpetuate it
demigodtrash - 6 ore fa
2018 Billie is me irl
Mahya M
Mahya M - 6 ore fa
Why tf am I crying
Kia Cust
Kia Cust - 6 ore fa
Zoe Hicker
Zoe Hicker - 6 ore fa
10:33 got me
crazygurl2 5
crazygurl2 5 - 6 ore fa
Her eyes..
Zaibulik Zaublicev
Zaibulik Zaublicev - 7 ore fa
I just love her so much💫
Samantha Naiken
Samantha Naiken - 7 ore fa
billies so loyal, she’s probably the most respectful responsible beautiful amazing cute girl in the actual whole world
ATOMIC BEEBO - 7 ore fa
She looks like a torn peice of paper x'(
Магинур Джапарова
Billie one year ago was such a sunshine. So happy, positive and funny. Now she seems to be so broken. Like I really do worry for her(
Mady Stone
Mady Stone - 7 ore fa
she has such a beautiful soul but it holds so much pain, i only hope the best for our pure billie
Unveliebubble - 7 ore fa
teunts131098 - 7 ore fa
This was in my recommended list. I dont know this girl. I just wanna give her a hug because she sounds like she really needs one.
MrID36 - 7 ore fa
She looks worse.
Lumpi und Coco
Lumpi und Coco - 7 ore fa
Why shes Not talking about peep😢💔
Lunacuteypie101 - 8 ore fa
Daymn look at the views
npo eend
npo eend - 8 ore fa
When i was 16 i was just finished playing with my playmobil.
Rebecca Murphy
Rebecca Murphy - 8 ore fa
Poor Billie I love you I'm so sorry
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