Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

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samara amiri
samara amiri - 2 minuti fa
My teeths looked like billie eilish back then in 2017 omg but i fix them but they are not like here mine are awful i should put braces again we have like the same face features just i dont have those beautiful big eyes but my daughter does 😍
iiTatiolii Lopes
iiTatiolii Lopes - 21 minuto fa
I just kept thinking that she was going to break down at any moment 😭
Emma Ratz
Emma Ratz - 34 minuti fa
Why am I crying
Kace Nickey
Kace Nickey - 35 minuti fa
I really wanna give her a bigass hug ☹️
paulARTS - 43 minuti fa
being sad is not a waste of time you need moments of sadness to appreciate hapiness
Halle Swearingen
Halle Swearingen - 59 minuti fa
I want to hug her
ray - Ora fa
this lowkey made me sad
Jamneris Ortiz
Jamneris Ortiz - Ora fa
She is depressed because xxxtentacion died 😢😥😓😥😰😭😭 same
PUBG prestige
PUBG prestige - Ora fa
She looks so broken and depressed :(
m ø ø d
m ø ø d - Ora fa
8:38 Billie in 2017: “I like bright green a lot.
Billie in 2018: “I like black. It’s been pretty dark lately, so I wanted to be dark with it.”
Okay I’m seriously crying right now 😭 😭 💔
Jade Vazquez
Jade Vazquez - Ora fa
You never smile😭😭
Pandade - Ora fa
when she said “i met him.” i dieddddd
Lucy Cox
Lucy Cox - Ora fa
Dull eyes 😕
Emily Yager
Emily Yager - Ora fa
This is so sad
Wilma Ericsson
Wilma Ericsson - Ora fa
One word. LOVE
hala dolan
hala dolan - 2 ore fa
ahhh she’s so pretty..
V3RBA1 - 2 ore fa
sorry but idk who she is someone tell me
Manuel Pina
Manuel Pina - 2 ore fa
"I like bright green a lot. "
"I like black, it's been pretty dark lately, so I've just wanted to be dark with it."
That broke my heart... 💔
Lena Yas
Lena Yas - 3 ore fa
Can u do the interview again in 2019?
Saint Mary Ya
Saint Mary Ya - 3 ore fa
👏🏻 *I* 👏🏻 *feel* 👏🏻 *bad* 👏🏻 *for* 👏🏻 *her* 👏🏻

-b-u-t- -w-h-y -I-s- -t-h-e- -m-u-s-I-c- -s-o- -s-a-d-
Bored - 3 ore fa
İdal Eilish
İdal Eilish - 3 ore fa
I’m crying
Nagy Zalán
Nagy Zalán - 3 ore fa
Looks like someone who would be a great black metal artist.

(but she wouldn't)
Winoka Burroughs
Winoka Burroughs - 3 ore fa
Who tf is she
Jazmyn Ironshield
Jazmyn Ironshield - 3 ore fa
yall just had to add the sad music??
billie i cant say the same, but i know what it feels like. . . ive been through a lot, but i have a good friend and a family. and i made it
Terra Nova
Terra Nova - 4 ore fa
I have no idea who this person is....
helena borich
helena borich - 5 ore fa
PLISEEEE Billie dont be sad and scared
helena borich
helena borich - 5 ore fa
I love you Billie
Simon Krocker
Simon Krocker - 5 ore fa
Say no to satan
Juraj Visczor
Juraj Visczor - 5 ore fa
who is she ?
Elizabeth Kendall
Elizabeth Kendall - 5 ore fa
"Dont post your feelings."
I know how she feels and what she means me and her are 1 year apart and she has been my idol ever since she started and i love her so much. Its like you life is breaking in all of a year and it messes up everything. Sorry billie. 😕
*UnicornPototo *
*UnicornPototo * - 5 ore fa
This made me cry
N x y W x l d x r
N x y W x l d x r - 6 ore fa
1 like = to hug billie 💗
Xx.Alicia. Xx
Xx.Alicia. Xx - 6 ore fa
Anyone else saw the baby momma commercial?? Before this
Zuplex - 6 ore fa
Wow follower are all you have to.... how fictional
twisting_collab Tiktok
At 8:42 is the moment that hits me and portably everyone else 😭😭😭
Sash chandra
Sash chandra - 6 ore fa
She must of signed her soul away ....
Sophia Janelle  Yap Co
Sarah Babay
Sarah Babay - 7 ore fa
I teared up and cried so many times watching this wtf. I just love her so much and wanna hug her so tight.
brate - 7 ore fa
She fine asf but her music trash
Dima 44
Dima 44 - 7 ore fa
She looks like she wants to bust into tears :( I want to give her a long hug
Jeremiah Daybell
Jeremiah Daybell - 8 ore fa
I love how down-to-earth Billie is. But I also feel so bad for her! I have the same exact feelings that she appears to have. Still love her.
Nugget FaceBOI
Nugget FaceBOI - 8 ore fa
She creepy don’t like her
Eleonora Lodesani
Eleonora Lodesani - 8 ore fa
Guys people change. Everything change.
Are you always happy?
I do not think so.
Is billie is a famous person does not mean that she should always be happy.
She is only uman. 🖤
Cheryl Lia
Cheryl Lia - 8 ore fa
Dont post everything u think ....

Street_Hitchcock - 9 ore fa
Go to Serbia if you want to be unrecognized.
Kayoko Beats
Kayoko Beats - 9 ore fa
She got fallen by black guys and americans and she turned to this. Unlile last time the Ocean Eyes shes preety
Cemre Atamer
Cemre Atamer - 9 ore fa
Why people so crazy about her? ı think ı am too old to adore her 🤔
RimaWatch Khadeir
RimaWatch Khadeir - 9 ore fa
Whats up with this sad, downer emo trend nowadays, why do they act like its cool to look sad and give a idgaf mood
Dorky Gaming
Dorky Gaming - 10 ore fa
What is What
What is What - 10 ore fa
she seems traumatized..
VinellAD - 11 ore fa
I feel broken... Like her. When I see her face she looks like a girl who has everything... But you don't know what happened to her in reality
Kaleb Goku31
Kaleb Goku31 - 11 ore fa
Falls into hard drugs and overdoses,can now
Kaleb Goku31
Kaleb Goku31 - 11 ore fa
She looks like.lil xan
magda ramirez
magda ramirez - 11 ore fa
I watched this video a while ago, and you really get a feeling of how time passes by and I see Billie and although I’m not famous I can relate to this so bad. That and she is so broken, but her smile is so beautiful!
Paige Evans
Paige Evans - 11 ore fa
She is thinking about her past and breaking inside
Bella Russell
Bella Russell - 12 ore fa
This was filmed on my birthday. This shows how much I have also changed and the part where I got depression this year
Fiona Branzuela
Fiona Branzuela - 12 ore fa
this is inspiring me so much
mental abuse
mental abuse - 12 ore fa
This makes me so sad...
She's still amazing ♡ Hope she will feel happiness 🌠
Maria Aurora Bianca Fajardo Punzalan
You are 15 now 2018 16 wow
Sabrina Galvan
Sabrina Galvan - 12 ore fa
I loved this beyond words.
Alex Song
Alex Song - 16 ore fa
noah - 16 ore fa
whattheFUCK is on ur neck
Kaise Kasaki
Kaise Kasaki - 16 ore fa
*can i hug u billie ):*
Simon Maxmaundrell and a
don't normally comment but i love her gorgeous singing vice and it is hart breaking that she is not enjoying her well deserved success.
Shine Playzz
Shine Playzz - 16 ore fa
I hope she doesnt go through hard this year.. I hope no celebrity dies this year 💔
Claudia Babilino
Claudia Babilino - 17 ore fa
Why does she make me sad in a happy way😭😩💔❤️
Stephie love god
Stephie love god - 17 ore fa
Ummm... No brag but

Why does she want to go to Brazil, I am half Brazil and half USA makes me happy 😄😃😁
Kinley Moran
Kinley Moran - 17 ore fa
The amount only a year can change someone...
Xx Fe4r
Xx Fe4r - 17 ore fa
Ay a day after my bday
Crafty Mikaela 29
Crafty Mikaela 29 - 18 ore fa
To be honest, I like the old her better...
ROHIT GOGOI - 18 ore fa
She just has a resting sad face
Poly Animations
Poly Animations - 18 ore fa

I was such a *babyyy*
Dinopop Loves u!
Dinopop Loves u! - 18 ore fa
I’m crying
Luna_Moona 0000
Luna_Moona 0000 - 18 ore fa
Did anyone else just start bawling
Lolol kid
Lolol kid - 18 ore fa
She looks so broken.....i need to be her best friend
Sarahi Duran
Sarahi Duran - 18 ore fa
She tried holding in the tears 😭❤️
Grade 11 MMHS Corrigan
I love you so much. I am a 54-year-old English high school teacher. I incorporated this video into our studies. YOU are in my curriculum. Dope. If you ever want to hear more, I will send you what we did in class. Let's just say? Amazing!
Sound Hectiic
Sound Hectiic - 19 ore fa
R. - 19 ore fa
Look how evil the music industry is. All these labels and people BTS can CHOKE
Caleighorcutt - 19 ore fa
It was so cute when she said i met him aww
Cherelle Stewart
Cherelle Stewart - 19 ore fa
Omfg would they turn that depression music off it's making this sad
Angel Devil
Angel Devil - 20 ore fa
Billie is so inspiring I wanna cry 😭
Ashley Michelle
Ashley Michelle - 20 ore fa
I cried
jordan worthington
jordan worthington - 20 ore fa
Did she reference 7 days to die with trader Joel’s?
Diane Denis
Diane Denis - 21 ora fa
She’s looks so happy back then with 200k and 1mil then she’s like oh a few million on everything so heartless
Queen Carmen
Queen Carmen - 21 ora fa
I took her advice and I'm bout to delete everything that I put my feeling is in
Queen Carmen
Queen Carmen - 21 ora fa
I mean feelings
Sanya Ho
Sanya Ho - 21 ora fa
Inspirational as heck😭💗✨
sarah lepage
sarah lepage - 21 ora fa
There's something so beautiful to her sadness...
Lyssa Limelight Why Don't We for Life
Why does she look so sad in 2018
Olivia L
Olivia L - 21 ora fa
*why am I crying*
Kenzie Ribordy
Kenzie Ribordy - 21 ora fa
Omg I wonder if she knew X
Cubix - 22 ore fa
She looks depressed
Khloe Anderson
Khloe Anderson - 22 ore fa
She looks so sad I want to just give her a hug and be there for her. I hope she knows she can take a break whenever she can we understand we love her and just want her to be happy. She doesn’t deserve depression. Depression f*cking sucks. She deserves to be happy. Take care of your self Billie don’t worry about us worry about you we love you don’t forget that❤️
ImCornyDoug 05
ImCornyDoug 05 - 22 ore fa
Wow what a hard life
infestissumam - 22 ore fa
Drugs are kicking in
I'm CookieWars
I'm CookieWars - 22 ore fa
"I think it's October 18th 2017"
what do you mean by "I think"?
SLIME IT! 1.1m
SLIME IT! 1.1m - 22 ore fa
Billie is my idol🖤😢
Mackenzie Fleshman
Mackenzie Fleshman - 23 ore fa
Melissa MeLiSsA
Melissa MeLiSsA - 23 ore fa
5:01-5:19 bruh
Prossimi video