Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

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Elizabeth Merielle
Elizabeth Merielle - 35 minuti fa
It is true that the artist she knows are hella sad like promise some artist have been slaves by the company ex:
Michael Jackson
Aaron Weaver
Aaron Weaver - 58 minuti fa
Don't worry. She won't last but 3 albums
Cookie Smookie77
Cookie Smookie77 - Ora fa
Waiiiit she’s soooooo young i don’t realize that she’s so young
Tiaria Potaka
Tiaria Potaka - Ora fa
This just shows how thirsty we are for Billie...
and how much we have drained her....
R3try Shanker
R3try Shanker - Ora fa
I’m surprised she isn’t swearing that much
This video is sad to watch. She was so gorgeous and full of hope and just a year later, she is still gorgeous, but the changes so much. I cant explain it. Poor Billie.😭😭💔💔💔💔
Boom Nights
Boom Nights - Ora fa
0:32 it just touched my heart. We just want u to be really happy billie
Leilani Gonzalez
Leilani Gonzalez - Ora fa
9:52 - 10:06 😂💥
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 2 ore fa
I feel so bad for her I feel like she went through something hard
Sleta 09
Sleta 09 - 2 ore fa
Whats the background score?
Asako Tashika
Asako Tashika - 2 ore fa
Black. Black for me is a dark color, depression color, so is blue.
Blue, black, green favorite colors.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, basically like Billie.
Weird Girl
Weird Girl - 2 ore fa
Never post your feelings
Meanwhile Taylor Swift
hegel leonardo
hegel leonardo - 2 ore fa
I love the 15 Billie
Im Me
Im Me - 2 ore fa
Wow being famous can really emotionally change you in a small amount of time 😭💔
didisenf :3
didisenf :3 - 2 ore fa
Why is this so sad
Isabella Corona
Isabella Corona - 3 ore fa
I’m half Brazilian because my mom is Brazilian 😇
Splash - 3 ore fa
I wish i could be sad making millions of dollars doing what i love and driving exotic cars never having to worry about money problems ever again
Splash - 3 ore fa
Fame doesn’t destroy a person, what you do with the fame, how you handle the fame destroys a person theres a difference.
Quake - 3 ore fa
99% of the people in this comment section is talking about how she is so sad now but honestly thats annoying
ThatOne LoneWolf
ThatOne LoneWolf - 3 ore fa
She looks like wraith at 0:23 on the right
Brooke Archer
Brooke Archer - 3 ore fa
You know it's just good that it's been a year and she's still connected to her family. That's what keeps you you.
OTT Lethal
OTT Lethal - 3 ore fa
How is she 15
Brooke Archer
Brooke Archer - 3 ore fa
I used to listen to Billie when she had 200 likes on was for ocean eyes back in...2017? I cant even remember
Ilovepusheen3108 - 3 ore fa
3:37 i started to cry she is broke....
val ram
val ram - 4 ore fa
I liked her better at 15
Sankalp Gambhir
Sankalp Gambhir - 4 ore fa
change is because of cocaine and illuminati 😜😜😜
daniel ippolito
daniel ippolito - 4 ore fa
can we get a 2019
Nicky piggy :D
Nicky piggy :D - 4 ore fa
It sound like there gonna cry

Editzz07 - 4 ore fa
This actually made me cry 😕
Fatimah Kureshi
Fatimah Kureshi - 4 ore fa
Billie is so amazing, and she finds the best in people
Big Mac
Big Mac - 4 ore fa
Any time that she moved you could here the pounds of metal she’s wearing I don’t want to jump to conclusions but EEEEMMMMMOOOOOO
tony george
tony george - 4 ore fa
Insane to see what one year of intense pressure can do to someone so young. She looks like 10 years older after one year.. her music is incredible though.
Mia Nicole
Mia Nicole - 4 ore fa
The ocean eyes piano isn’t the background is amazing 😍
F A I T H - 4 ore fa
She may have just matured in a way. She's had to think differently with all this fame at such a young age.
Jaylynn Olson
Jaylynn Olson - 5 ore fa
I love her more than anything in the world 🌎 she is my whole world. I care about this girl so much it’s crazy. She is such a kind-hearted, beautiful... inside and definitely out, caring person.. she is literally my favorite person in the ENTIRE world ❤️ she’s my everything
BowTieTeddy - 5 ore fa
lol smol Billie vs Emo Billie XD
Sweet PotatoCream
Sweet PotatoCream - 5 ore fa
Now where’s 2019
J Burr
J Burr - 5 ore fa
Meth- I mean , what?
Zheilene Razo
Zheilene Razo - 5 ore fa
Riley Smith
Riley Smith - 5 ore fa
I’ve watched this so many times
Ayuwoki Hee hee
Ayuwoki Hee hee - 6 ore fa
This was emotional omg
LittleMayaChick - 6 ore fa
October 18 is a day before my birthday 😮
Nurul Hidayah Mohd Azemi
This is kinda sad
Lil Mac
Lil Mac - 6 ore fa
White rich people I'm white but like if I had that much fame omg
Emma the memer girl
Emma the memer girl - 6 ore fa
7:02 Click on this and pause
chikozillla - 6 ore fa
Ok not to be mean but who the fudge is she lol
DayDay Xox
DayDay Xox - 5 ore fa
I think a rapper or singer Idk I don't listen to her music (not my style)
BTS FAN-DOM - 6 ore fa
If they don’t do this in 2019 I’m going to be sad to not see the change
kat renee
kat renee - 6 ore fa
who tf had the audacity to 👎🏻 this
heyit’saimee smile
everyone wants to be famous and you really don’t because it can change you a lot and feel like it’s pressure and that’s what billie is going through
Blackjay 06
Blackjay 06 - 7 ore fa
Did anyone almost cry bc of the music
Amulya Sanghani
Amulya Sanghani - 7 ore fa
This music makes the video depressing
gabie dubin
gabie dubin - 7 ore fa
she's much prettier in the previous intervew
Johnna M
Johnna M - 7 ore fa
I just love her ❤️
Erin Beer
Erin Beer - 7 ore fa
This just touched me, in a way that made me feel... I wish that i could film myself one year apart and see how dumb I’ve become in the future, or see if I’ve conquered the world yet.
sean benton armstrong
Younger Billie seems kinder, more intelligent, less cocky and a lot less hood.
Aquaa - 7 ore fa
I liked listening to Billie in her earlier stage. Not a huge fan of this dark music (don’t attack me), but I still support her I guess. You can see the pain and pressure she’s been through.
I liked and commented On this vid
jesse roberts
jesse roberts - 7 ore fa
They will seclude you to the point were Mind Breaks. I was MKultra victim in Tucson,Arizona. They knew I outsmarted them soo they treated me like a outcast.
jesse roberts
jesse roberts - 7 ore fa
Woww see guys this is what Mkultra does to young woman.
CookieDough LPS
CookieDough LPS - 7 ore fa
I'm to scared to go up to people I know of or know in places
Crowley - 8 ore fa
this girl is cringe af
H i
H i - 8 ore fa
Oh oct 18 is my birthday
Disney Apple
Disney Apple - 8 ore fa
Man what cameras do they use
doueven footnite
doueven footnite - 8 ore fa
Y'all know she just going through puberty right!
FREEDOM Neothei - 7 ore fa
+Cool Girl 3000 start** puberty at 9-13
Cool Girl 3000
Cool Girl 3000 - 7 ore fa
doueven footnite girls go through puberty at ages 9-13...
Cheese Gamer
Cheese Gamer - 8 ore fa
Again this year? Plz in 201999
YO Cra
YO Cra - 8 ore fa
She look sad know, like something broken
Gatcha Unicorn
Gatcha Unicorn - 8 ore fa
Old billie: I like bright green.. A lot
2018 billie: I like black... It dark and that's how things are...
This describes how fame and pressure van ruin ur life and emotions😢💔
grace lindley
grace lindley - 9 ore fa
This is sad
Brooke Heflin
Brooke Heflin - 9 ore fa
God I love her
Lena Simsic
Lena Simsic - 9 ore fa
I found Billie on the internet when I broke my leg the first song I heard whas bellyach and now just a few months later you see songs like when the party’s over and Idontwannabeyouamore its just sad how much fame can change a person
Nest Is The Best
Nest Is The Best - 9 ore fa
This is what happens when you get in the Satanic industry they pressure you and pound you with evil stuff
Sweet Honeybun
Sweet Honeybun - 9 ore fa
It hard to believe my brother is the same age as her she’s so like adulty lol
Cry Babies
Cry Babies - 9 ore fa
Watta doll
Marisol Campos
Marisol Campos - 9 ore fa
y - 9 ore fa
Why is everyone calling her depressed?
Hi TUBERS - 9 ore fa
I watched it even though I don’t know who she is, you happy YouTube. You peace of S***!
Master Flanguni
Master Flanguni - 9 ore fa
Billie has changed a lot in one year
Piotr Mlot
Piotr Mlot - 9 ore fa
check mate
check mate - 9 ore fa
Oct 18 is my birthday
Tamarus Gray gaming
Tamarus Gray gaming - 10 ore fa
Watch on october 18th this year

_gonna be intresting_
xXvanquisherXx - 10 ore fa
Tyler Dangremond
Tyler Dangremond - 10 ore fa
She’s depressed
Jaylee Haskell
Jaylee Haskell - 10 ore fa
2:36 aww she laughs for like 2 seconds then looks downs and is sad again😞
Fydo - 10 ore fa
Money and fame doesn’t bring happiness.
Jessica Xox
Jessica Xox - 10 ore fa
*she looks so drained and upset. Let’s hope she’s smiling inside* 😕🙏🏼
FREEDOM Neothei - 7 ore fa
Ggg Ggghhk
Ggg Ggghhk - 10 ore fa
Money doesn't change people. It only shows their real face.
Tristan E
Tristan E - 10 ore fa
She is only a year younger then I am... and I can see how emotionally drained she is and it breaks my heart
Felicia Philpot
Felicia Philpot - 10 ore fa
This video puts me through a rollercoaster of emotions
dr.sos - 10 ore fa
She is not doing OK at all and she a real interfere
Myles Pastuck
Myles Pastuck - 11 ore fa
Billie is queen
sammie - 11 ore fa
When billie said drop dead my cat lay down lol
Alien From Mars
Alien From Mars - 11 ore fa
Just pause at 1:26 and look at 15 yr old Billie, idk I thought that smile was cute
Ima Duck
Ima Duck - 11 ore fa
Ok so everybody in the comment section is out here with like 5k likes and crap and I'm over hear with like one.....thx for the like mom
FREEDOM Neothei - 7 ore fa
Hiver En
Hiver En - 11 ore fa
fortnite girl
fortnite girl - 12 ore fa
love yourself billie! 💋❤️
Carla S.
Carla S. - 12 ore fa
is anyone else crying?
no, just me? ok
ines GUERIRI - 12 ore fa
15 year old billie is a gem❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚
itsyagurl tillyxox
itsyagurl tillyxox - 12 ore fa
I feel so sad for Billie like she's been put under a lot of pressure and things are so bad for her 1 like=1 pray for Billie 😭😭
eLf dRaWs
eLf dRaWs - 12 ore fa
no I don't cry my eyes just went for a little swim.
Eleven 011 loves her eggos
Millie bobby brown I love Millie bobby brown
Prossimi video