15 RAREST Minecraft 1.14 Mobs

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Logdotzip - 22 giorni fa
Wow! I'm so glad you all enjoyed this video!!! I wanted to let you know Minecraft got a new Combat update.... Check it out and leave your opinions ► https://youtu.be/04uba04ktCY
Bearfist 127
Bearfist 127 - 21 ora fa
@Logdotzip I actually got the 4 baby chickens today out of 9 eggs I threw
Jaime Tay
Jaime Tay - Giorno fa
I never enjoy (oh! 123 comments)
GalaticGacha -
GalaticGacha - - 2 giorni fa
Logdotzip illusor, giant?
Zirsis Foxer
Zirsis Foxer - 2 giorni fa
Y u bully fox’s
maria dyck
maria dyck - 3 giorni fa
Np I guess
C an this pickle get 10000 subs without videos
I found 4 pink sheep in minecraft
Vikkstar 2000
Vikkstar 2000 - 41 minuto fa
Have you ever played minecraft on a pocket device
Zer0 - Ora fa
Pig jockey
Gaming with Isaac
I have experience a skeleton trap
Gaming with Isaac
Wow I have tons of traders in my worlds
DangerousClorox. - Ora fa
This is abuse
Charmaine Calo
Charmaine Calo - Ora fa
Im Finding a Lots of Rare Mobs And i Didnt Know
KstaPicotero - Ora fa
i have a lot of brown sheeps
Griffin J miller
Griffin J miller - Ora fa
The beginning suprised me cause I saw that thing twice already in my 8 year career took a two year break
Glitchy Gamer.
Glitchy Gamer. - Ora fa
Actually the rarest mob is a baby zombie villager in enchanted diamond armor riding a brown panda
Beth Robins
Beth Robins - 2 ore fa
One time a baby zombie started riding my dog
Chivas Vamos Chivas
Chivas Vamos Chivas - 2 ore fa
I found a baby zombie on top of a regular zombie, is that rare?
Giany Chuvac
Giany Chuvac - 2 ore fa
There NOT RARE I saw like 3 of them that just spawnned at my houseee??
blup dump
blup dump - 2 ore fa
I spawned in max pandas and only found 1 brown panda
mylissa matson
mylissa matson - 2 ore fa
What about a baby zombie riding a adult zombie? I saw it once in my hole life, I think they are also pretty rare.
mr emo
mr emo - 3 ore fa
I literally see wandering villagers outside of my house ALL THE TIME i don’t think they are really rare no hate tho I love your vids
The Gaming Fox
The Gaming Fox - 3 ore fa
I saw 2 pink sheeps in different maps
Seammy 247
Seammy 247 - 4 ore fa
Wtf sheep
Fancyqueen - 4 ore fa
I’m not the one who finds the wandering trader. The wandering trader finds me
Seammy 247
Seammy 247 - 4 ore fa
I see 7 alllll the time
Seammy 247
Seammy 247 - 4 ore fa
I’ve gotten a zombie on the spiders with the golden sword
Connor Valene
Connor Valene - 4 ore fa
I literally played kinecraft today and on of them came right next to my house and i killed him on accident😢
andrew dittler
andrew dittler - 4 ore fa
Says wandering traders are rare, me: finds one every 5 seconds
Nikola - 5 ore fa
19:24 i found he in game and i killed him and not because the armor because chicken's feather. I am kust kidding lol
Duck! - 5 ore fa
The comments are flooded with people saying "Oh those things spawn in my house ALL the time even though that's literlarry IMPOSSIBLE.
Troglodyte - 5 ore fa
I've seen one of those.
Asmr Brendan
Asmr Brendan - 5 ore fa
4 chickens came out of my egg earlier today
Brandon Elijah Hill
Brandon Elijah Hill - 5 ore fa
0:57 Emeralds!? NANI!? This just makes me love foxes even more owo
Timothy Lu
Timothy Lu - 5 ore fa
you look like you are spitting out eggs: 15:46
Gacha Wolfe_gaming_to Wolf
Ya the wandering traders aren’t rare for me they have token over
Murphman - 6 ore fa
Do u get player skulls in bedrock?
Unspeakable girl
Unspeakable girl - 6 ore fa
I see wandering traders every time I build a house and I get thousands of them I don’t know what you mean by rare
daddy mm
daddy mm - 6 ore fa
the stuff is rare but I guess I am lucky because these re like every day things to me
Gacha-chan - 6 ore fa
BRUH killer bunny’s spawn on snow
daddy mm
daddy mm - 6 ore fa
dude I see wandering traders all the time !there rare? wow!
Yrnahj Sykes
Yrnahj Sykes - 6 ore fa
1:55 I got a brown panda second time i spawned it
Bryan Reyes
Bryan Reyes - 7 ore fa
A skeleton trap struck my house
Tigerturnip312 - 7 ore fa
AHHHHHHH FOUND A CHARGED CREEPER SAW IT GET STRUCK!!!! Why do i not know these are rare
Acid - 7 ore fa
1:08 Peta wants to know your location
Tigerturnip312 - 7 ore fa
also found a brown panda in a bamboo forest. Trapped it in my house
Faran King
Faran King - 7 ore fa
I’ve actually seen a wandering trader with a lama I found a village in my Minecraft world and I saw one with a lamma
Tigerturnip312 - 7 ore fa
i found a natural pink sheep and said “ Hey guys look a pig! Wait... IT’S A PINK SHEEP!!” they new i wasn’t lying cuz we just made the world and no dye or anything
iSerdal - 7 ore fa
Good Video but your random zooms are just annoying and give me spasms
Marlee Howenstine
Marlee Howenstine - 7 ore fa
Sometimes I see like 2 of the villagers in my games.i also see brown sheep all the time, same with pink sheep, am I lucky
R3 Void
R3 Void - 8 ore fa
One time a baby zombie was on a normal zombies back I killed the normal zombie and the baby jumped on to a chicken,I killed the chicken then it hopped onto a donkey.
Crisis for Deppreso Expresso
I hate skeleton traps, squishycraft rained so much so we had so many everyday someone died from these
Filip Popovici
Filip Popovici - 8 ore fa
I was playngwith my bro and we were mining and we were hearing a llama i decided to mine twards the sound and find a traveller llama but no trade
Fidda DaBomb
Fidda DaBomb - 8 ore fa
I found LOTS OF WANDERING TRADE MEN THERE SO COMMEN FOR ME also I got s pink sheep before one time me and my sister made a sheep color spawned (we spawned SO MANY SHEEP
Luca-Noel Beck
Luca-Noel Beck - 8 ore fa
pink sheep and rare? i walked around and found 2 of them. really near to eachother. so..
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