Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 5 Highlights | June 10, 2019 NBA Finals

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House of Highlights
House of Highlights - 2 mesi fa
TOP 100 MOMENTS OF THE 2018-19 NBA SEASON!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Yashwanth Samala
Yashwanth Samala - 2 mesi fa
Toronto raptors 😘😍💓
Demonta Seward
Demonta Seward - Giorno fa
Demarcus almost cost them the championship 😂
Alon Digz
Alon Digz - 7 giorni fa
Signal is da best
Online IELTS Tutor
Online IELTS Tutor - 7 giorni fa
The Raps were serious contenders especially after beating Philly and the Bucks not just with talent but with good team play. A healthy KD would have made a difference. But I'm thinking that the Raps probably would have won even if Klay was healthy the whole series too. It's really too bad about his game six injury. As a side thought: GS has been there for many of the past seasons and Toronto hasn't. Toronto players were more hungry and probably didn't care as much as what their body was telling them. They looked limping at times and Lowry with his bad back - they still came through.
KeanneLuis HinaVlogs
KeanneLuis HinaVlogs - 12 giorni fa
Kawhi Leonard had 2 championship at Spurs and Raptors
Vanraparporn Anongchanya
Vanraparporn Anongchanya - 16 giorni fa
It would be sad to see The Raptor lose this one because this is their only change while the GSW already got 3. Glad that KD got hurt and left the team.
my fat cat ate a door mat meow
@Og Adan yeah it is
Og Adan
Og Adan - 12 giorni fa
My profile picture is cool right
my fat cat ate a door mat meow
Screw you. Glad hes out for year? Screw the raptors screw you. you cant be glad for him to get hurt. The raptors woulda been dead if the warriors had kd.
Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan
I totally lost it after game 5 because the warriors clutch game 5. That was the most disappointing thing to see in history!
懂黑客的狗仔队 - 27 giorni fa
Ez win for gsw if ref call those funny travel
Tommy Texter
Tommy Texter - Mese fa
9:50 I knew it! I knew Klay was going to get the ball!! If Cousins was there long enough, he would set a screen on Danny Green to prevent him to close out Klay.
Fish Te
Fish Te - Mese fa
I have a question what if kd didnt injured for me nba are dumb
OhSheGoated - Mese fa
Who’s watching this in 2038
Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley - Mese fa
i just love seeing the 3-1 Toronto lead over the dynastic warriors on the Espn banner graphic,as a raptors fan
angelo daniel
angelo daniel - Mese fa
If klay and kd doesnt injure this will be a sweep
Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose - Mese fa
So LeBron has 4 and is working on 5th. He's actually 4-5
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin - Mese fa
Ifs don’t mean shit though now do they 😂
Jacob - Mese fa
I was jerking off and my dad walked in so I switched to this
Rahul Vikram
Rahul Vikram - Mese fa
Raptors fans can celebrate all they want, but they can’t ignore the fact that they beat a broken warriors team. Klay got injured in the final game, and when KD Played for like a quarter he was killing you guys by HIMSELF, y’all got lucky that he got injured again
Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose - Mese fa
I will admit we got lucky. But let's go back. In 2015, there was love and kyrie injured. In 2017, there was Kawhi injured. In 2018 CP3 was injured. Boi, stop complaining, you lucky af
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin - Mese fa
Meh...Warriors championship run ends the same way it started in 2015..With injuries. Now you know how it feels.
kyrie Playz
kyrie Playz - Mese fa
Osmar Gomez
Osmar Gomez - 2 mesi fa
Yo solo quiero decir algo raptors gano la serie por suerte porque se lesiono klay que es el que estaba manteniendo vivo a warriors
Chirlei Gabriela
Chirlei Gabriela - 2 mesi fa
Estou conm saudades desse jogão uauuuu😍😁😁
Targkm Kram
Targkm Kram - 2 mesi fa
OMG why did lowry went for three he can go inside
Rodde TheGod
Rodde TheGod - 2 mesi fa
Us Raptors we’re supposed to win in game 5 but they forgot to do the free throws
Lavar G.O.A.T Ball
Lavar G.O.A.T Ball - Mese fa
@Luis Hern then yall got swept on your home floor
Luis Hern
Luis Hern - 2 mesi fa
I’m so glad Warriors denied Toronto on their home floor. Trash ass fans. #fuckthenorth
ITZ G3EW Bro - 2 mesi fa
warriors for life baby
Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose - Mese fa
They lost
The MASTER PRO - 2 mesi fa
And he's also still copying some more of curry's moves just stop trying to be curry klay thomp!!!! Gosh!!!!
The MASTER PRO - 2 mesi fa
But curry does it better!
The MASTER PRO - 2 mesi fa
Klay thompson copied currys jump shot!
Diana Deniz
Diana Deniz - 2 mesi fa
I do not like the raptors boo
Darrien Jimna
Darrien Jimna - 2 mesi fa
Do you know what I find disrespectful, how you can pay up to thousands of dollars just to sit in those pull up chairs you can get at Walmart for like ten bucks. Honestly just upgrade those chairs man!!!!
Grace Lee
Grace Lee - 2 mesi fa
It’s sad, but I think this is the last time KD will play for the Warriors. After he declined the offer of the Warriors, it’s sad to see him go, but I hope the 3 new players of the Warriors will be a good thing for the Warriors. Also Prayers for Klay on his surgery coming up💯🙏
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin - Mese fa
Jat Cool No more rings possibly for the rest of those guys either. The West is stacked.
Jordan Cro
Jordan Cro - 2 mesi fa
No ones sad at all. Im glad his weak snake ass left lol. Cant win without joining a championship contender team with 3 to 4 all stars. No more rings for the Snake 😂😂😂
Thành Phạm
Thành Phạm - 2 mesi fa
I do not understand the United States very well, Even if the audience does not like GS, but should be happy when GS scored, this time not happy but also expect GS not to score anymore ?? America is the country that Vietnam always said is the world's most cultural country but I don't think so, I'm sorry but this is my opinion !!!!
Jordan Parada - Ponce
Jordan Parada - Ponce - 2 mesi fa
kike to you love me no you are the worst rapper bay areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Golden State
Golden State - 2 mesi fa
The best game of finals
Björn Johannsen
Björn Johannsen - 2 mesi fa
Can someone tell me the nAme of that girl wearing billie eilish clothes?
RumbleYoungMan Rumble
RumbleYoungMan Rumble - 2 mesi fa
Crazy how in 12 min a player can have an impact on a 4 period game
Sweet Ivi
Sweet Ivi - 2 mesi fa
I'm here, suffering again:c . Someone else?:c
Yağmur KAYA
Yağmur KAYA - 2 mesi fa
Freddy79 - 2 mesi fa
look at thompson after shooting last 3pt and curry after final 6:hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
NCG - 2 mesi fa
These refs man
Zasper - 2 mesi fa
Kd didn't play in 30 days, came back and hit his first 3 triples in the 1st quarter. Smh its spooky how cold he is.
chris kelley
chris kelley - 20 giorni fa
I agree bro
Berke Aslan
Berke Aslan - 2 mesi fa
kawhi's performance in last 5 min back to back three's and mid range shots he's a big player this serie should have ended in game 5 but klay and curry's lucky shots did not let them but en of the story raptors are nba champions.
John Frenchtoasty
John Frenchtoasty - 2 mesi fa
We the north
TLCONTROL Sage - 3 mesi fa
( * ) That about sums it up.
jay83 - 3 mesi fa
Cant stop the splash brothers
JHaz - 3 mesi fa
Think about this...People say curry sucks in the playoffs, yet of the top 50 scorers in nba playoff history, he has the 2nd highest true shooting percentage, behind Kevin McHale.
jhonbryle billones
jhonbryle billones - 3 mesi fa
Cousin's is capable in golden state
no u
no u - 3 mesi fa
Like wtf wheres the warriors crowd , i only hear raptors fans cheering
ediefe enriquez
ediefe enriquez - 3 mesi fa
Nice durant injure. Leave gsw. Its over for you. Next season you can't play
Charles DaPuth
Charles DaPuth - 3 mesi fa
Para sa akin, Golden State Warriors ang panalo. We love you all.
ONE LOVE - 3 mesi fa
JPUBGJ #1 - 3 mesi fa
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Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson - 3 mesi fa
Prayers up for KD! Warriors got greedy and rushed him smh.
But Toronto should've ended this thing here smfh. WTF Nick Nurse. I SWEAR they CAN NOT allow themselves to get to a Game 7. Warriors would have so much momentum and confidence. They should've knocked them out when Kawhi was throwing haymakers at them smh
myasus100 - 3 mesi fa
Stay injured KD, better yet go retire. FUCK KD from Houston!
Evan R
Evan R - 3 mesi fa
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Derek ex Machina
Derek ex Machina - 3 mesi fa
Hopefully that Achilles is the end of the snakes career. Garbage final but at least one good thing happened
Fausto Ngo
Fausto Ngo - 3 mesi fa
I noticed only few cheers up when GS shoot the ball, i wonder why
gian cody salilig
gian cody salilig - 3 mesi fa
I feel bad for the loss of gsw, they lost kev and thompson its like they"re dying fighting, or like 4 american soldiers trap in a place in afghanistan and the only thing they can do is fight until the last breath...
hollow points bullets
hollow points bullets - 3 mesi fa
Yeah,plus cousin didnt do shit.
Wilz Marq
Wilz Marq - 3 mesi fa
Kiddo The Great
Kiddo The Great - 3 mesi fa
MelChor Noay
MelChor Noay - 3 mesi fa
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Delano Reddick
Delano Reddick - 3 mesi fa
They tried to cheat for the Raptors. Look at between 0.36 to 0.39 how TOR went from 2 to 3 points couldn't be no free throw by the calculation of the game clock and shot clock
Cassie - 3 mesi fa
Big respect for KD ❤️
Leslie Fruity
Leslie Fruity - 3 mesi fa
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