David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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David Dobrik
David Dobrik - 7 giorni fa
Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol
All Gacha
All Gacha - 2 giorni fa
Your awesome
Dayana Zagal
Dayana Zagal - 5 giorni fa
David Dobrik you’re definitely not a 6, you’re a whole snack, meaning you’re a 10❤️
Joseph Paul
Joseph Paul - 5 giorni fa
B B - 44 minuti fa
This is David Dobrik feeling uncomfortable for 15min straight
B B - 51 minuto fa
David is just adorable
Pray4Me - 53 minuti fa
Sounds like DjSmallzEyes
B B - 53 minuti fa
I was not expecting this many questions about Liza like do they enjoy seeing his pain 😅
Aah Bopp
Aah Bopp - Ora fa
David you're A D O R A B L E.
laura - Ora fa
literally weakkkkkk every he licks his lips or does that cute thing where he sticks out his tongue 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Sophie Grande
Sophie Grande - Ora fa
why is he so cute
ThatNiggaAsian - Ora fa
Ella Nelson
Ella Nelson - Ora fa
He’s so cute ahhhh
I am anonymous
I am anonymous - Ora fa
He’s a cutieeee with a nice smile( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks - Ora fa
he was totally high, what, oh my god
jennifer gutierrez
jennifer gutierrez - 2 ore fa
I have to say it David is so cute my 💓
jennifer gutierrez
jennifer gutierrez - 2 ore fa
Just like that David made me cry
Danny Mendez
Danny Mendez - 2 ore fa
He's high af
Tori LeBlanc
Tori LeBlanc - 2 ore fa
Jennie DaWeirdo
Jennie DaWeirdo - 2 ore fa
I’m wheezing when he pulled out the picture of Logan Paul 😂
elizabeth sjsd
elizabeth sjsd - 3 ore fa
Henry Froehlich
Henry Froehlich - 3 ore fa
David no one is funnier than ur dumbass
FIONA ZAKAR - 3 ore fa
I am prob the only comment soooo surprised he smokes weed
whynot shaboop
whynot shaboop - 3 ore fa
i find david attractive. just because he's hot
Em Nich
Em Nich - 3 ore fa
David you’re a cutie don’t pay attention to the backhanded comments! xx
Charske Vlogs
Charske Vlogs - 3 ore fa
"What did you win?"
"All-State in Tennis"
NeoGot MyBack
NeoGot MyBack - 3 ore fa
11:43 _“That sounds very funny.”_
**Sounds like he’s dead inside** 😂😂😂😂😂
Pranked Bruhh
Pranked Bruhh - 4 ore fa
wow they did david dirty . the pain in his eyes
Lexie Mcniven
Lexie Mcniven - 4 ore fa
Aww he nearly cried In the relationship part aww love u David
Sonia Illahi
Sonia Illahi - 5 ore fa
That’s so mean that people call David “weirdly attractive”
journey walker
journey walker - 5 ore fa
the guy asking the questions is creepy 😬😂
Anastasia Smith
Anastasia Smith - 5 ore fa
I find David pleasantly attractive :)
Addison99 _
Addison99 _ - 5 ore fa
Interviewer: “How much can you bench?”
David: “enough... can we cut the interview.”
I felt that
Jade Rand
Jade Rand - 6 ore fa
Kassandra partello
Kassandra partello - 6 ore fa
Why is Liza not your girlfriend?You and Liza was so close.So why did you brake up with her?And who broke up with the other person?
1.Because you and Liza were lying to echother
2.I know
3.Because you and Liza were lying
You are dumb for being single
EvelynAtkinson - 6 ore fa
David wanted to stop, too. Holy crap! Seriously! Someone get ahold of Shane Dawson lol
EvelynAtkinson - 6 ore fa
Holy crap... Vanity Fair tearing apart friendships and toying around! Shane Dawson needs to get on this!
only here to subscribe
are you dating anyone else
the detector went yeet before he even answered lol
leah caviar
leah caviar - 7 ore fa
David: "I'm out"
Also David: "But show me another"
Hahaha I love how much of a mood this is
N&C Nation
N&C Nation - 7 ore fa
Go subscribe to my channel! N&C Nation 🥰
simply iconic
simply iconic - 7 ore fa
Okay i know this isnt about the video but i've been noticing that liza has been getting a lot of hate :(
connor loman
connor loman - 8 ore fa
Y’all really doin David wrong out here lol
Alice everything Rivera
David:sh*t I’m pretty high
Me: oh my 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sydney nichole
sydney nichole - 8 ore fa
i think i’m in love with him
Abby Ludwig
Abby Ludwig - 8 ore fa
except that hes a 10
Rose O’Bryan
Rose O’Bryan - 8 ore fa
bold of you to assume that i know how to read a lie detector test
mya Morfin
mya Morfin - 8 ore fa
Grace Huffman
Grace Huffman - 9 ore fa
I cracked up during this entire thing 😂
Shelby Gonsoulin
Shelby Gonsoulin - 9 ore fa
David is hot, there’s nothing weird about finding him attractive he’s just flat out attractive.
William Balentine
William Balentine - 9 ore fa
Interviewer: "That sounds very funny thank you" in the stalest non enthusiastic voice ever lol.
Jessica stevens
Jessica stevens - 10 ore fa
Omg David does weed!!!
Kiley Castaneda
Kiley Castaneda - 10 ore fa
Omg he said he smokes once every 6 months, and that’s how long they hid they’re breakup
Bendu Hammervold
Bendu Hammervold - 11 ore fa
You are legit the cutest.
jImiN gOt nO jAmS
jImiN gOt nO jAmS - 11 ore fa
they did him dirty lol
Celine Sabayon
Celine Sabayon - 11 ore fa
David is soo fkn cute like I feel so bad for him!!!!
Tina Bina
Tina Bina - 11 ore fa
David is very attractive
The Troll
The Troll - 11 ore fa
**explains vine**
that sounds funny.
*thank you.*
Emile Eepikaite
Emile Eepikaite - 12 ore fa
David look so sad & afraid
Gabriel Neri
Gabriel Neri - 12 ore fa
14:06 who is it?
BeatOfAngelx - 12 ore fa
what's wrong with his tongue 🤔. it keeps sticking out 😂
Julyana Molina
Julyana Molina - 12 ore fa
Why could he get deported?
tejal Shejul
tejal Shejul - 12 ore fa
Is John the only person in this whole universe who takes lie detector tests? I see him everywhere lmao
Ryan Healy
Ryan Healy - 12 ore fa
I feel like David is being held captive to do this and is struggling with being serious for more than 5 seconds at a time
Ka Wrss
Ka Wrss - 13 ore fa
This isnt real. The needles alwayys move and the big changes indicates lies deception via heart rate...breathing....i mean this isnt real at all.
Daisy S
Daisy S - 13 ore fa
Didn’t think this video would make me so uncomfortable
Chicken Productions
Chicken Productions - 14 ore fa
mariethesizzler 9492
mariethesizzler 9492 - 15 ore fa
He is so cute and that hair 😍😍 also i knew he smoked 😂😂
harly clarson
harly clarson - 15 ore fa
The people in the comments taking this way to seriously!😂
Sarchy 123
Sarchy 123 - 15 ore fa
Anyone notices that the guy who is reading lie detector resultat is the one that most youtubers go to? Like Dolan Twins,Ryland and Shane...
King Smilex
King Smilex - 17 ore fa
so many lies and he is banging a woman in a relationship hahaha ^_^ what a moron
Omg you’re so right
Omg you’re so right - 17 ore fa
Amara Mast
Amara Mast - 18 ore fa
His favorite vine is like my favorite vine 😂
Kenya King
Kenya King - 18 ore fa
Aww he's so bubbly
Arionna DC
Arionna DC - 18 ore fa
Why is he laughing so much
K. B.
K. B. - 18 ore fa
That guy Jon is getting paidddd
Sara Onoszko
Sara Onoszko - 19 ore fa
his tongue was moving around sm !!
So Chantelle
So Chantelle - 19 ore fa
I used to like David but ... he doesn’t Like Logan so ... bye David 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sarah Fraisse
Sarah Fraisse - 19 ore fa
Omg he’s the cutest
Dmp Sri
Dmp Sri - 20 ore fa
Stop doing this https://youtu.be/--A5T2RpkKs
Kylia - 20 ore fa
He’s soooooo witty.
triggeredtamnna - 20 ore fa
David is cute. period.
Tap Water
Tap Water - 20 ore fa
Sorta felt bad when they kept mentioning Liza
too much karena lol
too much karena lol - 20 ore fa
sooo are we just going to ignore that David called Zane a sellout truthfully orr???
Renee Dolores
Renee Dolores - 20 ore fa
I think he’s sooo cute
Sebastian Torres
Sebastian Torres - 20 ore fa
I'm wet
keni and averi
keni and averi - 20 ore fa
9:10 kinda broke my heart
Laujarna Morton
Laujarna Morton - 21 ora fa
The fact that my boy is not happy 💔
Carolina Fernandez
Carolina Fernandez - 21 ora fa
This interview makes me so uncomfortable. It’s torture to see his facial expressions, like there’s this underlying sadness. Makes me want to reach out and just comfort him.
Munashe Tanjani
Munashe Tanjani - 21 ora fa
It's like making a sequal to a great movie. Why? Just watch it again. -David Dobrik
Favorite qoute, now and forever
Sofia - 21 ora fa
star kar
star kar - 22 ore fa
david dobrik i love you
NOWHERE GIRL - 22 ore fa
poor David! I felt so bad for him when they asked about Liza!
Cassie Manzello
Cassie Manzello - 22 ore fa
This is the funniest thing ever omgggg 😂😂😂
Felipe Mug
Felipe Mug - 22 ore fa
he’s so more than a 6 come on he’s the cutest thing
Emily Vargas Bellido
Emily Vargas Bellido - 22 ore fa
I feel like that they were trying to make him cry in some way like shame him, or put pressure on him , they shouldn't do that type of stuff , like that guy that is asking the questions sounds like a physco.
Jada Hamilton
Jada Hamilton - 22 ore fa
Am I the only one who thought 9:23 was adorable Lol “why are you saying that🥺”
Luba Bushuyev
Luba Bushuyev - 22 ore fa
Just me or is the interviewer really weird? Like the questions that were being asked were really odd. Theres so many questions you could ask that aren't as random instead of what was being asked.
Abby Warren
Abby Warren - 22 ore fa
Jacob Matthews
Jacob Matthews - 22 ore fa
Am I the only one that caught that he bit his lips when the guy showed him the picture of the Dolan Twins? Or am I overthinking it?😂😂
Mister Pants
Mister Pants - 22 ore fa
I loved the ending 😂 “no”
Abby Warren
Abby Warren - 23 ore fa
Hailey Schlegel
Hailey Schlegel - 23 ore fa
Why you gotta do David like dat??
Hypersniper244 - 23 ore fa
Prossimi video