I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 3 mesi fa
hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf
Jasmine Zaharia
Jasmine Zaharia - 7 giorni fa
Hello Safiya. Would you like to try a zero g flight (experience weightless) and review it? I think it would be and awesome story to tell and you would be the perfect person to review it!
Lilaphil 2.0
Lilaphil 2.0 - 13 giorni fa
a h
Rypey ‘
Rypey ‘ - Mese fa
The soap turned out unique and actually, pretty!
mmtruooao - Mese fa
... collab with royalty soaps???
ChewieXOX29 - Mese fa
Two seconds th show will go on
Rikae69420 YT
Rikae69420 YT - 2 ore fa
It is amazing and smells amazing
Rikae69420 YT
Rikae69420 YT - 2 ore fa
Go to lush!
Kiwi’s Vlogs
Kiwi’s Vlogs - 5 ore fa
Lush has great soap and lip scrub
Winter - 10 ore fa
Please make a new soap!
Sudheeran S P
Sudheeran S P - 11 ore fa
I also watch those soap videos
So satisfying
Pam Sysiuk
Pam Sysiuk - 14 ore fa
"Let's bring in the dancing lobsters"
Daphne Vandine-crane
Daphne Vandine-crane - 18 ore fa
I have made a wix website
Not so easy
rose hunt
rose hunt - Giorno fa
try this soap art Safiya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpvO0tzYEFo
ColourMeGin - Giorno fa
Anyone come here from watching royalty soaps? 😂
annabelle scott
annabelle scott - Giorno fa
I need more of this!
Dillan Heisz
Dillan Heisz - Giorno fa
10:46 wtf
kadi abusaida
kadi abusaida - Giorno fa
Please part 2
Creative Cailyn
Creative Cailyn - Giorno fa
Waw sweetie thats a first
I have never heard him say that

Relationship goals
RuBaYyYy - Giorno fa
she literally could've just bought pre-made glycerin, melted it, colored it, and put it in the mold XD
Creative Cailyn
Creative Cailyn - Giorno fa
“Bitch dont die”

Said by a wise philosopher
quiltea56 - Giorno fa
I think your soap looks great! Are you married Yet? Little bars of soap would make great "Shower favors". Love watching you all. God bless
m m
m m - 2 giorni fa
You have kid veiwerz
vapor - 2 giorni fa
I just realized the background music is the PH theme-
Lucas Brinster
Lucas Brinster - 2 giorni fa
its an emergen blender
makenzie michalak
makenzie michalak - 3 giorni fa
you know what thats the best soap ive ever saw
vincent colella
vincent colella - 3 giorni fa
hao :D
North Draws
North Draws - 3 giorni fa
You know that feeling... that... *urge....* to eat the fancy soaps...
*on display...*
Apatite Facet 24XJ
Apatite Facet 24XJ - Giorno fa
Safiya's soap looks like lemon bars but blue
khouloud zaidi
khouloud zaidi - 3 giorni fa
my mom used to make soap and she always warn me not to touch it while making it
"it will melt my hand" that's what happen if i touch it
Grace Eunson
Grace Eunson - 3 giorni fa
I love watching all of your videos. Since you are so creative, i think you should make a video of trying out Five Minute Crafts.
xXComplexXx - 3 giorni fa
when the soap is this thick 18:57 , all i can think of is the dinner scene from "Hook"
Mytical Heart
Mytical Heart - 3 giorni fa
Is it just me when I watch these videos I feel like IM doing it and MY hands are dirty and I can’t inhale :/?
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez - 3 giorni fa
Who else wants saf to try this again just to see if her soap gets better
Unicorn ForEvs
Unicorn ForEvs - 3 giorni fa
That's how now I make like 500 a week
This video
I do soap art now
So_Relatable 15
So_Relatable 15 - 3 giorni fa
I want more of these! This was amazing, thank you for putting the work into these!
Emmery - 3 giorni fa
My birthday was on the 21
spacepancake ツ
spacepancake ツ - 3 giorni fa
20:43 That looks like the Meat loaf with toothpaste from The Amazing World of Gumball
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly - 4 giorni fa
4:08 my 3 favourute youtubers ! I’m content
Chaiora Haylestrom
Chaiora Haylestrom - 4 giorni fa
Hook swirl and sinker
Gabrielle Swanger
Gabrielle Swanger - 4 giorni fa
Safyia took chemistry the year I was born
Chloe Grimshaw
Chloe Grimshaw - 4 giorni fa
You should have named the soap website safs bad science and if you made anymore ‘bad science products’ you could sell them on there!
Pappii Acee
Pappii Acee - 4 giorni fa
If lye so bad y tf is it use in the soap we wash our pussy with?!
that 1 gay girl
that 1 gay girl - 4 giorni fa
23:20 end product
Anna Wilner
Anna Wilner - 4 giorni fa
do a bad makeup science — frankensoap
Miranda D
Miranda D - 5 giorni fa
Ok but can we get another soap vid saf???
A Person
A Person - 5 giorni fa
wijcik - 5 giorni fa
I love how cute you two are with each other :D
axgeorge 1234
axgeorge 1234 - 5 giorni fa
Do this again
Ella Rachel Manasseh
Ella Rachel Manasseh - 5 giorni fa
Me: **learns this last 2 months**
Me: I’m so smart
Theearlynovamber ;
Theearlynovamber ; - 5 giorni fa
Please make more soap vids !!
Becca Ward
Becca Ward - 5 giorni fa
Spoon the
Spoon the - 6 giorni fa
Cermet is *quaking*
LilMegz boiz
LilMegz boiz - 6 giorni fa
The day the Safiya makes a Tyler sized Soap bar is the day people will die
TheNormalAsian - 6 giorni fa
Would love to see another try on soap making
Ellie Sub to pewds
Ellie Sub to pewds - 7 giorni fa
“Corn chip yellow”
Julia Börjesson
Julia Börjesson - 7 giorni fa
I like it🙃
Nightmare_ Wolfy
Nightmare_ Wolfy - 7 giorni fa
Maybe you should try this, https://youtu.be/oVP2XWN_aRk it's moree izyyy BTW sorry i'm late
Lily Toll
Lily Toll - 7 giorni fa
Ok but Saf is literally me, but if I was funny and iconic
U_WOTM8UR - 7 giorni fa
Part two! With colours purple, pink, orange, yellow.
Diamondinmyeye - 7 giorni fa
I've watched this video about 6 times and I love it, but why does her yellow end up so much paler than Anne Marie's?
SwiftyJoe TheOneAndOnly
SwiftyJoe TheOneAndOnly - 7 giorni fa
we need a soap making update
I’m a Potato
I’m a Potato - 8 giorni fa
Woowwwwwwwwwwwwwww soap making is a sience
Anime Cloud
Anime Cloud - 8 giorni fa
My sister and aunt can also spent hours sniffing soap.
Aarvi Shetye
Aarvi Shetye - 8 giorni fa
I was watching, watching, watching, scrolling comments and suddenly 8:50
Shania - 8 giorni fa
Safiya saying "chonk" is my new favourite thing
Prossimi video