you better delete those memes right now

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Hylian Hero 12310
Hylian Hero 12310 - 10 giorni fa
I tried to skip past the part where Kevin left and the next thing I saw was him murdering Luke.
Raccoon Gaming
Raccoon Gaming - 10 giorni fa
Yay SMG4! You finally killed Mario!
Dollfie Anaku
Dollfie Anaku - 16 giorni fa
3:33-3:47 are the best parts.
Juice Casey
Juice Casey - 22 giorni fa
Imagine if the fight scene was how smash bros played
Ultra Instinct Scooby-Doge
When the news here’s about the new meme trend
Kevin: I cant do this
Luke: Wait Kevin...noooooo...
Ultra Instinct Scooby-Doge
When the news here’s about the new meme trend
Kevin: I cant do this
Luke: Wait Kevin...noooooo...
JeVil C4n do AnyTh1n9
JeVil C4n do AnyTh1n9 - 29 giorni fa
Hey JeVil I can do anything
Kai Thompson
Kai Thompson - Mese fa
The fight is so siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
Greta Lena
Greta Lena - Mese fa
*N O*
Dominic Genovese
Dominic Genovese - Mese fa
That fight was great! But SMG4 made a major comeback
God of Anime
God of Anime - Mese fa
6:13 you should put this in war of the fat Italians 2020
Mike Chan
Mike Chan - Mese fa
9:04 to 9:05 smg4 beating that furry
Sniperfox 9
Sniperfox 9 - Mese fa
3:11 *Luke* exit the battle
Thetruekingdedede 9000
I am a bigger pacifist
Fletch _
Fletch _ - Mese fa
Kevin left the chat
panduh boi
panduh boi - Mese fa
4:20 cats are heccin adorbs
stuart rumsey
stuart rumsey - Mese fa
When smg4 and Mario where fighteing I think it is war of the fat italians
I hate my school now ( I go to TPS)
The Clorax Billie Mays
9:13 The furry lost
Rex - Mese fa
Either I watched Mario vs SMG4
Or Jotaro vs Dio
Maxime Lafrenière
Maxime Lafrenière - Mese fa
"-My sister just texted me that she is pregnant!
-I'm gonna be a dad!"
2 possibilities:
1- He don't know the diffetrence between dad and uncle.
2-He made his sister got pregnant...
blue hyrule gaming
blue hyrule gaming - 2 mesi fa
Damn i didnt know mario was a street fighter character rather than a fat italian dumbass
Angel Abbott
Angel Abbott - 2 mesi fa
Okay if that was too quick
Portadown bike life
Portadown bike life - 2 mesi fa
Yo ass bouta get demonitized
Nathan Raber
Nathan Raber - 2 mesi fa
The SMG4 vs SML is how SSB Melee players play.
Debra Morey
Debra Morey - 2 mesi fa
To The MAX
Debra Morey
Debra Morey - 2 mesi fa
Bloody Murder
CoasterMan - 2 mesi fa
>be me
>live in the Detroit area
>go downtown to see Pistons game
>don’t get shot because most gun owners are hunters
>next day excited to see family
>watch this video
>get shot
Penguin Boi
Penguin Boi - 2 mesi fa
You know, tanookis can expand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
K TUBE - 2 mesi fa
Did Anyone Realize That Its SMG4 Vs SML Mario Lel
The golden Animator
The golden Animator - 2 mesi fa
Sml Mario be smg4
ZERROOA The great
ZERROOA The great - 2 mesi fa
The new dragon ballz is looking good 7:38
Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady - 2 mesi fa
OMG you killed Jeffy you bastard get the reference like if you do ;)
Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady - 2 mesi fa
Hey hobo Bros you for got about the part were Jeff gets his ass kicked
MrGameAndPlay - 2 mesi fa
Smg4 Z Ultimate
Branik Terry
Branik Terry - 2 mesi fa
*Fights over Super Mario World*
*Doesnt throw in pit*
Branik Terry
Branik Terry - 2 mesi fa
You need some VITAMIN WAAAAH
Hiris Producti0n
Hiris Producti0n - 2 mesi fa
5:18 War Of The Fat Italians: Violent Edition
22kingdomheartsfan - 2 mesi fa
Fun fact: That fight was made to honor the 2017 War of the Fat Italians. I don't remember if it was before or after but you can check out the fight on AR's channel. Its called SMG4 vs SML Mario
VidBoom - 2 mesi fa
*ad plays*
Generic retard #759
Generic retard #759 - 2 mesi fa
5:13 classic on very hard mode
Rainbow PikachuDoesRoleplay
6:51 You Should Have Just Gave Mario Some Poisonous Spaghetti And You Will Be Good To Go! 😕
Demongamer 133
Demongamer 133 - 2 mesi fa
5:13 Happy feet wombo combo *that ain't falco* *OOH OOH OH*
Jordan Tillman
Jordan Tillman - 2 mesi fa
*h e y b e t e r*
Pro Palz gaming
Pro Palz gaming - 2 mesi fa
3:31 demonitized
Zed-Y Gaming
Zed-Y Gaming - 2 mesi fa
When Super Smash Bros. gets too realistic... 5:20
GoblinShack 2.0
GoblinShack 2.0 - 2 mesi fa
Why are there no fat Jedi's?
nixisawesome - 2 mesi fa
Machinima SMG4: Basically Goku

Basically Luigi
Sans The Pun Master
Sans The Pun Master - 2 mesi fa
I hate animation rewind
22kingdomheartsfan - 2 mesi fa
Yo Hobo Bros: If you want to know more about this fight: Check out on AnimationRewind's channel SMG4 vs SML Mario. That's where the fight came from. It is tight! AR and his team did a full research to find out who would win between the two. And you'd be surprised how powerful your boi SMG4 is.
Also: If you want ot know who animated the fight, you can see it on the video.
Larrywinwood - 2 mesi fa
You should react to SMG4 vs MLG total war, its another smg4 fight on animationrewind's channel!
boltsowner r
boltsowner r - 2 mesi fa
Mario has to get evrey power up -_-
Danny Van Goethem
Danny Van Goethem - 2 mesi fa
Not enof blood
Kng k Dinalinga
Kng k Dinalinga - 2 mesi fa
Mr.Vortex - 2 mesi fa
8:46 that wall has more blood than 3 human bodies. HOW?!?!?! Are mushroomians not human? What about SMG4/Luke?
Bat Cat
Bat Cat - 2 mesi fa
you like how the walls are splattered with blood while they remain unscathed?
Persona Person
Persona Person - 2 mesi fa
MARIO*the hard boss fight i cant get past but this time im using a op character*
5uper.G4mer21.94 !
5uper.G4mer21.94 ! - 2 mesi fa
YouTube: Well what do we have we here? A demonetized channel.
moonblade dreemur
moonblade dreemur - 2 mesi fa
Me as soon as I see the intro
Me: yoooooooooo it's AR
MotorSport Fan
MotorSport Fan - 2 mesi fa
R.I.P Mario
Samuel Pevey
Samuel Pevey - 2 mesi fa
I think so too
Zer0gr4v 1089
Zer0gr4v 1089 - 2 mesi fa
SAY UNCLE!!! - 2 mesi fa
Merp Merp
Merp Merp - 2 mesi fa
If you liked that, that’s very similar to this old animation series Super Mario Bros. Z
Daniel Airoldi
Daniel Airoldi - 2 mesi fa
Smg4 made his way into SMBZ
TF FoC Metroflex
TF FoC Metroflex - 2 mesi fa
Dislike cus more then half the video is Mario vs SMG4 fight and it's boring af
TF FoC Metroflex
TF FoC Metroflex - 2 mesi fa
Mario vs SMG4 fight ends at 9:10
TF FoC Metroflex
TF FoC Metroflex - 2 mesi fa
1:07 Look at Ralsei
skm Cole
skm Cole - 2 mesi fa
looks like war of the fat Italians 2020 came early
SkyChicken LP
SkyChicken LP - 2 mesi fa
mega pikazard
mega pikazard - 2 mesi fa
If luke is a white and blue Mario then does that mean kevin is a white and blue Luigi
DragoPato Gamer
DragoPato Gamer - 2 mesi fa
Animation Rewind is sick XD
Firekay - 2 mesi fa
Toad looks at Kevin and Luke thinking “soon” as Kevin points his gun at luke
Brady Feeney
Brady Feeney - 2 mesi fa
Thumbs up for making smg4 a real Mario charecter
hedgehoggamer0916 - 2 mesi fa
Of course smg4 wins
Kirbothememe - 2 mesi fa
Therapist:Don't worry,SMG4's memes only exist on his channel
Others channels:*posting SMG4's memes*
Me:Wait...This is illegal
akazayah67 - 2 mesi fa
2:16 Im GoNnA Be A dAd
Brent Jordan
Brent Jordan - 2 mesi fa
Just saying, as a Floridian with a 1300 SAT Score, I feel attacked 😂😂😂😂
30Aces - 2 mesi fa
3:33 it played an ad when that happened. 👏👏 logic
arsene observers
arsene observers - 2 mesi fa
Mario still has 98 lives left
Luigi Official
Luigi Official - 2 mesi fa
title: you better delete those memes right now
Article 13: *as you say boss.*
all memes are gone
Terminator Jack Knife
Terminator Jack Knife - 2 mesi fa
That fight was not animated by AnimationRewind. He has a series called Cartoon Fight Club where he analyzes fighters and puts them up against each other. The fight you saw was animated by someone else
Captain underpant
Captain underpant - 2 mesi fa
When is Kevin going to be in smg4
Rachel Kinsey
Rachel Kinsey - 2 mesi fa
Well now Smg4 can shoot fire balls.... neat.
Mega Byte
Mega Byte - 2 mesi fa
dorasa amovie now?
Shota 945
Shota 945 - 2 mesi fa
N1K Gaming
N1K Gaming - 2 mesi fa
3:28 I died when u screamed
camthegamer 13
camthegamer 13 - 2 mesi fa
Play more mugen
Cyber XY
Cyber XY - 2 mesi fa
Coochie catcher 420
Coochie catcher 420 - 2 mesi fa
I’m sorry for this report from my weather channel this is an official apology from someone from Toledo
Pedriver - 2 mesi fa
1:06 guys you have noticed that ralsei is dancing fortnite dance?
DMDomino - 2 mesi fa
Yutub Plz Subscribe II
Nintendo should've added the SMG4 color in smash and add hammers- wait... They're already in smash.
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - 2 mesi fa
Yeah so basically this channel is becoming the next pewdiepie.
-Watch Memes Everyday
-Posts Gaming Videos Often
-Didn't seen their legs before so they have no legs too
The Mad Commenter
The Mad Commenter - 2 mesi fa
How'd you come up with the new smg4 episode? It was probably the most serious video you've made. Also it was a great storyline.
Pikablue769 Animations
*hey 🅱️eter*
Nutellah - 2 mesi fa
Luke reminds me so so much of my self
Noah Stevenson
Noah Stevenson - 2 mesi fa
Replace Smg4 with Kevin and it would go viral
Discount at the dollar store
5:17 This is some Hyun’s Dojo-Level shit
Discount at the dollar store
0:57 🅱️efault 🅱️ance
Prossimi video