you better delete those memes right now

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GMG5 - 29 giorni fa
ShiitakeWarrior - Mese fa
8:31 - That's not Tanooki Mario. That's *Raccoon Mario.*
DinoLaris - Mese fa
mario and luigi sprites but theres a recolored rodent 5:43
PeterGriffenNBATV - Mese fa
They already watched that SMG4 vs Mario battle
Asa Cunningham
Asa Cunningham - Mese fa
The fiat is Mario from his home world came to smg4 and he fot
TheSiliconGamer - 2 mesi fa
Kevin: Luke is a pacifist.
Luke, earlier: *holds Kevin at gunpoint*
Tracy Obradovic
Tracy Obradovic - 2 mesi fa
Tracy Obradovic
Tracy Obradovic - 2 mesi fa
Jacob Messer
Jacob Messer - 2 mesi fa
Smg4 wins... Fatality...
Ralsei - 2 mesi fa
*S a n s*
DeadlyD05 - 2 mesi fa
Would I be right to assume that everybody that lost their shiz to the Animation Rewind clip has never seen the Super Mario Bros Z parody? Either that or just the throwback to it made me happy. Greatest crossover animation ever, and personally wish it was properly finished by it's creator. I'd be hyped for a full reaction to that series.
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith - 2 mesi fa
The news report meme comes from the news station from where I live. It's WTOL 11 serving Northwest Ohio
Ninja Club
Ninja Club - 2 mesi fa
Holy shit that fight
Logan W.
Logan W. - 2 mesi fa
Mario should've won, he had way more hits.
Hylian Hero 12310
Hylian Hero 12310 - 3 mesi fa
I tried to skip past the part where Kevin left and the next thing I saw was him murdering Luke.
Kierstyn The Cringe
Kierstyn The Cringe - 3 mesi fa
Yay SMG4! You finally killed Mario!
Juice Casey
Juice Casey - 3 mesi fa
Imagine if the fight scene was how smash bros played
Ultra Instinct Scooby-Doge
When the news here’s about the new meme trend
Kevin: I cant do this
Luke: Wait Kevin...noooooo...
Ultra Instinct Scooby-Doge
When the news here’s about the new meme trend
Kevin: I cant do this
Luke: Wait Kevin...noooooo...
Goku - 3 mesi fa
Hey JeVil I can do anything
Kai Thompson
Kai Thompson - 4 mesi fa
The fight is so siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
Greta Lena
Greta Lena - 4 mesi fa
*N O*
Dominic Genovese
Dominic Genovese - 4 mesi fa
That fight was great! But SMG4 made a major comeback
God of Anime
God of Anime - 4 mesi fa
6:13 you should put this in war of the fat Italians 2020
Keyschan Plays
Keyschan Plays - 4 mesi fa
9:04 to 9:05 smg4 beating that furry
SniperFox9 - 4 mesi fa
3:11 *Luke* exit the battle
Thetruekingdedede 9000
I am a bigger pacifist
Fletch _
Fletch _ - 4 mesi fa
Kevin left the chat
panduh boi
panduh boi - 4 mesi fa
4:20 cats are heccin adorbs
stuart rumsey
stuart rumsey - 4 mesi fa
When smg4 and Mario where fighteing I think it is war of the fat italians
I hate my school now ( I go to TPS)
The Clorax Billie Mays
9:13 The furry lost
Lakkittoo - 4 mesi fa
Either I watched Mario vs SMG4
Or Jotaro vs Dio
Maxime Lafrenière
Maxime Lafrenière - 4 mesi fa
"-My sister just texted me that she is pregnant!
-I'm gonna be a dad!"
2 possibilities:
1- He don't know the diffetrence between dad and uncle.
2-He made his sister got pregnant...
blue hyrule gaming
blue hyrule gaming - 4 mesi fa
Damn i didnt know mario was a street fighter character rather than a fat italian dumbass
Angel Abbott
Angel Abbott - 5 mesi fa
Okay if that was too quick
Portadown bike life
Portadown bike life - 5 mesi fa
Yo ass bouta get demonitized
Nathan Raber
Nathan Raber - 5 mesi fa
The SMG4 vs SML is how SSB Melee players play.
Debra Morey
Debra Morey - 5 mesi fa
To The MAX
Debra Morey
Debra Morey - 5 mesi fa
Bloody Murder
CoasterMan - 5 mesi fa
>be me
>live in the Detroit area
>go downtown to see Pistons game
>don’t get shot because most gun owners are hunters
>next day excited to see family
>watch this video
>get shot
Penguin Boi
Penguin Boi - 5 mesi fa
You know, tanookis can expand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Quitted YouTube
Quitted YouTube - 5 mesi fa
Did Anyone Realize That Its SMG4 Vs SML Mario Lel
The golden Animator
The golden Animator - 5 mesi fa
Sml Mario be smg4
ZERROOA The great
ZERROOA The great - 5 mesi fa
The new dragon ballz is looking good 7:38
Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady - 5 mesi fa
OMG you killed Jeffy you bastard get the reference like if you do ;)
Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady - 5 mesi fa
Hey hobo Bros you for got about the part were Jeff gets his ass kicked
MrGameAndPlay - 5 mesi fa
Smg4 Z Ultimate
Branik Terry
Branik Terry - 5 mesi fa
*Fights over Super Mario World*
*Doesnt throw in pit*
Branik Terry
Branik Terry - 5 mesi fa
You need some VITAMIN WAAAAH
Hiris Producti0n
Hiris Producti0n - 5 mesi fa
5:18 War Of The Fat Italians: Violent Edition
22kingdomheartsfan - 5 mesi fa
Fun fact: That fight was made to honor the 2017 War of the Fat Italians. I don't remember if it was before or after but you can check out the fight on AR's channel. Its called SMG4 vs SML Mario
VidBoom - 5 mesi fa
*ad plays*
Generic retard #759
Generic retard #759 - 5 mesi fa
5:13 classic on very hard mode
Rainbow PikachuDoesRoleplay
6:51 You Should Have Just Gave Mario Some Poisonous Spaghetti And You Will Be Good To Go! 😕
Demongamer 133
Demongamer 133 - 5 mesi fa
5:13 Happy feet wombo combo *that ain't falco* *OOH OOH OH*
Jordan Tillman
Jordan Tillman - 5 mesi fa
*h e y b e t e r*
stupid gaming
stupid gaming - 5 mesi fa
3:31 demonitized
_- GEN -_
_- GEN -_ - 5 mesi fa
When Super Smash Bros. gets too realistic... 5:20
GoblinShack 2.0
GoblinShack 2.0 - 5 mesi fa
Why are there no fat Jedi's?
nixisawesome - 5 mesi fa
Machinima SMG4: Basically Goku

Basically Luigi
Prossimi video