Danny Trejo: 10 People Killed Over 'American Me', Edward James Olmos Had a Hit on Him (Part 5)

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dawg unit
dawg unit - 2 ore fa
It's a Mexican thing.. one family one love.. end of story...
Kathleen Lawler
Kathleen Lawler - 3 ore fa
Your the person from the show flash. You were gypsies Dad
Mark Coetzee
Mark Coetzee - 5 ore fa
Here in South Africa we had a movie called "four corners" where the a 28 gang member raped a "fraans"= a prison inmate with no number and 28 gang members got hold of this general who raped the kid in prison
Bryce Armstrong
Bryce Armstrong - 6 ore fa
Sharia is alive and well in America already.
Christian Fernández
Christian Fernández - 22 ore fa
Except Joe Morgan was never the head of Mexican Mafia. He was a founding member but not the founder. It was another Mexican vato along with two other guys names that, for the sake of keeping my mouth closed on some rat ish, I won't say. There's plenty of information that is already known to the public regarding this so you can look it up. Also, Joe Morgan was old according to some of the accounts I've heard. He was from one of the oldest Mexican gangs in LA known as the Maravillas ( the marvelous ) gangs named after it's street names. That's all you non Mexican outsiders need to know.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones - Giorno fa
cancer that was given to them by some bullshit covert agency in sure
JOE A - Giorno fa
Danny is confused he was in blood in blood out not American me, what's he talking about ? lol
JOE A - Giorno fa
@sleepNawake I know
sleepNawake - Giorno fa
He said he was in blood in blood out
Erasmo Aguinaga
Erasmo Aguinaga - Giorno fa
“They actually WANTED ME to be the leader of the Mexican Mafia, but I turned it down..” T.K Kirkland
Last First
Last First - Giorno fa
I thought US Marion didn't allow mail or contact with inmates. Maybe its just the AB guys.
Purified Beats.
Purified Beats. - Giorno fa
American Me, Blood In Blood Out and Mi Vida Loca. My top 3 favorite Movies. Also, The Warriors.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - Giorno fa
Open your eyes ese!!!
QSC Caddy
QSC Caddy - Giorno fa
My best friend was in that movie as an extra. He said some dude came up to them at about 2am in a denny's (in Sacramento CA) and said "hey how would you guys like to be in a movie?". My friend said he thought it was a porno, because dude was mad creeperish. He was in the prison riot scene. Had to cut his pony tail off to be in it. Got paid like a few hundred dollars. Early 90's like 91 I think. Just thought that was a cool life story.
VGSR PLS - 2 giorni fa
EME can kill their own people over a movie but not one politician
Eugene Sant
Eugene Sant - 2 giorni fa
When the old negro in the
Cell next to you offers his
Mirror.....you say no.
androthalas - 6 ore fa
For cheap times! Montana wasnt god Apparently. I thought he was.
Eugene Sant
Eugene Sant - 2 giorni fa
Tortuga wanted that $100 runner. His head
Looked funny on that
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes - 2 giorni fa
This dudes my fuckin hero..
I went to housing in Sacramento.. I met a lot of gang members when I was in there..
Man, they tried to tell me all kinds of horseshit!!!
Man, those guys tried to fuck me up. This dude is cool as fuck.. Love you, Danny..
Long live Danny Trejo!!!!!!!!
Love you, brother!
Jeremy LBC
Jeremy LBC - 2 giorni fa
Someone needs to remind him the Mexican mafia are thug criminals and shouldn’t be glamorized.
AWretchLikeThee - 2 giorni fa
I didn't know Machete is a Christian 😇
Akeem Bausley
Akeem Bausley - 2 giorni fa
Eric Espinoza
Eric Espinoza - 2 giorni fa
None of this should be spoken on..💯
JOE A - 2 giorni fa
Never talk prison politics to the public
Marty Masters
Marty Masters - 2 giorni fa
Edward James Almos paid $50,000 to the top brass of the Mexican Mafia. Hollywoods obsession with homosexuality cost many people their lives
Cheek Busting 101
Cheek Busting 101 - 23 ore fa
@Marty Masters my man, don't question my name son
Marty Masters
Marty Masters - 23 ore fa
@Cheek Busting 101 bro your name makes me remember the scene nobody mentions in AM where he sodomizes his new girlfriend which is so dirty they make it look like the main man is queer to the fullest!!!
Cheek Busting 101
Cheek Busting 101 - Giorno fa
It's crazy how olmos went from the American me mexican mafia movie to playing Selena's dad in the movie Selena, crazy shit lol
Manny Santino-Patino
Manny Santino-Patino - 3 giorni fa
Work on getting the amends back at crc
Manny Santino-Patino
Manny Santino-Patino - 3 giorni fa
May the rest
Raphael Perez
Raphael Perez - 3 giorni fa
Real shit
Manny Santino-Patino
Manny Santino-Patino - 3 giorni fa
Hey tell hi Rebecca let her manny said hi
Isaac Espinoza
Isaac Espinoza - 3 giorni fa
"Your not dealing with theatrical motherfuckers!" haha!💯
jabbing Jabberwocky
jabbing Jabberwocky - 3 giorni fa
True Muther FUCKIN OG!!!!
Nuff said.
James Barnes
James Barnes - 3 giorni fa
I was at folsom during the taping of America me. Also an extra in blood in blood out, that was tape at Los Angeles trade tech college. I am black from pacoima.
Total Newb 123
Total Newb 123 - 3 giorni fa
Someone asked me what if someone tried to run up on Danny Trejo. I told him simply the fact that you brought up that question means you already a dead man. This dude got a lot of love from some of the most dangerous people on the planet. I would hate to be the person that sneezes on him.
Damn Cracker
Damn Cracker - 3 giorni fa
Total legend
PJ Vent
PJ Vent - 3 giorni fa
Danny talks shit
If they killed olmos then I would believe it. Yeah Danny u saved everyones life.
Studda_toomuch - 3 giorni fa
Hey! My name is Studda can you please subscribe to my YouTube. Just dropped a debut video yesterday. Tell me how yall feel
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez - 3 giorni fa
Dude let Danny talk!!!
David Martinez
David Martinez - 3 giorni fa
Right cancer
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson - 4 giorni fa
Blood in Blood out was great
g sierra91
g sierra91 - 4 giorni fa
'Who tapped his wire?'
'Some pinche mayate'
mister smith
mister smith - 4 giorni fa
I've known Danny for over 27 years. Since day 1, he's always been a straight shooter and not a bullshiter.
J Rod.
J Rod. - 4 giorni fa
mister smith Sure you do 😉 lol.
Ravage Gonza
Ravage Gonza - 5 giorni fa
Commie terrorists
They couldn't enjoy a good movie.
This is why their kind will never be taken seriously. They will never be OUR equals.
Christian Fernández
Christian Fernández - 22 ore fa
Now go tell that to the AB's and Nazi lowriders who are also a Mafia in California prison.
Mss Jamm
Mss Jamm - 5 giorni fa
All respect to Danny T the OG!
hide out
hide out - 5 giorni fa
Born again in Christ Jesus and kept from the prison i deserved to be in
Danny 915
Danny 915 - 5 giorni fa
If u a real one u know exactly what each answer means
Ramon Diaz
Ramon Diaz - 5 giorni fa
Silvester Torres
Silvester Torres - 5 giorni fa
Not everyone who had grown up in a "bad" neighborhood got asked or forced to join gangs. I grew up with guys who were considered bad. They respected me cuz even though i was nerdy as fuck, i never sold them out or anything.
Steve Mac
Steve Mac - 6 giorni fa
I’m surprised a man with his knowledge of how things work with southsiders he’s exposing him self by talking giving names of mafia members .Anyone running with the southsiders are suppose to shut up not just cops but no one .
Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez - 6 giorni fa
He just ran his mouth saying names. First and last. SMH
Hanzy Krupps
Hanzy Krupps - 6 giorni fa
All gang members are followers. Indeed.
Rick Rojas
Rick Rojas - 6 giorni fa
Danny Trejo👍👍
Bill Daniels
Bill Daniels - 6 giorni fa
Little touchy ain't they what a scum bag and this is the kind of animals we want in America I'm sorry but I vote to exterminate these trash and be done with it
THD theKing
THD theKing - 6 giorni fa
seventhsinn - 6 giorni fa
i have so much respect for the older style of mexcians some god loving folks thats for sure and if you look why the mexcian cartel started it has reason prison life is no fucking joke.
PJ Vent
PJ Vent - 6 giorni fa
Thought joe Morgan was a baseball player?
PJ Vent
PJ Vent - 3 giorni fa
Anthony Diaz screw Danny he talks a lot of shit
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz - 3 giorni fa
Peg Leg
Don't Never Forgot To Remember
I think Edward didn't mean for the rape scene to be a disrespect, i think he was trying to show the reality of juvie and prison time
Grinder Man
Grinder Man - 7 giorni fa
oh, come on! I don't give a fuck what a goddamn crook thinks!!! fuck them gangsters!!!
David Woolley
David Woolley - 7 giorni fa
Why is it so hard to say dude was raped when in juvie? He wasn’t the head of mafia then...
Jason Strom
Jason Strom - 7 giorni fa
Sorry Danny, but the Feds don't really have rules....lol!
James Fretwell
James Fretwell - 7 giorni fa
Let the man speak instead of butting in constantly. Danny sounded like he wanted to go further into a few things, but then got cut off in mid conversation.
Bat Man
Bat Man - 7 giorni fa
Good for Danny for doing well in life and becoming a Christian. :-)
Bat Man
Bat Man - 3 giorni fa
@Mark Hanson I'm not certain what your malfunction is but you had better think again Mark. You have until your last breath to figure this out. You can choose either Heaven or Hell. :-(
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson - 4 giorni fa
God isn't real.
Marti Y.
Marti Y. - 7 giorni fa
Listen the last three to four leaders of the Mexican Mafia died of cancer...? Hmmmm
it's true
it's true - 7 giorni fa
This video really makes you see things from all sides.
Redrum Ceballos
Redrum Ceballos - 8 giorni fa
The feds got rules l.o.l,
Redrum Ceballos
Redrum Ceballos - 8 giorni fa
Gangster Trejo.you don't die,but you pay rent to mafia for the rest of you're life.i just know them.trejo l.o.l
Christopher Lein
Christopher Lein - 8 giorni fa
One cool ass cat!! Blood in Blood out still one of my favorites
faffaflunkie - 8 giorni fa
I thought he had the hit on him because J.E.O. made fun of the guy's *wooden leg* by *hopping.*
Jeorge manzano
Jeorge manzano - 8 giorni fa
machete is one that he is talking to you and before you say something stupid your throat is already sleat.
B H - 8 giorni fa
3:24 Look at that hideous claw haha Going robo retard for a second. duhhhhhh
LJ Garrison
LJ Garrison - 8 giorni fa
Danny is always ticking, always watching, and always honest. Tough motherfucker.
the one
the one - 8 giorni fa
Everything that guy just said is bullshit
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez - 8 giorni fa
Can't answer why he didn't join hmmmm hahaha
Josh Schaeffer
Josh Schaeffer - 8 giorni fa
Joe Morgan leader of mexican mafia and he wasnt even hispanic.
Kem 123
Kem 123 - 7 giorni fa
@Josh Schaeffer he had family who were mexican american. Thats how he got in, he was raised around mexican americans. But it does not matter because mexican mafia is been killed over by cartels. Cartels look down on these chicano and mexican americans.
Josh Schaeffer
Josh Schaeffer - 7 giorni fa
@Kem 123 I guess I read he wasnt he was polish or something like that but u cant believe everything u read. Says on wikipedia he was born to Croatian immigrants both mother and father so unless that's completely wrong he couldnt be half there probably aren't a lot of Hispanic people in Croatia so theres not a big chance his ancestors were Hispanic it gives his parents names thats pretty specific. Wikipedia isnt exactly infallible either.
Kem 123
Kem 123 - 7 giorni fa
joe morgan was half. and he was mexican descent
Eloheem202 - 9 giorni fa
Danny Trejo. A real pussy.
Carlos Galindo
Carlos Galindo - 9 giorni fa
One thing people should know is disrespecting very powerful people in such a way without permission and putting it as truth will get you in more trouble than what you may think
Hellzyead - 9 giorni fa
I worked in a prison and that all the Mexican gangs did ... rape each other ... One cholo was raped while raping someone ...
Kem 123
Kem 123 - 7 giorni fa
those are chicano gangs. not mexican gangs. mexicans dont like the chicanoa
Hellzyead - 9 giorni fa
The Mexican mafia was full of gay rapists ... many having been taught to rape by their fathers and grandmothers.
David Morse
David Morse - 9 giorni fa
Worst actor ever!
Projeckt BEOA
Projeckt BEOA - 9 giorni fa
He's been in hollywood too long. Dude is telling fairy tales now.
Christopher Drummond
Christopher Drummond - 9 giorni fa
"I'll commit myself to something bigger. I'll commit myself to God"... Amen Brother!!!
Dusty Bottoms
Dusty Bottoms - 9 giorni fa
am i at the right 🎥 movie?
Dusty Bottoms
Dusty Bottoms - 5 giorni fa
BQ 3
BQ 3 - 5 giorni fa
That's right babycakes
DJ Pro
DJ Pro - 9 giorni fa
MFs never want to admit they got their butt hole busted.
Happy Schizophrenic
Happy Schizophrenic - 9 giorni fa
Yeah he would've got utterly devoured in the 80s with Hagler and Hearns
Happy Schizophrenic
Happy Schizophrenic - 9 giorni fa
Pride, the number 1 take down of the Hispanic effort
Smartchick - 9 giorni fa
I've always liked him, I need a tough friend like him. All he has to do is just show up. 🤣🙏🏽
Chris Trego
Chris Trego - 10 giorni fa
Fuck around
David Santos
David Santos - 10 giorni fa
No offense but all this stuff happened like a year after the movie came out in the directors cut they talk about all this. (But this is still interesting I got into this after watching the movie n reading a book The Black Hand it’s interesting).
Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell - 10 giorni fa
Love you Danny...call me bap
usmc 03retired
usmc 03retired - 10 giorni fa
I love Danny but American me is the best prison movie ever made hands down, no other lock up movie comes close, there's always haters. Edward James Amos delivered an academy award performance in that movie and he's alright in my book.
Mustafa Yusuf Ali
Mustafa Yusuf Ali - 10 giorni fa
This my dude right here, love this man movies.🕋
Christian Fernández
Christian Fernández - 22 ore fa
Salaam akhi ☪🇲🇽☝
Rich k
Rich k - 10 giorni fa
They way Danny looks at Vlad before each question is priceless. His head is up and his eyes are down. His giving Vlad the, watch what you ask me stare.
Paul Pat loyal
Paul Pat loyal - 10 giorni fa
Give me a piece of my heart! Even I can't say what I really feel! But, from the very start there was hatred that does not belong on the screen! Your a good man, but tell the truth! then maybe I'l have breakfast with you!
wayne via
wayne via - 10 giorni fa
Blood in blood out is one of my favorite movies.
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger - 10 giorni fa
Jerry's Deli is the shit
Dirty Random310
Dirty Random310 - 10 giorni fa
I've Always Wanted To Meet This Man I Grow Up Watching His Movies As A Kid
ImaSuburban Dood
ImaSuburban Dood - 9 giorni fa
Goto his restaurant...
antonio alvarado
antonio alvarado - 10 giorni fa
Danny trejo never joined not because he didnt have to...in an old article interview he says someone in his family was a really powerful man back in the day when danny landed in prison his his f as milt member told him he didnt belong in there.. and asked danny what would he like to do? Danny said act....so when he got out of prison this person picked up the phone and opened up the doors of Hollywood gor dany trejo...wish i still had that article. Even with that help Danny has always been talented and one of my favorite actors
Dynamite Jones
Dynamite Jones - 11 giorni fa
Damn, I wish some old timers who were around could speak on this.. my older brother was locked up with the main shot callers when that movie was being made, He said the Mexican mafia was angry about one thing,.. The lies put in the movie that there was a Hatred and beef between Blacks and Mexicans, they knew it would trickle over into the streets and cause problems amongst Blacks/Mexicans
REVAMP & ELEVATE - 11 giorni fa
Wow a lot of these rappers always glorify gang shit they say shit like “it’s hard to get out of the lifestyle” when asked why they go back to the hood or why they still bang. This is the only guy that said that shit is wack
Young Greedy
Young Greedy - 11 giorni fa
VLAD is a secret Agent
mike n
mike n - 11 giorni fa
ditto'' with no disrespect'' with a few''
Justin Credible
Justin Credible - 11 giorni fa
I hope gang members listened to what this man said at the end.
branden worthington
branden worthington - 11 giorni fa
hes a butt pumper, have to be to be that famous, satan needs that ass!
John Falcetta
John Falcetta - 11 giorni fa
Prossimi video