Green Day - Father Of All...(Official Audio)

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F.B.I - 6 ore fa
Ive been here for a while now he has changed still love the band tho
Mohd Suffian
Mohd Suffian - 7 ore fa
I think they got back 90s Green Day..❤️
Flying Piranha
Flying Piranha - 7 ore fa
That's the cringest info box I've read in a hot minute, but at least the song sounds like it'd be pretty comfortable on the 2004.
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream - 7 ore fa
!!! New album??? Wow
Sabrina Baladelli
Sabrina Baladelli - 8 ore fa
Eu amo um tanto essa banda 💚
Awfully Strange
Awfully Strange - 8 ore fa
I personally welcome a change of pace for Green Day and their one billionth song.
Brehme Quidzinski
Brehme Quidzinski - 8 ore fa
The opening riff is from “fire” by Jimi Hendrix
lilith - 9 ore fa
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards - 9 ore fa
what anime intro is this from?
TheHolyMage - 9 ore fa
People are ripping on this for not sounding good enough, but Greenday has been running for almost 30 years. Do you really think that they can keep the same vibe for that long without it being stale? Billy is around 47 years old now, people change with time, and so will their band.
Tuxx Toys
Tuxx Toys - 9 ore fa
I was worried the song would be another lame political rant but the vocals are so covered up and masked you have a hard time to understand what is being said. Green day should be THREE people making allot of loud music but with clean vocals. Think back to basket Case, Holiday or even geek stink breath... You can hear and understand the lyrics... Now you cant hardly understand him. Also whats with 6 people on stage... 4 ok 5 well... but 6? is it even Greenday anymore? That being said I do like the song, it just doesnt feel like Green Day.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet - 7 ore fa
Its called evolution. Sometimes you need another guitarist etc to do the songs justice. It doesnt have to be a three piece band to sound like GD
Emerald.Black - 10 ore fa
It's funny, the lyrics sound like Green Day angst and rebellion, but the falsetto voice sounds like they sold their souls to modern pop. The only possible explanation is that this is supposed to mock that kind of music, but the rest of the album had better be really subversive in order to do that.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet - 7 ore fa
Its mocking their record company. This will be the last album with them then Green Day will move to another label. They are trying to sell as little stuff as possible with this album so that this company doesnt benefit from it. I still think its a great song though xD
Definitely flusha
Definitely flusha - 8 ore fa
Emerald.Black it is mocking them, see the description but also ironic that they are going on tour with fall out boy
MrChristian04 - 10 ore fa
Awful. This sounds like a completely different band. Can’t even understand the lyrics hardly.
FredyGarbagis - 10 ore fa
Erin McGee
Erin McGee - 11 ore fa
I know everything like the album cover and the title and the description and the weird mixing points to this being Green Day fucking with everyone, but like........I still like the song
Amanda M
Amanda M - 11 ore fa
Literally no one is commenting on the heart hand grenade on the cover.
贝墨 - 11 ore fa
Please tell me this is a troll song
Robert Lemieux
Robert Lemieux - 11 ore fa
"I have only one-a burning desire...Let me stand next to your fire."
rollie4 - 11 ore fa
green day? more like green stripes..
marcela calderon
marcela calderon - 11 ore fa
sounds like Foxboro hot tubs
tuti -
tuti - - 11 ore fa
the song is not that bad but oh god that description is cringy as heck lmao
Normie Normalstein
Normie Normalstein - 12 ore fa
lol ok
Bill ___
Bill ___ - 12 ore fa
Green Day will never die, not as long as we are here to carry on the legacy
NucWaff - 12 ore fa
"Nothing says fuck you like a unicorn" God I love this band
Yellow Buckets Productions
The main groove in the verses reminds me of Fire by Jimi Hendrix ever so slightly. Excited to hear the rest of the album!
Jake The Rake
Jake The Rake - 12 ore fa
This is awful, I would've never guessed this was Green Day
Kly Mj
Kly Mj - 13 ore fa
Random Dude
Random Dude - 13 ore fa
Serj Tankian
Serj Tankian - 11 ore fa
Random Dude can I have your autograph
Nudman - 13 ore fa
Do they have a new lead singer? Nothing worse than a band that is huge then decides to fade away in a slow death releasing dull, uninspired albums (read: U2, R.E.M.)...
Zane Bell
Zane Bell - 13 ore fa
Green day used to be alright in tell they couldn't come up with ideas and ripped off Jimi hendrixes fire
Paul Rudolph
Paul Rudolph - 13 ore fa
Oh Jesus...smh
Travel Bug
Travel Bug - 13 ore fa
This seems to be the secret to Green Day's longevity... when they first formed, their sound was fun, but it was pretty flat and kinda old fashioned. They switched it up in 93 and hit it big. They tried to keep repeating the same formula for ten years (almost breaking up in the process), then released American Idiot. That was successful, so they did that over and over for 15 years. Now, they're changing it again. It'll either carry them another decade or sink them.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I, personally, really like it. It's unique, and risk-taking, and it makes me move my butt. Those are three big checks in my book. We'll have to wait until Feb to see how the rest of it goes.
Kim Daeam Sabay
Kim Daeam Sabay - 14 ore fa
Cant wait for u guys in March!!!
franceska alessandra candela
saben no suena muy punk la verdad yo no esperaba algo asi pero me gusto mme encanto tiene otro estilo ay que inobar no creen? a estado bueno
Olyvia UwU
Olyvia UwU - 15 ore fa
all the bands that got me through middle school changed...
Paul Aubin
Paul Aubin - 15 ore fa
tvd legacies
tvd legacies - 15 ore fa
I Love You❤
I'm from Brazil!💜
tvd legacies
tvd legacies - 15 ore fa
tvd legacies
tvd legacies - 15 ore fa
Love you so much😍
Jacob Dufour
Jacob Dufour - 15 ore fa
New album February 7th? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!
DeathRocket4990 - 15 ore fa
Green Day still kicks ass to this day
Daniel Catalan
Daniel Catalan - 15 ore fa
Hot pile of garbage
Brendan Ricard
Brendan Ricard - 15 ore fa
biggest mistake ever releasing this album. sorry boys but you guys fucked up BIG TIME making this junk. straight garbage.
EFRA 12 - 16 ore fa
¿ Que pasa con este canción ? Es una obra de arte. Saludos desde México
alex reis
alex reis - 16 ore fa
q merda em bom portugues
10k subs without a video
Who kicked Billie in the balls *this* time
Vera Golovkova
Vera Golovkova - 16 ore fa
I’m hella mega excited for this
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 16 ore fa
I’m starting to think I’m the only one who likes this song
Monikaa x3
Monikaa x3 - 17 ore fa
I'm probably gonna cry a whole year if I can't get tickets for Germany in 2020😭♥️
fireme fred
fireme fred - 17 ore fa
Green day is dead!
kernel_s4nd3rs - 17 ore fa
something something now I'm living inside a busssss!
Gothic BunnyGirl
Gothic BunnyGirl - 17 ore fa
Rondinelli Leles
Rondinelli Leles - 18 ore fa
Cleary influenced by some tracks OF THE last 2 albums OF THE Queens OF TGE Stone Age
sallypearce10 - 18 ore fa
Omg it’s amazing why does everyone hate it I LOVE U GREENDAY
Digital Bath
Digital Bath - 18 ore fa
cringy description and shitty song
Gabriel Hammer Smoke N Mirrors
Portugal the man and fire by jimi Hendrix with a little bit of Fitzgerald and the tantrums --just a bit...
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute - 18 ore fa
Call of Duty, this is for your next games’ trailer.
Micah Cease
Micah Cease - 18 ore fa
Please don't tell me this is going to be the album cover.
Jerry_ Cob
Jerry_ Cob - 18 ore fa
Non-hardcore green day fans are not going to appreciate this and probably similar green day songs. For them trilogy was undoubtedly a punch in the face due to this less-raw sound. But that's green day , 21st century breakdown was also an experimental album(western-spanish sound on peacemaker and much more).
They ve been loving to get experimental , let's love them for what they love to do 30 years now
MR Knuckles 13
MR Knuckles 13 - 19 ore fa
Why this voice?
Prossimi video