Tinder profiles for my wife and me (YIAY #482)

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bugyourparents - 22 ore fa
shave your beard and lose the suit
ShinySprite 07
ShinySprite 07 - 2 giorni fa
John: creates 117 episodes of YGS
Also John: For my wife and me
REKA - 2 giorni fa
2:36 plot twist: that's not someone else's tinder profile
Gudder Games
Gudder Games - 3 giorni fa
"video doorbell" is so clunky. Why not call it what it is, "knocker ID?"
dumbzombie24 - 3 giorni fa
Hi, I’m looking for life partner who can friendship with me
Sean Palmer
Sean Palmer - 8 giorni fa
Jack: I dont know what a fluffy is, and im too scared to look it up
Me: *aggresively looks it up*
Joe - 10 giorni fa
*wife and i
Tyler Bevan
Tyler Bevan - 12 giorni fa
“My wife and ME”
The halo Legend
The halo Legend - 12 giorni fa
Time to float
RAINBOWS and FRICKS - 13 giorni fa
there are 2 meanings of fluffy, but the one you're looking for is when someone is warm and huggable :/
Evan Froendt
Evan Froendt - 14 giorni fa
In the first one he was 69 years old and 420 km away
Sparkling Watermelon
Sparkling Watermelon - 16 giorni fa
YGS every Friday
itsgoldknight - 17 giorni fa
Such a copy cat of pewdipie
Gov D
Gov D - 18 giorni fa
This is how many videos jack has done in this suit
Illuminati - 19 giorni fa
2:02 I don't either, and I'm only 21 🤷‍♀️
DCED - 19 giorni fa
1:22 epic
Oliver Holm
Oliver Holm - 20 giorni fa
"3M Reviews"
"1 Download"
Gael Zubiate
Gael Zubiate - 20 giorni fa
Is anyone else too scared to Google what a fluffy is?
Benthe De Wilde
Benthe De Wilde - 21 giorno fa
3:33 did anyone else notice how it says hell at the location?😂
andrew reynolds
andrew reynolds - 21 giorno fa
#yaiyoot i dare u to fix the default avatar
sloth moth
sloth moth - 21 giorno fa
litterally pewds
Gamershanero boi
Gamershanero boi - 21 giorno fa
#YIAYoct I deleted Twitter on accident so watch my vid yiay ya yiay
brady zickefoose12
brady zickefoose12 - 21 giorno fa
i am also to terrified to google it too jack
Benjamin and Mekhi. roku
Benjamin and Mekhi. roku - 22 giorni fa
Go on my channel I don’t have Twitter so i made it into a video #yiayoct
Grand Baby
Grand Baby - 22 giorni fa

Becoming Erica
Becoming Erica - 22 giorni fa
Can’t photoshop whoops
Random Chicken
Random Chicken - 22 giorni fa
0:00 no u didn't
Typo z neta
Typo z neta - 23 giorni fa
Creepar aĺ mamnnnn
kitkatlemons - 23 giorni fa
im protogen furry lol
Psychic Cat
Psychic Cat - 23 giorni fa
#YIAYoct Aw man
Corey Pine
Corey Pine - 24 giorni fa
#yiaypfp fix mine, you cowardly little goose
lol blub
lol blub - 25 giorni fa
just wanne remind you all that YIAY 500 is gonna be an hour long
frans is illegal
frans is illegal - 25 giorni fa
What do the Wingdings mean at 1:07?
Cole The Wolf
Cole The Wolf - 25 giorni fa
Pee pee poo poo
Jayden gay
Jayden gay - 25 giorni fa
Nobody gets vsco girls john
Frack Master_Doodles
Frack Master_Doodles - 26 giorni fa
Lou L
Lou L - 26 giorni fa
Miguel Matheus
Miguel Matheus - 26 giorni fa
i d o n t l i k e t h e s a n d
Miguel Matheus
Miguel Matheus - 26 giorni fa
Haha poopy
Cae the Acrylic
Cae the Acrylic - 26 giorni fa
My scent would be answering questions in the wrong YIAY
The Pop Culture Guy
The Pop Culture Guy - 27 giorni fa
_”No toes, no deal.”_
- Erin Marbles, 2019
꧁ɴɪᴄᴇ꧂ - 27 giorni fa
*Ghosts aren't real*

Laced Hexes
Laced Hexes - 27 giorni fa
So you wear a suit to feel like you have an actual job. 🤔
DIY's with Krishank
DIY's with Krishank - 27 giorni fa

. BeBeMigmoy
Euijin Jeong
Euijin Jeong - 27 giorni fa
Gotta shave you beard
CJ and AJ Animations
CJ and AJ Animations - 27 giorni fa
O.M.G? He is a man now?He was a wee lad when I lost saw him!
Gregor Kerr
Gregor Kerr - 27 giorni fa
Kyle Warner
Kyle Warner - 27 giorni fa
Kyle Warner
Kyle Warner - 27 giorni fa
how many patatoes do you eat every 3.4 days
Kyle Warner
Kyle Warner - 27 giorni fa
whats updog
Jaylan Hall
Jaylan Hall - 27 giorni fa
Uh, Alexander Hamilton?
Creek Tarleton
Creek Tarleton - 27 giorni fa
Make another yiay all ready
Kian Cashel
Kian Cashel - 27 giorni fa
I am so disappointed nobody made a kip joke
Kittygirl 975
Kittygirl 975 - 28 giorni fa
I dont have twitter and my parents dont let me download itttt ;-;

I want to join the next yiay...
etvertewt ertvetrwere
etvertewt ertvetrwere - 28 giorni fa
emperor ferdinand I is challenging you to a forehead battle i am not emperor ferdinand I
aidan u
aidan u - 28 giorni fa
jack did you run out of razors because dollar shave club wont sponsor you anymore
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez - 28 giorni fa
what is jacks next yiay
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez - 28 giorni fa
oh ok its that pic
Riley Inc.
Riley Inc. - 28 giorni fa
🐸 #yiayoct
Imogen Jones
Imogen Jones - 29 giorni fa
I just gotta ask what kind of knot is that on your tie
Some Random Name
Some Random Name - 29 giorni fa
Tinder for Jacksfilm fans? Did you mean SpectrumSingles.com?
zact lee
zact lee - 29 giorni fa
#yiayoct have you seen erin's knees yet? Hows her earlobes?
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