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ImJayStation - 3 mesi fa
Guys this was insane!! Ronald mcdonald came in the PlayPlace!! OMG!
Sanna Sohail
Sanna Sohail - 19 giorni fa
It was me j
alex wolf
alex wolf - 19 giorni fa
Oh no!
Beverly - 20 giorni fa
i saw ronald
slide show clips
slide show clips - 21 giorno fa
@Micah96er good luck
Marte Rojas luna
Marte Rojas luna - Mese fa
Wate lock frost live opeing
Thea Sherman
Thea Sherman - Ora fa
3:44 I saw someone pass by you
brie volker
brie volker - 3 ore fa
Don't be rood to the McDonald's person he might just want to talk
ummu bushra
ummu bushra - 4 ore fa
I see something man
teolindaz Teolinda Zelaya
i sole him at the tabel
DIY crafts idea's Diy
Ronald mc
possom mixk h
possom mixk h - 6 ore fa
I like chicken nugets
Gian Carlo Perez
Gian Carlo Perez - 8 ore fa
i see in the window is ronald
Abegeal Orbe
Abegeal Orbe - 9 ore fa
There's a clown inside
Victoria Green
Victoria Green - 12 ore fa
Mohd Mubaraq
Mohd Mubaraq - 15 ore fa
Like my comment please.u guys are awesome
Stelya Emmanuel
Stelya Emmanuel - 18 ore fa
End Aiko she good
Mavete Kataueana
Mavete Kataueana - 18 ore fa
I saw samething
Tyler Paulino
Tyler Paulino - 19 ore fa
forest walker
forest walker - 20 ore fa
There was a guy in a clown mask in when you got your food
misuke chan
misuke chan - 22 ore fa
Deontae Logan
Deontae Logan - 23 ore fa
Ronald McDonald
Lexi Ormrod
Lexi Ormrod - Giorno fa
Lexi Ormrod
Lexi Ormrod - Giorno fa
Guys wasent they were a clown make it blue if you seen the clown☺☺☺☺
Sanjeev Sharma
Sanjeev Sharma - Giorno fa
What the hack!!
dylan mcatee
dylan mcatee - Giorno fa
Methed out
Emiliano Elizalde
Emiliano Elizalde - Giorno fa
Amber Humphrey
Amber Humphrey - Giorno fa
Ronald McDonald smacked the window
wiliam Daiz
wiliam Daiz - Giorno fa
The clawn was ther
susie deruiter
susie deruiter - Giorno fa
I hate RonaldMcDonald SO SCARY:(
Xxapshan Xx
Xxapshan Xx - Giorno fa
Sanela Spahović
Sanela Spahović - 2 giorni fa
#mcdonald #3am #challenge
Arianna Gamer
Arianna Gamer - 2 giorni fa
I saw something its ronaldcdonald he stab the glass window
Jamie Muhr
Jamie Muhr - 2 giorni fa
He was behind you
Shawn Lopez
Shawn Lopez - 2 giorni fa
Its on the slide
PurpleGachaGirl YT
PurpleGachaGirl YT - 2 giorni fa
Roses are red blood is too and somebody is watching you
Xxx - 14 ore fa
Max Bailey
Max Bailey - 2 giorni fa
Look when you're eating
Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall - 2 giorni fa
At 14:18 you can clearly she the Ronald McDonald suit right behind his friend over his shoulder and he did the same laugh that Ronald McDonald did
Terminator Terminator
Terminator Terminator - 3 giorni fa
Ronald McDonald Is in The playpen
Bluwolfy 105
Bluwolfy 105 - 3 giorni fa
Traring to cild out =^
weed 420
weed 420 - 3 giorni fa
Tfeu Faze
Tfeu Faze - 3 giorni fa
11:41 next to wes at the window you suee the clown doing somthing at the table like out out
Beatitdamn Girl
Beatitdamn Girl - 3 giorni fa
When you were eating the big Mac roneled mic doneled was behind you
Steven Boudreau
Steven Boudreau - 3 giorni fa
Hail satan
ien cyril c. sigua cruz
ien cyril c. sigua cruz - 3 giorni fa
I see in the wendo
Andrew Korn
Andrew Korn - 3 giorni fa
Do you know that I a’m scarf of Klondike
Samantha Debroux
Samantha Debroux - 3 giorni fa
When he was eating the big mac I saw Ronald mcdonald
Samantha Debroux
Samantha Debroux - 3 giorni fa
Omggggggggggggggg I got scared when he said he saw the Ronald McDonald painting of u saw it like
Jarod Mcguirk
Jarod Mcguirk - 4 giorni fa
Ronald McDonald hit the glass
Jemuel Akali Marshmello
Jemuel Akali Marshmello - 4 giorni fa
We just saw Donald McDonald!!!
AhmaD haXxAN
AhmaD haXxAN - 4 giorni fa
Why you not kill him you are two
Jaica snake
Jaica snake - 4 giorni fa
O..M..G.. It came to life 😱😱
Mc Donald is real...
Jay be careful...😥😥
Real Meli
Real Meli - 4 giorni fa
Real Meli
Real Meli - 4 giorni fa
Ronald hade blood on his shirt and a mask
Real Meli
Real Meli - 4 giorni fa
Darn I also want to go to play place to holy crap Ronald McDonald Jesus
Jewel Pickrell
Jewel Pickrell - 2 giorni fa
yeah i want to play in play place too
lalih ibardaloza
lalih ibardaloza - 4 giorni fa
I see the mc.. he was there
angel vs devil lalala
angel vs devil lalala - 4 giorni fa
angel vs devil lalala
angel vs devil lalala - 4 giorni fa
Yes I see bihang u gass
Zachary Schulze
Zachary Schulze - 4 giorni fa
9:03 what were they freaking out about
AMMAR EIMRAN 9311 - 4 giorni fa
I people in there in 3:45
Nancy Carrizales
Nancy Carrizales - 4 giorni fa
I can see it
Melicienne Josama
Melicienne Josama - 4 giorni fa
Xanya Aaliyah Taffijn
Xanya Aaliyah Taffijn - 5 giorni fa
Hi Jay 3 months no see i was too scared too watch you vid's but i back
Melanie Leivers
Melanie Leivers - 5 giorni fa
it is soooo scary dude
Malia Valentine
Malia Valentine - 5 giorni fa
I seen a clown in the play place when you bit the big Mac and it was behind you in the play place
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