42 059
3 817
Ramanith Nop
Ramanith Nop - 12 minuti fa
Omg the king of the monster died and thanos did not win I’m confused how did thanos died
Tricki tex Petrovic kovacic
Where is deadpool
Lani Conder
Lani Conder - Ora fa
It's the rideler
Sean Nguyen
Sean Nguyen - Ora fa
5:58 who else that was scarlet witch but actually that is jean grey. Search it up to see what I mean
Kyron Jackson
Kyron Jackson - 4 ore fa
I said this at 9:40 but I said
Jasper Sabin
Jasper Sabin - 5 ore fa
The dragon that ate the T. rex his name is smog from the lord of the rings
Ben Whitlock
Ben Whitlock - 2 ore fa
U a fan of the hobbit then
Christina Hames
Christina Hames - 7 ore fa
Know body kiled jawes
zsuzsanna radicsne tamba
Godzila is the best
Ahmad Alnaqi
Ahmad Alnaqi - 14 ore fa
You suck
Hyped shadow
Hyped shadow - 17 ore fa
Wait vision has an infinity stone but thanos has all of them
Greg & Marie Konico
Greg & Marie Konico - 19 ore fa
Godzilla yessss
Rain kong
Rain kong - 22 ore fa
mandy nahal
mandy nahal - 22 ore fa
Why is not Jeff the killer in here
TBNR_JOSH - Giorno fa
RIP Diablo and joker
cold hearted
cold hearted - Giorno fa
Why they keep killing each other with a knife😖😖😖
cold hearted
cold hearted - Giorno fa
Lol 😖😖😖😖
Tony Laginess
Tony Laginess - Giorno fa
Ivan Pelov
Ivan Pelov - Giorno fa
ice witch from chonicles of narnia
Sandra Barksdale
Sandra Barksdale - Giorno fa
Yay godzilla
mohammad ainavipour
mohammad ainavipour - Giorno fa
This gold guy in a gold circle is the guy from guardians of the galaxy 2
Friends Of KTS
Friends Of KTS - Giorno fa
Joshua Ragan
Joshua Ragan - Giorno fa
The cockroach that cralled out of the guy was from men in black
Niels Foeken
Niels Foeken - Giorno fa
Yay thanos
hmm something is shady about this
The way you are overreacting to things make me lowkey want to smack you across the mouth and drag that hand from the floor and break your jaw.
even your thumbnails makes me want to beat the catpiss out of u
Jenson Na Nakorn
Jenson Na Nakorn - Giorno fa
Of course the vampire dies first
big lizard O'Brien
big lizard O'Brien - Giorno fa
It us face hugger
otherworldmarkus any clan
Anyone like Thanos moon walk
Susmita Pudasaini
Susmita Pudasaini - Giorno fa
thor sister is hela
Not Nubsackguest
Not Nubsackguest - Giorno fa
Im dieing from laughing from chucky xd 3:32
John Guglielmo
John Guglielmo - Giorno fa
Golem:my precious!
Kwebbelkop:oh, no! SMIGUL!
Golem: wait did you just call me- (gets hit on the head)
Ihasdeano Warrior
Ihasdeano Warrior - Giorno fa
9:09 that’s the Alien from war of the worlds

I watched it again last night
Edit: there’s the tripod
Saad Rathore
Saad Rathore - Giorno fa
Ok 👍 is the day that you are the one the day you are here to be in my life haha That🤣
Oksana Lyamin
Oksana Lyamin - 2 giorni fa
Why do you watch nasty stuff 😑😑😑😑😐
Gabriel Tarango
Gabriel Tarango - 2 giorni fa
Face hugger not face eater
steel dragion 247
steel dragion 247 - 2 giorni fa
It's called face hunger
Debra Green
Debra Green - 2 giorni fa
that was dark Phoenix
Daniel Pfeifler
Daniel Pfeifler - 2 giorni fa
Darth vador : im your mother?
Me : 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robin Cardaba Sehlstedt
Wtf sooo god
BGTURO90 - 2 giorni fa
Rip thanks and infinity stones
scp 0492.0
scp 0492.0 - 2 giorni fa
The big robot name is tripot
Ya YEET - 2 giorni fa
1:16 he’s riddler
ace Leal
ace Leal - 2 giorni fa
I asw this
Darrell Ananta
Darrell Ananta - 2 giorni fa
its a face hugger
Paula Watkins
Paula Watkins - 2 giorni fa
Person with pink sword is form Ben 19
Paula Watkins
Paula Watkins - 2 giorni fa
Person with pink sword if form Ben 10
John Guzek
John Guzek - 2 giorni fa
worst animation ever thanos and godzilla should have won not harly quin
Hallow Jovanny
Hallow Jovanny - 2 giorni fa
6:44 lol
carter seilhymer
carter seilhymer - 2 giorni fa
Please tell josh and jelly
Dustin Mosier
Dustin Mosier - 2 giorni fa
It’s a face hugger not a face eater
Idris Gaspar
Idris Gaspar - 3 giorni fa
He shark did not,get hit or died he is still alive
Danielle Velky
Danielle Velky - 3 giorni fa
Thanos: could've snapped and ended the whole thing
Danielle Velky
Danielle Velky - 3 giorni fa
Edit: and ended all the people
Elenor Lundgren
Elenor Lundgren - 3 giorni fa
The red monster at 13:14 is from Godzilla 2 btw it's a really good movie
Late Saurus
Late Saurus - 14 ore fa
No its not Thats Smaug from The Hobbit.
Sean Dalisay
Sean Dalisay - 3 giorni fa
its ya boy jeff
its ya boy jeff - 3 giorni fa
9:00 was the big as* spider
Nancy Martin
Nancy Martin - 3 giorni fa
zαяσ - 3 giorni fa
Wait wait Godzilla aint a villain in the monsterverse waaaat it should be ghidorah
Matthew Cutrer
Matthew Cutrer - 8 ore fa
No monster X
Noah DeKamp
Noah DeKamp - 3 giorni fa
Your thumbnails look so dumb
Sima Jahani
Sima Jahani - 3 giorni fa
Artur Bouthors
Artur Bouthors - 4 giorni fa
Pari Karim
Pari Karim - 4 giorni fa
make more
deadeyebeastgames - 4 giorni fa
4:55 chucky lol(edited i continue to watch and i see bloody mary chucky annabell and chuckys wife in the same shot .........damn)
Ryder Mason
Ryder Mason - 4 giorni fa
The forgot meta Ridley and Ridley XD
Francis Bishop
Francis Bishop - 4 giorni fa
Do you know who Jelly is
Francis Bishop
Francis Bishop - 4 giorni fa
Is your real name Jordi
Azlin Abu Samah
Azlin Abu Samah - 4 giorni fa
A human turn into bug is from MIB Men In Black
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - Giorno fa
Azlin Abu Samah We fuking know
Karen Galarza
Karen Galarza - 4 giorni fa
Kyloren is darth Vader just as a human
Legend Gamer
Legend Gamer - 4 giorni fa
knew it cuz she was invisible
Christian Wood
Christian Wood - 4 giorni fa
cool very good show
Haji Maryati
Haji Maryati - 4 giorni fa
Golovale Iosefa
Golovale Iosefa - 4 giorni fa
shwetha sharma
shwetha sharma - 4 giorni fa
The green one is great lantern
Miguel Dehn
Miguel Dehn - 4 giorni fa
I thought that King Kong was a good guy
MaxxTube - 4 giorni fa
I've watch this before like one minute before I started watching this video
Little square Face channel
Zero Kun
Zero Kun - 4 giorni fa
do you play snipers vs theives
Slenderfiveguy Ok OKAY
Slenderfiveguy Ok OKAY - 4 giorni fa
Vicky Brohier
Vicky Brohier - 4 giorni fa
Friend stands for: frendly ready independent empty nice deadly! 🤣
Liz Kraidman
Liz Kraidman - 4 giorni fa
TGamer - 4 giorni fa
The description says it’s child friendly but the video has a bunch of scenes with nudity
Lin German
Lin German - 5 giorni fa
Oh wow its just heros dieing
Nate The destroyer
Nate The destroyer - 5 giorni fa
this mice
this mice - 5 giorni fa
Guy from pirates of the caribian davy jones btw and sauron's hunters name is nazgula and its more like saurons force
hunter chen
hunter chen - 5 giorni fa
KRISTERS GUNKINS - 5 giorni fa
Not OG
Not OG - 5 giorni fa
TGG_ilikepie - 5 giorni fa
Harry Potter AVADA KEDVRA!!!
Vicky Brohier
Vicky Brohier - 5 giorni fa
I know the matrix trailer
princess skystar
princess skystar - 5 giorni fa
Godzilla would have lived for he depends on the weirddiation to live
Mary Ann Prado
Mary Ann Prado - 5 giorni fa
18:40 Thor in backrounddddd and 18:42 cool
Mary Ann Prado
Mary Ann Prado - 5 giorni fa
14:00 the stealer of iron man suit in first iron man idk what’s his name I forgot xD
Jesses Jesse
Jesses Jesse - 5 giorni fa
Mary Ann Prado it’s obdiay stand
Mary Ann Prado
Mary Ann Prado - 5 giorni fa
13:54 background rip Stephen wolf idk really the spelling so don’t judge
Mary Ann Prado
Mary Ann Prado - 5 giorni fa
I didn’t see Ronan fight lol
Mary Ann Prado
Mary Ann Prado - 5 giorni fa
Edit : on the wing army :O
Mary Ann Prado
Mary Ann Prado - 5 giorni fa
I only knew some villains like 30% of em xD
Janet Bryan
Janet Bryan - 6 giorni fa
or godzilla
Janet Bryan
Janet Bryan - 6 giorni fa
i wish darth vader won
the diamond pickaxe
the diamond pickaxe - 6 giorni fa
And xenomorph
Jesse Rincon
Jesse Rincon - 6 giorni fa
Laura Hancock
Laura Hancock - 6 giorni fa
its the thing
Joy McCarthy
Joy McCarthy - 6 giorni fa
🤣 haha
Mia Michaela
Mia Michaela - 5 giorni fa
julie garbutt
julie garbutt - 6 giorni fa
Odin is a god from the Viking times
Adam Bunton
Adam Bunton - 6 giorni fa
Not a face eater it's called a facehugger Chase Hager
Pooky - 6 giorni fa
Why did birds appear 11:36
Prossimi video