St Vincent Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Songs | GQ

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Spring Silver
Spring Silver - Giorno fa
"so you grew up in a musical family?' 'no!' haha, St Vincent's mother gave my friend music lessons at berklee
Zen Landon
Zen Landon - 2 giorni fa
I'm so bored with narcissism.
Chelsea C
Chelsea C - 3 giorni fa
JackStrait - 9 giorni fa
All of her songs are her most iconic songs
Purpa Lee
Purpa Lee - 12 giorni fa
She is easily one of my favorite modern artists. There really aren't as many icons in the mainstream today that know music so intimately and are as thoughtful in their creation to be able to have such a diverse range. Not to mention her lyricism is on point. No glits or glamour. Her words are just pensive and deep and thought-provoking. The Bed is also one of my favorite songs by her. Actor and Marry Me both have so many gems that aren't played as much. Love love love St. Vincent.
juan sinister
juan sinister - Mese fa
rachel smith
rachel smith - 2 mesi fa
she’s so real i love it
Kikimota - 2 mesi fa
Teenage Talk is the one and only song I listen to by her.
Major Seven
Major Seven - 3 mesi fa
I most definitely would, but most definitely won't.
tenderbastard tenderbastard
the dog said, "I thought this was winona ryder." ~ tenderbastard
Cloud Cloud
Cloud Cloud - 3 mesi fa
teenage talk
Otto L
Otto L - 3 mesi fa
She seems so delicate and powerful.
Pablo Essgalhardo
Pablo Essgalhardo - 5 mesi fa
She is not crazy afterall
Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan - 6 mesi fa
Fascinating person.
hnyflvr - 6 mesi fa
Um... where’s The Party? Chloe in the Afternoon, Just Same But Brand New 🤷🏽‍♀️
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz - 7 mesi fa
Smoking section is my favorite of hers
Kelly Gechotold
Kelly Gechotold - 7 mesi fa
I like how each artist is different based on how they are inspired
Pacho Stan
Pacho Stan - 7 mesi fa
I could listen to Annie talk all day
☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
what would Skinny Puppy do? :P wow
CodyAlushin - 7 mesi fa
I absolutely love when artists compare music to colors. When she called her song "pastel" I gasped.
oldsoulx - 7 mesi fa
Rosyln is her most iconic song
JP51ism - 7 mesi fa
I'm glad she made "the piano" / "Mass Education" CD; the Jack Antonoff collaboration - "Mass Seduction" - was a TS distraction IMHO. Her prior producer, Jon Congleton, let her be her.
Arina Daze
Arina Daze - 7 mesi fa
She's perfect
vianney ventura
vianney ventura - 7 mesi fa
st vincent is a DAMN./7
Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman - 7 mesi fa
0:00, 0:07, 0:15, 0:33, 0:51, 1:13 (Amy),
cmz8706 - 7 mesi fa
throwing around the word "iconic" pretty loosely nowadays, aren't we? let's see if she's still relevant within the decade then maybe revisit the issue... easy thumbs down
three dee melodie
three dee melodie - 6 mesi fa
annie has been making music since 2007. its been over a decade and she’s still relevant
Cole V C
Cole V C - 7 mesi fa
what would skinny puppy do is my new motto thanks annie
Jone - 7 mesi fa
'Most Iconic Songs' odd cause' she couldn't talk about her entire discography in 12 minutes
Natalia P.
Natalia P. - 7 mesi fa
What about Cheerleader and Teenage talk? we've been robbed
Just press dislike
Just press dislike - 8 mesi fa
Cruel, Prince Johnny, Birth in Reverse, Savior, Slow Disco, Dancing with a Ghost, Who and Teenage Talk
Kai Laluces
Kai Laluces - 8 mesi fa
annie is like Hayley Williams but weirder. yah know?
SomeSunshineOutside - 8 mesi fa
Danna O'Connor
Danna O'Connor - 8 mesi fa
Los Ageless = Kristen Stewart???
Clarissa Gomez
Clarissa Gomez - 8 mesi fa
Her hands are so pretty
Jonathan Schiedermayer
Most iconic song for me is Chloe in the afternoon, but did love this
DJOE.E - 8 mesi fa
...What up tho Annie !🍾😍🌙
Rainy - 8 mesi fa
I like Annie, but she is not an "icon," and nor are any of her songs really iconic.
theN4ever - 8 mesi fa
She has an ear for music that is impressive and satisfying to witness. I love how many of her interviews are explorations of her art. So many artists have interviews about nothing. So it is exciting to get the insight into her music that I so often crave when I hear songs that speak to me.
I wish she had covered "Prince Johnny" or "Strange Mercy", but I still love this interview.
Elaina Nelson
Elaina Nelson - 8 mesi fa
bro this is self titled erasure
superficialwannabe - 8 mesi fa
Where is MARROW?
Andrea Mojarro
Andrea Mojarro - 8 mesi fa
Just say "breaks down her new album" not "iconic songs"
Hello Mello
Hello Mello - 8 mesi fa
I just love this woman!! Masseduction is probably my favourit album ever
H Singer
H Singer - 8 mesi fa
A very gifted woman, I would like to see her in film as an actress
Magda Hirsch
Magda Hirsch - 8 mesi fa
Omg, I cracked up....Sweden to Poland...You are amazing
Walter Ramirez
Walter Ramirez - 8 mesi fa
I love you Queen!!!
Tanyah Anderson
Tanyah Anderson - 8 mesi fa
...I'm still curious to what she was going to do with those walls. bwhahahaha
Tim Peterson
Tim Peterson - 8 mesi fa
Johnny trilogy is the best! (Prince Johnny is my favorite) (edit: I love the chorus to 'The Bed'!)
LunarCatan - 8 mesi fa
I love her so much.
Flower - 8 mesi fa
"Most Iconic Songs" (for people who learnt about St.V when she started dating Cara).....
Cynthia Fernandes
Cynthia Fernandes - 6 mesi fa
... And didn't bother to look the rest of her discography up.
Adrian Gachewicz
Adrian Gachewicz - 8 mesi fa
I found it kind of strange, that she is so sure about Poland not being vacation country. Well, we have nice spaces to see here, so feel welcome and visit.
sndrb - 8 mesi fa
she looks like a head and hand floating in the dark I love it !
ライ - 8 mesi fa
Who's here after her performance in Grammy's???????????
Katrina Fernando
Katrina Fernando - 8 mesi fa
can I marry this woman?
C.L FILMS - 8 mesi fa
Wait wait wait.... Does Annie have synesthesia..... She described a song with colors.... Hmmm
One Glove
One Glove - 8 mesi fa
my fantasy, my precious!
sweet potato greens
sweet potato greens - 8 mesi fa
The Bed is so good.
Kris Cannon
Kris Cannon - 8 mesi fa
I find her so insanely fascinating. She’s so under rated
Elouise Q
Elouise Q - 8 mesi fa
oh my god MOM
SteventheThorn - 8 mesi fa
"Los Ageless" is such a brilliant title.
FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
her music kinda sucks
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