St Vincent Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Songs | GQ

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Major Seven
Major Seven - 2 giorni fa
I most definitely would, but most definitely won't.
tenderbastard tenderbastard
the dog said, "I thought this was winona ryder." ~ tenderbastard
Cloud Cloud
Cloud Cloud - 13 giorni fa
teenage talk
Otto L
Otto L - 18 giorni fa
She seems so delicate and powerful.
Pablo Essgalhardo
Pablo Essgalhardo - 2 mesi fa
She is not crazy afterall
Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan - 2 mesi fa
Fascinating person.
hnyflvr - 3 mesi fa
Um... where’s The Party? Chloe in the Afternoon, Just Same But Brand New 🤷🏽‍♀️
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz - 3 mesi fa
Smoking section is my favorite of hers
Kelly Gechotold
Kelly Gechotold - 3 mesi fa
I like how each artist is different based on how they are inspired
Pacho Stan
Pacho Stan - 3 mesi fa
I could listen to Annie talk all day
☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
what would Skinny Puppy do? :P wow
CodyAlushin - 4 mesi fa
I absolutely love when artists compare music to colors. When she called her song "pastel" I gasped.
oldsoulx - 4 mesi fa
Rosyln is her most iconic song
JP51ism - 4 mesi fa
I'm glad she made "the piano" / "Mass Education" CD; the Jack Antonoff collaboration - "Mass Seduction" - was a TS distraction IMHO. Her prior producer, Jon Congleton, let her be her.
Arina Daze
Arina Daze - 4 mesi fa
She's perfect
vianney ventura
vianney ventura - 4 mesi fa
st vincent is a DAMN./7
Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman - 4 mesi fa
0:00, 0:07, 0:15, 0:33, 0:51, 1:13 (Amy),
cmz8706 - 4 mesi fa
throwing around the word "iconic" pretty loosely nowadays, aren't we? let's see if she's still relevant within the decade then maybe revisit the issue... easy thumbs down
binglio - 3 mesi fa
annie has been making music since 2007. its been over a decade and she’s still relevant
Cole V C
Cole V C - 4 mesi fa
what would skinny puppy do is my new motto thanks annie
Jone - 4 mesi fa
'Most Iconic Songs' odd cause' she couldn't talk about her entire discography in 12 minutes
Natalia P.
Natalia P. - 4 mesi fa
What about Cheerleader and Teenage talk? we've been robbed
donbotherme - 4 mesi fa
Cruel, Prince Johnny, Birth in Reverse, Savior, Slow Disco, Dancing with a Ghost, Who and Teenage Talk
Kai Laluces
Kai Laluces - 4 mesi fa
annie is like Hayley Williams but weirder. yah know?
SomeSunshineOutside - 4 mesi fa
Danna O'Connor
Danna O'Connor - 4 mesi fa
Los Ageless = Kristen Stewart???
Clarissa Gomez
Clarissa Gomez - 4 mesi fa
Her hands are so pretty
Jonathan Schiedermayer
Most iconic song for me is Chloe in the afternoon, but did love this
DJOE.E - 5 mesi fa
...What up tho Annie !🍾😍🌙
Rainy - 5 mesi fa
I like Annie, but she is not an "icon," and nor are any of her songs really iconic.
theN4ever - 5 mesi fa
She has an ear for music that is impressive and satisfying to witness. I love how many of her interviews are explorations of her art. So many artists have interviews about nothing. So it is exciting to get the insight into her music that I so often crave when I hear songs that speak to me.
I wish she had covered "Prince Johnny" or "Strange Mercy", but I still love this interview.
Elaina Nelson
Elaina Nelson - 5 mesi fa
bro this is self titled erasure
superficialwannabe - 5 mesi fa
Where is MARROW?
Andrea Mojarro
Andrea Mojarro - 5 mesi fa
Just say "breaks down her new album" not "iconic songs"
Hello Mello
Hello Mello - 5 mesi fa
I just love this woman!! Masseduction is probably my favourit album ever
H Singer
H Singer - 5 mesi fa
A very gifted woman, I would like to see her in film as an actress
Magda Hirsch
Magda Hirsch - 5 mesi fa
Omg, I cracked up....Sweden to Poland...You are amazing
Walter Ramirez
Walter Ramirez - 5 mesi fa
I love you Queen!!!
Tanyah Anderson
Tanyah Anderson - 5 mesi fa
...I'm still curious to what she was going to do with those walls. bwhahahaha
Tim Peterson
Tim Peterson - 5 mesi fa
Johnny trilogy is the best! (Prince Johnny is my favorite) (edit: I love the chorus to 'The Bed'!)
LunarCatan - 5 mesi fa
I love her so much.
Flower - 5 mesi fa
"Most Iconic Songs" (for people who learnt about St.V when she started dating Cara).....
Cynthia Fernandes
Cynthia Fernandes - 3 mesi fa
... And didn't bother to look the rest of her discography up.
Adrian Gachewicz
Adrian Gachewicz - 5 mesi fa
I found it kind of strange, that she is so sure about Poland not being vacation country. Well, we have nice spaces to see here, so feel welcome and visit.
sndrb - 5 mesi fa
she looks like a head and hand floating in the dark I love it !
RYE 苦楽
RYE 苦楽 - 5 mesi fa
Who's here after her performance in Grammy's???????????
Katrina Fernando
Katrina Fernando - 5 mesi fa
can I marry this woman?
C.L FILMS - 5 mesi fa
Wait wait wait.... Does Annie have synesthesia..... She described a song with colors.... Hmmm
One Glove
One Glove - 5 mesi fa
my fantasy, my precious!
sweet potato greens
sweet potato greens - 5 mesi fa
The Bed is so good.
Kris Cannon
Kris Cannon - 5 mesi fa
I find her so insanely fascinating. She’s so under rated
Elouise Q
Elouise Q - 5 mesi fa
oh my god MOM
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