Zain Raza
Zain Raza - Giorno fa
Somebody explain the “little brother moment”?
Ian N
Ian N - 2 giorni fa
This trailer is still amazing months after release.
Kingsley Asante
Kingsley Asante - 4 giorni fa
Fire Lord Liu Kang
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia - 5 giorni fa
O my God
Archandon - 5 giorni fa
The funny thing about Raiden flying like a badass at the end is in the games cutscene of that, he gets immediately wrecked after.
W ON - 10 giorni fa
I felt like I was back in theaters with my friend at the first showing of MK
Absolute SubZero
Absolute SubZero - 11 giorni fa
Man...That's cold.
Xander Game
Xander Game - 11 giorni fa
F u
Derekthejeff - 12 giorni fa
Turned out to be a disappointment
Hot-blooded & Half-German
According to you
900 P
900 P - 14 giorni fa
Every MK game must have one trailer with this song
Cici Rosie
Cici Rosie - 14 giorni fa
Jack Cormier
Jack Cormier - 16 giorni fa
Mortal Kombat universe: Never dies from blood loss
Kamil Bubu
Kamil Bubu - 16 giorni fa
It would be even better if Raiden screamed his gibberish in the final scene
Hanner18 Gaming
Hanner18 Gaming - 22 giorni fa
Is it wrong that I still watch this 2 months after it's been released? I wanna play again lol
Phoenix Lindstrom
Phoenix Lindstrom - 18 giorni fa
I watch it every day.
NemesisOne404 - 21 giorno fa
🤣 No
Yoshio Sato
Yoshio Sato - 23 giorni fa
Does anyone know where I can find the full theme of this trailer?
I mean the version of this videogame, not the version of the movies filmed in the 1990s.
McChicken 2
McChicken 2 - 24 giorni fa
Too bad the story was shit, along with Kronika as a villain
Rojelio Guerrero
Rojelio Guerrero - Mese fa
Nerf this trailer its too good
Garfield Cat
Garfield Cat - Mese fa
Mortal Kombat 11- Girls can not be undressed
Mortal Kombat 12- You can't beat girls
Ryan Przespolewski
Ryan Przespolewski - Mese fa
Agiven 32
Agiven 32 - Mese fa
My only problem is dat sector and cyrax aren’t playable
Varun Nagrare
Varun Nagrare - Mese fa
Why don't they use the classic MK theme in every MK release rather than some rapper shit?
This trailer is Nostalgia + Techno Syndrome = Pure Awesomeness 😍 Legit Goosebumps!!!!
Teaghan the Super Goomba
I think it was due to legal rights. Y'know, law stuff.
TheOmegazero44 - Mese fa
Can Netherrealm PLEASE release this theme on Spotify!!
Pickled Noodle
Pickled Noodle - Mese fa
Jalen Knox
Jalen Knox - Mese fa
This song makes me feel so bad.... I just littered
Alan Clark
Alan Clark - Mese fa
Liu Kang enters Beast Mode
Chris Van Halen
Chris Van Halen - Mese fa
That opening shot of Scorpion and Sub Zero makes me cry every time
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez - Mese fa
Havent played Mortal Kombat since Mortal Kombat 3, what the hell is going on with the lore in this game? Robots? MK characters as a military unit? I'm intrigued!
Hot-blooded & Half-German
The robots have been around since Mortal Kombat 3, though
Poot is
Poot is - Mese fa
They failed with microtransactions but the story itself is one of the best in fighter games
Prince Parker
Prince Parker - Mese fa
Ouuuhh boy...you have a lot of story to cover :3... But I played this one...believe me one of the best story in this kind of genre <4
doom8589 - Mese fa
Is it bad that I've used Scorpion, Subzero, Reptile since the first MK? I feel Like I've watched this series grow, mature, age and still remain timeless after all these yrs..and yet after all this time..We ALL still love Shouting Mortal Kombat at the top of our lungs as we sing/hum along with the original song.. I smile just thinking about it..
Contface - Mese fa
Не понял. А где Александр Пистолетов?
willow815 - Mese fa
Netherrealm:*uses mk classic theme*
Nostalgia 100
EricBringsLife - Mese fa
They’re are fates worse than death...
Vintage Art and Gaming
Even after the game's launch... this trailer is still epic
CRYSAW - Mese fa
kronika wants to restart the timeline to fix her dry lips
she needs vaseline
Larry Burkas Lo
Larry Burkas Lo - Mese fa
how many times have you watched ?
ThiccBoi2314 - Mese fa
This looks like it could be an actual movie trailer
Bruno C.94
Bruno C.94 - Mese fa
Top demais com essa música !!
A's - Mese fa
Rage virus and zombification are 2 diverse concepts
TonyFilip917 - Mese fa
This is what trailers should be almost no spoilers yet a perfect amount of "This is a powerful villain" feel
Game4Life - Mese fa
MK X : Who's next?
MK11: You're next!
Ryan Olivier
Ryan Olivier - Mese fa
I don't even play MK and yet I keep coming back just for the song. Anyone else?
Eli Chamilion
Eli Chamilion - 2 mesi fa
Like mkx first trailer, people complained about the music. Then it got better when the second trailer used rock music. Same as mk11. Started off with rap then finally nostalgic theme that everyone's been waiting for.
jrock 117
jrock 117 - 2 mesi fa
All Characters join together to stop kronica....... mortal kombat avengers addition
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 2 mesi fa
Do you know apeshit everyone would've been if this was shown at the VGA? I understand that it was still months away from release but damn the hype for this trailer is insane
Mark Holloway
Mark Holloway - 2 mesi fa
Most epic trailer ever now that’s loco 😳
Kabya Banerjee
Kabya Banerjee - 2 mesi fa
Raiden going full ABAYABAYABAYAYA in the end was pure Gold!!!!
Kabya Banerjee
Kabya Banerjee - Mese fa
@CappyCap this MK literally dials down on those taunts... Even Scorpion does not say "Get Over Here" as clearly as he should...
CappyCap - Mese fa
Sadly he doesnt say it
Sudipto Roy
Sudipto Roy - 2 mesi fa
Someone please upload the freaking track!!!! And it better be this version!!!!!
Papa Franku's Lost Twin kek
*Alexander Pistoletov- Gladiatar Intensifies*
Unravel -S
Unravel -S - 2 mesi fa
Que épico, valió la pena esperar tanto...
Blue_ Laser
Blue_ Laser - 2 mesi fa
Bruh this would low key make a fresh movie trailer
Prossimi video