PnB Rock Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

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Cyclo Zay
Cyclo Zay - Giorno fa
He sound like Nipsy
Phyllis Williams
Phyllis Williams - 10 giorni fa
That was behind middle child because he got kicked out of his mama house for that tattoo
TWB Hozay
TWB Hozay - 12 giorni fa
Jeremy Campos
Jeremy Campos - 15 giorni fa
“Let me get in the gym first” hahaha PnB you my favorite artist fr
Cj Hardman
Cj Hardman - Mese fa
daddy papichulo
daddy papichulo - Mese fa
His passed away the day after my birthday 🥺🥺
Z33 60D
Z33 60D - Mese fa
My god these tattoos are horrible
Ju Heard
Ju Heard - Mese fa
Bro got his jail number tattooed on em 😂😂
Pryde Awa
Pryde Awa - Mese fa
Everyone in the hip hop music got a star ring
zeus johnson
zeus johnson - 2 mesi fa
Some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen why these fake niggas be buying 20$ tattoos these niggas was never real niggas , these niggas never had MONEY before rap FACTS
Zanett Davila
Zanett Davila - 2 mesi fa
What glasses is he wearing ?
radiorakim - 2 mesi fa
His neck is longer than his rap career
GMAG BEATS - 2 mesi fa
PnB Rock

Peanut Butter N Rock
smokey 0988
smokey 0988 - 2 mesi fa
Actually you can get laser surgery for tattoos and it won't be in the 1st surgery fades it and as you go it disappears
random account
random account - 2 mesi fa
niggas too rich to have tattoos this bad bruh
Kem & AJay
Kem & AJay - 2 mesi fa
My name rakem barnett and his name rakem alist or sum like da
jan - 3 mesi fa
how old are americans in 5th and 6th grade?
Emily Mason
Emily Mason - 24 giorni fa
11 in 5th and 13 in 6th
maleeka - 3 mesi fa
get carti on !!
amouralasiaaa - 3 mesi fa
Who Else Though WB Meant Warner Bros-
Anne Vee
Anne Vee - 4 mesi fa
I know his name is like an acronym for a street corner or whatever but every time I see it I read psychology neuroscience and behaviour lmao
Joclyn_5236 - 4 mesi fa
2:13 he deadass covered up his exes name lmaooo😂😂😂
-_____6lacC Mo6_____-
-_____6lacC Mo6_____- - 4 mesi fa
Neck piece is the best. 💯💯👌🏴
Snow Evo
Snow Evo - 4 mesi fa
He needs to get an xxxtentacion tree tattoo
Brooklynn X
Brooklynn X - 2 mesi fa
Toxic Evo why
Janiyah Gilford
Janiyah Gilford - 4 mesi fa
Trip tripping tripping
Lil DC 43 The Young Mixed Rapper
PNB Rock Album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
FibrousZr0 FibrousZr0
FibrousZr0 FibrousZr0 - 4 mesi fa
Do suicideboy
223DEE WGE - 4 mesi fa
When tf y’all gonna do my blooda durkio
I b
I b - 5 mesi fa
PnB Rock didn't use to act this way a bit back.
SAKyoungin - 3 mesi fa
how he act?
I b
I b - 5 mesi fa
What did he take before this interview.
Zevnn - 5 mesi fa
Get Trill Sammy!!!!!
Aeden Serano
Aeden Serano - 5 mesi fa
Y’all need to get Jesse Rutherford on here asap
Myke Smith
Myke Smith - 5 mesi fa
Like how he honest that he regret some of his tattoos
imhungry208 - 5 mesi fa
when did giraffes start talking
BA Teenboy
BA Teenboy - 5 mesi fa
Put PNB rock jewelry collection video
SupaMemeBoi - 5 mesi fa
PnB Is Making The Great Return To Relavancy
NaChina Burston
NaChina Burston - 5 mesi fa
He's so corny
아진아 - 5 mesi fa
안녕하세요 GQ 많은 영상을 보고싶은데 자막을 달아 주실수 있나요 영어를 못합니다 고맙습니다!!
Young Alex
Young Alex - 5 mesi fa
I’m sorry but I like how they do almost all the tattoos but the triangle one with the eye 🤷🏽‍♂️
YVNG MILL - 5 mesi fa
he sounds like chris brown no cap
YUNG DEATH - 5 mesi fa
Zillakami N SosMula Next
random staff
random staff - 5 mesi fa
pnb rock is a real live imvu character
ZacX Bethel
ZacX Bethel - 5 mesi fa
Update on lil skies tats!!!
Stev Gaming
Stev Gaming - 5 mesi fa
lil uzi vert pls
unknown - 5 mesi fa
Why he look so skinny
Inddirea Olibrice
Inddirea Olibrice - 5 mesi fa
I’m sorry to say but I hate where his tattoos are placed and whoever did it is a crackhead.
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide - 5 mesi fa
Has GQ always been GQ, or has it been CQ someday?
Chance Toms
Chance Toms - 5 mesi fa
Please bring Kevin gates in to break down his tattoos
ツLol - 5 mesi fa
Tattoos look fye on his skin tone
ZaytovZ - 5 mesi fa
YouTriggered _
YouTriggered _ - 5 mesi fa
Why he never show his tramp stamp
Lucifer The Lozer
Lucifer The Lozer - 5 mesi fa
Scarlxrd breaks dxwn his tattxx's next!
Andre Izonhoward
Andre Izonhoward - 5 mesi fa
4:07 pnb autism pause
Mak Sad
Mak Sad - 5 mesi fa
I really wanted to see Chris Brown talking about his tattoos there.
Steforn Metivier
Steforn Metivier - 5 mesi fa
Iq of a fish ..
Clos Montana
Clos Montana - 5 mesi fa
They need to make “ who is pnb rock”
Vandii - 5 mesi fa
Trap Star a clique in Queens
Ash Wolf
Ash Wolf - 5 mesi fa
He literally has the illuminati triangle thing on his neck... wheres the conspiracy theories?
Ash Wolf
Ash Wolf - 5 mesi fa
How was his older brother in 5th grade when he was in 6th?
James Brown
James Brown - 5 mesi fa
Pretty lame
GoPlayFifa Z
GoPlayFifa Z - 5 mesi fa
Prossimi video