Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

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lizoyd18 - 54 minuti fa
All good answers from him and mark Henry asking dumb questions
kamcross 03
kamcross 03 - 57 minuti fa
Change is coming
ROCKSTAR STATUS - 57 minuti fa
His appearance has changed dramatically since his early wrestling career. Dark sunken eyes bloated face.
Mark Mik
Mark Mik - 57 minuti fa
#1 trending 👀👀
Lee Valentine
Lee Valentine - 57 minuti fa
to be fair it was awsome, but please don't get desperate and bring in ego' s in
Meh K
Meh K - 57 minuti fa
3:22 Wow that guy holding the mic is shitting himself.
Billy Herrington
Billy Herrington - 59 minuti fa
Cody is such a humble genuine guy and it looks like he has such great plans for AEW, I love when he said that we should let them know when a promo or match is underperforming so they can learn from it and he summed up wwe perfectly “when you’re the only game in town you don’t care” I’m ‘all in’ for AEW, the company is what it says on the tin “all elite wrestling” that’s what it is the best wrestlers putting on the what matches...amazing.
Caribbean Flava
Caribbean Flava - Ora fa
This is number 1 trending... holy shit
fpshooterful - Ora fa
ummm... huhhhh... ummm.... ahhh... uummm... i wonder who that could be at 5:40
Jaclyn Glenn Fan
Jaclyn Glenn Fan - Ora fa
Dane Lowell
Dane Lowell - Ora fa
I love that Cody is saying Wrestler, and not “Sports Entertainer”
Heriberto Murillo
BRUH this is trending
Lillel - Ora fa
People love to have amnesia since Triple H took the first shot at the hall of fame. So Cody just gave it in return.
Swollen Souls
Swollen Souls - Ora fa
Why is this Trending ?
베스트 - Ora fa
9:00 I have that same Goku case lmaooo
kane6472 - Ora fa
You're trending number 1 👍
베스트 - Ora fa
Lmao he started stuttering when Henry came through
Alfreedo Sanchez
Alfreedo Sanchez - Ora fa
Wow trending and number 1 trending, speechless
Screen Apple
Screen Apple - Ora fa
why is this #1 trending. Cause Khan have ton of money.... it's not free on youtube. So they paid to put #1 trending.
MrMyking2 - Ora fa
Why does he look like shit?
Hashtag Gone
Hashtag Gone - Ora fa
He was covered in Dustins blood from the match he just had
Pine To The Cone
Pine To The Cone - Ora fa
Kyle Bower
Kyle Bower - Ora fa
Cody is markin out for MK11 LOL. Great ppv, cody. Good shit. Stick it to Vince
Glenn Cross
Glenn Cross - Ora fa
#1 trending as of this comment. The match was insane
Djent_1997 - Ora fa
If anyone here really wants these guys to succeed (and I know I do), don't compare them to WWE. These guys don't deserve to be looked at as the alternative. Treat them like the fi
The Kiosk
The Kiosk - Ora fa
"you guys wanna do a group hug?"
Random Guy on the Internet
Holy shit... is that a human sized gnome?
Darcy Rivera
Darcy Rivera - Ora fa
Why is this trending #1?
Fanaticalplel Warstarterarea
What. What’s going on.
Greatness - Ora fa
Congrats for number one on trending
Corzed - Ora fa
Number 1 on trending!? That's incredible. People that enjoyed this really need to check out the 1 on 1 interview you two did before Double or Nothing.
Martha Goebe
Martha Goebe - Ora fa
He looks plastic
Alex blue
Alex blue - Ora fa
Lol that’s great!👍
Víctor Creed
Víctor Creed - Ora fa
Wow no 1 on trending
The Kiosk
The Kiosk - Ora fa
This is trending #1 right now.
Matthew Solis
Matthew Solis - Ora fa
Literally, just saw this video 14 minutes ago. Saw comments that it's trending on YouTube when I hit replay, it's number one, congrats CVV 🔥🔥🔥
MAZ - Ora fa
Wrestling videos trending #1 so happy 😭
Chris Van Vliet
Chris Van Vliet - Ora fa
That makes two of us! It shows how interested people are in wrestling right now!
Walter Cruz
Walter Cruz - Ora fa
New AEW T-Shirt! AEW! Vince McMahon Sloppy Seconds!! I want 5% of the cut. I still waiting for Jacksonville Jaguars vs XFL All Stars ! Winner takes all! I'll watch that!
Penguin Jones
Penguin Jones - Ora fa

Your only smoke and mirrors
Penguin Jones
Penguin Jones - Ora fa
Ray Man 7
Ray Man 7 - Ora fa
#1 trending. AEW AEW AEW
Jeremiah Morley
Jeremiah Morley - Ora fa
Pro wrestling looks wack to me.
Dr. Lesia the Preacha
Rising from the ashes in Detroit 🌞
Dr. Lesia the Preacha 🙏🏾👁
seekr34 - Ora fa
if they go with attitude type era, they can definitely give WWE a run for their money because many fans still want the attitude back.
HyperSole - Ora fa
Two AEW related videos trending in the top 5 on YouTube 👏
AntiBaboonDevice - Ora fa
What an absolute success this was. I haven't been this excited about wrestling in 15 years. Dusty would be unbelievably proud of his sons. For years the fans and the wrestlers themselves have been wanting WWE to step up their game and get it back to being worth watching, to make it a great art form again, and they have ignored everything and everybody and recent years have been frankly, abysmal for them, creatively. I don't care about the money, WWE is teetering on being unwatchable for anyone over the age of ten. AEW is just the natural reaction to that total neglect for the art of wrestling. Life finds a way. Life has found a way. Amazing show and all the best to everybody involved with this. It's fucking great. I honestly haven't marked out and got so wrapped up in a match like Cody vs Dustin since Wrestlemania XX. Thank you.
Never speaks gamer
#1on trending my guy Chris 💪😎👍
Kyler Dean
Kyler Dean - Ora fa
#1 on trending. That’s crazy!!
Charles Atlas
Charles Atlas - Ora fa
I knew this would be trending after Cody promoted libtard identity racial politics. I'll be sure not to watch. Whatever happened to content of character over color of skin? Nowadays it's all about color of skin. Sad!
Shoruzen - Ora fa
I really appreciate how crystal clear and honest he is about how things are/were with WWE. I really enjoyed DoN and I hope AEW succeeds.
Kenny Jefferson
Kenny Jefferson - Ora fa
#1 on trending wtf
dvon1097 - Ora fa
7:26 pm est. Chris u made #1 on youtube trending!!!
Jbull the king of entertainment
I wonder if there gonna start a aew network so we don't have to pay for the paperveiws
Blulish2 - Ora fa
#1 on trending wtf?!! 😱
Osama Awwad
Osama Awwad - Ora fa
Let’s just realize that was the first ever PPV in AEW History and this video is already #1 trending on YouTube
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez - Ora fa
Shock factors out the window bro
Phantom Lancers
Phantom Lancers - Ora fa
vince mcmahon in american nightmare
Microsoft Turd
Microsoft Turd - Ora fa
#1 Trending bay bay!
EddieParkerTV - Ora fa
#1 trending! Wow AEW really sparking new life into the YWC
VEGA4554 - Ora fa
When was the last time WWE was #1 on Trending?!!! AEW is taking over the world!!!!!
HyperSole - Ora fa
#1 Trending, AEW is here Bitches!!!!!!
Yair Lopez
Yair Lopez - Ora fa
Im here wit my enemy he ting I inore hem ..but i uderstend more and everybudy .......heloooooo
Agent 22
Agent 22 - Ora fa
WWE: WWE is the best show of all time!!!
AEW: Hold my beer WWE.
Godess D
Godess D - Ora fa
How is this #1 on Trending?!
Steven Fitzgibbon
Vince McMahon is gna have your white dog assassinated
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 - Ora fa
Vince is shitting his pants
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion - Ora fa
#1 on Trending
The Peace Variety Show
Tyler Joseph Smith
#1 on YouTube trending!
(May 26, 2019, 6:18 PM CST)
Ammar Farhan
Ammar Farhan - Ora fa
Number 1 trending let's go
elcollins320 - Ora fa
daamn no. 1 on trending!
siddestroyer - Ora fa
Is that Mark Henry ?
ezweez pleez
ezweez pleez - Ora fa
Sexual chocolate totally wants to fuck stardust.
Mellennium Beats
Mellennium Beats - Ora fa
No one asked him about Bret Hart introducing the AEW championship belt.
abdulaa Ism
abdulaa Ism - Ora fa
What happened to his face
BullseyeRey - Ora fa
Congratulations Chris, this video is trending!
Bolt- Action
Bolt- Action - Ora fa
Watching double or nothing deadass felt like a wrestle mania and on top of that it was super watchable honestly I think wwe has super serious competition they better get there shit together ‼️‼️😂
This Kid
This Kid - Ora fa
Can’t believe This is #1 trending. #aew
Waldo Rojas
Waldo Rojas - 2 ore fa
People who watch wrestling are generally inbred retards.
Steven Matthews
Steven Matthews - 2 ore fa
The post-match interviews here really do set the presentation of a legitimate sports event.
Screen Apple
Screen Apple - 2 ore fa
Brock will be #1 highest paid wrestler in WWE in 2019 - 2020 
What about johhn cena? He hasn't show up work. Haven't seen him in ring.
Not sure if he looking for movie job or join AEW.
Angel Tejada video
Angel Tejada video - 2 ore fa
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho - 2 ore fa
The World's Strongest Reporter
MHN - 2 ore fa
This is trending number 1 congrats aew
Johnny Ros
Johnny Ros - 2 ore fa
#1 Trending. AEW *YOWIE WOWIE*
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts - 2 ore fa
I just wanna see aew. Dope show but i got wwe on Monday bro. I wanna just watch aew ya knwo
The Fat man
The Fat man - 2 ore fa
How did this shit trend 1? YouTube you drunk again lol
SD Brand
SD Brand - Ora fa
+The Fat man AEW did not have a tv show from Mexico nor did they even have a non televised show there. A few wrestlers from AEW wrestled in AAA from Mexico last month.... But again no tv show claiming to draw the numbers you said....
The Fat man
The Fat man - Ora fa
SD Brand sigh, and you are a fan? It was the show the guys did in Mexico. The numbers were completely BS. Also Dave Meltzer said double or nothing could break over 200k, so no one has those numbers
SD Brand
SD Brand - Ora fa
+The Fat man google exists and what tv show? They haven't had a tv show yet so wtf are you talking about?
The Fat man
The Fat man - Ora fa
SD Brand do you have a source for that? Last time I heard they drew 5mil people on a tv show and those numbers were fake. I want to see an actual real article on double or nothing ppv buy rates
SD Brand
SD Brand - Ora fa
+The Fat man They did over 200k and that is not a joke whatsoever. This was the first show of a brand new company and their first ppv did over 200k - numbers WWE can't even get aside from their 4 big shows a year..... if that isn't successful in your mind then you're a moron....
Astro - 2 ore fa
streaming live come check it out!!!
Zach Mountain
Zach Mountain - 2 ore fa
Gotta up the quality...lots of botches at double or nothing and should have hit the chair more then once
Omg Chris is #1 on trending. Finally.
AKA Billy
AKA Billy - 2 ore fa
#1 on Trending 😮
Kenshigo - 2 ore fa
Who is Mark doing this for?
pauly shore
pauly shore - 2 ore fa
This mutha fucka aged
Austen Ortman
Austen Ortman - 2 ore fa
All in was the best wrestling event i have seen
Zackary Hancock
Zackary Hancock - 2 ore fa
Surprised the ad was for week
Derek Mejia
Derek Mejia - 2 ore fa
I’m in love with this I want more more more hahaa
Tiny Rascal
Tiny Rascal - 2 ore fa
welcome to Aew Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)
Theclaw Yaww
Theclaw Yaww - 2 ore fa
There is nothing worse than entertainment companies pandering with fake SJW pc nonsense. I'm glad AEW will just let it happen naturally instead of forcing it like WWE.
Facemelter - 2 ore fa that's actually the opposite of what people usually say when "AEW' and "PC" are used in the same sentence. Sonny's kinda cool and Nyla's a good powerhouse.
TimBitz - 2 ore fa
I believed there was only room for 1 Wrestling Promotion for me and thought it was WWE, but damn this was an awesome show. One of the best wrestling I’ve seen in a long time. They really brought wrestling back. Props to Cody and his gang for changing the wrestling world forever👍
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson - 2 ore fa
I couldn’t agree more with his take on Mark Henry’s second question. Don’t make it a PR stunt. Just book wrestling. Vince is in trouble, even if he takes the handcuffs off his guys. He has legit competition and this show has solidified it.
Big cow
Big cow - 2 ore fa
Bye bye WWE
Screen Apple
Screen Apple - 2 ore fa
WWE equipment, props, etc will be reduced in 2019 - 2020... 
Not sure if triple H, stephine, Shane, vince would spend their own money for WWE.
Prossimi video