Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Diana van der Pluijm
So many potentially good or at least entertaining movies fuck it up with the ending. NO! WE DON'T WANT A SEQUEL TO EVERY FRIGGING HORROR MOVIE! NO! Stop doing that! Give us an ENDING! That's far more satisfying than 'the story isn't over yet, just wait for the sequel' that probably more than half of the time never comes because the movie bombed.
Apoapsis Periapsis
Apoapsis Periapsis - 11 ore fa
Windows: i am willing you to smash me
noobmaster69 _
noobmaster69 _ - 17 ore fa
7:07 I think they broke the ice on purpose because they didn’t want anything in the game that would allow them to cheat. The lighter was not supposed to be there.
nadia sung
nadia sung - Giorno fa
Nate Ko
Nate Ko - Giorno fa
That's a lot of sins that Jesus has to forgive.
Ailurophile - 2 giorni fa
I still like this movie. Critics are just pretentious bastards.
Midnight Ramen
Midnight Ramen - 2 giorni fa
The one where stuff it falling apart and crushing Ben was the one for that miner dude
shaggy doo
shaggy doo - 3 giorni fa
This is like a combination of "the belko expairement" and "final destination" because these people escaped death a and then got killed because of it
shaggy doo
shaggy doo - Ora fa
@BlackCroft666LP i think you mean the *B L O C K*
BlackCroft666LP - 6 ore fa
And The Cube movies
Bunny - 3 giorni fa
me : damn this movie sucks
also me 5 minutes ago after watching the movie: wow that movie was great
Elliana Tenenbaum
Elliana Tenenbaum - 3 giorni fa
When you realize that you're wearing a stupid smile while the whole video is playing
ejv 229
ejv 229 - 4 giorni fa
what if she drives there
TITAN WOLF - 4 giorni fa
117 amount of sins halo fans are triggered
DaDerpyCarrot - 4 giorni fa
0:55 savage
shalon - 4 giorni fa
I think the biggest sin this movie produced was speeding up the song “Stayin Alive” for the end credits. There’s gonna be someone somewhere who hears the CPR tip and thinks of that fucking version. This movie wants to kill. Sony. Wants someone somewhere to die. Bastards.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton - 4 giorni fa
Literally watched this movie yesterday for the first time now it’s popping up in my recommendations🤔🤔
CoolGellieGamer - 4 giorni fa
Also in the end where de games master face comes in i just wanted to say.
"And Danny is gone."
CoolGellieGamer - 5 giorni fa
I also found it really confusing how They know things of the people like all of them had visual evidence like the plane being upside down, but how did They know the song that was playing?
Femke Kraan
Femke Kraan - 5 giorni fa
I want to recreate this escape room..but without the people dying..
Corby Dinsburger
Corby Dinsburger - 2 giorni fa
SUGMAPP 69 - 5 giorni fa
Its BearzHuntz
Its BearzHuntz - 6 giorni fa
Why making the video 17 minutes?!?!!? I mean all your videos are literally showing that every movie is a mistake.
Avrey Leece
Avrey Leece - 6 giorni fa
Kira Park
Kira Park - 3 giorni fa
Avrey Leece I assume you just really like the movie and that’s why you’re commenting like this. But the channel is mainly for entertainment, it’s just for fun. I don’t think there’s any reason to be offended by the video in any way.
Jordan Gomez
Jordan Gomez - 6 giorni fa
And the spinning room with the strobe was Bens it represented him being drunk
Jordan Gomez
Jordan Gomez - 6 giorni fa
Mikes room was the crushing room because it was like the cave
The Ice Wizard
The Ice Wizard - 6 giorni fa
The Best answer for all the questions would be; the Entire movie is just a dream (remember the female character getting bored in class? she fell asleep)
James Snow
James Snow - 7 giorni fa
More than ever, you really sound like Kermit the Frog in this video.
Heavy Weights
Heavy Weights - 7 giorni fa
Everything wrong with my life
JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again
If Amanda was going to throw the 🎱 anyways why not throw it before she starts climbing! At least give herself a chance
happy kid kai
happy kid kai - 7 giorni fa
How dare you do this to one of my favourite movies
Xavier johnson
Xavier johnson - 7 giorni fa
ok there is something I disagree with at the end when the police are surveying the scene, What I believe is they had a designer take the room apart once people escaped from it, now you may ask how is it the cast didn't hear any noises well it depends on the room if soundproofing is used then they would not be able to hear anything, these kinds of things typically require mad skills so whoever did this knew what they were doing.
Jonathan Perry
Jonathan Perry - 7 giorni fa
1:14 discount Johnny Depp?
Hanna Lara Gyutai
Hanna Lara Gyutai - 8 giorni fa
It's Lara Croft not Laura
1029393 - 8 giorni fa
when danny was drowning how about they just use THE MASSIVE BLOCK OF ICE they have to break him iout
Nemesismoon2013 - 8 giorni fa
Laura craft? Really?
huskyy dina
huskyy dina - 9 giorni fa
humour > review
El Stötzo
El Stötzo - 9 giorni fa
Discount Jason Segel is all I have to say
Jesu Keke
Jesu Keke - 9 giorni fa
Kaylee Keen
Kaylee Keen - 9 giorni fa
10 minutes before I finished this movie, my dvd player stopped working. This movie literally broke my dvd player.
skeat meat
skeat meat - 10 giorni fa
Laura Croft bruh
Cutter Gallagher
Cutter Gallagher - 10 giorni fa
2:19 He missed that there is 69 in her number
Chemical Z
Chemical Z - 11 giorni fa
Wait a minute... Wait a minute... Ay!!! That's Zahid from Atypical
Kylie Shepard
Kylie Shepard - 11 giorni fa
they should have all peed on the ice to get the key
Noaweeski - 12 giorni fa
As a resident of lexington kentucky 13:33 i approve of this message
Harald Emerson
Harald Emerson - 12 giorni fa
Say what you wish, I love this movie.
Bored Creativity
Bored Creativity - 12 giorni fa
"Escape room designed by Jigsaw"
yeah, that's pretty much what this movie's about.
Theo Retic
Theo Retic - 13 giorni fa
does ex machina have a meaning im not aware of because you use it over and over i dont see god from machine in any of the points you used it in
Pat C
Pat C - 13 giorni fa
Nice concept, decent execution
Mako Dune
Mako Dune - 13 giorni fa
Spoken sin: The peraon who wrote the captions wrote Laura Craft instead of Lara Croft in the part of the Tomb Raider series reference.
V N - 13 giorni fa
6:40 this guy is literally just like cinema sins lmao so it's funny you call him a dick that dicktifies things
nightwolf4207 - 14 giorni fa
This reminds me of cube I love that movie
Kamalesh Reddy Paluru
Kamalesh Reddy Paluru - 16 giorni fa
im surprised you didnt mention nerdy chick drawing the box puzzle.
Simon Frederiksen
Simon Frederiksen - 16 giorni fa
Yikes! A dumpster fire can at least keep you warm
passwuale xx
passwuale xx - 17 giorni fa
i only clicked bc i saw Zahid from atypical in the thumbnail
Lumbago - 17 giorni fa
Are you sick or have you got a new mic cause your voice is diffrent
Blue bird
Blue bird - 17 giorni fa
whoever this person that makes these videos must be a pain to watch movies with
Lovro Markovič
Lovro Markovič - 18 giorni fa
COLZ - 18 giorni fa
how did jigsaw know he was singing rudolph before he crashed the car?
S Woods
S Woods - 18 giorni fa
7:48 Well as a "would be physicist" I'll tell you that putting something inside a coat does warm it up you fucking moron. It insulates it meaning it keeps the temperature the same inside it, like a flask. Putting the coat around it would be the worst idea and your breath would be no help either
Rutsu Tayurushi
Rutsu Tayurushi - 18 giorni fa
bad guy: makes an airplane escape room for revenge, but involves innocents
J2M sn
J2M sn - 18 giorni fa
UppedSTARWARS - 18 giorni fa
Bruh mikes room was the last one when the walls close in🤦‍♂️🤡
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