Vanessa Yong
Vanessa Yong - 8 ore fa
I like fashion show HALSEY perfect..not like this fashion show.56M views.
princeza luna., L
princeza luna., L - 15 ore fa
jenham gizza
jenham gizza - 17 ore fa
Gabriel Dapitan
Gabriel Dapitan - 20 ore fa
I'm a fan
Titus Kino
Titus Kino - 21 ora fa
After Taylor Swift performance 😍both are damn great!!!! Bebe😍
No u Lol
No u Lol - Giorno fa
The rainbow fabric this year had me deadddd
Raluca INFINITE - Giorno fa
1:28 what is her name ?!
Christine Paras
Christine Paras - 6 ore fa
kelsey merritt
FansGenHalilintar Wulandari
Like,from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Max Morvan
Max Morvan - Giorno fa
not the right song for this kind of fashion show. good for a retirement home not VS
Grace Plays
Grace Plays - Giorno fa
And the winner is Bebe Rexha
apache08 - Giorno fa
There is no ugly woman just less make up
Tangpalungmol Samte
Tangpalungmol Samte - 2 giorni fa
Thei leu leu
azkia20177 the youtuber gamer
Whoah this is cool!
Michael Burnside
Michael Burnside - 2 giorni fa
This woman is amazing. What talent.
Emily neemyoriens
Emily neemyoriens - 2 giorni fa
Love u bebe😘😘😘
Sweet ener
Sweet ener - 2 giorni fa
Beyonce should do this
Nikhola Y
Nikhola Y - 2 giorni fa
I really like this version. Oh yeeees! I love her voice!!
Aneta Vojtíšková
Aneta Vojtíšková - 2 giorni fa
She sings too horribly 😂🤦‍♀️
Ares Ares
Ares Ares - 2 giorni fa
Those models are tall and skinny but my eyes on only Be be rexha
Rakib is bd
Rakib is bd - 3 giorni fa
>:O why the frick this song sucks here ?
Phu Pham
Phu Pham - 3 giorni fa
Who is she 1:05 ? PLsssss
1 w
1 w - 3 giorni fa
If everyone loves these shows so much, then why have their ratings plummeted so much that it's being cancelled?? Maybe people are sick of seeing these overrated skeletons walk down a runway. It's totally false advertising anyways... All their bras & underware are personally altered cause they don't even fill them out properly. Am i the only one aware of this?
lyn. - Giorno fa
The show sucks and sucks more each year, but it isn't being cancelled.
Country Girl
Country Girl - 3 giorni fa
Sound so different without autotune but stioo an awesome singer
Kate hanley
Kate hanley - 3 giorni fa
Bbysumi Subba
Bbysumi Subba - 3 giorni fa
She kinda looks like wwe alexia bliss
Irid Qesja
Irid Qesja - 3 giorni fa
Anyone who is Albanian🇦🇱 but likes her not just because they're proud someone of their country is so famous internationally but because she's actually just very good and you love her music? ❤️
Mr Wisdom
Mr Wisdom - 4 giorni fa
Bebe out stood all those models she was the most attractive and talented one on that stage. 👓👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Max Trevor
Max Trevor - 4 giorni fa
Gilbert Algordo
Gilbert Algordo - 4 giorni fa
I'm everywhere
Eva P
Eva P - 5 giorni fa
Начала очень хорошо. И спела неплохо, песня сложная и понятно что идеально она не могла бы её спеть. А так круто вообще
Aline Damacena
Aline Damacena - 5 giorni fa
I'm from Brasil and i Love this music
nedge ocampo
nedge ocampo - 5 giorni fa
Malou Mereizan
Malou Mereizan - 5 giorni fa
Claire Palomares
Claire Palomares - 5 giorni fa
Bebe rexha 😘😘
UwU Taetae
UwU Taetae - 5 giorni fa
Here after watching halsey's new song "nightmare"
HiphopTrapMusic - 5 giorni fa
1. Grace Elizabeth - 0:52
2. Josie Canseco - 1:05
3. Maia Cotton - 1:15
4. Kelsey Merritt - 1:27
5. Iesha Hodges - 1:37
6. Melie Tiacoh - 1:55
7. Isilda Moreira - 2:09
8. Alanna Walton - 2:21
9. Estelle Chen - 2:31
10. Zuri Tibby - 2:48
11. Willow Hand - 3:01
12. Myrthe Bolt - 3:09
13. Maggie Laine - 3:27
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali - 6 giorni fa
I want to go to Victoria secrets
Ohk Jay
Ohk Jay - 6 giorni fa
She should perform in this year's Miss Universe swimsuit competition
Rose Ann Lazareto
Rose Ann Lazareto - 6 giorni fa
All of them is beautiful
ahmet çiftçi
ahmet çiftçi - 6 giorni fa
How are you a woman? silence You make people sick. You're hypnotizing me.
Adrian Matej Gračanin
Adrian Matej Gračanin - 7 giorni fa
Like im listening to the official song. God how?
big thinker
big thinker - 8 giorni fa
I love Pets
I love Pets - 8 giorni fa
2:15 I kinda felt bad for that model who wanted to hold bebe Rexha's hand XD
Вовка Грицик
Вовка Грицик - 8 giorni fa
2:34 😒
Voland's Rage
Voland's Rage - 8 giorni fa
я тоже хочу туда попасть!)
Bharat Vyas
Bharat Vyas - 8 giorni fa
She also wants to walk like a model!!!.....
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez - 9 giorni fa
Kelsey Merrit is Love .
Александра Головчиц
Why does almost every singer look even better than Victoria Secret's models?
8D Audio
8D Audio - 9 giorni fa
8D Music on my channel!
EleKash Kara
EleKash Kara - 9 giorni fa
Does anyone love the woman's voice at the beginning when she introduced the singer?? Like in every Victoria's secret fashion show nowadays.
BB Ki Vines
BB Ki Vines - 10 giorni fa
i want nudes !!😖
Alexander Hatalski.
Alexander Hatalski. - 10 giorni fa
1:07 what’s her name?
Caia Burri
Caia Burri - 10 giorni fa
in this section the models are FIT like FIT FIT they aren't too thin love their body.
Editha Cruzado
Editha Cruzado - 10 giorni fa
bebe rexha looks like ALEXA BLISS OF WWE
meesh lays
meesh lays - 10 giorni fa
If i was tgere and i just saw her i would FaInT
Menaga Devi
Menaga Devi - 10 giorni fa
super b I see Halsey, tailor Swift
Ashely Playz
Ashely Playz - 10 giorni fa
Ok... what if someone just fell down while modeling...
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Hussriu Leonardo
Hussriu Leonardo - 10 giorni fa
Валерий Бульченко
Всем кискам пис всем пискам кис!😎
Denisha Mitchell
Denisha Mitchell - 11 giorni fa
That drop and the end tho👌👌😍
Eugenia Jose
Eugenia Jose - 11 giorni fa
ya boy yo yo boy you can always call me when you have no no talk no matter how much you love yo me yo y me and the other boy and no ya boy no no ya no yo ya ya boy ya
khawla Sw
khawla Sw - 11 giorni fa
Where are the VSFS like the ones with Justin Timberlake's performance at the 2006 show... That performance was 😨😨😨😨😨
Netha - 11 giorni fa
3:16 Name?
Fazura Channel
Fazura Channel - 11 giorni fa
amazing perform the models and bebe rexha
Ŧumbłr_girl_ 666_v
Ŧumbłr_girl_ 666_v - 11 giorni fa
I am here after Halsey's performance❤
robb watt
robb watt - 11 giorni fa
The first one💕
Thea’s Weird and interesting life
0:54 she literally just said “call me” to the camera lmao
Ellaine Nuestro
Ellaine Nuestro - 12 giorni fa
wlad titoff
wlad titoff - 12 giorni fa
Underwear show-what can be more stupid at21 century!?!
Sekar Ajeng
Sekar Ajeng - 12 giorni fa
Amazing #vsfs 🙌😝
Memi Ed
Memi Ed - 12 giorni fa
oh how i wish to be one of them
Hadeys Coly
Hadeys Coly - 12 giorni fa
she kinda looks like alexa bliss. 😂
Hadeys Coly
Hadeys Coly - 12 giorni fa
she kinda looks like alexa bliss. 😂
Jose Loh
Jose Loh - 12 giorni fa
Is someone know who is the model in 1:32 ? :)))
Love Valencia
Love Valencia - 12 giorni fa
Kelsey merritt from philippines
Antonia Man
Antonia Man - 13 giorni fa
Elina Lopez
Elina Lopez - 13 giorni fa
Canta feo hací con micro
Crong Crong
Crong Crong - 13 giorni fa
I could see kelsey having a wingsssssssssssssssss .
Claudia Cruz
Claudia Cruz - 13 giorni fa
Halsey did one like that
Claudia Cruz
Claudia Cruz - 13 giorni fa
Thats my favorito song😘😘💖
Lulu Coco
Lulu Coco - 13 giorni fa
Love Bebe Rexha
Miss Tay Loan Sờ Wít
Miss Tay Loan Sờ Wít - 13 giorni fa
The second model is so beautiful.
Lisas swag
Lisas swag - 10 giorni fa
Its josephine,idk her last name but thats her name
BG Acyalac
BG Acyalac - 13 giorni fa
I want to know the name of the 4th model shes very beautiful!
BG Acyalac
BG Acyalac - 12 giorni fa
+Love Valencia thank you so much!💖💖
Love Valencia
Love Valencia - 12 giorni fa
Kelsey merritt from philippines
Fluffy Bubble
Fluffy Bubble - 13 giorni fa
andi - 13 giorni fa
Came here for Bebe 😍
depressed gurl
depressed gurl - 14 giorni fa
Kelsey omg hyping up the crowd💯😭
Michaela Skupienová
Michaela Skupienová - 14 giorni fa
The model at 0:56, does anyone know her name please??
Ahmet Karaçocuk
Ahmet Karaçocuk - 12 giorni fa
Josie canseco
Lamees Masoud
Lamees Masoud - 14 giorni fa
Kirana Suni
Kirana Suni - 14 giorni fa
She is also the model lmao
Double Trouble
Double Trouble - 14 giorni fa
The second models name please!!
Love Valencia
Love Valencia - 12 giorni fa
Josie canseco
inkblot100 - 14 giorni fa
Bebe had all the models beat
Shaddy Ysabel Cruz Siarez
Shaddy Ysabel Cruz Siarez - 14 giorni fa
1:06 what's was the models name i think she stan bebe rexha , she is so familiar.
P M - 15 giorni fa
Robert screws
Robert screws - 15 giorni fa
I don't know who's more sexy bebe or the models reply who think is I say bebe
Rita B
Rita B - 15 giorni fa
I think she’s lip syncing. Look at 2:33
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