Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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Ao Ng
Ao Ng - Ora fa
1:16 best smile
jomanah 17
jomanah 17 - 5 ore fa
0:54 i will
Esra Acar
Esra Acar - 7 ore fa
I love you, Bebe Rexha 😊
Anthony Yanover
Anthony Yanover - 11 ore fa
Oh you didn’t lose enough weight for your girls? Your song is annoying and tiring as shit. You’re a mess. Cool
ItsJustNau _
ItsJustNau _ - 12 ore fa
To open but {~βeβe Rexα~} is the best queen ever!
Byhna Edwards
Byhna Edwards - 12 ore fa
Dhushali Kulkarni
Dhushali Kulkarni - 13 ore fa
Damn! She's so beautiful 🔥
Genesis Bautista
Genesis Bautista - 13 ore fa
Perfect Love her Music the dress was amazing love it
Adolfo Reyes
Adolfo Reyes - 14 ore fa
this very good
Alicia Hill
Alicia Hill - 16 ore fa
Yassssssssssss queen 😍💮❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💝💖💖💕💓💞💗
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton - 16 ore fa
look at all th eugly chicks dances a long in the crown so gross all the chicks on stage r to skinny they look sick
Ed Lincoln Gallora
Ed Lincoln Gallora - 17 ore fa
Like if the colors are green and yellow 😘😘
janice dupalco
janice dupalco - 18 ore fa
kelsey merit
오구라유이 - Giorno fa
I think Bebe without tanning is much better.
Ayush Duarz
Ayush Duarz - Giorno fa
This is her real voice !!!
yosua rilando
yosua rilando - Giorno fa
The 2nd Model bring this segment to another Level, Her vibe Her attitude just so match with everything... Lover her so much 😍😍😍😍😍
Nb. Her dance in Halsey segment also captivating...shes so adorable...
yosua rilando
yosua rilando - Giorno fa
The 2nd Model bring this segment to another Level, Her vibe Her attitude just so match with everything... Lover her so much 😍😍😍😍😍
Nb. Her dance in Halsey segment also captivating...shes so adorable...
Giselle Lopez
Giselle Lopez - Giorno fa
I have a therapist honestly so fimiliar to “ that’s what my therapist say” when I got hit by a truck in feb 4 2019 after a week they were like she needs a therapist and my therapist said that everything is gonna be alright because she knows this song :3
HeyItsCookieAlina Gaming :D
sarah coz
sarah coz - Giorno fa
Her song is Shite
Callefia Williams
Callefia Williams - Giorno fa
I love you Bebe
ZEENΔ - Giorno fa
ZEENΔ - Giorno fa
Leah Jerry
Leah Jerry - 2 giorni fa
fine fine thick bebe😍
Tyler Reacts
Tyler Reacts - 2 giorni fa
Oh my god she looks amazing
kai xuan
kai xuan - 2 giorni fa
2:16 omg did anyone catch the rejection..its so awfully sad :(((
Haya Tv
Haya Tv - 2 giorni fa
Bebe rexha is the best model
Haya Tv
Haya Tv - 2 giorni fa
Is that Loren Gray 0:59
T0xicSarcasm - 2 giorni fa
no autotune.. thats how good she is ;)
Imad Koteiche
Imad Koteiche - 2 giorni fa
Uh your voice is a bit low...are u sick?
Kassy Pele
Kassy Pele - 2 giorni fa
It is funny how I know more of the Veteran's VS models like Tyra Bank, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford more than these new folks. Very few of them I know there names now.
Alena DB
Alena DB - 2 giorni fa
I'm a mess~💔
Donnette Miller
Donnette Miller - 2 giorni fa
Bebe ❤
how would they sing?
how would they sing? - 2 giorni fa
I think she looks like jade from little mix in her face , they have the same eyes 😍💘
Alejandra Moya
Alejandra Moya - 2 giorni fa
Todas tienen los mismo zapatos
Selenia Torres
Selenia Torres - 3 giorni fa
Yelp Belp
Yelp Belp - 3 giorni fa
Favourite part is 1:08-1:10💞
Sawako Kuronuma
Sawako Kuronuma - 3 giorni fa
I came here after watching halsey victoria secret performance..
Robert Reid
Robert Reid - 3 giorni fa
Purple planet ..shes a gem..
Robert Reid
Robert Reid - 3 giorni fa
I think they love the pop stars more than the models ..pretty sweet..
BUI THAO - 3 giorni fa
0:23 who is she?
Marc Gimenez
Marc Gimenez - 3 giorni fa
kelsey merritt first filipino who joined the most fabulous modeling company VICTORIA'S SECRET...
Visheg Boywer
Visheg Boywer - 3 giorni fa
2:36 -2:37 me on first day of swimming class
Minath Naseer
Minath Naseer - 3 giorni fa
Ok... lemme try one of the most common comments
John Garcia
John Garcia - 3 giorni fa
She is one fine lady
Andy Toptsiou
Andy Toptsiou - 3 giorni fa
Bebe we love you 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
Lolli Pop
Lolli Pop - 3 giorni fa
From sudan hello vectorian showe followers
fortune hephzibah
fortune hephzibah - 3 giorni fa
She's a terrible singer, I hate her voice
Freja Hansen
Freja Hansen - 3 giorni fa
XjW Film's
XjW Film's - 4 giorni fa
0:54 number?
Mrtyldrm Yildirim
Mrtyldrm Yildirim - 4 giorni fa
born 96
Mrtyldrm Yildirim
Mrtyldrm Yildirim - 4 giorni fa
Kimse bisey yapmazsa bisey olmaz ki zaten . buuuuuu
Suzjak - 4 giorni fa
i love the atmosphere on victoria's shows.. everyone have fun and feel the music
Eloisa Gonzaga
Eloisa Gonzaga - 4 giorni fa
kelsey 💕
jordz ‘
jordz ‘ - 4 giorni fa
2:37 she’s so energetic, i love it
bipolar psychopath 1978
bipolar psychopath 1978 - 4 giorni fa
U lost the grammys fuckin loser what else are ya gonna bitch & fuckin moan about while you've got your head securely shoved up the ass of that pissweak entitled junkie demi lovato 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Briela Córdova
Briela Córdova - 4 giorni fa
Que hermosa😍😊
ghita luv6c
ghita luv6c - 4 giorni fa
In love with those capes😍
Emi Amami
Emi Amami - 4 giorni fa
Can we just talk- about how- BEBE FREAKING KILLED THE EXIT WOW
Laris Forschen
Laris Forschen - 4 giorni fa
God bless you guys and family
Yelp Belp
Yelp Belp - 4 giorni fa
This makes me wanna be a VS model
Georgie Jowett
Georgie Jowett - 4 giorni fa
2:18 anyone else see Bebe trip in the background 😂
c a r m e n o
c a r m e n o - 5 giorni fa
im here for Kelsey 😻 1st filipina to walk VS 💚💚
c a r m e n o
c a r m e n o - 5 giorni fa
kelsey 😻😻
Patricia Nongrum
Patricia Nongrum - 5 giorni fa
She truly rock all the move....
TheMelodyUnicorn - 5 giorni fa
Josie Canseco is my favourite model.
Camaralay Traore
Camaralay Traore - 5 giorni fa
Nice performance 👏👏👏
Puravida Shister
Puravida Shister - 5 giorni fa
Oh wow! Finally a Victoria secret fashion show with a little diversity!
rozana delhysa
rozana delhysa - 5 giorni fa
Nick Waxbe
Nick Waxbe - 5 giorni fa
Oh, Bebe! You did it😊✊
I know how much you wanted it... And we can see it in your performance.
Masterpiece of art🙌
Gachaverse Dark Shadow wolf sniper Hhacha
She's trying to hard to sing
Fritzy Reyes
Fritzy Reyes - 5 giorni fa
Kelsey Merritt is giving me goosebumps!!
Qillin Quinn
Qillin Quinn - 5 giorni fa
0:59 who is she? Errr FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES thank you
eboyblackout - 5 giorni fa
Her voice is weird...
hello - 5 giorni fa
Shes a good singer but the new type of pop songwriting is wierd. The chorus is too conversational and complex to be a memorable chorus. Most pop songs nowadays have this problem.
Janaina Santos
Janaina Santos - 5 giorni fa
1:4 name
lyon 9
lyon 9 - 5 giorni fa
Wow to the camel toe!
Owl j red
Owl j red - 5 giorni fa
xxxJust Selenxxx
xxxJust Selenxxx - 5 giorni fa
Umm I think that’s a pink show because the underwear says pink
مغربي للمعلوميات
وكيلكم الله ياعرب مافي هيك بنات ولا بس 5 زيهم 😩😩😩 بدي روح لأمريكا يا إخوااان بدي اهرب من هون
Vienna Lau
Vienna Lau - 6 giorni fa
Asher Faisal
Asher Faisal - 6 giorni fa
the real rejection 2:14
Jad Az
Jad Az - 6 giorni fa
تتعههطى ونطخططحتافبةة. ققإف٦فللى وةت٠٦اف
Joha Belle
Joha Belle - 6 giorni fa
OMG I love her so much, the most beauty there
BTS IS AWESOME - 6 giorni fa
Bebe’s dress is the showstopper of this show I mean just look at it
W33ovkpeligros jumawid
W33ovkpeligros jumawid - 6 giorni fa
i love this girl
Shiezelle Dellava
Shiezelle Dellava - 6 giorni fa
0:22 who’s that? She’s gorgeous 😍
Martha Holt
Martha Holt - 6 giorni fa
Easily the best part of the show. The models have so much energy!
Edie Leong
Edie Leong - 6 giorni fa
Edie Leong
Edie Leong - 6 giorni fa
Go willow
Headcartoon - 6 giorni fa
Britney Spears can out sing this betch!
Headcartoon - 6 giorni fa
She sounds like shit!
Sue Sally
Sue Sally - 6 giorni fa
Is it me or are these just straight up bras
Lily Daisy
Lily Daisy - 6 giorni fa
His voice so unique
Kumari Billings
Kumari Billings - 6 giorni fa
Her thighs 🤤😫
Kawaiipanda unicorn
Kawaiipanda unicorn - 6 giorni fa
When people sing there songs they sound way different on stage then they do in there music videos
lee lunk
lee lunk - 7 giorni fa
Amy Libra
Amy Libra - 7 giorni fa
o c e a n
o c e a n - 7 giorni fa
I never knew Bebe was thicc 😂
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