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Destiny 13
Destiny 13 - 33 minuti fa
Declan:YEEEETTTT(in the background😂)
mojav26 - 11 ore fa
I think Emma looks most beautiful when she's just talking to us between her photo shoots.
messynewt - 18 ore fa
oh emma i misses ur vids
maya loza
maya loza - Giorno fa
“Vogue taking photos of yourself article”
maya loza
maya loza - Giorno fa
4:58-5:02 had me dying lmaoooo
I enjoyed that video- I like your personality Emma and You are still young and can grow still as when I was 18 I was shorter and then little grown 1 inch or more till i was 19
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson - Giorno fa
Ha playing with fire!!😂😂
Jess Berch
Jess Berch - Giorno fa
Emma always on her period lmao
chloyee jackson
chloyee jackson - 2 giorni fa
We need an editing video
I am milan
I am milan - 2 giorni fa
"6 hours later"
Yet there's still plenty of sunlight in your home 😄
kendall scales
kendall scales - 2 giorni fa
you are literally so gorgeous omfg i love you emma
Carly Rae Nation
Carly Rae Nation - 3 giorni fa
the sweater and nail color 🥰🥰
KoyFishKayleee - 3 giorni fa
omggg emma you are honestly so pretty i cantttt
KoyFishKayleee - 3 giorni fa
why do yall quote what she says lol, like we heard it already so we dont need to hear them again lol
Jada Majied
Jada Majied - 3 giorni fa
how she take burst photos on timer?????
Grace Appleton
Grace Appleton - 4 giorni fa
Everyone: Watching Emma take photos of herself
Me: Sees that her phone looks bent when it’s in the tripod 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
Selina Linde Jensen
Selina Linde Jensen - 4 giorni fa
where is her first white tOP FROM
CRAZYCOMMENTER - 5 giorni fa
THIS was EmmabArrassing
Darina Sa
Darina Sa - 5 giorni fa
damn what kind of friends are they?
Acidtmills - 5 giorni fa
How does she take the bursts hands free I can’t figure it out ???? Help anyone???
Der fette Mönch
Der fette Mönch - 2 giorni fa
Acidtmills you can chose an automatic mode on iPhone
Rebecca Hsiung
Rebecca Hsiung - 6 giorni fa
emma looking hella cute and tan i love !!
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen - 6 giorni fa
nice video!
Areti Panopoulou
Areti Panopoulou - 7 giorni fa
the ca†
Sophie Blackhurst
Sophie Blackhurst - 7 giorni fa
emma how do u always look so cute
Hope - 7 giorni fa
I love how her nails match her sweater pattern in the beggining
Rachel Castaneda
Rachel Castaneda - 7 giorni fa
are u fuckin kidding the first pictures are so good
Trin S.
Trin S. - 8 giorni fa
“phone tripod”
Zaebrezzy The goat
Zaebrezzy The goat - 8 giorni fa
Beautiful 🔥😍💯
Skyler Montowski
Skyler Montowski - 8 giorni fa
I’m gonna try this tomorrow because I have no friends also ..... so yeah 👍
logannoellee - 9 giorni fa
emma i love that white shirt
Ava Isabella
Ava Isabella - 9 giorni fa
Is it jus me or has emma been posting a lot more recently?
Azara Wheeler
Azara Wheeler - 9 giorni fa
Did anyone see Emma’s cat jump from the couch onto the ball thing
Cili PB
Cili PB - 9 giorni fa
Why don't you use your parents name to cuss?
Molly Kuehn
Molly Kuehn - 10 giorni fa
okay the first outfit is so cute
Sea Sea
Sea Sea - 10 giorni fa
What happened you ig account I didn't find it!???
Sea Sea
Sea Sea - 10 giorni fa
Are you friend with hailey sani? She's have same necklaces
Nico - 10 giorni fa
Never would I have guessed that I. A 20 year old Latino dude. Would be watching some random girl taking pictures for her instagram on my spare time. It’s surprisingly entertaining lmfao.
Jenna Clow
Jenna Clow - 11 giorni fa
U realize normal ppl take there own insta photos all the time
Clara Leighton
Clara Leighton - 13 giorni fa
I wonder if she matched her nails on purpose with the vest or if it was just a huuuge coincidence.
Keziah ama K
Keziah ama K - 14 giorni fa
I reposted the picture on my insta story! I had no
scarleys autism
scarleys autism - 14 giorni fa
wjere is the green and cream sweater from !!!
arjun anil
arjun anil - 14 giorni fa
emma : *takes pic using front camera *
also emma: *complains about the phone quality not being good *
Thalia Louigene
Thalia Louigene - 9 giorni fa
arjun anil Ohh okay. But it would be less easier
arjun anil
arjun anil - 9 giorni fa
@Thalia Louigene she could just take a video using the back camera and then later screenshot it and crop it . the quality would still be much better than the front camera . i took my profile dp like that
Thalia Louigene
Thalia Louigene - 10 giorni fa
arjun anil she need to make sure that she is in frame and .... how is she suppose to turn the camera and see if she is on the frame. What ????!!!! Sorry @arjun anil but that doesn’t make sense
מעין קורן
מעין קורן - 14 giorni fa
I mean... 6:00
leigh o
leigh o - 14 giorni fa
how does she edit her photos they are soooo good?!!!
Nadezhda Raskina
Nadezhda Raskina - 14 giorni fa
I like Emma’s dad more than Emma I’m getting old
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez - 14 giorni fa
What’s that green headband called 😭
ItsNatalie ItsNatalie
ItsNatalie ItsNatalie - 15 giorni fa
Emma: number 1 the quality is bad Me: same
TVision - 15 giorni fa
10:18-10:20 has me dead omg
Nahomy Pereira
Nahomy Pereira - 16 giorni fa
3:27 her cat jump that was funny
Goldencoco - 16 giorni fa
How did you do that vogue thingy
kayla foster
kayla foster - 16 giorni fa
bro what r u talking about ur first outfit is sooo cute
LiL Sanju - Official
LiL Sanju - Official - 16 giorni fa
केटि दामि हो तिमि । 😊
c.rowned - 17 giorni fa
her style >>>
Jasmin Anderson
Jasmin Anderson - 17 giorni fa
Do a video on how you edit your photos!!
Paige Rochford
Paige Rochford - 17 giorni fa
where did she get the first top from can someone tell me.
sleimi takwa
sleimi takwa - 18 giorni fa
james charles who? i don't know him
lizzie - 18 giorni fa
imagine emma high! lol
Sweet web
Sweet web - 18 giorni fa
No one:
Declan: 3:27
kay lauren
kay lauren - 19 giorni fa
i miss blonde hair emma
Beatriz Gonçalves
Beatriz Gonçalves - 19 giorni fa
Emma is sooo me omgg😂 im embarrassed to take frickin photos of myself!😂😂
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