Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ

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tallis113 dankmemes
tallis113 dankmemes - 2 ore fa
I absolutely love observe and report it's my favourite Seth Rogen movie
Pathfinder2183 - 6 ore fa
The underlying message of Superbad is actually kinda sad.
_jayy_559_ yxng
_jayy_559_ yxng - 10 ore fa
Seth Rohan is the best Fucken actor ever an he is the funniest actor ik, his laughs can cheer me up during anything, if I ever met him in real life I would ask him to do his laugh.
GitKnown Media
GitKnown Media - 10 ore fa
Oh Channing Tatum is so humble, I never knew 😳👍🏽✌🏽
Pika Verse24
Pika Verse24 - 15 ore fa
Hey Seth remember that movie with the baby that claws to a new father than swears at the end remember that part with the party scene with the ball in the cup thing remember Seth or anyone remember that movie what was that is that movie is?
Reilly - Giorno fa
Reilly - Giorno fa
Lol “Mcloven”, is shaking his head left & right a bunch of times, crying like a baby 😂
Alyna Michelle Forgus
Alyna Michelle Forgus - 2 giorni fa
Omg I luv him he's awesome and funny I'd would hang with him
Drew Cama
Drew Cama - 4 giorni fa
WOW so uninteresting 13 minutes in and not one thing he says is funny or interesting. No wonder i have never seen anything he was in or wrote.
Titus McCarthy
Titus McCarthy - 5 giorni fa
Pineapple Express sucked. Was a script written by a child. Literally. He used a script he wrote when he was a teenager. He's much better a side character and not a main character.
HoodPzo - 5 giorni fa
Ok Seth were jut not going to talk about Fogell
Stepharoonie - 6 giorni fa
Pineapple Express, The Interview and This Is the End are three of my favorite movies in that exact order. I love Seth Rogen, he's amazing!
Brandon Craycraft
Brandon Craycraft - 6 giorni fa
Get Adam Sandler on here
Westley Higgins
Westley Higgins - 7 giorni fa
115f is 46 celsius
Alpha Cat
Alpha Cat - 8 giorni fa
_Seth Rogen reminds me of Blake griffin, if he was funnier and had a great laugh_
izzi - 8 giorni fa
how could y'all forget Paul
Nova 6:13
Nova 6:13 - 9 giorni fa
Love this guy funny mutafuka
Cammdc 1
Cammdc 1 - 9 giorni fa
Seth "Giant Hog" Rogen..
Cammdc 1
Cammdc 1 - 9 giorni fa
This interview is tough to get through with his giant hog taking up the entire bottom half of the screen..Jesus, this is the epitome of the phrase "life is unfair".. funny, rich, creative, relatable, cool... And add a giant trouser snake for the ladies.. I'm %100 jealous..
Noah Baldwin
Noah Baldwin - 9 giorni fa
Imagine Pineapple Express where Seth played Saul and Franco played Dale 💀
Eugen Slavik
Eugen Slavik - 10 giorni fa
The color of his pants... Hellish
ra - 10 giorni fa
Didn't he really torture the people who were doing his animated movie with sausages? It's usually like that that people seem really nice and funny but they're actually assholes.
Sleepie Wonder
Sleepie Wonder - 10 giorni fa
I am so mad 😠 they skipped my favorite movie "The night before" how could you do that Seth?
Tom Pepper
Tom Pepper - 10 giorni fa
Long Shot is a great movie. Deserves a better title.
Evan DiSora
Evan DiSora - 10 giorni fa
No one:
Seth Rogan: “very egocentric”
Evan DiSora
Evan DiSora - 10 giorni fa
30:36 what did he just say 😂
blunt force
blunt force - 11 giorni fa
His laugh always has me dead
blunt force
blunt force - 11 giorni fa
31:07 he’s like dear god
House of farts
House of farts - 12 giorni fa
This guy doesn’t age
German Olaiz
German Olaiz - 12 giorni fa
He is awkward in person while he waiting to start the interview
sum1one1 - 12 giorni fa
Pineapple Express is my favourite
The life of MOBJUE
The life of MOBJUE - 13 giorni fa
No way man
David Richardson
David Richardson - 13 giorni fa
Seth is a funny muffin
Livi LáPearl
Livi LáPearl - 14 giorni fa
Kevin Handy
Kevin Handy - 14 giorni fa
I Can Tell He Doesn't Get A lot Of Acknowledgement
Kevin Lockhart
Kevin Lockhart - 16 giorni fa
What I'm waiting for
25:42 This Is The End
PrettyPlantBabe - 16 giorni fa
I love him😍
lewis makie
lewis makie - 17 giorni fa
My man is hogging out
Bboy Arctic
Bboy Arctic - 18 giorni fa
Seth Rogen isn't an actor, Seth Rogen is a way.. ✌ 6:31 - Word! Dude, Rogen.. You are a legend!
Tomoko in 4k
Tomoko in 4k - 18 giorni fa
His laugh is annoying
D Bag
D Bag - 18 giorni fa
This should have been two minutes long.
Brittany Love
Brittany Love - 18 giorni fa
His laugh ugh I love it so much lol
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall - 18 giorni fa
I love how intelligent he is. Listening to him is so entertaining.
Edit: did he just say he is a painter? I didn't need more reasons to like him but thanks.
MrLegatoblue - 19 giorni fa
“Weed.” End credits
Joe Miranda
Joe Miranda - 19 giorni fa
Monsters vs. aliens
FearTheXI - 19 giorni fa
This man gave us Superbad. That’s more than enough to be remembered.
AnnaShae Mason
AnnaShae Mason - 20 giorni fa
dear Seth, if you see this please hmu and let's smoke. Please its on my bucket list.
Danny Zeigler
Danny Zeigler - 22 giorni fa
This is the only comedy i ever went to the movies twice to watch.
WIZ Bird
WIZ Bird - 23 giorni fa
His laugh is both extremely annoying and really cute.
Anirudh the goat
Anirudh the goat - 23 giorni fa
Seth "the stoner of the century" rogen
Graciela Figueroa
Graciela Figueroa - 23 giorni fa
Tell us about the missile in your butt
Uhh heah so I shove this missile in my butt
Graciela Figueroa
Graciela Figueroa - 23 giorni fa
I like that he says funny like “fonny”
Mr beast
Mr beast - 23 giorni fa
This is why Seth Rogan is the funniest cool actor on the planet
Brian Riven
Brian Riven - 23 giorni fa
Well uhhhh I played a stoner. There I told you his every character
Miss Shady
Miss Shady - 24 giorni fa
Where was Bad Neighbours? That’s my fave movie of his :)
Sherry Hernandez
Sherry Hernandez - 24 giorni fa
og kush....
Kody LaVallee
Kody LaVallee - 24 giorni fa
"We were 24 when we were making the movie and I could not play an 18 year old convincingly anymore"
That's funny, I thought that Seth Rogan would have seen a teen comedy or two while growing up.
Sofia C
Sofia C - 25 giorni fa
every seth rogen movie is iconic
Tyler Kubinski
Tyler Kubinski - 25 giorni fa
Maybe there will be a movie where he doesn't do drugs.
Hannah Darden
Hannah Darden - 25 giorni fa
He’s really a whole meal he used to be a snack but now like dayum
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