Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movies | GQ

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Jimmy Marison
Jimmy Marison - 12 minuti fa
I’ve always loved Seth rogen, Jonah hill, and Paul Rudd. I love when they’re all in the same movie. Always a blast
Ser Pinfingers
Ser Pinfingers - 6 ore fa
lol Seth Rogan and Iconic do not go in the same sentence.
lachie Bosman
lachie Bosman - 11 ore fa
The rock: plays in every movie
Seth Rogen: makes every movie
Brian St.bernard
Brian St.bernard - 13 ore fa
Yo one of my favorite actors
Daniel Marin
Daniel Marin - 18 ore fa
Seth Rogan plays the same character in every movie.
dumb people: OMG HE'S SUCH A GOOD ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
IJ20 MAN - Giorno fa
I liked Pineapple Express and thought it was quite different. Really was its own thing i thought.
Kelly Mortensen
Kelly Mortensen - Giorno fa
Seth Rogen? Comedy hero's have hit an all time low.
Donnie Cash
Donnie Cash - Giorno fa
I don't think Steve Carell would consider that film an anomaly considering the things he's done in The Office!
MattSaintsMusic - Giorno fa
Seth Rogen - So I was in this movie called "You Me And Dupree", which is like not, a fantastic movie...
Me - ... How dare you...
YMSGaming - Giorno fa
39mins well spent.
Mang Dingle
Mang Dingle - Giorno fa
Steve Carrell was turned off by the grossness of the movie he wrote huhhuhhuhhuh
Alex Torres
Alex Torres - Giorno fa
so epic that seth sorta mended his relationship with jay by writing this is the end
Rob92 - 2 giorni fa
Super Bad and Pineapple Express will always be two of my favorite movies
lachie Bosman
lachie Bosman - 10 ore fa
Rob92 - 2 giorni fa
Seth is the GOAT
Chantel Brown
Chantel Brown - 2 giorni fa
could watch him all day
Kale Paton
Kale Paton - 2 giorni fa
Ngl he sounds like my uncle
Jim the Adventurer
Jim the Adventurer - 2 giorni fa
Quit saying like
Cristian Oliveira
Cristian Oliveira - 2 giorni fa
Was hoping he would talk about 50/50
Ray Bustos
Ray Bustos - 3 giorni fa
"You want a line of cocaine? Yyeah"
Steven Hyde
Steven Hyde - 3 giorni fa
Kevin DiOssi
Kevin DiOssi - 3 giorni fa
This was a surprisingly excellent interview.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 3 giorni fa
total jack-hole grosso
R6 Alpha Pack
R6 Alpha Pack - 4 giorni fa
The laugh is the reason im here
Steven T
Steven T - 4 giorni fa
Movies get worse and worse as he goes on. Box office poison now.
Banana 525
Banana 525 - 4 giorni fa
Donnie darko is my favorite movie🖤🖤
Josh Cowdrey
Josh Cowdrey - 4 giorni fa
can’t believe he didn’t talk about Zack and Miri!
some one
some one - 4 giorni fa
Jews run Hollywood and Hollywood is full of pedos ! Cohencidence?
Diego SP
Diego SP - 4 giorni fa
Superbad and pineapple express are comedy gems
carlos rodriguez
carlos rodriguez - 5 giorni fa
So Peter Parker's friend Harry was a drug dealer for a bit of his life.
YouEra Productions
YouEra Productions - 5 giorni fa
Seth's laugh is so contagious! XD
juniorbove - 5 giorni fa
Observe and Report is the good version of Paul Blart Mall Cop
Talynn Ash
Talynn Ash - 5 giorni fa
Me and my husband love This Is The End, when we first started dating we watched that movie on DVD over and over 😂😂
Liza Iaryna SLAY
Liza Iaryna SLAY - 5 giorni fa
I am watching all the Seth Rogan clips to just his iconic laugh
Exotic Giants
Exotic Giants - 5 giorni fa
I really want that Nevermind T-Shirt
Paul John Longua
Paul John Longua - 5 giorni fa
Great interview! Plus I had no idea how many of his movies I currently enjoyed.
Luiz Rodrigues Niz
Luiz Rodrigues Niz - 5 giorni fa
Brandon Lilly
Brandon Lilly - 5 giorni fa
Hey he filmed parts in temecula haha
Tom Blake
Tom Blake - 5 giorni fa
I only came to this video for Paul and they skipped it. I know he is only the voice in it but that's the only one I had an interest in learning more about.
PurpSkurp - 5 giorni fa
Pineapple express is one of the best comedies of all time
Chase Kemp
Chase Kemp - 6 giorni fa
this is a gem of an interview
BAND BOX - 6 giorni fa
I can't believe the waxing in the movie wasn't fake. I hope he had a 'pain & suffering" clause in the contract. That was cruel.
pir8slife - 6 giorni fa
He says Nude Erections so many times
Jakob Härtel
Jakob Härtel - 6 giorni fa
Why is he purple?
lxst bxy
lxst bxy - 6 giorni fa
30:36 lmao
Ben Adair
Ben Adair - 6 giorni fa
Pineapple Express is prolly the best movie of all time they honestly did such a good job at acting and ion think anyone could make a more legendary film
namedidii - 5 giorni fa
Elizabeth Romain
Elizabeth Romain - 6 giorni fa
😂😂his laugh is iconic
Setheus - 6 giorni fa
40 mins to break down his roles? I can do it in 2 seconds, he plays himself in every film
That Cannabis Show
That Cannabis Show - 7 giorni fa
Pineapple Express was amazing.
113089Drummerboy - 7 giorni fa
Seth Rogan is at his best character when he plays Seth Rogan but with a different name.
carlos rodriguez
carlos rodriguez - 5 giorni fa
He always plays himself.
Erik Brandt
Erik Brandt - 7 giorni fa
man, this was almost as long as a Judd Apatow movie.
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