Choti Sarrdaarni - 12th August 2019 - छोटी सरदारनी - Full Episode

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Elizabeth Martha07
Elizabeth Martha07 - Mese fa
Sarab jee fallen in love for meher jee
Victoria Zakaria
Victoria Zakaria - 2 mesi fa
Huyu mama ni mkatili mpaka kwa mtoto wake
Kanwal Shah
Kanwal Shah - 2 mesi fa
Meher k lye buy 1 get 1 free h
paridhi guragain
paridhi guragain - 3 mesi fa
If you have to mute the audio due to copyright claim then don’t post videos 😡
Mona Khan
Mona Khan - 3 mesi fa
Asi behan ko tou such mein mar Jana chaiye jis k aise zalim bhai or maa hon😢😢😢😢😢
faria khan
faria khan - 3 mesi fa
Anyone knows the song played here?
Princess Sabrina
Princess Sabrina - 3 mesi fa
21.59 pechy Dekho pechy dekho .. sarapjit betha h😂😂😂 or exact time accident place main bi h
Ik Khan
Ik Khan - 3 mesi fa
Mehar 😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔
hasna begum
hasna begum - 3 mesi fa
mute karna band karo....frm bangladesh
Lyca Alex
Lyca Alex - 4 mesi fa
Pls palam marry me pls watching u guys from Tanzania nawapenda woteeee
Lyca Alex
Lyca Alex - 4 mesi fa
Nasrina bby I love him kapo xo cuteeeeeee kazuriiiiiiii
Nasrina bby
Nasrina bby - 4 mesi fa
@Lyca Alex 😂😂😂 ni mtoto mdogo🙄😂😂
Amman GiLl
Amman GiLl - 4 mesi fa
Aisi friend sabko mile
shyam maya gurung
shyam maya gurung - 4 mesi fa
😗😚😀🤣and 😂😋😎☺
Sarmila Magar
Sarmila Magar - 4 mesi fa
Param is so cute....
ᴛᴀғɪᴅᴀ km
ᴛᴀғɪᴅᴀ km - 4 mesi fa
I Love yuvi ❤🤗he is very cute when he is angry
My life My decision
My life My decision - 4 mesi fa
Manav maher ko pyar kartatha woo batt sach heya johuwa bura huwa but maherko ab sarabjeetko husband mannka life aagya badana chya because sarbjeetko maherki bichea ka sach pata nahehya
shrijana shah
shrijana shah - 4 mesi fa
Meher ki bhavi ketni cute lagrehi hai jetni aachi dekhna mi lagrehi hai utni hai aachi maan se vi hai❤❤
shrijana shah
shrijana shah - 4 mesi fa
Meher ki maa ketni kasai hai yaar
Linet Akinyi
Linet Akinyi - 4 mesi fa
The color is osame.. The drama is perfect to, and Maher I love you to dear bee strong and smile
Modesta adrian
Modesta adrian - 4 mesi fa
Kiparam kina kiherere yan 😀😀😀
Dila Chhantyal
Dila Chhantyal - 4 mesi fa
nice episode
Prabina rai
Prabina rai - 4 mesi fa
Sharmiza Zainizam
Sharmiza Zainizam - 4 mesi fa
Admin please add subtitle 🙏
Asrafi Akter
Asrafi Akter - 4 mesi fa
varsha sirunath
varsha sirunath - 4 mesi fa
Bitu says go from here or I.. Kulwant says Bitu are these the manners I tuaght you? Kulwant says her marriaged was called off last year, she loses her sanity when she sees a wedding. She whispers to Kulwant I can tell them all who is the real drama here. Kulwant says think about your parents. They are heart patients already. Bitu take her home.
Harleen’s husband says I told you somethin is wrong here. Kilwant says Meher make Sarab wear the ring. Meher makes him wear the ring.
Param says my mom is so goof. He holds their hands together. Meher says to Amrita I need to go to mummy ji. Sarab says thank you for coming everyone. I am very happy to see Param happy. I have never seen this smile before. Thank you Meher. He says Param would have a mother and father both from

now own. I tried to make him happy every time. He would write everything in his notebook. He said he would tell us when Meher comes home Param reads, I will become superhero when mummy comes. Mummy will make me strong. Mummy will make me brave. I will be able to fight with my kids. I will become super hero and I won’t pee in my pants. I will ask mummy to scold bad kids. I will sleep in her lap. He hugs Meher. Param says thank you papa. Yuvi says I will see how you take my bua. Param says mummy you like me? Meher nods. He says where is my kiss? Meher kisses him on the face. He says my mummy is so nice. Param makes her smile.
Kulwant says time ti dance and celebrate. Harleem says come on MEher. Sarab extends his hand. Meher holds his hand. Meher and Sarab dance. She sees Manav in him. Meher smiles. Meher slips. Sarab says are you okay? He picks her and takes her to sofa.
Harleen’s husband sees Bubly in the house. He says something is wrong. She screams open the door. He opens the door. Bubbly says I want to meet meher. He says are you okay? Was this all correct or? She runs downstairs.
Everyone is dancing. Bubbly comes to Sarab. Bitu opens the chandelier and it falls down. Everyone gets scared. Sarab says don’t panic everyone is fine. Kulwant says God saved us. Bitu drags Bubbly to a room. Meher says leave her. Rana takes Meher to the other room.
Harleen says where is Meher? Kulwant says she went upstairs. He says papa I want to meet mummy. Sarab goes upstairs. Kulwant goes after him. Harleen’s husband says let them meet. Harleen and her husband are leaving. He says we will meet if everything is okay.
Rana locks Meherr is in the room. Meher tries to run. Param and sarab are coming upstairs. Rana locks Meher in the room. She is about to get an electric shock. Meher falls down. The room catches fire. Kulwant sees in the footage. She screams and says Meher’s room is on fire. Sarab runs upstairs.
sarab comes in the room. Meher is fainted.
Nasrina bby
Nasrina bby - 4 mesi fa
varsha sirunath perfect 😍 thanks 💓💓💋
Maya Regmi
Maya Regmi - 4 mesi fa
I am first nepali to watch🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Princess shivanjani
Princess shivanjani - 4 mesi fa
Nice episode
jiya ali
jiya ali - 4 mesi fa
Mehr naira from yeh rishta kya khlata hai k j c hai kafi hd tk
Samira Phoenix
Samira Phoenix - 4 mesi fa
Param is a cute child😍😍
Zamzam Adam
Zamzam Adam - 4 mesi fa
Manaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv I missed you
Christine Muga
Christine Muga - 4 mesi fa
Translation in English please
Nasrina bby
Nasrina bby - 4 mesi fa
@Christine Muga read all the comments you will get help from varsha😂😂
Safiya Ali
Safiya Ali - 4 mesi fa
Aree chota elephant hai woh yuvi
Safiya Ali
Safiya Ali - 4 mesi fa
P for pram mummy chahiye
Dhurba Kandel
Dhurba Kandel - 4 mesi fa
Mehar so cute
mohammad farhan
mohammad farhan - 4 mesi fa
MRI traf se sub ko buht buht Eid Mubarak 😊😊😊😊🤩😍😍😍
Kainat Rose
Kainat Rose - 4 mesi fa
Bs face ko bright & white kiya hy🤗😆
Kainat Rose
Kainat Rose - 4 mesi fa
Mehr k hath kitny black hy
Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur - 4 mesi fa
param is very cute
doaba punjab
doaba punjab - 4 mesi fa
Yr drama 👌 dresses ossmm makeup👌
Kadijatu Mv Kargbo
Kadijatu Mv Kargbo - 4 mesi fa
Meher should just go to hell man. How the hell can one hide a crime like that. Fuck that family who can do something like this to their own daughter.
Sabeeka haleem
Sabeeka haleem - 4 mesi fa
Sarabjeet ka eyes color .......amazing
Sana Tgi
Sana Tgi - 4 mesi fa
Sabeeka haleem Also he is looking good
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