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penguinz0 - 6 giorni fa
Animation by
Samson5erb Rocks
Samson5erb Rocks - Giorno fa
Very intense animated emotions. It's take a but to get used to but I like it.
PetRock151 - 2 giorni fa
Do more of these
Guarr - 2 giorni fa
Bro ur gatekeeping literally everyone knows what blockbuster is
kobra6660 - 2 giorni fa
Not buying Netflix is just a big question on why they didnt get bought out and they could have changed things if they started the redbox
HentaiHistorian - 3 giorni fa
I miss video rental stores...
Durga Syn
Durga Syn - 10 ore fa
I worked for one of the last Blockbusters in Oregon for a few years until they closed down. It was a great place to work right up until Dish Network brought them out before closing and the whole focus went from trying to talk to people about movies to trying to sell them TV while they're there for something completely different. Sad times, but yeah a lack of foresight really killed them in the end. Also, thank you for pronouncing Oregon correctly.
David Couture
David Couture - 11 ore fa
Didnt they have Blockbuster On Demand kiosks outside of other retailers? I remember there was a war between them and Redbox which I always thought killed Blockbuster for good. There was just more Redboxes and now thats all we have for renting purposes anymore.
CTSSTC - 11 ore fa
CTSSTC - 11 ore fa
10:37 Oh you're not going to animate this part Mr Animator 🔥🐐🍩
CTSSTC - 11 ore fa
7:16 TMW just the tip is weird lookin
CTSSTC - 11 ore fa
Thanks for putting us on the map fam™
-- Bend, OR
Droskee 214
Droskee 214 - 11 ore fa
big rips to enron
ThinkerOnTheBus - 12 ore fa
Fuck Blockbuster!!!
They would refuse to rent certain movies at all. I don't take lightly to censorship! Rumor had it that Blockbuster would edit some of the movies they had on their shelves. This simply was not true. However, they would receive special cuts of movies from the studios . . . basically, pre-edited versions for all of the "family-friendly" stores, and to make that bullshit even worse, nowhere was there any kind of notification that their version of the movie had been altered from the original theatrical release! I firmly believe one should spend their money in local businesses whenever possible. Spending your money locally, rather than handing it over to some big corporation, will insure that more of your money stays within your community. Keeping more of your money within your community benefits not only yourself, but everyone else in the community. Even though you may no longer have that money, having spent it locally means somebody else in your community has more money now to spend. Eventually, this money will come back to you. One can think of it as a method to avoid creating a trade deficit, and all of the problems associated with it. When it comes to renting physical copies of movies, I always preferred the local businesses . . . no matter which city I was residing in at that moment. Many of the businesses had free popcorn to snack upon while perusing their selection. Most of these businesses also had unique decors or even themes which were much more stimulating and comforting than the plain, dull industrial look of Blockbuster! I recall one store which had refrigerators from the 1950s which were utilized to display some of the movies. All of these local, indie businesses had a much better (not always larger) selection than Blockbuster, some of them even specialized in specific genres of film. Fuck Blockbuster, they got exactly what they deserved!!!
super not best friends dont play
Enron did some illegal shit
super not best friends dont play
They partnered with Enron heh my accounting class gave me a heads up with were this is going
CmdrRyker05 Gaming
CmdrRyker05 Gaming - 12 ore fa
Only thing is, physical game’s install faster somehow.
ThinkerOnTheBus - 12 ore fa
Keen star Killer
Keen star Killer - 12 ore fa
Charlie: has random dream about blockbuster
Also Charlie: *need to tell the world why they failed and I need to do it now*
KoleXJericho4eva - 13 ore fa
Lets play a game!
What did your local Blockbuster corpse get turned into? Mine's a mattress store.
Pumpy Bai
Pumpy Bai - 13 ore fa
thicc - 13 ore fa
fun video
Kal Sizzle
Kal Sizzle - 13 ore fa
I miss renting games
Ambrose Magat
Ambrose Magat - 14 ore fa
Were you the one who animated this
GOD'S SINNER - 14 ore fa
Netflix happened it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. What a stupid video
domosRAGE - 15 ore fa
I participated in both blockbuster AND netflix
SexySenpai UwU
SexySenpai UwU - 15 ore fa
Blockbuster should've done this: rent a movie on the DVD subscription and if you return the DVD to a local blockbuster you can rent two movies free. So that way you get more customers in your stores and on your subscription. Plus double the late fee income :)
nachosNapples - 15 ore fa
fuckin family video sells cbd products
Tyler Odell
Tyler Odell - 16 ore fa
I remember renting n64 games from blockbuster. Fuck
o0s4eed0o - 16 ore fa
best part of this video 14:47
Phantom Alpha
Phantom Alpha - 16 ore fa
This will be GameStop I’m 5-10 years. 😞
Phantom Alpha
Phantom Alpha - 16 ore fa
I’m at the ripe old age of 36 and can remember when Blockbuster exploded into the Midwest, in particular Metro Detroit because everything was all Mom and Pop places (which were just as good). I remember feeling like Blockbuster was the Kmart of movies, so much bigger with so many copies of the new movies you wanted and Family Video still exists by me and even sell CBD oil which is pretty odd but if that’s what it take’s for them to stay in business then have at it. Go and support your video stores if u have any!! They’re like noble Monks preserving a interactive time capsule and they need your $$$!!!
Noah McKinley
Noah McKinley - 16 ore fa
what's with grade a animations
Extrime Land
Extrime Land - 17 ore fa
The live action sences are like a damn 4 Kids dub.Its obviously edited
Alexander Forbes
Alexander Forbes - 17 ore fa
Brick and mortar is better if you don't know what want to get or you want it now, for that reason I hope they stick around.
Danny Murdoc
Danny Murdoc - 17 ore fa
Still got my laminated blockbuster card
Sean Rogerson
Sean Rogerson - 17 ore fa
"They partnered with Enron." Ooof.
I'm Bored
I'm Bored - 18 ore fa
3:06 Thats my exact birthday, what the hell?
Landon Renigar
Landon Renigar - 19 ore fa
Ew, an animated youtube vid
CoolSmek - 19 ore fa
CHARLIE, you can't blame Blockbuster for their deal with *ENRON* failing. The people at Enron went to jail for the rest of their lives for what they did with the Enron business. No one could have made that partnership work. This was written like you don't know about the Enron scandal, I highly recommend you look that up. I guarantee you that was the real major tipping point for blockbuster failing, it was Enron's fault.
Hoodie Ramen
Hoodie Ramen - 21 ora fa
It brings a tear to my eye to think of blocks buster
Jack Crooker
Jack Crooker - 21 ora fa
You'd think they would just add movie delivery and pickup from those stores as a buffer between rental and streaming...they'd be able to bring you a movie and get it back without you having to wait for it to arrive in the mail.
TubaBoyTom - 21 ora fa
Family Video
Schism Bliss
Schism Bliss - 22 ore fa
I want to hear Charlie tell more failing company/business stories o.o
Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein
There's a Family Video near my house that's only still in existence because they started selling CBD oil.
Gabriel626 - 23 ore fa
I remember their was a blockbuster Redbox machine in the 99cent store was really awkward
septorex101 - Giorno fa
Cool use of animation!
hsvkidusa - Giorno fa
I still have my blockbuster "ticket" (had your account number on it)
Zach Laskowski
Zach Laskowski - Giorno fa
Family Video gang where you at
TyTy on the WiFi
TyTy on the WiFi - Giorno fa
I remember going to Blockbuster with the flu as a kid and I puked and shit my pants right before exiting the store. Can't do that on Netflix.
AlseThe2nd - Giorno fa
I remember when Netflix delivered. And then Prime delivered also.
springxdeerling pkmn
springxdeerling pkmn - Giorno fa
I remember being a kid and being excited when a Netflix movie came in the mail, my dad would order them all the time. He would also rent from family video and get me sailo moon vhs tapes ❤️ we have a shit ton of burnt cds from all the movies he rented lol
Daeric - Giorno fa
john wick is at it again with them video essays
FadeZ - Giorno fa
i loved blockbuster :(
Game Sparks
Game Sparks - Giorno fa
There's a fortnite Blockbuster mythe
William Ramsfeldt
William Ramsfeldt - Giorno fa
Do something similar for toys r us
Sergio reyes ledesma
Sergio reyes ledesma - Giorno fa
Unfortunately blockbuster in the very distant future does not make money the future of blockbuster is destroyed
I Am Kyu!
I Am Kyu! - Giorno fa
i remember a blockbuster in my town up into the early 2010s, then it got Thanos snapped one day and I have no idea what happened.
ImmaLittlePip - Giorno fa
To this day I like to lie to zoomers about video rental stores
I even made up a story about turf wars between video rental stores
Never forget the Hollywood video vs block buster battle
Jay Waters
Jay Waters - Giorno fa
Cut the hair pls man
TheWolfrider - Giorno fa
well as sad as this is, on the bright side now i don't have to return my 3D edition of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
Random Uploader
Random Uploader - Giorno fa
Is penguinz0 now a story time animator 🧐🤔
Gir - Giorno fa
New plan on September 21st everyone has to raid the last Blockbuster
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 21 ora fa
September 20th: Raid Area 51 September 21st: Raid Blockbuster September 22nd: Raid IT-videos HQ to put Pewdiepie in IT-videos rewind and make it not suck September 23rd: Raid Vegas for its Gambling Profits
SUB -ZERO - Giorno fa
Mr. Swar
Mr. Swar - Giorno fa
I live near the last blockbuster
Bryan Bahle
Bryan Bahle - Giorno fa
Ah yes...Blockbuster. Kids today will never understand how it was like to go out into the harsh cruel world on a Friday night to
pick up a copy of a movie and a pizza and then drive back home. These days now its all made so simple with the click of a button or two and bam...there is your movie.
: /
LoyallyWxld - Giorno fa
Cr1tikal: has a dream
Also cr1tikal: vido
SlamBloodiGor - Giorno fa
My old local Blockbuster was turned into a fucking Denny’s lmao
Lucid Memer
Lucid Memer - Giorno fa
Oregon is truly mythical
Samson5erb Rocks
Samson5erb Rocks - Giorno fa
As someone who just turned nineteen, were there no librarys to rent stuff at when Blockbuster was still in the large?
Rahbot - Giorno fa
Thanks, Kanye. Very cool.
MLG MELON - Giorno fa
Greensabr200 | HCF & MineZ 2
I remember renting games from blockbuster when I was young as shit. The days
diab3tic bear
diab3tic bear - Giorno fa
Netflix is going to shit now isn't it?
Red Army Robin
Red Army Robin - Giorno fa
I'm wondering if the one in Bend is gonna live on. Like, people will make trips there just to see it, but who knows how long the novelty would last. Eventually the three dudes who work there are gonna run outta money if people stop going there, else they make it a tourist trap with blockbuster branding and dvds + games you can buy.
dankery._.memes boi
dankery._.memes boi - Giorno fa
Calio - Giorno fa
Fond memories of blockbusters growing up, the last time I ever went was when I collected my pre-order of GTA V 😥
Lara - Giorno fa
love u blockbuster
always and forever
Will Corbett
Will Corbett - Giorno fa
Audio is out of sync
Chenquieh - Giorno fa
Lmao nice try Charlie, we all know yo u have a shrine dedicated to Blockbuster in your closet.
boofghost - Giorno fa
It’s high key Enrons fault, fucking lies on their finances
knights of jim
knights of jim - Giorno fa
Netflix is kind of dying now too
Jennifer Grasso
Jennifer Grasso - Giorno fa
What a well done video. I still drive by where my Blockbuster used to be and it really makes me sad. It was an event to go get a movie and snacks. 😒
John Shaffer
John Shaffer - Giorno fa
Google maps says there are two operational Blockbusters, both in Oregon. One in Bend and one in Salem. The last two of their species.
Kyrix lolifier
Kyrix lolifier - Giorno fa
their are actually 2 left the other is in australia
Prossimi video