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Arianna Holland
Arianna Holland - Ora fa
YES JENNA I LOVE THIS CONTENT-peace and love from me and my 18 plants
Michael Lentine
Michael Lentine - Ora fa
No joke, I kinda love this. :) I didn't even know I wanted this. Thank you, Jenna! :-)
Plant Love
Plant Love - Ora fa
Great Video!
Madalyn Swaner
Madalyn Swaner - Ora fa
I took the time to go through and make a list of all the plants with the common name she mentioned, their scientific name and any nicknames they've been given. I hope someone enjoys this because it took entirely too long
Hoya compacta veriegata
5 cuttings in a propagation station
“Whale fin” - sansevieria masonia
“Chinese perfume plant” - Aglaia odorata
“Ruby Rubber plant” - Ficus elastica – ninki minjaj
“White Bird of Paradise” - Strelitzia nicolai - Miss Keisha
Monstera Deliciosa – Gilly
“Fiddle Leaf Fig” - Ficus lyrate - Björk
“Krimson Princess” Hoya carnosa
“Queen” Hoya Carnosa
“Krinkle 8” Hoya carnosa
Hoya obovata
Hoya Mathilde
Hoya curtisii
Hoya fitchii – Vine 2 ?
Hoya bilobate – La Hoya Jackson
“Neon Pothos” Epipremnum aureum neon (pothos names debated)
“Satin Pothos”
“N-Joy Pothos”
“Velvet Leaf Philodendron” - Philodendron micans
“Elephant Ear” - Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’
Random succulents
“Snake Plant” - Sansevieria trifasciata - Rex
“ZZ Plant” – Zamioculcas zamiifolia– Vin Diesel
Random Kitchen Cactus
“Ponytail Palm”/”Elephant’s Foot” – Beaucarnea recurvata – Coachella
“Prickly Pear” – Opuntia
“String of Pearls” – Senecio rowleyanus
“Burro’s Tail” – Sedum morganianum – Burro
“Moonshine Snake Plant” - Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’
Another ZZ plant
“Peace Lily” – Spathiphyllum wallisii
Chinese evergreen
“Marble Queen Pothos”
“Mohawk” Sansevieria cylindrica
“Golden Pothos”
Philodendron brasil
Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hahnii’
“Peperomia Ginny” – Peperomia clusiifolia ‘Rainbow’
“Variegated Peace lily” - Spathiphyllum
“Kentia Palm” – Howea forsteriana
“Red Riding Hood Aloe” – Aloe rooikappie
Larger aloe
Beonia maculata ‘Wightii’
Pilea peromioides
“Swiss Cheese Vine” – Monstera adansonii
“Burgundy Rubber Plant” – Ficus elastica ‘burgundy’ – Roberto and Poco Roberto
“Cinnamon-Scented Hoya” – Hoya lacunose
Hoya compacta
“False Shamrock” - Oxalis rubra
“Starfish Snake Plant”
“Braided Snake Plant” - Sansevieria ‘japonesa’
Dracaena warneckii
“Curly Spider Plant” – Chlorophytum comosum
“Marble pothos”
“Green pothos” – Rally Weed
“Satin pothos”
“Lipstick plant” – Aeschynanthus radicans
Carlie Gratton
Carlie Gratton - Ora fa
LOVE this video! I had no idea you loved plants so much but this was so interesting to hear from you!
Laura S.
Laura S. - 2 ore fa
This is the most entertaining video I've watched in a long time.
Bailey Lundquist
Bailey Lundquist - 2 ore fa
react to BOUNCE THAT DICK nowwwwww jennnaaaaaa
Sophia A-C
Sophia A-C - 2 ore fa
As a fellow plant obsessed person, THANK YOU for showing us your plant babies! I live in a small, south facing apartment with my boyfriend and I have slowly turned it into a jungle. I have about 22 indoors, and then I'm growing herbs and flowers on our balcony. I can't wait until one day when we buy a house and I have an actual garden/space and can get even more plants! Also I had no idea that a propagation station even existed until now-- I must go and get one!
Andrea Gorochow
Andrea Gorochow - 2 ore fa
Can you test to see if you eat nothing but carrots you turn orange? Like what happened in The Magic School Bus.. I always wondered if that would happen 😮
River pond
River pond - 2 ore fa
What is the site she got the plants from?
Sydney Moore
Sydney Moore - 2 ore fa
I literally love this video so much I could watch it 500000000000000000000 times
Mary Krail
Mary Krail - 2 ore fa
This is so soothing and lovely, I adore it 💚💚💚 I feel healthier after watching it 🍃🌱🌿
Piper Strohkirch
Piper Strohkirch - 2 ore fa
love ya brows jenna and i love your plants!!!!!
Tina Lauro Pollock
Tina Lauro Pollock - 2 ore fa
I am a 32-year-old lady and feel so welcome
Lin Jie
Lin Jie - 2 ore fa
Curly Spider Plant ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Scott Rhodenizer
Scott Rhodenizer - 2 ore fa
I think marble is dead
Lizzie Is Weird
Lizzie Is Weird - 2 ore fa
i can’t wait to get into plants ughhhh
derf uutg
derf uutg - 2 ore fa
Ugggggghhhh, gosh I just loooovvveee me a good house plant. Can I get a hoooyyyaaaaa?
Emily Grace
Emily Grace - 2 ore fa
I loved this so much more than I anticipated
kaitlyn x
kaitlyn x - 2 ore fa
Please look up blossom hacks on YouTube and try their experiments on camera 🤣
jasmine h.s.
jasmine h.s. - 2 ore fa
Jenna has ascended
Denise - 2 ore fa
Jenna's Rachet Salon - Dual form nails!!!!!! 💅🏽🙏🏼
Lazy Kitty
Lazy Kitty - 2 ore fa
I’m 13 but mentally a ✨ *32 year old lady* ✨
Samantha Sanford
Samantha Sanford - 2 ore fa
You should make more videos sharing the cool plant knowledge you've learned !!!
Justin Godwin
Justin Godwin - 2 ore fa
Thought this said pants, kinda disappointing:/
Kay Pocalypse
Kay Pocalypse - 2 ore fa
Your Kentia Palm is so stunning! I got a Kentia - my first house plant. He's not doing well but his name is Hugo and I am hoping he'll pull through!
Lady Harley
Lady Harley - 2 ore fa
Jenna can you try tie dye? Like if you want Jenna to do tie dye and for her to potentially see this
krsolomon1 - 2 ore fa
“I like peeing and pooping in here”
Kellyann McKillen
Kellyann McKillen - 2 ore fa
I’m a 32 year old lady!, it’s just me and you Jenna!
Regan Miller
Regan Miller - 2 ore fa
I fudgin love how much you love your plants. I want that for me hehe
Geneviève ?
Geneviève ? - 2 ore fa
Jenna!!!!! Now I want to have my own plant family!!! I loved this and I love you!
Megan Crow
Megan Crow - 3 ore fa
The MOST important I’ve seen all day.
Tilting Planet
Tilting Planet - 3 ore fa
God jenna is taking me back to my childhood. My mom converted the whirlpool bath room in our house into a plant room. Rope plants, little cacti, a full 10 foot cactus, a ponytail palm she saved from a dumpster. God, I miss plants
chloe griffin
chloe griffin - 3 ore fa
Jenna lookin like she’s going to a step grandparents barbecue😂
Kayla Worrall
Kayla Worrall - 3 ore fa
0:56 her dogs face that’s my mood all day 😫😖😩
SonjaNotSonYA - 3 ore fa
Jenna I have a simple request. Aries season is in two days and seeing you have a Aries boyfriend you should dedicate a whole video for Aries by acting like an Aries for a day. Thank you
Vitor Gomes
Vitor Gomes - 3 ore fa
A peace lily BITCH 😂
Jack G.
Jack G. - 3 ore fa
Arthoes have entered the chat
Natalie Stasyk
Natalie Stasyk - 3 ore fa
Literally no offense at all but this video is perfect to help me fall asleep 😂
Erin Ashley
Erin Ashley - 3 ore fa
Jenna, ya plants are cuutte, and ya eyebrows SNATCHED🌿💅🏼
The Coulter Coop
The Coulter Coop - 3 ore fa
This is the best kind of therapy.
ladeadparrot - 3 ore fa
I see an engagement ring. Or is that old news?
Rachel Faye
Rachel Faye - 3 ore fa
This video is more amazing than I could imagine! I now have 3 plants 🌱 💛 also you should Get a humidifier for downstairs
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez - 3 ore fa
she’s so passionate about her plants it’s SO CUTE
Morgan Loger
Morgan Loger - 3 ore fa
Something about this video is sooooo soothing! Just watching these plants and hearing what they need gives me good vibes.
Noemi Hernandez
Noemi Hernandez - 3 ore fa
Awww... you and AmazingPhil should just collab and gush over being plant parents❤ :)
Chantal Certified
Chantal Certified - 3 ore fa
Hey jenna!!! i just posted a new video about my favorite channels and your one of them! check me out if you can! ty❤️
Sharyn Braud
Sharyn Braud - 3 ore fa
First time viewer here. Your house is lovely, your dogs are precious (I love their faces when you are holding them!), and your plants are amazing! As a fellow plant lover, when you walked into the dining room/jungle, my heart skipped a beat. ❤️
P.S. Thanks for the links to the other channels.
Saundra Lee
Saundra Lee - 3 ore fa
It has been three years since you made a Czermit video and the tradition is every 2 years so you should make another one. Also here are the three emojis that describe Sermet:🐭🙅‍♀️😬
Ally Mills
Ally Mills - 3 ore fa
Jenna is literally mom
LainieLovee - 3 ore fa
This video is everything! If I was Jenna's irl friend I'd buy her a plant every time I'd go visit her. Can't wait to have a house one day so I can fill it with plants. 💚
Tatum Humphrey
Tatum Humphrey - 3 ore fa
I have many plants because I'm a plant lover like you! But I have a Nevada Peperomia and it's my favorite thing ever.
Turtle Sneeze
Turtle Sneeze - 4 ore fa
Florida just outlawed dog racing and now they have a bunch of adoptable greyhounds that need homes!.... Who else but Jenna and Julien need a giant Ceremet or Paesh 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Kaitlyn Price
Kaitlyn Price - 4 ore fa
Jenna!! u should put those succulents in some sun!! I bought my mom an unknown succulent from Walmart mothers day last year and I just noticed that it has flowers!! its like a regular flat leaf type looking succulent with green in the middle and a pinkish hue that makes the white on the end look more pink. the flowers are on a really long stem that goes up and hangs down and they look like little pink bells. the ones that bloomed are yellow flowers. Its amazing!!!!
Jackson Gibbons
Jackson Gibbons - 4 ore fa
my Hoya smells like death
Chandler Vincent
Chandler Vincent - 4 ore fa
you should name your favorite plant "ever" the kentia palm.. Kent/Kenneth because you know it's a KENTia palm...
Maline - 4 ore fa
my Begonia Maculata gets white flowers :) but whey I googled it I saw that they can be bright pink too. Now I need one of those.
Seagullonabudget 7
Seagullonabudget 7 - 4 ore fa
I bought a Philodendron Scandens because of this and named him Dr. Phil.
Siqnez - 4 ore fa
Where does she say she bought her plants?! Etsy and where else? I need to know 😍
Alias007 - 4 ore fa
Is jenna wearing...JEANSSS!!?? Bro wtf our little girl is growing up
JCLTutorials - 4 ore fa
Shiiiiiiiit now I want fucking plants .... I downloaded a plant app because I don’t like dirt and responsibility
lilly drawsOWO
lilly drawsOWO - 4 ore fa
Omg jenna is so pure most YouTubers be starting drama and jenna's just here like "pLaNt ToUr" i love her so much my plant.
Brit Kiser
Brit Kiser - 4 ore fa
You two need to react to Bounce That Dick!!
Alyssa E
Alyssa E - 4 ore fa
You look EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful in this video
Sad Plant
Sad Plant - 4 ore fa
200 coats of everything *do it coward*
Brittany Basden
Brittany Basden - 4 ore fa
This was fun to watch! I'm going to reference this later when I begin buying plants. Your plants are so cool!
P -Swizzle
P -Swizzle - 4 ore fa
4:30 i can relate 😂😂😂
Josh K
Josh K - 4 ore fa
Ugh I'm such a fucking sheep i went out and bought a shit ton of plants that will inevitably be dead in a month, plus I got inspired to divide my (1) live peace lilly and now I'm 100% sure that it's 100% at peace because it's 100% DEAD
JacquelineLovee - 4 ore fa
now i wants plantss,, please and thanks you
negoromulus - 4 ore fa
My girl is real. God damn you please bless her
bamchicky09 - 4 ore fa
Do you ever worry about your dogs trying to eat them?
Sara Glover
Sara Glover - 4 ore fa
Love your plants!! Watch out for the bird of paradise and the zeze plant if your dogs ever eats them. I had my dog eat a zeze leaf and then we had to take him to the vet because they are poisonous. Just saying because I’ve experienced it and don’t want your fur babies to get sick.
Jackson Gibbons
Jackson Gibbons - 4 ore fa
my Hoyas are in bloom
negoromulus - 4 ore fa
Yes thank you thank you and thank you for don’t N.H. your only job...I mean I don’t know, your job then
adeya n
adeya n - 4 ore fa
what were the sites that she got the plants from?
Alyssa Shalyn
Alyssa Shalyn - 4 ore fa
*cries as a cat owner*
Holly Leather
Holly Leather - 5 ore fa
Are they enagaged? 😱
Ava Thomas
Ava Thomas - 5 ore fa
Jenna, I have two hoyas that i bought when they were the size of my hand, and now they are super big and they are both flowering. I think that you should put them upstairs because the main reason they are doing so well is because of the humidity. So. i would highly recommend doing that.
thefadedwildflower - 5 ore fa
I’m a “32 year old lady” and I can keep 2 kids and a dog alive but I kill all plants 😩
Rosa Montes
Rosa Montes - 5 ore fa
Dress up like a tree! Become one! I sooooo wanna see that 😊😊😊
Lia Altpeter
Lia Altpeter - 5 ore fa
I’m 13 and i enjoyed this
Annalee Berlin
Annalee Berlin - 5 ore fa
Nadja Bergendahl
Nadja Bergendahl - 5 ore fa
So to summarize. If you water them they grow.
Ella Polen
Ella Polen - 5 ore fa
jenna can u please try to pluck your eyebrows with tongs???
Giselle W. Lee
Giselle W. Lee - 5 ore fa
Very botanically active lifeeee😂😂😂 love it
Anna Leonard
Anna Leonard - 5 ore fa
I absolutely loved this video, it was so calming. Also.... ring on left hand??😏
mario prado
mario prado - 5 ore fa
es una lastima que no este en español... saludos de Argentina!!!
A person I guess
A person I guess - 5 ore fa
Her dining room corner that looks like a jungle looks like all of my sims houses
CakeOrDeath - 5 ore fa
Jesus christ I found plants to be so boring but Jenna just made this so damn interesting. I can listen to her talk about paint dry and I'll be intensely interested hanging on to every. Damn. WORD. ❤❤
thisisloupshit - 5 ore fa
Self-care tip: Talk to yourself like Jenna talks to her plants 🌱
Joe McCrafter
Joe McCrafter - 5 ore fa
Pewdiepie has 9 years Olds
Jena Marbles has 32 year old ladies, men and non binary friends 😂
Mariah Luna
Mariah Luna - 5 ore fa
You’re a witch now 💓🌿😆
Stardust 167
Stardust 167 - 5 ore fa
I showed this video to my 68 year old grandma and now she is subscribed to jenna because she thinks she is a plant review channel.
Hannah Tadian
Hannah Tadian - 5 ore fa
jenna proving she’s going to be an amazing mom for 28 minutes and 49 seconds
Tundra DeLaLune
Tundra DeLaLune - 5 ore fa
So this technically counts as witchcraft but if you want the hoyas to bloom but pictures of hoyas in bloom behind them and tell the plants that is what they need to do. It may sound silly but my aunt did this to my mother's hoya and as long as there were pictures of blooming hoyas behind it it would literally stay in bloom with many clusters of flowers all year round. We stopped with the pictures and it stopped blooming but then one day we moved it and it started blooming like crazy again. My mom started trying to figure out why and she stopped trying to figure it out when she realized that the curtains on the window next to it had blooming hoyas embroidered into the edges of them. I swear to god it works.
Kimberlee Clements
Kimberlee Clements - 5 ore fa
Oh no...im a 23 year old lady... 👀
Beautypie - 5 ore fa
Crazy how much she knows about plants! Very informative and makes me want to get some plants
Lauren Sartain
Lauren Sartain - 5 ore fa
Jenna please recreate James “why I’m going to be single forever” video makeup look. I feel like you will do great
Allyson 1712
Allyson 1712 - 5 ore fa
After I got 8 plants for my room my mom doesn’t let me buy any more. So I grow my own 😏😈😈
Sophie Trigg
Sophie Trigg - 5 ore fa
25:15 Can any one tell me the full name of this plant? :)
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