Ariana Grande's Vogue Cover Video Performance | Vogue

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LATANYA REESE - 3 ore fa
Loxdi - 4 ore fa
Kiera Hinds
Kiera Hinds - 4 ore fa
Love you
Mia S
Mia S - 4 ore fa
If I had Ari's voice for singing and you were in my family *you wouldn't be able to sleep*
σσƒ ѵאl
σσƒ ѵאl - 5 ore fa
1:55 " they see cain and i see abel (abel) abel (abel), abel"
Zahnah Walters
Zahnah Walters - 6 ore fa
If I have Ariana's voice I'll never be quiet
Bubble Tae
Bubble Tae - 6 ore fa
This dress is... Too much for a 1,53m girl...
Brittany Zimmerman
Brittany Zimmerman - 7 ore fa
who is this about?🧐
Bekim Ala
Bekim Ala - 7 ore fa
In my head= Like
God is a women= Comment
Travion Matthews
Travion Matthews - 7 ore fa
No one
Not a single soul
Not even the aliens at Area 51
star Solis
star Solis - 9 ore fa
The hair flying around everywhere cracks me up so hard 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂
Marley K
Marley K - 10 ore fa
why y’all keep changing the title 😂
Shamsa Al-Junaibi
Shamsa Al-Junaibi - 10 ore fa
1:46 my weave after 1 minute of watching this
Hector Jimenez
Hector Jimenez - 11 ore fa
Benji Morales
Benji Morales - 12 ore fa
I’m shook🤯
vijay verma
vijay verma - 13 ore fa
This girl right here is so dope !!!
Jdjdj jD
Jdjdj jD - 13 ore fa
Laura Rabushja
Laura Rabushja - 14 ore fa
Chocolatee - 14 ore fa
Friend: Can you hit an Ariana note?
Me: Yuh! * hits her low note *
Friend: * triggered *
 - 15 ore fa
I love her 💙💜 she's amazing
Ilona Chamoun
Ilona Chamoun - 15 ore fa
Ariana I love you❤❤
Mindy Lynne
Mindy Lynne - 16 ore fa
I fkn love her
Becca Matlock
Becca Matlock - 16 ore fa
Easily my favorite song of hers next to get well soon. 😍
Automação 3 B
Automação 3 B - 17 ore fa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mds my fv song ever
Automação 3 B
Automação 3 B - 17 ore fa
automação 4b ama a dona Ariana
Aventurile jucariilor
Aventurile jucariilor - 18 ore fa
I love so much
Katie Land
Katie Land - 18 ore fa
Ariana: In my head
Shawn: In my blood
Drake: In my feelings
Me: *In my bed*
Lydia Vittorio
Lydia Vittorio - 19 ore fa
Queen I love this video
Princess Fuzzy
Princess Fuzzy - 20 ore fa
Edward Ryan
Edward Ryan - 21 ora fa
I still can’t get over this campaign. This video was such a brilliant idea to promote Ariana’s first American Vogue cover. Idk if vogue has done something like this before but whoever pitched this deserves a raise.
Alfredo Medina
Alfredo Medina - Giorno fa
Me encantas Ari 😭❤❤😍
ピンクはな - Giorno fa
Did anyone noticed ariana’s eyes got big in one part
SEAN HAYRUP - Giorno fa
Invented a new pigd "lix
JayRblx x
JayRblx x - Giorno fa
Me listening to Ari's music:

Her haunting me: 0:34
One Life
One Life - Giorno fa
I love thisss
Ellen rocha
Ellen rocha - Giorno fa
Kd os br nessa bagaça
Vanessa haro alva
Vanessa haro alva - Giorno fa
رانسي bts
رانسي bts - Giorno fa
Naji Gutierrez
Naji Gutierrez - Giorno fa
This version needs to be on Spotify already!!!!!!!!!!! 😩😩
Naji Gutierrez
Naji Gutierrez - 6 ore fa
Leslie Escobedo no wayyy 😱😱 I can’t find it 😭😭 I only see the regular one not the vogue performance
Leslie Escobedo
Leslie Escobedo - 6 ore fa
It is!!! Giiiiiirl get yourself on spotify and hit repeat lol
Darcy sunith
Darcy sunith - Giorno fa
La mejooor
「lavender cookie」
「lavender cookie」 - Giorno fa
Im here because of LankyBox
Rondson Santos
Rondson Santos - Giorno fa
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero - Giorno fa
Doesn’t this video remind you of Ashly O’s ‘On a Roll’?
Gael Castellanos
Gael Castellanos - Giorno fa
Me encanta ariana grande
Candy Crush
Candy Crush - Giorno fa
Good look for her
The CB Channel
The CB Channel - Giorno fa
Why is this not Ariana's post?
Bamboo Panda
Bamboo Panda - Giorno fa
Dunya Basim
Dunya Basim - Giorno fa
Ariana Big eyes reminds me of my baby brothers eyes so cute and the hair reminds me of a horse tail😂but you did a great job Ariana
SkinnTAEH potatos
SkinnTAEH potatos - Giorno fa
Shawn Mendes: in my blood
Drake: in my feelings
Ariana Grande: in my head
Me: in my bed
SkinnTAEH potatos
SkinnTAEH potatos - 21 ora fa
@Wiki Michalik that's not even how you spell it and I didn't know that and comment like mine already existed...I shouldn't have to correct you but it's *Plagiarized
Wiki Michalik
Wiki Michalik - 21 ora fa
You are plagiating
Pop Lyrics
Pop Lyrics - Giorno fa
Did anyone see her hitting the woah?
Brunee Sangüeso
Brunee Sangüeso - Giorno fa
esy2011 - Giorno fa
She’s only famous coz she’s a skinny legend
Pop Lyrics
Pop Lyrics - Giorno fa
No she’s not only famous because of that it’s because of her singing
private name
private name - Giorno fa
She's highly ugly
nocappenny - Giorno fa
2:34 literally chills 😍😭
Math teacher: Where’s your working out
Me: ItS aLl In My HeAdDdD
Toy Adventure
Toy Adventure - Giorno fa
Toy adwenture
c. k
c. k - Giorno fa
Ariana is an icon.
Justin Schouten
Justin Schouten - Giorno fa
Her hair is a better dancer than I'll ever be😂
Nicolae Alexandra
Nicolae Alexandra - Giorno fa
73 questions with Ariana Grande ♥🔥👑 pleaseee
Tiana Jackson
Tiana Jackson - 2 giorni fa
Julieta Elizabet Alvares carrillo
Te amo ariana grandee
Juder Jy
Juder Jy - 2 giorni fa
Your a stupid loser that thinks she can but she cant
Sainun music
Sainun music - 2 giorni fa
Amo esta canción por que alguien importante también se me murio😢😿😭
joonjie bby
joonjie bby - 2 giorni fa
i CANT get over her voice😍 i’ve been a fan of her since 2013 (or earlier idk) but recently i’ve been such a stan 🥰

edit: 2010 is when i found out about her and started to like her
joonjie bby
joonjie bby - 3 ore fa
MyxteriousArts i was in 3rd grade (or younger bc i watched her on tv) i’m in high school now edit: i was 5 lmao i forgot
MyxteriousArts - 3 ore fa
joonjie bby Are you kidding me?I've been a fan of her since FIRST GRADE
Iliani Ch
Iliani Ch - 2 giorni fa
This song and video is art to me 💖
Dria Woods
Dria Woods - 2 giorni fa
*Proper Title*
Ariana Grande - in my head (Official Video)
Luísa Ferreira
Luísa Ferreira - 2 giorni fa
1:22 it's Justin Bieber? 😂♥️♥️
MyRo - Edits
MyRo - Edits - 2 giorni fa
Savannah Carranza
Savannah Carranza - 2 giorni fa
This song is literally my life and what I gone thru
Mini Eilish
Mini Eilish - 2 giorni fa
All the people who disliked thought “dis i like”
MyRo - Edits
MyRo - Edits - 2 giorni fa
Gacha Gang lol
Gacha Gang lol - 2 giorni fa
tbh when her eyes grew i got creeped out😂😂
Angelina gerspach
Angelina gerspach - 2 giorni fa
I Love this song so much ❤
Dominic Jewell
Dominic Jewell - 2 giorni fa
Wheres the person with the lyrics. I swear if this keeps on going its gonna be me one day. Jk
Chiaki Evans
Chiaki Evans - 2 giorni fa
No offense but i dont like ariana grande
Chiaki Evans
Chiaki Evans - 2 giorni fa
@Ari Grande did i ask if anybody cares and if u didnt care u wouldnt had replied
Ari Grande
Ari Grande - 2 giorni fa
No one cares lol
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob - 2 giorni fa
Ariana Grande: 1:24
Me: 0:34
Mauricio Gutierrez
Mauricio Gutierrez - 2 giorni fa
The song is fabulous
Abel Xo Forever
Abel Xo Forever - 2 giorni fa
Finally someone called out abel'a name
Juveriya Rockzz
Juveriya Rockzz - 2 giorni fa
0:34 when there's a ghost in your house .
Víctor Farias
Víctor Farias - 3 giorni fa
Zeze He
Zeze He - 3 giorni fa
Good speed
TK-S -HQ - 3 giorni fa
Prossimi video