What a comeback!! Juventus Fans Reaction After RONALDO Penalty Goals vs Atletico

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AFG R - 3 ore fa
Ronaldo 🌷❤❤❤❤❤❤
Фифер Бургер
He genies!
A true star shines anywhere he goes...just like Ronaldo's
Syarifudin jose
Syarifudin jose - 2 giorni fa
Dulu saya reallmadrid,karna ada idola cr ronaldo,sekarang saya jupentus,gara ada idola saya cr ronaldo...😍😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎
Alonso Peña y Lillo Moreira
Regalar a cr7 por 100M de euros... maaal alli florentino
Poyraz Ramo Kaval
Poyraz Ramo Kaval - 2 giorni fa
Sansli yuventus cr7 gibi bir golcu ancak bu kadar muhtesem olabilir thank you cr7🤗🤗
Bibal Adhikari
Bibal Adhikari - 2 giorni fa
I wish i was in that crowd 😭😭
Petrisor Badea
Petrisor Badea - 2 giorni fa
Juve fans have a legend now
훔훔갓 - 2 giorni fa
조회수 ㄷㄷㄷㄴ
belle Cantú
belle Cantú - 2 giorni fa
The best player of the world, Cristiano Ronaldo!!!!!!
Giuseppe Ciancia
Giuseppe Ciancia - 2 giorni fa
The king!!! I want Juve city in semifinal!!! Super match!!! Forza Juve and forza Cristiano!!!
Luiz Carvalho
Luiz Carvalho - 2 giorni fa
Esse é monstroooooooo... kkkkkkkkkkk
sandro cruz cruz
sandro cruz cruz - 3 giorni fa
Fernando Salinas
Fernando Salinas - 3 giorni fa
i was at a bar when atletico rektd juve and i told my buddy next game cr7 hat trick just to spite him and it came true!!!!!!!!
Helder De Almeida
Helder De Almeida - 3 giorni fa
Last time a girl cried for Ronaldo they split up few months after so let's up Georgina doesn't get the boot too
森福允彦 - 4 giorni fa
Văn Bắc Đỗ
Văn Bắc Đỗ - 4 giorni fa
Chúc mừng Ronaldo .xem lại vẫn thấy hồi hộp .sút quả đó .tôi còn ko giám nhìn
Rudi Yanto
Rudi Yanto - 4 giorni fa
Mana nih yg dari indonesia...
cinta CR7. 😍😍😍...
Ap cmn gue yg muter video ini ke2x nya...
Riez Man
Riez Man - 4 giorni fa
Merinding cuyyy
Havikolos - 4 giorni fa
That siiiiii ..
Tuan Phan Anh
Tuan Phan Anh - 4 giorni fa
Với juve. Ro như là một món quà từ chúa :)
Rahaman Sakib
Rahaman Sakib - 4 giorni fa
awww pooor dybala xD
حيدر بلانكوس
حيدر بلانكوس - 5 giorni fa
لولا ضربة الجزاء لن يخرج الاتلتي من الابطال !!! العالم كوله يشهد بذلك 🤨🤙🏻🤙🏻
Rofi Jancok
Rofi Jancok - 5 giorni fa
Gooooool!!!! Huuuuuuuuuu
Alex Aaron C.G
Alex Aaron C.G - 5 giorni fa
kevin tc
kevin tc - 5 giorni fa
Pero que lindo que es el futbol pibe 😎
T. I Jimomi
T. I Jimomi - 5 giorni fa
Juv fans are the best 👏👏👏
Thank you for embracing C.Ronaldo with so much love.
Syahriyal Syahriyal
Syahriyal Syahriyal - 5 giorni fa
cR7 best player
Kojo Asare
Kojo Asare - 5 giorni fa
Don't criticize the GOAT or he's gonna break you up within
Joy Paul
Joy Paul - 5 giorni fa
Now there is no doubt that he is d real GOAT. ..
kim boy
kim boy - 5 giorni fa
Whatsup everyone, lets compose a song for cr7
Dean the Machine
Dean the Machine - 5 giorni fa
He‘s a beast !
REGAR WAHYUDI - 5 giorni fa
cr7 😘😘 🔥🔥💪💪🏆🏆campione
ASR KHOLIL UliH - 5 giorni fa
MyTopgun88 - 5 giorni fa
Он гений
Bang Mizin
Bang Mizin - 5 giorni fa
pokok team ada ronaldo insya allah pasti juara
Etel Ruz
Etel Ruz - 5 giorni fa
Grande CR7😍😍😍😎😎
iffa hijrah
iffa hijrah - 5 giorni fa
WILLY WHYTE - 5 giorni fa
Ronaldo nailed..With this hatrick..he has crested his name forever in the minds and hall of fame of Juventus heroes..
Lucas Gabriel
Lucas Gabriel - 6 giorni fa
nerone - 6 giorni fa
dove poteva andare un simpaticone come cr7 se non alla juve a fare compagnia a un altro simpaticone un tale bonucci e non scordandoci di chiellini (vedi con morata) speriamo un'altra cardiff
Bayu Anggara
Bayu Anggara - 6 giorni fa
Juve amazing
Gustavo Cabrera
Gustavo Cabrera - 6 giorni fa
Cristiano el mejor del mundo
Chesam Siraj
Chesam Siraj - 6 giorni fa
C.Ronaldo is the best player in the world but not compare for Messi all the time.He is extraordinary talented for his foot but not playing for Messi. CR7 is my heart and soul.
bvstivsd - 6 giorni fa
Los que asistieron a ese partido pueden morirse tranquilos
Шавкат Адилов
SR7 гап йук. Доказал что он самый лучший футболист.
pan pot
pan pot - 6 giorni fa
Ronaldo is king for champions
Макка Тутаева
Не роналд
Abdoulaye Coulibaly
Abdoulaye Coulibaly - 6 giorni fa
CR 7 💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥
Abhi Abhi
Abhi Abhi - 6 giorni fa
sorry I meant honestly*...
Abhi Abhi
Abhi Abhi - 6 giorni fa
I am a great messi fan but honest cr7 did really good against atm nice revenge by cr7...
TECH KL 14 - 6 giorni fa
CR7 movie
ghania putri Fhadila
ghania putri Fhadila - 6 giorni fa
Md Rajib Ahmed
Md Rajib Ahmed - 6 giorni fa
Great CR7 makes another story
Zak Bouker
Zak Bouker - 6 giorni fa
Oh my god real Madrid has lost a big legend 😶😶💔
manana dolidze
manana dolidze - 6 giorni fa
M Ramshang
M Ramshang - 6 giorni fa
Can anyone show Perez’s reaction ?😂😂😂
WeSpeakGames - 6 giorni fa
hi guys please checkout my channel
WeSpeakGames - 6 giorni fa
guys checkout my channel for penalty goals https://youtu.be/Q9_o0x2_C8U
Elsa Alducente
Elsa Alducente - 6 giorni fa
I LOVE HIM! 🇮🇹❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕
Abodunrin Oluwafemi
Abodunrin Oluwafemi - 6 giorni fa
Cristiano Ronaldo is a movement, it's a cult I'm proud to be a part of.
Pipa 99
Pipa 99 - 6 giorni fa
0:12 siuuuuuuu!!!! Jajaja
CR7 ❤️
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma - 6 giorni fa
Ronaldo is the best player in the world .No one can beat him
Alex Mukungu
Alex Mukungu - 6 giorni fa
Cristiano Ronaldo is the god and king of Kings of football
AugmanTv - 6 giorni fa
she cried https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KemjWMeEkXM&t=7s
J Lo
J Lo - 6 giorni fa
Everybody. And I mean everybody would let CR7 fuck them in the ass.
ЖАН МАХА - 6 giorni fa
Jan Kandrac
Jan Kandrac - 6 giorni fa
This is why juventus is in league it because of Croatiano ronaldo
Soundsations - 6 giorni fa
Ronaldo was denied his 6th Ballon D’or Simply because of politics!!! Has Luka Modric ever carry any team on his back like Ronaldo? The answer is simply NO!! Forces were at work to deny Ronaldo to keep him from surpassing Messi. Ronaldo is the best in the World and we’ll never see in our lifetime if Messi could perform the same way in another team in another country. Messi will never get my vote for best player in the world as long as he remains in the warm, safe womb of Barcelona. Ronaldo can do more than Messi and his air game is the kind of thing that dreams are made of. Ronaldo is the true G.O.A.T.
Toni Kross
Toni Kross - 6 giorni fa
Я очень рад за Роналду.
Бляя, вот как любить у футболу, в европе. Молодце КРИРО 💪💪
FaHD Tube
FaHD Tube - 6 giorni fa
العام الماضي كانت هذه الجماهير تصفق له بهدفه عليها ، واليوم تصفق بأهدافه لها
Kabit Perying
Kabit Perying - 6 giorni fa
Give me ronaldo then i will give u champions league trophy
Lingam Tato
Lingam Tato - 6 giorni fa
And they said juve never ever recover from 2 -0..... Now juve don't have to worry the greatest player in the world is with u.....juve just gv cr7 assist he will definitely score #ronaldo#
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez - 6 giorni fa
y el hormonada de Messi en su zona de comfort con el farza donde todos juegan para él. ..CR7 demostrando que en cualquier equipo es el mejor...
fabio reis
fabio reis - 6 giorni fa
gracias lopetegui
Tuan Nguyen Duc
Tuan Nguyen Duc - 6 giorni fa
Cr7 the best
Dairo Mazo alv men :v
Dairo Mazo alv men :v - 6 giorni fa
Aldy AzrieL_1933
Aldy AzrieL_1933 - 6 giorni fa
тнє кιиg ¢я7 🔥💪
ahmad sabri
ahmad sabri - 6 giorni fa
هي اسمها ركلة جزاء مو ركلات ترجيح
Striscia - 6 giorni fa
otmane mouadbi
otmane mouadbi - 6 giorni fa
João Mendonça
João Mendonça - 6 giorni fa
Messi o melhor da história do futebol
sillieww - 6 giorni fa
How amazing that one man can move a whole country by simple being a goat.
Punn - 6 giorni fa
Ronaldo is G.O.A.T
Ассалому Алайкум
Ronaldo n1
Thiery Onana
Thiery Onana - 6 giorni fa
CR tu es mon idole a vie
DIY Lifestyle
DIY Lifestyle - 6 giorni fa
They stole his 6th ballon D’Oro. Just so he wouldn’t surpass messi
Lil Weibby
Lil Weibby - 7 giorni fa
I hope Messi gets to destroy and silenced dis Juventus team
IZZAT HAZIM - 7 giorni fa
thanks juve fans..good fans for a good man..treat him well..not let him down like madrid do..ungrateful fans imo
Conte Orlok
Conte Orlok - 7 giorni fa
Ah, ah! "Ventilatori" is wrong, tifosi is the right word.
Astana - 7 giorni fa
Ronaldu 👍
Captain Fereday
Captain Fereday - 7 giorni fa
Mejor del Mundo 🏆CR7
hebert hurtado
hebert hurtado - 7 giorni fa
Así de simple nada que decir cristiano es cr7
james benson
james benson - 7 giorni fa
Good night simeone
StrikeR BLuee
StrikeR BLuee - 7 giorni fa
Juventus isnthe best always💪💪💪💪
Siniestro02 - 7 giorni fa
CR7 is from another world, team played amazing but did anyone noticed Mandzukic did absolutely nothing?
Omgiri Goswami Rawatsar
Omgiri Goswami Rawatsar - 7 giorni fa
Well done cr7
Leandro Da Silva Nogueira
É contagiante ver CR dando sangue em campo depois de tudo q conquistou. Já o futebol Brasileiro só em decadência!
Omar King
Omar King - 7 giorni fa
هيدا الدووووون ملكككك اوربااا
GhEppIO - 7 giorni fa
porco d.o ma veramente hanno tradotto fans in ventilatori.....dio mio i miei occhi ..
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