How Did HP Fail This Hard? - HP Spectre x360 2019 Review

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Stelissa - 2 ore fa
Yeah the 'pointer trails' are down to the limitation of your eyes. It's called 'persistence of vision'.
Aditya Mahat
Aditya Mahat - 2 giorni fa
MyUTF4 - 2 giorni fa
Why don't you tell us how you really feel!
Hollow114 - 3 giorni fa
What about the Ryzen envy x360?
Siam Islam
Siam Islam - 3 giorni fa
Thanks for the review. Incredible specs which makes us oversee the flaws of the basic functionality. Shitty pixel response seriously? Almost bought the laptop.. please do review of future hp spectre laptops. Thank You :)
Kevin Pan
Kevin Pan - 17 ore fa
Siam Islam have you watched any other reviewers? They all have really positive reviews about this pc, Linus just went a little too much on the negative side.
Ducanh Pham
Ducanh Pham - 4 giorni fa
Thanks. This was decisive in my decision to avoid this laptop.
HotBadBoyMagnifico - 5 giorni fa
This reviewer is so annoying, I feel like buying one of these now
Kevin Pan
Kevin Pan - 17 ore fa
You should watch other reviewers that reviewed this laptop, they all have really good responses, I don’t know why Linus went so negative on their pc.
Siam Islam
Siam Islam - 3 giorni fa
HotBadBoyMagnifico Maybe he is to you. but he has clearly pointed out the basic functionality flaws which is overseen. Kudos for that.
Ramen Boi
Ramen Boi - 6 giorni fa
Only hipsters will spend 1000+ dollars on a laptop with an mx150 inside of it.
James Mazza
James Mazza - 6 giorni fa
Will linus ever really like a laptop? Tune in next time on linustechtips
goldfish576 - 7 giorni fa
bought this one and returned the next day!
When I brought this home and started it, it was on the hp logo screen for 2 hours and didn't even start and also the back got very hot that's why returned it.
Ahmad Sheikh
Ahmad Sheikh - 7 giorni fa
I disagree with you as its the best laptop of the year
jose f avellaneda-barbarito
you went short on volumes specks. B&O sucks big time..
Junaid Hasan
Junaid Hasan - 7 giorni fa
Linus is nitpicking
Laura Dee
Laura Dee - 8 giorni fa
Use your other hand. It's on the left side, why use your right hand to reach at it? Do you try to brush your teeth with your feet? C'mon.
Matthew Silveira
Matthew Silveira - 9 giorni fa
Lenovo yoga
Con Artist
Con Artist - 9 giorni fa
Can you donate a laptop for those in need like me, who is studying for college...?
NotANoob :D
NotANoob :D - 10 giorni fa
5:02 what if you turn on pointer trails
mooganify - 10 giorni fa
1 USB port?
Duy Hau Doan Nguyen
Duy Hau Doan Nguyen - 12 giorni fa
Does Hp envy x360 version 13.3 inch screen can upgrade RAM or hdd ?
Techboy235 FK8
Techboy235 FK8 - 13 giorni fa
Buying a sponser🤔
Devin Eisenbach
Devin Eisenbach - 14 giorni fa
Have your balls dropped yet?
ツNirv - 15 giorni fa
The hp envy 13 is amazing
Saiful Hazmi Hashim
Saiful Hazmi Hashim - 15 giorni fa
I have this laptop and I disagree with this review.
gfKosta - 16 giorni fa
You really like this design!? Seriously!? Sorry, but you have no taste...
Jay Y
Jay Y - 16 giorni fa
Synaptics is probably still in business only because HP has a contract with them. Hopefully when that ends, they can die.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - 17 giorni fa
what's the refresh rate?
Ashay Vaidya
Ashay Vaidya - 19 giorni fa
LOL so you don’t like the placement of the power button and you’re pissed because they don’t include a pen holder? This is one of your poorest, most clickbaity reviews.
The HP Spectre series is consistently one of the best ultrabooks on the market, year after year.
dominic corbin
dominic corbin - 20 giorni fa
i have this laptop and to fix the trackpad is possible to install windows precision driver. I do that and this trackpad is just perfect. you can find how to install it on YouTube.
MITCHIE CATO - 20 giorni fa
Is it good enough for a computer science major/course or college in general?
Ashay Vaidya
Ashay Vaidya - 19 giorni fa
MITCHIE CATO It’s phenomenal laptop that can handle anything college can throw at it, don’t listen to this reviewer at all. Look up any other reviews about the HP Spectre x360 series, you’ll find praise after praise about it.
The Echo Conversation
The Echo Conversation - 20 giorni fa
This dude doesn't make it easy to decide what laptop to decide..... °•○●□▪ make me give up on mac,hp,etc....
CyberDude274CD24 - 20 giorni fa
Matthew Bowman
Matthew Bowman - 21 giorno fa
Linus: this laptop has terrific performance, battery, security, design, etc....BuT tHe TrAcKpAd
Matthew Bowman
Matthew Bowman - 19 giorni fa
@Anabel Ruiz No, not for handwritten notes
Anabel Ruiz
Anabel Ruiz - 19 giorni fa
Matthew Bowman do you recommend this laptop for hand written note taking ?
TheOvernowhere - 22 giorni fa
Hahahaha! Inconvenient power button and missing pen holder!! Man, just avoiding to present the most important things, or just mention it really quickly, you basically convinced me to buy that laptop by your video :) Thanks!
Shada Eymech
Shada Eymech - 18 giorni fa
exactly 😂
Vimal Ramachandran
Vimal Ramachandran - 22 giorni fa
Agree with most points. The chunky top & bottom bezels are unacceptable in 2019. So is the subpar trackpad. And why only 16 GB memory? HP should offer at least 32 GB.
Ellis The DJ
Ellis The DJ - 23 giorni fa
I am watching this video on you guest It a HP spectre though I have the 2016 one & it rather thinner than the 2019 one
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - 23 giorni fa
I was in between LG Gram and the HP Spectre, but then this video shows up in my recommendation and dang, I know which to choose now. Thanks a lot!
stockjonebills - 23 giorni fa
Love the look of the spectre's but I've learned from the past, HP consumer laptops have always left me disappointed. I've had two with the power supplies going out a few months after owning the laptop. If you want HP go with their zbook line
Epic Sax Guy
Epic Sax Guy - 24 giorni fa
I have the same laptop, and after installing the Precision drivers, the trackpad is fine.
artannis v
artannis v - 25 giorni fa
Definitivamente sucks
Pecco Kirsten
Pecco Kirsten - 26 giorni fa
Would you rather recommend the Asus Zenbook 14 UX433FA? I mainly use my pc for researching, writing and browsing, and now and then movie watching. I also travel a lot, so I would really wish the device to be as light as it can (including the charger). Looking forward to your opinion!!
Arno Laurie
Arno Laurie - 26 giorni fa
¬📁This folder is empty
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia - 26 giorni fa
Does anyone know if the screen response time is fixable or could be fixed with updates??
s Jones
s Jones - 27 giorni fa
So either you were lying a year ago or now. I have the previous version. Mobiletechreview is a more reliable channel. At least consistent.
Jude Abou hamdan
Jude Abou hamdan - 29 giorni fa
Hahahahaha its like he was pissed and decided fuck this laptop 😂
Steven Barber
Steven Barber - 29 giorni fa
i have seen some great things coming from hp making me druil over there computers this computer is a beast of a machine i bought there hp omen 870 desktop feels great to use very stable and very fast i love it
Arghyadeb Bandyopadhyay
6:56 Lenovo also offers toggleable privacy display in their new 2019 series laptops.
Please make a video on the new Lenovo Thinkpad T490.
Joshua Jurado
Joshua Jurado - Mese fa
This dude picky af haha
A55tech - Mese fa
Got an iPad Pro and called it a day
PiterStreak - Mese fa
got the 2018 model on ebay for 580. With that deal, its worth while. manufacturer refurb but havent had any issues
chadmichael81 - Mese fa
I have the 13" 2018 version of this, it's awesome. No issues to date.
Matas Dulke
Matas Dulke - Mese fa
I have spectre. It's not good.
Stephen aka tuber33
Missed the entire purpose of the gem cut design. After complaints from convertible users that the power button is always getting hit, turning the machine on in the bag (leaving you with a dead laptop) or off while using it in tablet mode, HP created a brilliant fix--put it on a corner cut at a 45 degree angle and it's not able to be easily hit in any mode. It's harder to hit BY DESIGN.
Stephen Einstein
Stephen Einstein - Mese fa
I am watching this on windows 10 and thought i did something wrong - 3:39
David White
David White - Mese fa
You could put the pen in your pocket or backpack where you're most likely carrying your computer.
Rasmus Cetti
Rasmus Cetti - Mese fa
Build in privacy filter? T480S, T490, T490S,X1 Yoga, X1 Carbon.. Not unique to HP since 2018.
Yethu Raj
Yethu Raj - Mese fa
Acer Laptops are better.
Panos rinio
Panos rinio - Mese fa
huawei matebooks
kenny archibald
kenny archibald - Mese fa
Why are you mixing both models without really showing the differences?
DrAbKaN - Mese fa
Because its not a Krapple bubble device he will give a bunch of no sense reviews....
This thing has the most elegant look of all laptops... but its Linus, so... expect bipolar reviews....immediate dislike
The WREDFOX - Mese fa
My Mum loves her new Spectre and I love gaming on it in her motorhome on the weekends :D
King Gemini
King Gemini - Mese fa
Damn, I was gonna buy this laptop, but this guy's making me think twice about buying it. Does anyone have some better 2 in 1 Laptop suggestions?
that werid ass gamer exp
Surface book 2
Jo Za
Jo Za - Mese fa
Linus is a bitch.
Baxter Paschal
Baxter Paschal - Mese fa
This guys voice makes me wanna rip off my ears
László Sárközi
László Sárközi - Mese fa
For once I disagree with Linus. I have the 13" version and I love it. No problems at all. You can easily install MS Precision drivers to the trackpad and problem solved!
Quayledant - 9 giorni fa
@J El I have the 2015 model, and it's just download, install, restart. No bugs, except a rare appearance of a Synaptics prompt to administrator rights (which I denied every time) after restarting the laptop.
J El
J El - 21 giorno fa
Are there any issues with installing MS precision?
Ma Theresa Halog
Ma Theresa Halog - 23 giorni fa
How do you do that?
Jon Doh
Jon Doh - Mese fa
I have one and I love it.
Erica David
Erica David - Mese fa
My motherboard crashed just after a year
Taylor O'Rourke
Taylor O'Rourke - Mese fa
I’m glad they did something with the speakers. I had Spectre x360 from 2015 and they were some of the worst speakers I’ve ever had on a high end laptop. They would make this crackling/static noise constantly and I pretty much had to use a Bluetooth speaker if I wanted to watch/listen to anything for more than five minutes.
Mugurel Teodor Andrici
Do NOT buy HP products. THEY ARE FAULTY. From their PRINTERS to their LAPTOPS to their TABLETS to their CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They SUCK.
Mugurel Teodor Andrici
Their hinge design is faulty, had a Pavilion X360 2-in-1 which had broken in less than 1 month and had to return it because of the hinge which broke the plastic body. Like who the fuck would put a metal hinge in a plastic body...
jkirk1626 - Mese fa
GN alert:
10:24-10:28 should have been "between Alex and me." "Between" acts as a preposition. After a preposition, use the object pronoun (me), not the subject pronoun (I).
elenchus - Mese fa
plz review lenovo thinkbook 14 w/t rx 540 gpu thx
Doug Kahler
Doug Kahler - Mese fa
More shirtless James!
rooster sideburbs
rooster sideburbs - Mese fa
seriously... the power button is an issue?
rooster sideburbs
rooster sideburbs - Mese fa
take linus tech tips wth a grain of salt. everything he tests is usually top of the line and the most expensive. im not sure if he tested an hp pavillion. for average consumers.
Aravind Babu
Aravind Babu - Mese fa
Dude you are like a tech buff who has used and criticized way too many tech and you are expecting so much on whatever comes next, so much that you can't even enjoy a good piece of hardware like normal people. I have been in this spot not in tech but in some other aspect that's how I know. Used to love your videos.
Tatiana O
Tatiana O - Mese fa
HP no money back guaranty is true, even if you reject HP laptop to receive ,HP says "I was told that you have rejected the goods. This is no problem. But we can not initiate a refund.
Please let me know if you want to accept the goods or if we should dispose of the article without refund." cool ;) should take a lawyer....
looks like they have new slogan :
"hp is always right" ...
vo ua
vo ua - Mese fa
HP do not keeps his words any more: No more "money back guaranty" they want only your money ,if you order per telephone be ready that salesman make mistake and you will get not what you wanted because, HP says April 11, 2019: "Unfortunately, we have to inform you that you are excluded from the 14-day right of return because it is a personalized ZBook. Therefore, a return of the goods is excluded"
PowIDied - Mese fa
Wait, it does have a holder in the case... hmmmm.
OldPossum - Mese fa
That *fugly* HP logo is a deal breaker.
ca5ualm3dia - Mese fa
bro just get a usb track pad , and stop the cry baby k!!!
Get The Gringo
Get The Gringo - Mese fa
Fucking wanker. Shut it, and stop spanking so much. Fucking plonker.
Tom - Mese fa
I had the Spectre x360 with Skylake i7 6500U and now I just got the 2019 x360 13 with i7 8565U. This Machine is just magnificent, the Display is way better, very similar to the 9,7" iPad Pro, I didn't recognize any input Lag. Build quality is exceptional. and I really don't mind the Top and bottom Bezels, I think the form-factor is awesome. I'm taking it with me everyday and it's not to big(even the Skylake was absolutely alright).
I really wonder, what these Review guys have to do all day long :D you aren't doing any real work use, but instead just testing and doing some benchmarks... I think this is really strange.
Also funny: he complains about the Bezels and then he complains about not enough room for his hands. That just doesn't make any sense. If the Bezels were gone, also the speaker grill would be gone, and there wouldn't be enough room for your hands again! :D
TheMysticHD - Mese fa
Battery *hife* ?
Andrew Reed
Andrew Reed - Mese fa
Lenovo X1 Yoga G3 beats the elitebook x360 IMO
Ísleif Otero García
Hewlett Packard for me, the company that was ahead for a brief time of anybody. Now it is a shame. I really hope that SOMEDAY it will bring back it's creators dream around. I still waiting.
was that really your uncle?
Goku555 Mercenario SC2
Fells lilke 30 fps, of course, 30 fps limit while on battery is pretty normal
boomer2hand2 - Mese fa
If the 15in doesn't do it for you ship it to me I'll take it better than nothing I'm still playing with an Android phone government issue Obama phone
TheToxicPlayer - Mese fa
fail from what? They've been doing shitty electronics since for ever.
boomer2hand2 - Mese fa
Bad pixels for gaming and they expect us to pay 2000 for it HAHAHAHAHA
PowIDied - Mese fa
boomer2hand2 I have the 15” model and it isn’t an issue. In fact, my model even has a 120hz displa, which was a bit surprising.
Asif Rahaman
Asif Rahaman - Mese fa
I have the Pavilion x360, it’s gotten me through my last year of high school pretty decently, but I might be looking for an upgrade for college
155907 - Mese fa
who power off a computer... do you power off your phone...?
the fans move n degrade... yes theres a sleep mode n you close the lid..thats computers been on for months just as my phones no problem...
educate me pls if im doing something wrong..
xDUMBERx - Mese fa
Linus: stops talking
Me: uh oh
Background music" Stops
Me: on god
Linus: Something I WOULD recommend buying, is our sponsor!
arcticdoggo - Mese fa
me: hears the date of ltx19
also me: realizes im gonna be in bc then
also also me: *spends sixty canadian rubles on a two day pass*
Isaias Izquierdo
Isaias Izquierdo - Mese fa
HP is a not what it used to be. Try harder HP.
Killian Fisher
Killian Fisher - Mese fa
yo i just relised me and linus both rock the 46mm Galaxy Watch
Michael Cherniak
Michael Cherniak - Mese fa
I think Lenovo might sell ThinkPad screens with that privacy feature
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon - Mese fa
Camphor? Like, the plant?
TheAnonymousConnor - Mese fa
I've got an X360 15 (core I3, 1tb hdd, 16gb optane ssd) and I got to say it's a real upgrade from my lenovo ideapad 120s
NO ONE is coming to you to learn how to do ANYTHING!
MrCuddy2977 - Mese fa
Oh, screenshots on Mac?
Shift, Command and 4: then space … then click the mouse …
Prossimi video