Michelle Obama and her mother on adjusting to life at White House

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Mel reg
Mel reg - Giorno fa
Get her book in the link below!! It's really good! I loved it!
Alicesunn Scarlett
Alicesunn Scarlett - 3 giorni fa
Alicesunn Scarlett
Alicesunn Scarlett - 3 giorni fa
Jordan Zlotolow
Jordan Zlotolow - 5 giorni fa
he has a speech impediment
Jordan Zlotolow
Jordan Zlotolow - 5 giorni fa
a wig
LD LR - 5 giorni fa
Well Barry's dad knew nothing about connecting and kids.
Never knew this she man had her mom munching off tax payers $
Thank God these liars have no more input on America.
Sick and tired of listening to Michael cry and cry about her little time in the White House. Have never heard such wailing from a First Lady ever
Once again and always absolutely no class. Never had nor acquired any.
Mac McMasters
Mac McMasters - 6 giorni fa
Fascinating. Excellent segment.
heba hamdy
heba hamdy - 6 giorni fa
My Model roles. Michelle Obama 😍😍😍
swproductioncompany3 - 6 giorni fa
Julie Lott
Julie Lott - 7 giorni fa
I hope they prove what they really are!!!!
Annmarie Stultz
Annmarie Stultz - 8 giorni fa
I admire her...
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba - 8 giorni fa
Oh? That's what i said before whacking this news she's really connected with her mom so important.
javier castellon
javier castellon - 9 giorni fa
Ugly Michelle actively promotes abortion.  The killing of the innocent that cannot defend themselves for money and politics.  Abortion either vacuums babies out, or cuts them into pieces or slowly kills with chemicals.  The effects of abortion are.  Immediate regret, anxiety, low self worth, depression, alcoholism, addictions, infertility, promiscuity, and even suicide.  Democrats are not pro-women.
Audra Eden
Audra Eden - 10 giorni fa
"And You know how you can accidentally say the wrong thing? ....well, if you don’t say anything...". Teach, Mrs.Robinson. Run for Congress !
Diana Bohorquez
Diana Bohorquez - 12 giorni fa
Mrs. Robinson you are admired! You did such a good act for your grandchildren
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes - 16 giorni fa
This absolutely Beautiful they resemble so much and so much class and wisdom incredible at the end just precious.👍✌Deb 2019❤
Almira Galban
Almira Galban - 16 giorni fa
I love Michelle Obama and her mom👍👍😙😙😊😊🇵🇭🇵🇭
Don Anderson
Don Anderson - 19 giorni fa
Thankfully and hopefully there is going to be more History written by both Michelle and Barack Obama,it’s not that they owe us,but so far we owe them a lot and l really do not believe that they are done yet.
Valerie - 20 giorni fa
Christine Dahnke
Christine Dahnke - 20 giorni fa
Pics from Michael pregnant ? 2 times , 9 months for each one . ?????
honwill louis
honwill louis - 21 giorno fa
So beautiful to see them both❤
CF CF - 21 giorno fa
I like her mom, Marian Robinson but cannot stand the Obama's. Terrible interview. Blah, blah, blah.
Nisey Baylor
Nisey Baylor - 22 giorni fa
I love them all:) You can feel the real (especially no I don't miss it)
Jason Savage
Jason Savage - 22 giorni fa
Love It!!! 💗💗
NurseDanii Johnson
NurseDanii Johnson - 22 giorni fa
MY FIRST LADY. If you don't look like your mom AND brother. Very strong genes.
Bless you all!!
Christopher Adams
Christopher Adams - 23 giorni fa
It must have been a sad day for Michael's mother when she found out michael wanted to transform into Michelle.
Robbynne Smith
Robbynne Smith - 24 giorni fa
Well if the man that she is actually had her children would she didn't which she sold out to Weinstein on for a whole year and now it's coming up to fruition for goodness sakes
Rene Vazwuez
Rene Vazwuez - 26 giorni fa
Big Mike's mom, another fake
nkbbm - 26 giorni fa
Very "different" white house now! Empty!
afrizak - 28 giorni fa
I wish I had a Mrs Robinson!!!
John Barney
John Barney - 28 giorni fa
Big Mike, hung like buffalo !
Tulsi Patel
Tulsi Patel - 28 giorni fa
Marva Pegues
Marva Pegues - 29 giorni fa
Michael your stupidity is showing! Don't be a hater, life is too short. You might not get a chance to recover the love! Marva P.
Michael - Mese fa
She is a man and that's a fact. Shame on you Oprah and you know it too just like Joan Rivers did. And the reason Mom was in the White House was to protect the secret. It's a known fact Obama frequented all the high end gay bars in Chicago. This was the biggest con job ever pulled on the American people!
Perla - Mese fa
The most smartest Woman... I am very proud of her usually these type of women stay single, it's like the perfect couple!
E. C
E. C - Mese fa
THIS is a True reflection of how a Black Family really is. I can't think of one white person I know who cares for their family like this. Hmmm
E. C
E. C - Mese fa
OMG my first time hearing and seeing Mrs. Robinson speak and Of Course it's Wisdom! The staff stopped by her room to chat- WOW! How can any one of those 1.5k people hate this story- those people must be inhumane! My word. They don't even like goodness. Smh This World
Helen Boula
Helen Boula - Mese fa
Oh I'm sure she loved it.
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins - Mese fa
What lovely people. Dear God, I miss Obama..
Lily To
Lily To - Mese fa
my god Mrs. Obama, she is a goddess who doesnt age a day since her wedding day.
thekingchrissyg - Mese fa
ya her mom didn't want to do any videos to "accidentally" reveal anything. Wonder what they're hiding that she would "accidentally" say? Curious.
Messenger - Mese fa
He has a lot botox. They are so fake.
Kimberley Ike
Kimberley Ike - Mese fa
Reto Schellenberg
Reto Schellenberg - Mese fa
She has a very nice mother.
Andivano 83
Andivano 83 - Mese fa
catherine roberts
catherine roberts - Mese fa
They Obamas are simply a wonderful family I really love how they conduct themselves with dignity and grace love you guys
Classic huckstering snake oil pulpit talk
Who misses Big Mike?
Cali B.
Cali B. - Mese fa
Wow malia looks so much like her grandma and Sasha looks like Michelle
Andrew Kowalski
Andrew Kowalski - Mese fa
I love Michelle Obama. Hello from Poland.
Truth Rainer
Truth Rainer - Mese fa
Liar and deceiver
Kay Mitchell
Kay Mitchell - Mese fa
To Tony Williams below:
There are 3 kinds of people Tony my man: 1. The kind who know what's going on. 2. The kind who know when someone TELLS them what's going on. 3. And the kind who will NEVER know. You, of course are the the 3rd kind.
ZODIAC - Mese fa
im a white man and i am very glad that we finally had a black president back then and it was great experience to see black family in the white house obama was a good president congress naturally would not allow obama to help the poor unfortunately
Kim Bronson
Kim Bronson - Mese fa
Wow this bought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful relationship they have.
Bill A
Bill A - Mese fa
Yeah. Her mother was allowed to freeload for eight years too.
Lillian Wright
Lillian Wright - 3 giorni fa
Bill A Talk about free load what is Trumps in -laws doing here? Free Loading!
Sonja Müller
Sonja Müller - Mese fa
"When I grow up, I want to be like Michelle Obama." Mrs Robinson, so do I! What an incredible compliment from a Mother to her Daughter, that in turn reflects back on her.
Kathy - Mese fa
Thank you for sharing your husband with the USA. President Obama, you, Mrs. Robinson, the girls, and Bo & Sunny are the best First Family ever. "I want to be Michelle Obama when I grow up." Beautiful mother honoring her daughter like that. Bless that family always.❤🙏
raindrops Fukushima flavored
Gayle, oprahs lover interviews x first transgender lady. LMBO 😂😂
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - Mese fa
Mother and son big bird Mooichael LaVaugh Robinson. Did you know Mooichael was a linebacker on a scholarship at university of Oregon
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 4 giorni fa
+Lillian Wright did your how mamma ever hear of condoms because it would be nice to know a old wash up hot like you was never stealing H2O from the rest of the human race. Now let that wound heal under your nose and keep your legs closed because we can smell your fish breath🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lillian Wright
Lillian Wright - 5 giorni fa
Jack Smith Had your mother ever heard of abortion?
Andre Newcomb
Andre Newcomb - Mese fa
Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson. Ms. Obama . . . I believe that 'women' should seize the moment and continue to pursue the Oval Office. Ms. Clinton's "what difference does it make" statement continues to disqualify. Senator Warren's constant attacks on financial is harping. There is no other than you with name recognition. I think you have sensibility and experience that can be valued and respected in the many spheres of The President's many, many activities. But there are things that I think a woman might not be aware of . . . a husband's sins. Benghazi had an American presence inexplicable. Only a President could direct such. Deepwater Horizon looks as though extortion against Britain for historical Persian Gulf activities. The various TARP, bailouts, loans, incentives had your husband's endorsements. The perpetual drones strikes. The assault on the internet by the FCC. A shameful Nobel Peace Prize. Many, many, many things associated with your husband while in office. ONLY a President can investigate top security clearance. A President Michelle Obama. A President who loves her country and wants to get the ghost of a man out of her bed. I know you're living a charmed life at the moment. There has been much that suggests that the person whose bed you share is 'not' the charm you experience. Women should hold on to this moment and I think that you are one who can pull it off. Sincerely, Andre R. Newcomb
Andre Newcomb
Andre Newcomb - Mese fa
One more thing: America is NOT a mercenary presence on this planet . . . contrary to President Trump's assertions.
Betsy Clark
Betsy Clark - Mese fa
Gag me with a spoon...
Hson278 Son
Hson278 Son - Mese fa
it just made lying about Michelle being a man harder to keep a secret
orrjam1 - 2 mesi fa
Her mom puts a smile
on my face... she seems like such a nice lady. 😊
Liz palmer
Liz palmer - 2 mesi fa
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drw isis
drw isis - 2 mesi fa
just love Michelle and what shes about. she executed her time at the white house with precision and left gracefully and humbled. dont get no better than that. u go girl!!!!!! my idol.
Lori Worthey
Lori Worthey - 2 mesi fa
1:52 .....wow, the kids don't look like either of them.
Laura Salvatore
Laura Salvatore - 2 mesi fa
Awww Mrs Robinson seems so sweet. I wish I could've known her😍
Екатерина Екатерина
I full in with first lady Michelle Obama she is beautiful and wisdom
Laura Ragazzi
Laura Ragazzi - 2 mesi fa
I really hope to have one day Michelle for President
Ladi Musa
Ladi Musa - 2 mesi fa
God bless you grandma Robinson
Cisko 650
Cisko 650 - 2 mesi fa
5:07 she a man
Cisko 650
Cisko 650 - 2 mesi fa
Who else is here to see if shes transgender ?
Lisa Dr
Lisa Dr - 2 mesi fa
Everybody that's saying negative things about the Obama's are hating jealous miserable racist bytches...
Lisa Dr
Lisa Dr - 2 mesi fa
+Lillian Wright Right!!
Lillian Wright
Lillian Wright - 2 mesi fa
Exactly But i bet they will say "I have a black friend" LMAO
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons - 2 mesi fa
I am begging you. The world. Please, do this for me. I will be forever grateful. I need 1, just 1. She has to be black. 100% black, a woman, a real woman and beautiful. That's the hard part... Beautiful... Whaddaya got? Missy Elliott? Not beautiful. Whitney Houston? Rhianna? Ones dead and Both are part white. So is Jada Pinkett Smith if you couldn't tell. Serena? VENUS? MICHELLE? All 3 are men and not beautiful... Sooooo... we're still at zero. I just need 1.
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons - 2 mesi fa
I was hoping that after they took all the civil war statues down she would go away too... Like a fair trade? At least the statues were real.
Tracy No Chaser
Tracy No Chaser - 2 mesi fa
I'm listening to Mrs. Obama's book now and as I listen, I'm so intrigued by her mother that I was JUST saying to myself "I'd love to read a book by HER MOM!!!"
Brilliantbeing - 2 mesi fa
Only until America sees the full humanity of black people will the nation be great. Most of us have a Mrs. Robinson in our lives. She's that grandmother, that auntie, that mother, that sister that most of us know as black people. The American false narrative machine just doesn't show it.
Elisa Griffith
Elisa Griffith - 2 mesi fa
Democrats always were and always will be racists. P
Anthonyg Gordon
Anthonyg Gordon - 2 mesi fa
What really pisses Right Wingers off the most is that the rest of the world loves the Obama's and only they hate them. They can come with all their criticism, mention their conspiracies and insults. But no matter what, they will be the only ones that feel that way. No one else will.
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze - 2 mesi fa
Awesome & so Loving. God Bless!
Marlon Espiritu
Marlon Espiritu - 2 mesi fa
Man that’s so sweet ! I miss them
Hope Lizzette
Hope Lizzette - 2 mesi fa
Sawyer Ramos
Sawyer Ramos - 2 mesi fa
Michael believes...ok
Tayen Getuaban
Tayen Getuaban - 2 mesi fa
Ugh. I love her!
Stacey's Girl
Stacey's Girl - 2 mesi fa
Grandchildren? Ewwww.
Stacey's Girl
Stacey's Girl - 2 mesi fa
Stacey's Girl
Stacey's Girl - 2 mesi fa
Fucken psycho.
christ tchambila
christ tchambila - 2 mesi fa
Home is where we are
Dana Labloom
Dana Labloom - 2 mesi fa
Awwww what a great interview! Such good vibes 😌😌😌 the end made me cry ...
jennifer curtis
jennifer curtis - 2 mesi fa
Honest class act! You go girl!
Trieshi - 2 mesi fa
Omg. I love this family. 🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍👍
shirley Trost
shirley Trost - 2 mesi fa
Absolutely not
Donna C
Donna C - 2 mesi fa
Not an Obama's fan but I must say I love the relationship of Michelle and her mama. The fact that the White House staff would seek her out and still do till this day says a lot about Mrs. Robinson.
Ms Dina
Ms Dina - 2 mesi fa
Michelle's mother seems very humble and sweet like Katherine Jackson :-)
Nicole S
Nicole S - 2 mesi fa
Adam Visser
Adam Visser - 2 mesi fa
I love Michelle and Barrack and the whole family
Digby Dooright
Digby Dooright - 2 mesi fa
Gayle's pink shoes though!! :O
Amber Phillips-Hall
Amber Phillips-Hall - 2 mesi fa
Love her shoes.
Chelle Weatherspoon
Chelle Weatherspoon - 2 mesi fa
I know I'm commenting again, but Michelle Obama is so adoreable. Her girls and Barack are so blessed to have her
Debra Sweeney
Debra Sweeney - 2 mesi fa
Love Michelle
Jax Grandma
Jax Grandma - 2 mesi fa
It’s so stupid how these women just fawn all over Michelle and her mother, they would probably be nasty when talking about Melania and her mother
Jax Grandma
Jax Grandma - 2 mesi fa
Thank God in heaven these people are out of the White House!!!
When they left DC in Marine One helicopter, I jumped for joy!!!
Thank God for President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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