Michelle Obama and her mother on adjusting to life at White House

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kath david
kath david - Ora fa
What an act... what an hilarious put on act... good acting though... oscars please !!!
kath david
kath david - Ora fa
What a shame, trying to look after kids and do your job... my heart bleeds for you ( all said with sarcasm ) oh you are badly done to. weep weep.
Million Bedo
Million Bedo - Giorno fa
I wonder what kind of people the 1.6k people who dislike this video are?
Sharon Watson
Sharon Watson - Giorno fa
The biggest frauds ever pulled on the American people. Joan Rivers told the truth just prior to her mysterious death during a routine outpatient procedure. I have never heard someone so privileged play the victim so much. Ask the mother how much she was paid at tax payers expense. It must have been such a hardship living in a beautiful mansion and flying around the world on the tax payers dime. Please stop insulting our intelligence. https://iamamalaysian.com/2018/07/26/malia-and-sasha-obama-were-loaned-by-their-real-parents-so-america-would-accept-the-fake-first-family/
Karen Bozzi
Karen Bozzi - Giorno fa
Jacklyn said ypus suck babydick for power
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jason thomas
jason thomas - 3 giorni fa
Big Mike keeping it real
Rich Shackleton
Rich Shackleton - 10 giorni fa
There was a rumour for so long that Michelle is a tranny!
martia bern
martia bern - 10 giorni fa
Nicolas Romanov
Nicolas Romanov - 11 giorni fa
Michelle O est une femme exceptionnelle et adorable. Sa maman est charmante itou.
Legal - 12 giorni fa
Those aren't her grand kids. https://youtu.be/mCWgtytvDLI
Freedom Patriot
Freedom Patriot - 15 giorni fa
Such a nice scripted little fairytale. Too bad it's all fake.
Peaceful Angel
Peaceful Angel - 16 giorni fa
"When I grow up I want to be like Michelle Obama" says Michelle Obama's Mom 😢 #beautiful
JaCKo 456 KGTP
JaCKo 456 KGTP - 17 giorni fa
Yeah ok but michelle obama is a man
iamfree - 18 giorni fa
IF it opens it's mouth, it's lying.
Marcos Contreras
Marcos Contreras - 19 giorni fa
Monkeys in the white house, thank god they are out now.
jj Avelleyra
jj Avelleyra - 21 giorno fa
michelle obama is a transgender
Malcom X
Malcom X - 19 giorni fa
OMG, are you serious? like you saw her genitals?
Chiqui Barlow
Chiqui Barlow - 21 giorno fa
omg, why did autoplay led me to this video..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown - 22 giorni fa
Who cares about big Mike what to do after the White House what where they going to spend theirs millions on a house they came to the White House broke and came out with millions nobama should be in prison he and Hillary got 4 Americas killed and the nobama care was going to be free and he change his mind it was going to be affordable and keep your doctors yea Wright he broke so much laws you cant for e people going on nobama care I was on that crap it didnt cover anything sure glad that nobama is gone with big mike
King - 25 giorni fa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bizHcYRNlfI old story love on Beach
Channah Israel
Channah Israel - Mese fa
Lady Michelle Obama. Yes Lady!
kiliipower - Mese fa
She reminds me of Sigourney Weaver when she was younger. Big, slim, well-trained. Even when she (Susan Alexandra Weaver) took on the male stage name Sigourney, nobody said: This is a man!
So why this hatred? And the insinuation Michelle Obama would be a man? Why?
....oh I know it,...she is black!...she is highly intelligent!...handsome!..and has personality.
Something that must not occur in the world view of racists, woman-haters.
Now these people worship a "gold digger" who slept her way up.
kathy Oropeza
kathy Oropeza - Mese fa
He's nothing but lies an suck
Dave K
Dave K - Mese fa
Big Mike Obama was probably a Great SON!!!
Stillwaters Remnant
She has a brother and you need to stop listening to this hater scandals
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson - Mese fa
I will always have respect for President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.they are such a class act
Walter Taljaard
Walter Taljaard - Mese fa
How hard it must have been for this old lady to keep up the lie about ''Michelle''.
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo - Mese fa
Obrigada ...eu agradeço muito vcs...Deus abençoe vocês todos.. adimiro.muito vcs 🙏👼🕊️🕊️🙏 o mundo precisa de paz amor.a o próximo....mas educação... boa noite 🙏🏻🙏🏻🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🙏
Arie Arie
Arie Arie - Mese fa
So nice, mother and son...
Brenda Olson
Brenda Olson - Mese fa
It's never easy being a DUDE in GIRL'S CLOTHES! AIN'T THAT RIGHT BIG MIKE! 😂🤣😁
Ester Pedras
Ester Pedras - Mese fa
Obama should give most the money to the people because before becoming president have 4 million dollars and he left have 40 million dollars how dis appen
Maureen Doherty
Maureen Doherty - Mese fa
What a beautiful family!!!
Mohit Sidhu
Mohit Sidhu - Mese fa
I m biggest fan to Michael obama because of their simplistic, talking, behaviour, speech to inspire to everyone. She is always support to life partner. I have seen her picture. I love u madam in the bottom of my heart
Attah Bregette
Attah Bregette - Mese fa
She looks like her mother. Beautiful mother and daughter
Juri - Mese fa
Attah Bregette she is a transsexual
Arslan mughal
Arslan mughal - Mese fa
Dis job need full goverment not like drum lughing at media nd woeowowo go is need cops whir I am working
junior oliver
junior oliver - Mese fa
just want to say this what great roll models for all in this day and time YES I MISS YHE OBAMS,,,,bless those who are roll models,
ana kirn
ana kirn - Mese fa
What an amazing soul. Michelle,was very lucky,with her family. She went on,to create,an even better,version. Great show.
 - Mese fa
Her mother is so cute; apple didn't fall far.
Evelyn Bertresse
Evelyn Bertresse - Mese fa
God bless you, Obama family! The country (most of the good people) is missing you indeed!
Doszpi Ákos
Doszpi Ákos - 2 mesi fa
Helen Boula
Helen Boula - 2 mesi fa
yeah Michelle after you start you get pregnant and you have the kids that's when your husband starts playing with other women that's when you know that you're married to a dog in that what barraco's said one time there was only room for one dog in the white house but he wasn't talking about that dog just talk about himself LOL. Lights camera action
Joe Orzech
Joe Orzech - 2 mesi fa
What we sittin here 4 we got cracka money to spend
GoldenG - 2 mesi fa
“So many ways to save the world”
Maros Kocan
Maros Kocan - 2 mesi fa
I never had an idol until I heard Michelle Obama
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones - 2 mesi fa
Come back to the White House!!!!
Infinite cash flow
Infinite cash flow - 2 mesi fa
“I didn’t want to say something that would get us in trouble” says a lot if you ask me... any where that’s too perfect is often filled with lies
Jason Carrizales
Jason Carrizales - 2 mesi fa
🇺🇸🥰 🌈😎🤓🌈
Vera Valadez
Vera Valadez - 2 mesi fa
All brainwashed Dumbocrats posting !!!
Michelle Rene
Michelle Rene - 2 mesi fa
I miss Barack and Michelle
Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine - 2 mesi fa
The only black family in the white house who were great
Crystal Sherman
Crystal Sherman - 2 mesi fa
Love her and her mother!
Liz Gichora
Liz Gichora - 2 mesi fa
" When I grow up I wanna be like Michelle Obama " what a compliment from her Mum! Wow...
pam0626 - 2 mesi fa
I was never a fan of Michelle’s, because her dislike for living in the WH was palpable. But I saw a different side of her after reading her autobiography. She is an excellent writer and has a pragmatic approach to life, while I think Barack is more cerebral. Even if you didn’t support him politically, the book is a wonderful read.
Sam Holder
Sam Holder - 2 mesi fa
I'm not crying you're crying
Ann Cochenour
Ann Cochenour - 2 mesi fa
I have no issue with her mother being there BUT....... can you imagine the uproar if Melania did the same thing. The left and media would crucify her.
Gloria - 3 mesi fa
Home is when we are😀
Mel reg
Mel reg - 3 mesi fa
Get her book in the link below!! It's really good! I loved it!
Alicesunn Scarlett
Alicesunn Scarlett - 3 mesi fa
Alicesunn Scarlett
Alicesunn Scarlett - 3 mesi fa
Jordan Zlotolow
Jordan Zlotolow - 3 mesi fa
he has a speech impediment
Jordan Zlotolow
Jordan Zlotolow - 3 mesi fa
a wig
LD LR - 3 mesi fa
Well Barry's dad knew nothing about connecting and kids.
Never knew this she man had her mom munching off tax payers $
Thank God these liars have no more input on America.
Sick and tired of listening to Michael cry and cry about her little time in the White House. Have never heard such wailing from a First Lady ever
Once again and always absolutely no class. Never had nor acquired any.
LD LR - 2 mesi fa
+TanvOnline you are a silly little person. Too bad you have no idea why you are taking about.
Mac McMasters
Mac McMasters - 3 mesi fa
Fascinating. Excellent segment.
heba hamdy
heba hamdy - 3 mesi fa
My Model roles. Michelle Obama 😍😍😍
swproductioncompany3 - 3 mesi fa
Julie Lott
Julie Lott - 3 mesi fa
I hope they prove what they really are!!!!
Annmarie Stultz
Annmarie Stultz - 3 mesi fa
I admire her...
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba - 3 mesi fa
Oh? That's what i said before whacking this news she's really connected with her mom so important.
Audra Eden
Audra Eden - 3 mesi fa
"And You know how you can accidentally say the wrong thing? ....well, if you don’t say anything...". Teach, Mrs.Robinson. Run for Congress !
Diana Siuta
Diana Siuta - 3 mesi fa
Mrs. Robinson you are admired! You did such a good act for your grandchildren
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes - 3 mesi fa
This absolutely Beautiful they resemble so much and so much class and wisdom incredible at the end just precious.👍✌Deb 2019❤
Almira Galban
Almira Galban - 3 mesi fa
I love Michelle Obama and her mom👍👍😙😙😊😊🇵🇭🇵🇭
Don Anderson
Don Anderson - 3 mesi fa
Thankfully and hopefully there is going to be more History written by both Michelle and Barack Obama,it’s not that they owe us,but so far we owe them a lot and l really do not believe that they are done yet.
Valerie - 3 mesi fa
Christine Dahnke
Christine Dahnke - 3 mesi fa
Pics from Michael pregnant ? 2 times , 9 months for each one . ?????
honwill louis
honwill louis - 3 mesi fa
So beautiful to see them both❤
CF CF - 3 mesi fa
I like her mom, Marian Robinson but cannot stand the Obama's. Terrible interview. Blah, blah, blah.
Nisey Baylor
Nisey Baylor - 3 mesi fa
I love them all:) You can feel the real (especially no I don't miss it)
Jason Blacklock
Jason Blacklock - 3 mesi fa
Love It!!! 💗💗
NurseDanii Johnson
NurseDanii Johnson - 3 mesi fa
MY FIRST LADY. If you don't look like your mom AND brother. Very strong genes.
Bless you all!!
Christopher Adams
Christopher Adams - 3 mesi fa
It must have been a sad day for Michael's mother when she found out michael wanted to transform into Michelle.
Robbynne Smith
Robbynne Smith - 3 mesi fa
Well if the man that she is actually had her children would she didn't which she sold out to Weinstein on for a whole year and now it's coming up to fruition for goodness sakes
Rey Vazquez
Rey Vazquez - 3 mesi fa
Big Mike's mom, another fake
nkbbm - 3 mesi fa
Very "different" white house now! Empty!
afrizak - 3 mesi fa
I wish I had a Mrs Robinson!!!
John Barney
John Barney - 3 mesi fa
Big Mike, hung like buffalo !
Tulsi Patel
Tulsi Patel - 3 mesi fa
Marva Pegues
Marva Pegues - 4 mesi fa
Michael your stupidity is showing! Don't be a hater, life is too short. You might not get a chance to recover the love! Marva P.
Michael - 4 mesi fa
She is a man and that's a fact. Shame on you Oprah and you know it too just like Joan Rivers did. And the reason Mom was in the White House was to protect the secret. It's a known fact Obama frequented all the high end gay bars in Chicago. This was the biggest con job ever pulled on the American people!
Perla Ordonez
Perla Ordonez - 4 mesi fa
The most smartest Woman... I am very proud of her usually these type of women stay single, it's like the perfect couple!
E. C
E. C - 4 mesi fa
THIS is a True reflection of how a Black Family really is. I can't think of one white person I know who cares for their family like this. Hmmm
E. C
E. C - 4 mesi fa
OMG my first time hearing and seeing Mrs. Robinson speak and Of Course it's Wisdom! The staff stopped by her room to chat- WOW! How can any one of those 1.5k people hate this story- those people must be inhumane! My word. They don't even like goodness. Smh This World
Helen Boula
Helen Boula - 4 mesi fa
Oh I'm sure she loved it.
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins - 4 mesi fa
What lovely people. Dear God, I miss Obama..
Lily To
Lily To - 4 mesi fa
my god Mrs. Obama, she is a goddess who doesnt age a day since her wedding day.
thekingchrissyg - 4 mesi fa
ya her mom didn't want to do any videos to "accidentally" reveal anything. Wonder what they're hiding that she would "accidentally" say? Curious.
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