Michelle Obama and her mother on adjusting to life at White House

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Laura Ragazzi
Laura Ragazzi - 23 ore fa
I really hope to have one day Michelle for President
Ladi Musa
Ladi Musa - Giorno fa
God bless you grandma Robinson
Cisko 650
Cisko 650 - Giorno fa
5:07 she a man
Cisko 650
Cisko 650 - Giorno fa
Who else is here to see if shes transgender ?
Lisa Dr
Lisa Dr - Giorno fa
Everybody that's saying negative things about the Obama's are hating jealous miserable racist bytches...
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons - Giorno fa
I am begging you. The world. Please, do this for me. I will be forever grateful. I need 1, just 1. She has to be black. 100% black, a woman, a real woman and beautiful. That's the hard part... Beautiful... Whaddaya got? Missy Elliott? Not beautiful. Whitney Houston? Rhianna? Ones dead and Both are part white. So is Jada Pinkett Smith if you couldn't tell. Serena? VENUS? MICHELLE? All 3 are men and not beautiful... Sooooo... we're still at zero. I just need 1.
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons - Giorno fa
I was hoping that after they took all the civil war statues down she would go away too... Like a fair trade? At least the statues were real.
Tracy No Chaser
Tracy No Chaser - 2 giorni fa
I'm listening to Mrs. Obama's book now and as I listen, I'm so intrigued by her mother that I was JUST saying to myself "I'd love to read a book by HER MOM!!!"
Brilliantbeing - 2 giorni fa
Only until America sees the full humanity of black people will the nation be great. Most of us have a Mrs. Robinson in our lives. She's that grandmother, that auntie, that mother, that sister that most of us know as black people. The American false narrative machine just doesn't show it.
Elisa Griffith
Elisa Griffith - 2 giorni fa
Democrats always were and always will be racists. P
Anthonyg Gordon
Anthonyg Gordon - 3 giorni fa
What really pisses Right Wingers off the most is that the rest of the world loves the Obama's and only they hate them. They can come with all their criticism, mention their conspiracies and insults. But no matter what, they will be the only ones that feel that way. No one else will.
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze - 4 giorni fa
Awesome & so Loving. God Bless!
Marlon Espiritu
Marlon Espiritu - 5 giorni fa
Man that’s so sweet ! I miss them
Hope Lizzette
Hope Lizzette - 5 giorni fa
Sawyer Ramos
Sawyer Ramos - 5 giorni fa
Michael believes...ok
Tayen Getuaban
Tayen Getuaban - 6 giorni fa
Ugh. I love her!
Stacey's Girl
Stacey's Girl - 6 giorni fa
Grandchildren? Ewwww.
Stacey's Girl
Stacey's Girl - 6 giorni fa
Stacey's Girl
Stacey's Girl - 6 giorni fa
Fucken psycho.
christ tchambila
christ tchambila - 7 giorni fa
Home is where we are
Dana Labloom
Dana Labloom - 7 giorni fa
Awwww what a great interview! Such good vibes 😌😌😌 the end made me cry ...
jennifer curtis
jennifer curtis - 7 giorni fa
Honest class act! You go girl!
Trieshi - 8 giorni fa
Omg. I love this family. 🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍👍
shirley Trost
shirley Trost - 8 giorni fa
Absolutely not
Donna C
Donna C - 8 giorni fa
Not an Obama's fan but I must say I love the relationship of Michelle and her mama. The fact that the White House staff would seek her out and still do till this day says a lot about Mrs. Robinson.
Ms Dina
Ms Dina - 8 giorni fa
Michelle's mother seems very humble and sweet like Katherine Jackson :-)
Ana Nicole
Ana Nicole - 8 giorni fa
Adam Visser
Adam Visser - 9 giorni fa
I love Michelle and Barrack and the whole family
CaroleAGBHappyness logiciels retouches photos
Michelle you are an gorgeous and perfect women. Haters gonna hate I means whites trash.
Digby Dooright
Digby Dooright - 9 giorni fa
Gayle's pink shoes though!! :O
Amber Phillips-Hall
Amber Phillips-Hall - 6 giorni fa
Love her shoes.
Chelle Weatherspoon
Chelle Weatherspoon - 9 giorni fa
I know I'm commenting again, but Michelle Obama is so adoreable. Her girls and Barack are so blessed to have her
Debra Sweeney
Debra Sweeney - 9 giorni fa
Love Michelle
Jax Grandma
Jax Grandma - 9 giorni fa
It’s so stupid how these women just fawn all over Michelle and her mother, they would probably be nasty when talking about Melania and her mother
Jax Grandma
Jax Grandma - 9 giorni fa
Thank God in heaven these people are out of the White House!!!
When they left DC in Marine One helicopter, I jumped for joy!!!
Thank God for President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
nino fuller
nino fuller - 9 giorni fa
so sweet. Love both of them, so sweet :*
Baby Junain
Baby Junain - 9 giorni fa
Really inspired by this woman
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 10 giorni fa
"Income inequality....really dude!?"....too dope.
Sherryl Schown
Sherryl Schown - 10 giorni fa
I love watching and getting those real stories
Ra Jr
Ra Jr - 11 giorni fa
In all my years Barack and Michelle are the most deserving to be in the position of leadership in our nation. They have the quality and the resolve that I haven't seen from any other family in that house in all my years of living and even through my research. Long live the King and Queen🤗
Sisi Malass
Sisi Malass - 11 giorni fa
Beautiful mother and daughter 💐💐
Peter Poet
Peter Poet - 11 giorni fa
Michelle "Big Mike" Obama. First (drag) Queen and his boy toy Barrack "Wide Receiver" Obama
sathyam veekshanam
sathyam veekshanam - 11 giorni fa
Michelle Obama was being Selfish, she hogged her mother away from brother and his kids for 8 years! Very Selfish!
75smurfette - 11 giorni fa
This family is absolutely incredible!
JP BLACK - 12 giorni fa
The staff ain't gonna be visiting Melania that's for sure
mara louna
mara louna - 12 giorni fa
mister robinson can be proud of theme
ServantOfTheDarkLord - 12 giorni fa
Michelle Obama is actually a man sooooo.... Thank god President Trump is in office not. It feels great to actually have a President That Loves America.
Taljeet Mudhar
Taljeet Mudhar - 13 giorni fa
Her face definitely has be reconfigured
Taljeet Mudhar
Taljeet Mudhar - 13 giorni fa
She even talks like a man check that Massive JAW!!
Sa Hou
Sa Hou - 13 giorni fa
Michelle is quite the uppity n*****
Amber Phillips-Hall
Amber Phillips-Hall - 6 giorni fa
Lol, spoken like the true racist,Trumptard I'm sure you are. No surprises there.
rex racer
rex racer - 14 giorni fa
Lmfao... how pathetic
rex racer
rex racer - 5 giorni fa
+Amber Phillips-Hall soo you enjoy communism.. I'm sure they have a nice place in venezuala for you, or you could move too China, or look at past communist countries like old germany. That's their endgame, if you like that then, you are pathetic like these idiot politicians that have you retards by the balls.
rex racer
rex racer - 6 giorni fa
+Amber Phillips-Hall oh no.. I triggered a brainwashed lunatic. Watch out she needs her safe space.
Amber Phillips-Hall
Amber Phillips-Hall - 6 giorni fa
Yes, you are!
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith - 15 giorni fa
Two turds in a toilet
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith - 5 giorni fa
Amber Phillips-Hall: I love when Michelle said she has “never been proud of America” March 12th 2008 She’s a piece of poop 💩
Amber Phillips-Hall
Amber Phillips-Hall - 6 giorni fa
Yes, you are!
TC - 15 giorni fa
Wow. Twins 👯
Meka K
Meka K - 15 giorni fa
Awwwwe @mom
Constance Bowen
Constance Bowen - 16 giorni fa
I miss the grace and honor of the White House
Carmenza Anton
Carmenza Anton - 16 giorni fa
Mrs Robinson you are great. Wonderful example for all the mothers- in- law, "do not say much". That is the best way to keep the peace. I know that you were in the side of the president. Very intelligent !! God bless you and give you many more year of life so you can enjoy the great- grandchildren.
Carmenza Anton
Carmenza Anton - 16 giorni fa
Thank God he became the president of the USA. He made us proud every where he went. He always said the appropriate things. He was a role model for young children. He kept us safe, he saved the automobile industry, he bailed the banks and much, much more. that is why people want Michele to became president so we can have him in the white house again. We all feel like children who were abandoned by their father and an abusive stepfather came to live with us. Please Michele run for president or Ivanka will and that will be a nightmare.
Teri Matthews
Teri Matthews - 16 giorni fa
It must have been cold there in my shadow...
To never have sunlight on your face...
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way...
You always walk a step behind...
So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strength...
A beautiful face without a name for so long,
A beautiful smile to hide the pain...
Did you ever know that you’re my hero and everything I would like to be?...
I could fly higher than an eagle,
‘Cause you are the wind beneath my wings...
It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
But I’ve got it all here in my heart...
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you...
Did you ever know you are my hero?
You’re everything I wish I could be...
I could fly higher than an eagle, ‘cause you are the wind beneath my wings...
Did I ever tell you’re my hero?
You’re everything, everything I wish I could be...
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings...
Oh, the wind beneath my wings...
You, you, you,
YOU the wind beneath my wings...
Fly...fly........fly away,
You left me fly so high...
Oh, you, you,
YOU the wind beneath my wings,
Fly......, fly.............
Fly higher in the sky, so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you,
Thank GOD for YOU the wind beneath my wings.
Linnette Mcneal
Linnette Mcneal - 16 giorni fa
Beautiful family
Sabrina Peterson
Sabrina Peterson - 17 giorni fa
Love them
caught you in another lie
caught you in another lie - 17 giorni fa
Vaibhav - 17 giorni fa
Randall and Beth 😊
Nicole Walker
Nicole Walker - 18 giorni fa
This interview is so dark
Jade Kimble
Jade Kimble - 3 giorni fa
So? There is a thing called a brightener on your phone's settings. Use it.
JEPhotosCEO - 18 giorni fa
I notice that there are a number of comments calling Michelle a man... those are obviously comments from people that are idiots and probably white. Let me educate you, black women have strong bone structure, particularly cheeks and shoulders. It comes from our African lineage , mixed with Indian (African slaves bred with Indians too, not just the white masters that raped them)... Google 'African American women' and see for yourself. And btw, yes, she's tall (5'11")... so is her brother, Craig (6'6")... they come from a family with height..... The stupidity in those negative comments is this - Mrs. Trump is also tall (same height as Michelle, 5'11") and also has strong facial structure and cheekbones being of Slovenian heritage... is she a man also? or just the black woman?
John Henry
John Henry - 6 giorni fa
Seriously tho, why even bother explaining it to them. They more than likely voted for Trump and have a third grade education to begin with.
Catherine Pizzotti
Catherine Pizzotti - 18 giorni fa
Ya they got settled in very nicely they never travelled so much until they moved in ,our White House remember she wanted thousands of dollars for her moon for taking care of the two girls
Steve Pichowsky
Steve Pichowsky - 19 giorni fa
Horribly depressing that people truly believe the Obama's were good for our nation.
John Henry
John Henry - 6 giorni fa
Sort of like the people that think that about Trump.
R Alonzo
R Alonzo - 19 giorni fa
That was a very touching line from a mother to her daughter, "when i grow up i would like to be like michelle obama". Suddenly., my tears ŕolled down my cheeks. THE LOVE OF A MOTHER..❤❤❤
Joseph Taverna
Joseph Taverna - 19 giorni fa
Michelle Obama is none other then big big Mike
ruben howe
ruben howe - 19 giorni fa
Three woman that are beautiful to look atx1000!
Maurice Rivers
Maurice Rivers - 20 giorni fa
Hearing her say she doesn't miss the White House is refreshing, because let's be honest: all Presidents and First Ladies who live there are living in a VERY PUBLIC museum. Sure, you can spend money to redecorate to your taste, but you are sharing your "house" with thousands of visitors every year. You can't open the windows for safety reasons, and you are surrounded by Secret Service agents everywhere you go. Your staff may or may not like you: they might smile in your face, but secretly wish death upon you. It's not a life for the faint of heart.
Nurse Calls
Nurse Calls - 20 giorni fa
Soo True...Marriages are hard and take work.
Emmanuel Rudi
Emmanuel Rudi - 20 giorni fa
What a being wisdomised speaking this : black problem solved. Being either one person in Family or as family .thats family completeness means , having peace brought to physical for superiority all times with reasonable High/low togetherness .thats now love . but my question to Michelle Madam former first Lady is,
did light you glanced on former US president Barrack Obama's face , blighted the same way you saw it that time to all People,parents and friends? If yes or know , then i say congratulations presidential family.
Mishita Nath
Mishita Nath - 20 giorni fa
Dude I'm from India and even I miss the Obama administration.
Rhetorical Answer
Rhetorical Answer - 5 giorni fa
We'll gladly donate them to you.
Amber Phillips-Hall
Amber Phillips-Hall - 6 giorni fa
Jade Kipa
Jade Kipa - 20 giorni fa
Here's to U, Mrs Robinson! A precious, graceful mother and daughter combo.... such warmth and love..... now the white house must be icy and love-less!
Sandra Mathis
Sandra Mathis - 20 giorni fa
Oh my Lord. What a beautiful, loving, caring, honorable family. Such a total 180 from that trash that's stinking up the White House now.
YouTube YouTube
YouTube YouTube - 21 giorno fa
Her book got released *About a week agoooooooooooooooo*

Free bobby shmurda
Moto Mookie
Moto Mookie - 21 giorno fa
Perfection 👌🏾 If you’re trying to figure out where all the unwarranted hate comes from consider this. If the world was given into the hands of the wicket, and God had a favorite people in that world, wouldn’t those people be hated the most by the Devil and his children?
senait kabtyimer
senait kabtyimer - 21 giorno fa
God bless you
Wayne Pret
Wayne Pret - 21 giorno fa
Gayle King, I've watched you since WFSB in Hartford and chat with you on your way from lunch and at certain functions. You have ALWAYS been a class act. Just real to the core.
jamescreys - 21 giorno fa
lili rose
lili rose - 21 giorno fa
the clowns in history.. stole black people victory.. mandelas copy paste...idiots
ابن الحجاز العظيم
She male
Jade Kimble
Jade Kimble - 3 giorni fa
Stop hatin.
David A. A
David A. A - 21 giorno fa
Ohhh, Melania Trump and MICHAEL Obama, just like comparing beauty and the real he/she beast. just get a hold of one of MICHAEL Obama’s pictures without the make up, it even scares the pants off of a GORILA.
Yolanda Armstrong
Yolanda Armstrong - 21 giorno fa
I miss them, they were the best
molu ormolu
molu ormolu - 21 giorno fa
The truly privileged are the ones with loving familys and who have been raised right... that's a better base for success than being born into a rich family.
Blanca Garcia
Blanca Garcia - 22 giorni fa
NOw this is classy. I love this family because no drama.
Blanca Garcia
Blanca Garcia - 22 giorni fa
Love this family. Never do I hear I am mixed. I am here and this is what I will do. Positive and if negative turned it to a positive. I am so glad he was a president because it worked out for me.
James Thomas
James Thomas - 22 giorni fa
That was Beautiful...
Jolanda Raimann
Jolanda Raimann - 22 giorni fa
She didn‘t save the children who sleep in the Parks
rltreasure - 22 giorni fa
I especially miss how MO keeps telling all of us women who didn't vote demoncrat that we are incapable of thinking for ourselves. Wrong Sista! I've been single for over 20 years! It has helped me make my own decisions and make them wisely and that includes not voting for the obama's or clinton's EVER!
Jackie Binns
Jackie Binns - 22 giorni fa
This Country misses you deeply !!!!
Patricia de Pastors
Patricia de Pastors - 22 giorni fa
6:03 She’s so cute!
Keitumetse Kgaabi
Keitumetse Kgaabi - 22 giorni fa
Someone I can say that I proudly look up to. This woman is the goddess.
Charie Enrile
Charie Enrile - 23 giorni fa
the last bit made me tear up
Valerie Herron
Valerie Herron - 23 giorni fa
I love this woman she is so amazing
mgb gt
mgb gt - 23 giorni fa
They love you so much
sincerely zelia
sincerely zelia - 23 giorni fa
drabrah abraham
drabrah abraham - 23 giorni fa
This is what family should be. I feel like giving a million likes
Conny Bartels
Conny Bartels - 23 giorni fa
This is a loving family with so much love. Better than all those fake gold what's now at the White House,
The girls the most important in life, protecting them against all the hate and vile of the racists and Trumps fans.
Malacesia - 23 giorni fa
Guys, what normal men would look at a woman like Mike ? Jesus, she looks horribly erm... hussein doesn't look good either so .... i dont really care haha
Gg magala
Gg magala - 24 giorni fa
The worst family the whole family belong to the Zoo f@@ n@@@ 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐴
Gg magala
Gg magala - 3 giorni fa
+Jade Kimble you very mentally crazy who can be jealous too gorilla check yo self to Crazy house
Jade Kimble
Jade Kimble - 3 giorni fa
Why are u jealous???
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