Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Pikaia Gracilens
Pikaia Gracilens - 2 ore fa
Ah, great. A shitty rap video by a pharmaceutical company completely destroyed my city (I live in Vancouver).
Gabriel Hoekstra
Gabriel Hoekstra - Giorno fa
His statement could've been worse, though. He could've said, "That's not too bad. It could've been far worse. As long as it was mostly jews."
Mr Miscellaneous
Mr Miscellaneous - 2 giorni fa
That rap in the beginning...

Given that Eminem had an addiction to similar drugs before, got off them, and has been sober for over 10 years, using his song to sell those drugs is just insulting.
Faith Fuldeeds
Faith Fuldeeds - 2 giorni fa
I applaud Michael Keaton for not smacking in some thoughtlessly abstruse or overly exaggerated manner while eating his sandwich on film. *snacking maka me wana snap!!!*
Faith Fuldeeds
Faith Fuldeeds - 2 giorni fa
The point about Dennis, the janitor is actually an insanely considerate and accurate statement. Like the people responsible are actually going to sweep up anything (other than lawsuits under the proverbial rug). On the other hand, I'm sure he gets paid hourly and maybe he might have needed a little over time that week. *of course I'm sure they would commission extra help for the cleanup of such a thing, but it's still an adequate example of how short sighted and thoughtless a mob of protestors can be....
Walter Luhm
Walter Luhm - 2 giorni fa
mr sackler will never have to spend 1 single in prison because he is a high ranking freemason. how do i know? because when democracy now did a piece on him they showed a picture of him wearing a button with there logo on it. why is that significant? two reasons. one because a basic tenet of there beliefs is that everything is a hierarchy so if u get rich crushing somebody its ok because thats just how nature works. secondly if your in that organization long enough, you earn diplomatic immunity. no joke and no conspiracy theory. wake up america!
LoneWolf 000
LoneWolf 000 - Giorno fa
Your a fuckin' genius!
Cosmus Melly
Cosmus Melly - 3 giorni fa
https://www.sacklergallery.com/ This will work.
Jeffrey Stull
Jeffrey Stull - 3 giorni fa
I'm in love with what this crew gets out in the open. Thank you sincerely and truly.
Sequential Geek
Sequential Geek - 4 giorni fa
Why dont you articles / videos about how 'Americans' in general do NOTHING hold people accountable for anything,... -Instead of having actors play people from Purdue, have actors play Americans saying 'Oh well, Im sorry that you feel that way", and "if someone wants to take Oxycontin, then THATS THEIR CHOICE" -like typical 'Americans', then show them obsessing on who around them is 'different', and how to be an 'entitled' alienating mean bigot... like good well bred 'Americans' in a fake country.
Sequential Geek
Sequential Geek - 4 giorni fa
UGH! The jokes Oliver inserts are terrible,...
Jumping Sloth
Jumping Sloth - 5 giorni fa
Well this idea didnt just start here. China was flooded with opium in old history. Thats why so many nations strictly forbid it. Punishment with death even in some countries
Seth Horras
Seth Horras - 5 giorni fa
Awesome Micheal Keaton did this.
Seth Horras
Seth Horras - 5 giorni fa
Wow, JO makes me laugh every f#@%ing episode. He's a national treasure.
kim okla
kim okla - 5 giorni fa
Great John Thx soooo much, LOL salamanders!
Amrita Chatterji
Amrita Chatterji - 5 giorni fa
doing god's work John Oliver.
Amrita Chatterji
Amrita Chatterji - 5 giorni fa
they also get trump's tax cut
Arthur Clements
Arthur Clements - 6 giorni fa
Oliver is a monster...a deeply ugly man making money and making light of a horrible crisis. Scum bag masquerading as a saint. Kill yourself Oliver.
Dr. Kira
Dr. Kira - 6 giorni fa
"I'll substitute you like a Xylotol" Is a lamer rap line than that C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang chorus parody? I would agree except,
"I can hold my own/knick-knack Shaq attack give a dog a bone" exists.
Ca Ad
Ca Ad - 7 giorni fa
I would say that having Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston, and Michael K Williams play me is worth owning the opioid crisis....
TWSTF 8 - 8 giorni fa
He needs to make an, "Opioids part III" episode about the Poppy fields in Afghanistan where the Pharmaceutical manufacturers get the bulk of the primary active ingredients for their Drugs.
(Oxyconton, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, etc.)
The problem is so systemic, the US Military is actually actively protecting the Opium Poppy Industries run by Tribal communities, most of which used to be maintained, regulated, and controlled by the Taliban and other comparable local organizations and government agencies.
Although they're mostly all still owned and operated by the same Afghan Tribal communities, and there have been efforts to transition them to growing and cultivating altogether different cash crops, like corn, etc., the region is particularly suited to the healthy and profitable growth and cultivation of the Poppy plants in a far more significant rate per acre of land.
It's the primary global, "supply," end of the worldwide Opiate crisis, accounting for about 80+% of the industry's supply.
And, just as the Drug manufacturers are protected by American Lawmakers here, the Opium Poppy farms are protected by the United States Military in Afghanistan.
So, it's clearly just as complex a problem as the manufacturing and distributing end, and ultimately the drug users and abusers themselves.
Making the entire industry from Poppy to pill a worldwide systemic issue needing a solution.
Dale Bouwman
Dale Bouwman - 9 giorni fa
The Sacklers should be fed their own medicine. Daily.
Dale Bouwman
Dale Bouwman - 5 giorni fa
@Sharon Jensen Your hired....love the enthusiasm
Sharon Jensen
Sharon Jensen - 7 giorni fa
Can I volunteer to do it? It would give me great satisfaction. Double dosages.
Carlositos G-O
Carlositos G-O - 9 giorni fa
“Kermit is a top” 😂 OMG The Oliver Team on top of the gay lingo! *pun intended lol
MoistCake - 9 giorni fa
Why does the legal supplier have the responsibility ... they respond to demand? If X pharmacy has a billion script count, someone has to supply. Maybe they should flag the pharmacy and report to a third party?
Floxxoror - 10 giorni fa
my grandma did get fentanyl(for good reasons). well sadly i managed her medicine and got kinda hooked on it. the result: the hardest shit in my life that was kinda like rape and the hardest anxiety kicks and panic attacks you can imagine. well i guess you cannot, as i couldnt up to this point. im not from the us though.
Meadow Rae
Meadow Rae - 10 giorni fa
I live in WV and the medical examiner, foster care, and first responder systems are completely overrun. There are so many kids in care and kids as young as 6th grade overdosing. I wish I could melt all of those responsible in a vat of acid.
Samantha Wells
Samantha Wells - 11 giorni fa
American Greed has three episodes from season 12 that deal with opoids and heroin.
samuel rappaport
samuel rappaport - 11 giorni fa
can we please put “Bears are gonna Bear” on a t shirt?
bloodvow333 - 12 giorni fa
The most fucked up part thing about this is that it’s an Eminem song and Eminem almost died from addiction to opioids
D. C. S.
D. C. S. - 13 giorni fa
7500 doses per person in Kermit is 675 a month the hell?! (It has to be other areas around it)
Rey Barrera
Rey Barrera - 13 giorni fa
Wtf man. I went to jail for a gram of weed.
But opioids are contributing to literal mass addiction and death.
Kyle Mouttet
Kyle Mouttet - 13 giorni fa
And the victims of this are still treated like trash!
I guess it's just too difficult for people who've lived their whole lives looking down their nose, to see the world from any other perspective.
Karen McCarrell
Karen McCarrell - 13 giorni fa
Oh! Oh! Christopher Walken please, please!
Terri Williams
Terri Williams - 14 giorni fa
Does McKesson just drop ship meds to Kermit? You're story doesn't make sense.
John O.
John O. - 14 giorni fa
the phrase "it could have been worse" can only not be applied to two things: Richard Sackler's statement regarding those 59 deaths and the way ICE is handling their detainment of migrants.
Sara Murphy
Sara Murphy - 15 giorni fa
Can we just pause to realize his name is Dick Sackler?!?!?!
Jebediah Gentry
Jebediah Gentry - 15 giorni fa
I wanna know where a janitor gets $15 an hour because I'm moving there
Bhanu Singh
Bhanu Singh - 15 giorni fa
Hail Satan, but only if thy skullfuck Sackler
Dylan Noah
Dylan Noah - 15 giorni fa
“Kermit is a top I’ll have you know...not that that is any of your business.”
Why...why did I laugh so hard at this...
Aradia With Geese
Aradia With Geese - 16 giorni fa
They made a sequal?
Sharon Jensen
Sharon Jensen - 12 giorni fa
They had to. Since some people didn't get the memo last time.
Richard Wyant
Richard Wyant - 16 giorni fa
Why should my taxes pay for someone's irresponsible choices?
Smilley MLK
Smilley MLK - 14 giorni fa
Because other people's taxes will pay for your unfortunate accidents, unplanned medical conditions and assorted mishaps. The same goes for medical insurance, BTW.
Plixemon - 16 giorni fa
Opioids two; the electric bugaloo
Kyle Rider
Kyle Rider - 16 giorni fa
Greed will be the undoing of the USA
only me
only me - 17 giorni fa
Omar's coming....
BockworschtSoldier - 17 giorni fa
Opioids for minor issues like Back- and Knee Pain? I don´t know how it is in the States, but for minor issues like this works Paracetamol or Ibuprofen very well and they don´t make you addicted.
dsm02c - 17 giorni fa
The giraffes face, awesome.
Allison Bauch
Allison Bauch - 17 giorni fa
I so love Bryan Cranston. He is such a great actor. I loved him on "Malcolm in the Middle". He fucking cracks me up. I am so happy he's had so much success. He deserves it. Congratulations, Bryan.
David Roberts
David Roberts - 18 giorni fa
47,000 isn't a large number, at all, especially when you stop to think that cops have shot or killed triple that number of citizens...we might want to get *that* "epidemic" taken care of first.
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd - 18 giorni fa
Bryan Cranston ffing killed it.
LiK - 18 giorni fa
Troy Carr
Troy Carr - 19 giorni fa
When people finally realize that a million is only one-tenth of one percent of a billion, how we hold giant corporations and the people who run them accountable will change dramatically.
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